Qian Wanyu had just walked to the third floor when she found Li Jing standing at the entrance, respectfully, she raised her eyebrows in confusion, “Why are you standing outside?” “Young–” Qian Wanyu eyes gestured down, this place wasn’t the place to talk. The two went downstairs again and walked to the teahouse across the […]

She touched the sweat on her forehead and shook her head sheepishly, “It’s actually nothing, I just had a nightmare.” It’s been a long time since she slept and dreamed. The moment she dreamed about two women doing that together… she was really still affected by the last incident. It must have been because she’d […]

The two stayed at in the city for one night and set out on their adventure early the next morning. “Seventh sister, where are we going?” The best place for training was the Purple Devil Mountain Range, the last time just crossing through caused so much trouble. If they go in any deeper they would […]

News of her waking up spread, not only did the dean personally come to help her check, Mu Sheng, the Nan siblings and Yong Xing also came to take turns to come and look after her. Since Nan Nan revealed what happened, she always looked twice whenever the Female Protagonist returned, except for a smell […]

She slapped the ground with one hand, and she rolled up in mid-air to stand up in on leap. “Seventh sister, I made you worry.” The spiritual pressure emanating from her was of the Spiritual King level, Qian Wanyu gave her a worried look, if Qing Mo hadn’t closed up at this critical moment, things […]

Dongfang Minghui ran forward with all her might, but running was not enough to get away from the fast shadow behind her. “Ninth miss, please follow me back.” A black shadow descended from the sky and landed in front of her, blocking her path. The person in the black robe gave off an icy aura, […]

She tried to take back her hand, but it was held firmly by the other side, the force was too strong for her to get out of… Qian Wanyu looked around and her eyes swept around the surroundings. Did they seem to have entered a stone forest? Looking up, there was nothing besides rocks. “There […]

A little while later, Qian Wanyu saw the two people come back dressed in male attire, eyebrows lightly raised she asked, “You both went out?” Dongfang Minghui smiled, happy to see Qian Wanyu and then her expression turned sickly, she felt that before she didn’t seem to have consulted her seventh sister before taking on […]

She was now feeling amazing, she hadn’t studied the acupuncture points in her body ever since she had opened fourteen meridians. She watched as all the spiritual energy in her body poured into the acupuncture points on her left and right hands, and began to hit them again and again, her spiritual energy skyrocketed, and […]

“Just a reminder, don’t underestimate these kids, or you’ll suffer a big loss.” Xuan Zhu wrapped her arms around her chest and stepped aside to watch the show. The tallest of the children was only half a head shorter than her, and his eyes shone brightly. The smallest one was only three or five years […]