She intended to pay silent attention to the attraction to see if there was anything special about it, but with the sudden addition of another plant, she felt as if the mood of Love Flower had risen considerably. Seeing the Female Protagonist practising, Dongfang Minghui also picked up some silver needles and ran outside. The […]

Together, the three of them walked into the medicinal plants garden. Xuan Zhu was quite frank, “Pick, pick any plant, I will never regret what I said.” Qian Wanyu followed at the end and took a look at the layout and size of the medicinal plants garden, and at a glance she could estimate the […]

“Hey, are you okay?” Dongfang Minghui was choking and covered in water as she pointed to the figure that had disappeared and asked in a choked voice, “Did you see the other person?” Toothless ran up to her and rubbed against her, licking and biting her fingers. When Xuan Zhu saw who it was, she […]

She wiggled her fingers, counting the days, and realized that she would be in the city for another twenty days or so before returning to the Royal Academy. Female Protagonist would be going to her competition soon, and after their preliminary round, there would be a rematch, after which they would be able to compete […]

“Love Flower can you help me hide my breath, I need to see what’s going on outside.” If she just continued sleeping then she’d just be meeting the King of Hell soon enough… Dongfang Minghui felt the outside of the carriage, there were at least two or more Great Spiritualists, two Spiritual Masters, and four […]

After thinking for a moment, Mu Cheng recalled, “It was when we were resting that it scurried out of nowhere and ran in front of us to dance like it was showing off, we saw it and thought it was interesting and easy to deal with so we wanted to catch it.” “Then what happened?” […]

Dongfang Wanyu felt like she was going to go crazy, the person she dreamed of so much was now pulling her hand close to her hot face, standing up from the tub naked, her other arm was wrapped around her neck, and hugging her with all her strength. She desperately told herself to look away, […]

“Minghui.” When Mu Sheng and Lu Xing approached, Dongfang Minghui’s expression was still a bit confused. “Lu Xing what are you doing here?” Shouldn’t the Female Protagonist and this Male Protagonist be happily giving each other their first times? Dongfang Minghui blinked and rolled her eyes. “Minghui, we’ve one more day to the competitions, Wanyu […]

The little guy inside the egg was completely unaware that it was being auctioned off at the moment, and it lay quietly inside the protective shield, allowing the price to be opened for bidding. “The price starts at one thousand spirit stones, and every increase must not be less than one hundred.” The auctioneer, Xue […]

Dongfang Minghui frowned, but then realized what the Female Protagonist was trying to do. She was able to exchange questions with the grass about Li Qin’s whereabouts, but to an outsider, her baffling conclusion was utterly baseless. The two of them accompanied Liu Qi on this journey, smelling the stench of the toilets from afar, […]