“Captain!” “This girl’s tactics are so vicious.” “Spirits of the Wind God, hear my summons.” The wind was frenzied, as a storm of wind blew towards the lightning, colliding hard with that heavenly thunder of Dongfang Wanyu, a wild mix of stormy thunder and fierce winds rolled and the two spiritual energies struck so hard […]

“Sister Wanyu, lean over here with your jade medallion and I’ll share the spirit stones I just got with you.” Having robbed the Flame team before, although the spirit stones obtained weren’t as much as the Bloodlust team, it was still quite a lot. Dongfang Wanyu didn’t refuse, and with a ding sound, the number […]

“Pack up and let’s go.” Dongfang Wanyu lashed out with her long whip, scattering the branches binding him. She had just gone over to find two berries to eat, but the other person was crying and wailing in a particularly miserable way. Mu Sheng was just reflecting on what to do and the next thing […]

The skulls of the fire ants were extremely hard and by the time he got his hands on six Fire Energy Cores, Dongfang Wanyu had already killed a large portion of them. Mu Sheng suspected before that if he waited until three days later, he would likely be eliminated. But this was no longer his […]

Just two months after the storm passed from the Royal Academy’s admissions, the academy was then greeted with the assessment of the inner disciples, taking three rounds of battles. Dongfang Wanyu was in seclusion in her room and hadn’t gone out for many days. Dongfang Minghui had also been working as an assistant behind the […]

The dean had the curtain lifted and Xu Lian was still diagnosing why the other party’s injuries had worsened instead after drinking the elixir. “As you can see, the result is very clear, and now I, the Dean, will personally announce that Qian Minghui has successfully passed the test to become a junior pharmacist.” Xu […]

Dongfang Minghui appeared like a monkey to the crowd but she maintained a calm face. In fact, she was very anxious inside! Damn, she had crushed medicinal liquid to treat the Female Protagonist’s injuries when she was in the Purple Demon Mountain Range, but she’d never touched herbs or anything like that, not to mention […]

In the pharmacy, the pharmacists were treated very well. Junior pharmacists had their own unique office space, and Pharmacist Xu’s treatment’s much better than the average junior pharmacist. She had an independent office, and also a small medicinal garden, the medicinal garden is small, but there were also two or three medicinal slaves guarding it! […]

“Can you promise me it will get better?” Situ Hao cared a lot about this. Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but roll her eyes, she had never seen such a motherly man before, “You’ve already decided, why do you even need to come over here to ask, or did you want to chat with me?” Situ […]

The Royal Academy entrance exams got stranger and stranger, the first round of testing was to record their cultivation levels and understand their initial data. But when it got to the second round, they were directly allowed to battle. The trainees of the Thunder Palace were all of the Lightning attributes or dual system attributes […]