Leon was shocked when he saw the lord washing the dishes in person. Afterwards, they each got together to do the housework and cleaned the outside of the house before leaving. Wei Junlan forgot to eat and sleep, and Little Minghui made her a meal and brought it to her. “How is she?” “She’s just […]

“Seventh sister, what are you looking at?” It had been three days, and Dongfang Minghui had never seen Seventh sister study other things like this, except for formations and enchantments. “Larkin’s… autobiography.” Similar to what you would expect from a diary, it was a report of the first half of his life experience, Larkin wrote […]

“Hooho——” After fighting all night, Little White was happy to be out. The sticky feeling that couldn’t be shaken in the formation completely disappeared. It was the first one was to roar towards the sky just like sending a message. After that, he desperately shook the white fluffy fur on his body. “Ow—” “Yu’er.” Qian […]

“Lai Yihai, long time no see, no, I should call you Larkin Shaman?” The group of people surrounded the hut, only seeing a figure bent over and squatting on the ground, they thought it was the person they were looking for. Qian Wanyu frowned when she heard the deep tone of voice, but she also […]

“Aunt Mo!” Qian Mo was very excited to see Qian Wanyu, but unfortunately, her body had not recovered yet. When she woke up, she couldn’t even utter a word. Her voice seemed to be stuck in his throat, hoarse and out of shape. Dongfang Minghui was the closest to her, and she could almost read […]

“Trying to show how great it is to have a wife?” Wei Junlan angrily followed in the footsteps of the other party. As a result, the two of them went to the remote hut of Shaman Larkin, and there were still patients outside the house seeking medical treatment every day. However, now there was an […]

Walking down a dark road, they soon saw a little bright light, flying all over the sky, it looked like fireflies were flying, in fact, the world below was just too dark and it felt like little stars in the darkness. “Seventh sister, what is this?” Little Minghui stretched out her hand and could only […]

A group of people arrived at the outskirts of Luno Swamp in the middle of the night. They lit a bonfire and prepared to stay here all night. Dongfang Minghui came over along with a tent, Qian Wanyu and Sister Zhilan helped set it up and quickly sorted out a place to live. Qian Wanyu […]

“Seventh sister?” Qian Wanyu was stunned on the spot with a look of surprise. She never thought that she would meet Aunt Mo here. Since the last time Li Jing said that Aunt Mo was following her mother’s whereabouts, there was no news. She had guessed that Aunt Mo was in danger. “Seventh sister?” “What’s […]

Dongfang Minghui, who accidentally opened her eyes secretly, saw a piece of white bone, and her whole heart was terrified. However, Shaman Larkin didn’t notice it, he tore off the thing on the other hand, and used two bony hands with only a little bit of skin left to scrape all the black medicine from […]