Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 196

Dongfang Minghui successfully bid for the second auction item with 1.5 million spirit stones, looking at the egg that was on par with Toothless, she suddenly remembered the red egg she had touched in the Dragon Valley. Toothless was so fond of it that he monopolized the red egg, which has now disappeared along with Toothless.

Who knows when that ungrateful little thing will come back.

The following auction items were all about pills and prescriptions, which drove the beast and dwarf races crazy.

Little Fatty sat obediently beside her, cleaning up the food on the table. If Dongfang Minghui hadn’t been watching, it might have even devoured the plates that held the pastries.

Qian Wanyu found Little Fatty’s chubby cheeks adorable, but remembering that it might be a level four Gold Devouring Mouse, not to mention these pastries mixed with spiritual energy, even the auction items might be its food. She curiously asked, “With its appetite, Ninth Sister, have you thought about how to feed it in the future?”

“How about you sign a servitude contract, and Seventh Sister will support you?” Qian Wanyu smiled slightly, her lips twitching and her eyes blinking lightly at her.

“Ah?” Dongfang Minghui, who had just owed a million spirit stones and had no idea when she could repay it, was dazzled.

Mu Sheng shook his head and laughed, “Wanyu is just teasing little Minghui.”

Qian Wanyu smiled slightly, not denying it.

It wasn’t until the eighth auction item was introduced by the witty and humorous auctioneer that they stopped joking and focused on the stage. A stone stood prominently inside a transparent cover, its bright colors very attractive.

Mu Sheng gaped, recalling a box he had opened while searching for auction items, which contained that very stone, “What’s so special about this stone?”

Qian Wanyu immediately noticed the stone’s uniqueness, “This stone is a natural container.”

“Hey, there seems to be something on that stone.”

When everyone saw what was on the stone, they gasped, and the crowd below became noisy.

Embedded in the stone was an eye that had been closed but then slowly opened and closed again, extremely flexible, as if alive, and the eyeball emitted a shimmering light.

“What is this?” Dongfang Minghui felt a chill run down her spine when she saw the eye.

“The Eye of Truth.” The auctioneer revealed the answer amidst everyone’s astonishment, “This item is a favorite of formation masters. The stone is Cold Jade, and combined with the Eye of Truth, it can easily break formations below level five.”

Dongfang Minghui was stunned, her intelligence had already decided she would never make a breakthrough in formations in this lifetime. She blinked at the item for a while, then turned to look at Seventh Sister, “Seventh Sister, this item suits you.”

“Although this item is the nemesis of formations, the materials required for its refinement are quite harsh and cruel. The eye embedded in the Cold Jade was scraped from a living person’s eye,” Qing Mo frowned.

Qian Wanyu’s brows were furrowed from beginning to end.

Dongfang Minghui could tell from Seventh sister’s expression that she was resistant to the item, “The person who refined this must have had malicious intentions.” To dig out eyes from a living person is truly cruel.

However, Qian Ziyan suddenly said, “The requirements for refining this item are high, and the eyes must be from the Night Fox clan.” Coincidentally, he remembered someone from the Night Fox clan.

“Night Fox…?”


Unbeknownst to them, as they were discussing the Night Fox clan, the bidding had already started eagerly.

There are very few who can become high-level formation masters in this world. Having this item would provide an additional reliance on breaking through formations. In any case, opportunities like this do not come often.

“Two million.” A cold voice sounded, and Dongfang Minghui almost thought it was Seventh sister who made the bid. Seeing Seventh sister’s frown deepen, she then realized belatedly that the voice came from the fourth floor.

Since the start of the auction, there had been no sound from the fourth floor.

She had thought that the trading market’s guard team came just to give Nangong Yuntian face by participating, but she didn’t expect that when Qian Mama finally spoke, it startled everyone.

“Seventh sister, it’s—” Qian Mama.

Qian Ziyan was also stunned. He suddenly stood up and looked towards the figure obscured by a white curtain on the upper floor. When they entered the Yuntian Pavilion earlier, Qian Ziyan felt that the figure was very familiar but wasn’t sure. However, upon hearing this voice, even though it lacked the lightness and liveliness of the past and had a hint of coldness, it still evoked deep memories in his mind, and a struggle flashed across his expressionless face.

Dongfang Minghui nudged Seventh sister with her elbow, “Seventh sister, have you talked to Uncle Wood about mother’s matter?”

Qian Wanyu seriously said, “I forgot.”

Their last conversation was just about some things she encountered after leaving the Qian Family’s back mountain, but she glossed over the trading market matter, so, indeed, she hadn’t informed Qian Ziyan about their mother’s situation.

“We can meet after the auction ends.”


Upon hearing their conversation, Qian Ziyan nodded, a flash of joy and eagerness in his eyes, “Wait, after it ends, we can meet.”

