Nan Nan was stunned and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, “Wanyu you’re flattering me too much, I’m just a person struggling in the mud! Such a person like me, how dare I play mind games with you.” Dongfang Wanyu lifted her eyelids, gesturing for her to continue. “I want to beg you to save my […]

It took Dongfang Wanyu a little while to see that the other party was refining pills. “Wanyu, I can’t help but be jealous of your good fortune, this Nan Nan is clearly an alchemist, what a coincidence! Don’t you happen to be short of a pill?” Qing Mo said in her head. Dongfang Wanyu came […]

Nan Nan purposely cleaned the other room and took out a new futon quilt. “Minghui, Wanyu, you guys get some rest.” After the three of them said goodnight to each other, the door of the room closed, leaving Dongfang Minghui and Dongfang Wanyu to look at each other. The tiny room was about thirty square […]

Dongfang Wanyu looked at her with a raised eyebrow, Dongfang Minghui saw that the Female Protagonist was not moving so she found a stick somewhere and weighed it in her hand, thinking that a knock from behind should knock that pervert unconscious. There was a tearing sound and the sound of clothing being ripped. “You […]

The news of the Royal Academy’s enrollment spread throughout the Venus Empire, immediately attracting the attention of the major powers within the three countries. Dongfang Minghui saw many people along the way who were rushing like them, most of them came in large crowds, from the clothes they were wearing, it was obvious that their […]

“Seventh Sister, please.” Dongfang Wanyu nodded and went out while she then sat on her bed and stared into the air. Little Colour said she must break through to Spiritual Scholar as soon as possible or it wouldn’t be able to come out and see her for a while. She was feeling very sad that […]

“This girl is quite well, not sick at all.” This was the result of several doctors diagnosing her. As for why she was unconscious, the doctors looked at her for a long time and gave this conclusion, “She’s just got a case of sleepiness which I think is because she’s too tired or she’s overexerted […]

Mu Qing was an inner sect disciple, a shattered soul tag would definitely attract the attention of the Qing Lan Sect. At that time, someone would definitely go to the Demon Beast Forest to track them down, and it’d be good if they couldn’t be traced. If they were, what would be waiting for them […]

Mu Qing descended from the sky with an angry face, his sword pointed at them. Dongfang Minghui covered her mouth in fear that she would accidentally scream for help. Little Colour: “…” Dongfang Wanyu instinctively threw out her long whip, which was very flexible, and aimed it at Mu Qing, “Who are you?” She really […]

Dongfang Wanyu pointed at Little Color, “Is it the magic plant you made the contract with?” “Yeah, cute right?” Dongfang Minghui foolishly lifted Little Color to the Female Protagonist’s face, showing off a bit. Qing Mo was also checking it out, looking at it for half a moment before communicating with Dongfang Wanyu, “If I’m […]