“Oh, isn’t this the one from the Nangong family?” “It seems to be, look how handsome it looks.” Downstairs there were cheering sounds, the crowd was surging, the women’s shouting kept rising and falling, sitting upstairs the bored Dongfang Minghui also heard the screams outside so she was curious and looked down. “Seventh sister, come […]

There were signs of corrosion on the flesh of Toothless’s paws. Black smoke rushed in from the wound. Toothless rolled directly on the ground with pain, and even wanted to use his fangs to bite his forelimbs off! “Why is there Qi of Death!?” Dongfang Minghui’s eyes were sharp, seeing the other party trying to […]

Qing Mo and Little Colour recovered at the same time, this was naturally a happy ocassion. Qian Wanyu’s cultivation method was based on that double cultivation method she found, she did not expect the so-called double cultivation would be so wonderful, the taste of it made people long for it and not only that after […]

Just when everyone was speculating with each other about the cause of the two deaths, suddenly one person burst in from outside in a hurry. “Speak!” Wei Junlan’s posture did not change. “Just now I was talking with the gossipping Sanjun who came from Yundu City, he told me that the big fool and Hunchbacked […]

Qian Wanyu listened carefully, but she didn’t hear any sound at all, she shook her head, “Did you hear something?” “Seventh sister, listen carefully.” Dongfang Minghui also deliberately turned sideways, pressing her serious face close to the wall to listen. Qian Wanyu let out her spiritual power but failed to hear anything. Instead, she was […]

Dongfang Minghui got off the bed, the corners of her eyes curved up into an arc as she smiled, “Let’s make a deal, I’ll return the jade faced scholar to you, and you tell me where that false Love Flower is planted, okay?” The silly big man was flabbergasted and nodded dumbly. “You like the […]

“Seventh sister, why did you bring me here to buy clothes?” It was almost evening when Qian Wanyu took the other woman’s hand and led her into a clothing store. As soon as Qian Wanyu stepped into the store, she found two other young girls in the store choosing clothes, and the shopkeeper was accompanying […]

Qian Wanyu packed the pastry and threw it into her space ring. “Hey.” Xuan Zhu’s eyes were staring blankly, watching the cooked duck fly away, she was very unhappy, how can this person be so annoying?! Qian Wanyu coldly glanced at the other party, “I came to you because of urgent matters.” Princess Xuan Zhu […]

“W-w-what..h-h-hug??” Dongfang Minghui shivered a little, it can’t be what she thought, right? Qian Wanyu didn’t give her much time to think about it, she stretched the other party’s hand to her eyes, and with a reverent face, she began to clean the red marks on her wrist meticulously. The soft-touch on the wound made […]

Qian Wanyu had just walked to the third floor when she found Li Jing standing at the entrance, respectfully, she raised her eyebrows in confusion, “Why are you standing outside?” “Young–” Qian Wanyu eyes gestured down, this place wasn’t the place to talk. The two went downstairs again and walked to the teahouse across the […]