At Return Town, everything was as usual. When they arrived, it was noon, the vendors were shouting and selling, people were coming and going, it looked like a very busy and lively scene. The group stopped at the intersection for a while, they had a surreal feeling. “Seventh sister.” Dongfang Minghui could feel it best, […]

“Seventh sister, this is a potion that me and senior brother Situ just made, why don’t you let me try it and see if I can relieve his pain?” She just wanted to know if this medicine works or not, if not they could change it. Qian Wanyu saw the other party looking at her […]

“Can’t you satisfy the wish of a dying man?” Dongfang Minghui didn’t know what to do, she stepped towards him and reached out her hand to take that ring but felt that something was not quite right so she immediately retracted it. The person was infected by the undead and they couldn’t help. What’s more, […]

She does not want Seventh sister to go to that place to suffer, so she could only desperately convince Situ Hao. “No, I won’t go, I definitely won’t go.” Situ Hao said and turned his legs to run away. “I’ll accompany you.” Bai Rou was standing outside. Dongfang Minghui looked at her with surprise, since […]

Mu Sheng shouted and everyone was shocked. Dongfang Minghui even squatted down to check, the bruises that disappeared before soon reappeared on the kid’s wrists and ankles, as if she had just applied an invisible potion that had faded a moment later. This is good, she did not even need to do experiments to compare […]

“Oooh-” “Seventh sister, what’s that sound?!” Qian Wanyu listened carefully, “Don’t be afraid, it should be coming from the front, let’s go check it out.” The closer they got, the louder the sound of this beast was, Qian Wanyu quickened her footsteps, and soon, they reached the place where the sound was coming from. “Oooooooooooo–” […]

“Be careful.” Qian Wanyu’s palm lightly pushed the other party’s shoulder away from her. A long arrow weaved through the middle and nailed to the wall of a house. Dongfang Minghui was really shocked, she thought there were undead people in the village. “Seventh sister.” Qian Wanyu pulled off the long arrow embedded in the […]

“I am fine with it, ask pig fairy.” From Little Colour’s reaction, this relationship is probably not quite the same as the one she thought of in her head so she put down her worries. The pig fairy grass was still bound by her when she pulled it out from the space ring, it had […]

Located at the border of the two empires was a dense forest. The level of monsters in it wasn’t very high, but the numbers were many.  The students of both empires’ college occasionally went hunting for magical beasts to obtain magic cores so that they can successfully advance. This day a small team of six […]

“Could it be a spy from the Blood Fiend Alliance?” Dongfang Minghui thought as she walked, she had just gone out and turned a corner when she felt she was being followed,  thanks to her sharp reflexes she was able to get rid of them. She secretly praised herself for her resourcefulness, not knowing that […]