Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 96

While Fang Li was surprised, there was a change on the young girl’s end as well.


The howling gale from the young girl’s hand holding the somewhat incompatible giant weapon immediately shot towards an Aragami in front/

However, this time, the Aragami actually opened its mouth full of fangs and bit the giant weapon.


The young girl’s complexion changed. At this moment, the other Aragami took the chance to leap at the young girl.

The fight then stopped.


The glittering image shattered as all the Aragami vanished. Even the spacious open space turned into a mechanical room.

In the room, there was only a young girl kneeling on the group gasping for breath while biting her teeth unwillingly.

Seeing this Fang Li understood.

This was a simulation room.

Similar to the Chief God’s Dimension’s simulation room used to train. The Aragami from before were all just simulations. The young girl was just using this room to train against the Aragami.

“This is really…” Fang Li smiled bitterly.

He thought there’d be some harvest from this find but it turns out to be nothing much.

“But then again, being able to see her also counts as some sort of harvest.”

After all, this girl was similar to Mumei from the previous world, a character that Fang Li liked a lot.

Naturally now wasn’t the time to chat, what’s more important was the quest. Therefore Fang Li turned to leave but his good luck finally ended…

In the training room, the young girl suddenly turned her head and a sharp line of sight zoomed in to the entrance as she shouted, “Who!?”

Hearing this, Fang Li immediately understood.

He was found out.

Meanwhile, the gate behind Fang Li opened automatically.


With a loud step, the young girl flew out of the gate and landed in front of Fang Li. Her blue eyes stubbornly staring at him. Immediately the huge weapon she was holding swung towards him.

From the moment where the young girl found Fang Li to her jumping out, only a few seconds had passed.

Being able to find an enemy so quickly and attack as well, this young girl was definitely not your average person.

Fang Li was naturally clear about this. This young girl wasn’t an average person, but a God Eater.

Although she wasn’t using a God Arc but a training weapon, the strength she had was beyond a normal person.

If someone was hit, even a well-trained soldier would be flung away.

It’s a pity that Fang Li was currently not the weak rookie from before. Seeing the huge weapon coming towards him, Fang Li didn’t even turn around as he squatted down.

The giant weapon then flew past his head bringing with it a strong gale.

At the same time, Fang Li also pressed down a hand on the floor and spun his leg behind, sweeping towards the weapon behind.


The powerful strike hit the weapon and immediately caused the young girl’s hand to shake and let go of the weapon.


The young girl was surprised.

Obviously, she didn’t think that this seemingly ordinary soldier was so strong.


The young girl’s face then turned indifferent as she didn’t care about the weapon and flew towards Fang Li’s chest with her palm stretched out to strike.

This girl wasn’t just good at weapons but could use hand to hand combat as well.


“Only a beginner? Wouldn’t be good if I’m too serious.”

Fang Li muttered under his breath and lowering his army cap to cover his face to not expose it, he turned into a gust of wind as he moved sideways to avoid the young girl’s strike.

As Fang Li said, this young girl’s technique was still immature, when he dodged, the young girl immediately fell forward when she missed her target.

Fang Li held onto the young girl’s stretched palm and turned it around her back. Thus, she was captured easily.

Although Fang Li didn’t study how to capture people, it can’t be that just because one hasn’t eaten pork they hadn’t seen a pig right?

Therefore, relying on his excellent speed, Fang Li copied the technique and easily twisted the girl’s hand behind her back. He also pushed her against a wall…

“What…!?” The young girl was depressed and tried to revolt. This made Fang Li feel a huge strength that caused him to be amazed.

Really…even if it was just a beginner and her technique wasn’t good, she still had strong physical abilities from the Oracle Cells.

If Fang Li’s agility wasn’t so high and he managed to catch her, then she’d probably have already worked herself loose?

“Quiet down.” Fang Li pointed his machine gun at the young girl’s back and lowered his voice, “If you want to live that is.”

The young girl’s movements immediately stopped.

Even without looking, Fang Li already knew.

On the young girl’s face was unwillingness even more intense than what she showed previously in the training room.

Then, the young girl opened her mouth to ask coldly, “Who are you? What’s your goal for infiltrating this place?”

Fang Li didn’t reply.

Although his face was hidden and he changed his voice somewhat, talking too much would just cause more issues and expose more weaknesses.

Therefore, Fang Li just asked in a low voice, “Where’s the minister in the command room?”

The young girl became quiet. Obviously, she didn’t want to answer.

Fang Li wasn’t really surprised about this.

“That being the case, you can just rest for a bit.”

Then Fang Li was about to knock the girl out.

But Fang Li didn’t note one thing.

When the girl was pushed against the wall by him, her free hand had moved along it and opened a hidden panel as she pressed a button.

*Du du du du du*

The sound of an alarm going off rang out in the building.\

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