“Three million five hundred thousand.” Qian Mama seemed determined to win the item, continuously raising the bid, leaving only two families in the competition, one of which represented the Hilarys tribe’s beastmen.

The man was too rugged, much more robust than the young man from the Cyril tribe. It was said that the Cyril tribe and the Hilary tribe had a falling out, and she was very much looking forward to the encounter between these two tribes.

Qian Wanyu had met the Hilarys before and had a brief meeting with them, so the beastmen representing the Hilarys tribe this time looked somewhat familiar, and they were not easy to deal with.

“Four million.” The other party raised the bid by another five hundred thousand spirit stones.

“Seventh sister, if we keep going like this, won’t the price of this Eye of Truth break ten million?” Dongfang Minghui felt the pinch. Not to mention whether the Eye of Truth was worth that much, just the thought of bidding for an eye made her whole body uncomfortable.

“Ah, should we actually know the person on the fourth floor?” After listening for a while, Mu Sheng’s reaction was slow, it took him a while to catch up. He looked at Qian Ziyan, then at Qian Wanyu, and finally turned to Dongfang Minghui with a pleasing look.

“This is a long story, Mu Sheng. I’ll tell you about it later.” The process of Qian Mama recognizing Seventh sister was quite difficult, not something that could be explained in a few words. Moreover, her attention was still on that eye.


“Ten million.” Qian Mama boldly raised the bid from six million to ten million spirit stones, showing great determination.

“The Eye of Truth.” Qian Ziyan knew Qian Yiling’s temperament too well. She was determined to get what she wanted, by any means necessary. “Could it be—”

“Uncle Wood, what is it?” Dongfang Minghui asked curiously.

“It’s not a big deal. When we passed through the beast tribe in the past, we had a memorable encounter with a person from the Night Fox tribe…”

Back in their youthful and spirited days, they encountered many interesting events on their journey, but the Night Fox tribesman left a particularly deep impression on them. The Night Fox tribesman was tall and handsome, with a pair of enchanting eyes. Looking into those eyes felt as if one’s soul could be sucked in.

“The Night Fox tribe, does every member of their tribe have this effect with their eyes?” If so, they would definitely attract attention.

“No, only those with higher cultivation have it, this Eye of Truth…” Qian Ziyan hesitated to continue.

As they finished speaking, the price of the Eye of Truth had been bid up to over thirteen million, definitely the highest bid item of the day.

The auctioneer was overjoyed, “Thirteen million for the first time, thirteen million for the second time, thirteen million for the third time, sold! Congratulations to the buyer.”

Dongfang Minghui breathed a sigh of relief, “This eighth auction item was bid up to thirteen million spirit stones, won’t the last two items fetch even more?”

“Mm.” Qian Wanyu responded somewhat absentmindedly.

“I wonder what the last two items, no, the last item is.” Dongfang Minghui said this as she saw the ninth auction item, which appeared to be a weapon. It looked a bit strange, with semi-circular ends and a long iron chain in the middle, at least two to three meters long, “What is this?”

Just then, Qian Wanyu suddenly stood up, “I need to step out for a moment.”

“Seventh sister.”

“It’s the Crescent Moon.” Qian Ziyan explained coldly, “This item is a hidden weapon. The half-hollow sphere may seem simple, but it actually contains a sharp blade. Once hung over someone’s head, it can decapitate them.”

“Eh, it’s that powerful?” Mu Sheng’s face showed surprise. When he first heard the name ‘Half Moon’, he thought it was some kind of weapon.

“Not only that, these two hemispheres can also merge into one, having the same effect, capable of killing two people at once.”


Dongfang Minghui’s attention was entirely on Qian Wanyu, who suddenly left the auction as it was about to conclude. Could something have happened? But as she listened, she felt that this Half Moon was very similar to something else.

“This is the last auction item, it should be the finale from Yuntian Pavilion.” Mu Sheng looked forward with anticipation, “This is my first time attending an auction.”

Although Yuntian Pavilion’s auctions are held frequently, every three months or half a year, Mu Sheng has been in closed-door cultivation these years, living quite austerely.

The needs of the beast clan and the human clan are different. Nangong Yuntian put a lot of thought into this auction, focusing mostly on medicinal plants and elixirs, Dongfang Minghui said, “But I don’t think this weapon is that important, the dwarf clan is already a master at forging weapons.”

“The reason why Half Moon is called so is not only because it is made of two hemispheres, but also because when the two become one, the sphere can burst out with full thunder and lightning.”

“I see.” Multi-functional hidden weapons are indeed loved by many, but they are not suitable for her and Seventh sister. It was hard to wait for a weapon, but it was not suitable for her. Dongfang Minghui felt a bit disappointed, “I hope the finale auction item is a weapon.”

