Qian Yiling’s surprise was fleeting, and she soon smiled, saying, “No wonder her actions are so familiar. I thought she looked somewhat familiar when I first saw her. I didn’t expect her to be the same person as the young healer. It seems mother has been negligent.” Qian Wanyu watched her quietly, then heard her […]

The deeper they went, the more pungent the smell of blood became. Zhi Lan quickly led them deeper into the cave, where a lock hung on the iron bars. She took out a key, and with a turn, it opened effortlessly. The two had been here before, but they had stopped at the sight of […]

Just as the four of them were swiftly passing through, an unexpected change occurred. A myriad of colorful spiritual powers concentrated and greeted them. “Seventh sister.” “Follow me.” Qian Wanyu grabbed her with one hand, her whip moving swiftly in her other hand, breaking through and even pulling down the mask of a person dressed […]

Dongfang Minghui successfully bid for the second auction item with 1.5 million spirit stones, looking at the egg that was on par with Toothless, she suddenly remembered the red egg she had touched in the Dragon Valley. Toothless was so fond of it that he monopolized the red egg, which has now disappeared along with […]

“Cough, cough.” After that heavy iron door was opened, a damp, moldy smell rushed at them, extremely unpleasant, like the scent of beer after long-term fermentation. Except for Mu Sheng, who was caught off guard, the rest held their breath in advance. A little mouse scurried along the stone-paved path on the ground, running up […]

The arrows flew towards the house as if they had eyes, all at once. The seemingly intricate and antique windows offered no protection, and several arrows shot through the gaps with uncanny accuracy, narrowly missing them. Dongfang Minghui was always short of weapons, making it difficult to defend herself. In the confined space, she felt […]

Qian Ziyan kept his gaze fixed on Toothless until he noticed the increasingly intense heat emanating from him. He then reminded, “These two spirit beasts are your contracted spirit beasts. If you let them stay together any longer, the white one is likely to be burned by fire.” “Huh?” Mu Sheng, who was idle, perked […]

“Shush!” At her signal, Mu Sheng quickly closed all the doors and windows. The two of them huddled by the table and took out the cloth-wrapped ashes of the beastified person from the space ring. Dongfang Minghui glanced at Myron, who was lying on the ground with his eyes closed, seemingly still unconscious. “I found […]

Dongfang Minghui was unaware of what Seventh sister and Uncle Wood had discussed. When she returned, Qian Ziyan had already retreated to his own room. She hesitated several times to knock on his door but eventually backed away. Upon returning to her own room, she found Qian Wanyu sitting cross-legged, immersed in cultivation. Little Chubby […]

“Let go, let go!” Little Colour said, veins popping out in frustration. Dongfang Minghui even saw the vine on top of Little Colour’s head, which had been swaying back and forth, stand on end, clearly infuriated by little chubby. She saw little chubby munching away as if it was very delicious, and quickly held the […]