Toothless was a little annoyed. It moved faster on its four limbs. As it went further back, the vibrant colors contrasted with the surrounding environment, and there was even a large skeleton emitting dark spiritual power. Toothless stood in front of the skeleton, extending its left front limb and carefully tapping the skeleton with its […]

The ground beneath their feet shook violently, and the entire surface tilted to the side. Qian Wanyu threw her whip hard at the dead tree trunk. The tip of the whip tightly tied itself to the big tree. No matter how much the ground tilted, she remained hanging on the tree. “Little Colour, get Ninth […]

In the mirror of memory, this tree has always stood. Whether it’s a hundred years or many more, it remains. However, change is inevitable. Measured in the cycle of time, in a hundred years, this tree will have grown from its initial seedling stage. In twenty to fifty years, it will have experienced every phase […]

“What you said makes sense. That woman, Qian Wanyu, is selfish and indifferent. Anyone can fall out of favor faster than one can turn the pages of a book. I’ve had enough of her for a long time.” When Little Color vented its dissatisfaction with Qian Wanyu, slanderous words poured out of its mouth. It […]

Dongfang Minghui saw it trembling; one of its legs was shaking so much that it almost knelt down. The other party was obviously very afraid of Seventh Sister. She coughed dryly, “Sleepy Dragon Seal, do you know why Mo Ce arrested you?” “He is not Mo Ce,” Qian Wanyu interrupted her. “Qing Mo said it […]

“Go back!” The phantom’s voice was clear and powerful, with a slightly rising pitch. It inexplicably carried the majesty of a superior and was so loud that everyone present could hear it clearly. When the fiery red light mixed with golden light gradually weakened until it was extinguished, the bottom of the deep pool returned […]

Toothless becomes more courageous as he fights, exerting all his energy. Even so, the first round of fireball attacks was neutralized by the shadow. The shadow stood still, hands hanging naturally, and stared at Toothless with a serious face, repeating the same words: “Go back.” Toothless was panting heavily. The recent fight had drained him […]

Dongfang Minghui was racking her brain, trying to think of a way to offer Mo Ce some soul-soothing advice. However, she came up empty, especially when she saw his body enveloped in black mist. Initially, his face was the most affected, with black lines appearing as if something were burrowing through his skin. Later, similar […]

“First these two questions; address them together.” “How did you find your way into Sleeping Dragon Valley? As far as I know, Sleeping Dragon Valley has been sealed off for twenty years. Without the Sleeping Dragon Seal to guide you, it’s easy to get lost in the valley.” She had already seen from the memory […]

The Sleepy Dragon Seal slipped away quickly, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Little Color’s vines fumbled in the water for a while but couldn’t keep up. When it returned to Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu, it shrugged helplessly. “It slipped away.” The Sleepy Dragon Seal is a spiritual entity that can change its […]