“Minghui, haven’t you heard those rumors about Yuntian Pavilion outside?” Mu Sheng was quite surprised.

“Rumors? What kind?” When she had just escaped from Dragon Valley with her life, it was a narrow escape from death, where would she have the time to listen to rumors? Moreover, she would need someone to tell her, she had no chance to come across these before she arrived in Dala City.

“It’s said that this last auction item is related to the dragon clan.” Mu Sheng heard it from a group of people at the inn when he was bored. The dragon clan is a mysterious race, and everyone discussed it as if it were true, so he just listened and let it go. But rumors might not be unfounded, “So this last auction item definitely cannot be a weapon.”

The disappointment of not finding a suitable weapon was minor, but hearing the word ‘dragon clan’, Dongfang Minghui’s hair stood on end. She thought to herself, it’s over, could it be that the Dragon Seal has really fallen into Nangong Yuntian’s hands?

What should be done then?

“Minghui, look quickly.” Mu Sheng shouted, and everyone looked down towards the stage.

Guarded by ten Spiritual Masters, the item covered with a red silk cloth was escorted up.

The auctioneer smiled and teased, “I’m sure everyone is eager to know what our last item is.”

“Yes, reveal it.”

“Quick, we can’t wait any longer.”

Dongfang Minghui was nervously pinching Little Fatty, almost turning his arm purple. Obliviously, she yawned while lying on her arm, following the principle of eating well and sleeping well.

The noise below was boiling up, but compared to the third and fourth floors, it was very quiet, without a hint of impatience.

“Minghui, you’re about to strangle her to death.” Mu Sheng kindly reminded.

“Ah?” Dongfang Minghui looked and saw a red mark on Little Fatty’s skin, a semi-curved imprint, a nail mark. Little Fatty’s dark eyes just quietly looked at her, “Little Fatty, I’m so sorry.”

Suddenly, Little Fatty stood up abruptly, standing on the pavilion chair, its gaze fixedly looking downwards, even sticking out a tongue to lick.

The red silk was swiftly unveiled, revealing something inside a transparent cover, a round pearl slightly larger than an egg, presenting in red, emitting a dazzling light. The light spread out from the transparent cover, like a fiery red sphere.

“It’s not the Dragon Seal.” Dongfang Minghui’s lifted heart could finally relax, “What is this?”

“It’s a Dragon Pill.”

Qian Ziyan, who was also well-informed, had only seen some things about the dragon race in books, and this was his first time seeing a Dragon Pill.

Mu Sheng was so surprised that his mouth hung open, gaining some insight.

“Dragon Pill?” The heart that had just been put down was lifted again. Others might not know, but she did. Toothless was a fire-type spirit beast, and this Dragon Pill was emitting a strong flame. Could it be a fire-type Dragon Pill?

“Fire-type Dragon Pill.”

Everyone was stunned. The dwarves and some other tribal beastmen, who were closer to the high platform, could still feel the world-destroying fire-type spiritual power through the transparent cover, with a burning sensation overflowing.

“Is it really a Dragon Pill?”

“Could it be fake?”

Hearing someone doubting his professional integrity, the auctioneer immediately spoke righteously, “Our auction items are all firmly identified by three senior appraisers. If anyone has doubts, you are welcome to come up and verify for yourselves.”

These words carried a provocative meaning.

But, what kind of people are the beastmen? They are a group of brutes. Indeed, some were bold enough to want to verify for themselves, claiming to verify but actually wanting to gauge the power of the Dragon Pill under this guise. Where there is one, there are two, many were eager to try below.

Seeing this, the auctioneer’s lips curled into a smile, gently reminding, “Let me clarify in advance, this Dragon Pill is extremely powerful. Yuntian Pavilion also sacrificed many experts to suppress this Dragon Pill. If anyone wants to verify it, it’s not impossible, but if anyone gets injured by this Dragon Pill, Yuntian Pavilion will not be responsible.”

This statement only stimulated the crowd even more.

A single Dragon Pill, to have such ability.

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded by what she saw above, feeling anxious about what to do next, especially since Seventh sister was nowhere to be found at this critical moment. “Could it be that this Dragon Pill was actually peeled off from a dragon’s body?”

“What else did you think? How else would they obtain this Dragon Pill?”

Qian Wanyu’s expression was indifferent. The Dragon Pill, like the spiritual pills within the bodies of Spiritual Masters, would likely be fatal once removed, or at the very least, leave someone crippled. Not to mention, the dragon race is a powerful one; who would dare to touch their belongings right under their noses unless the dragon was on its last breath, completely powerless. As the auctioneer mentioned earlier, just this Dragon Pill required many Spiritual Masters to suppress, showing how dangerous it was.

Seeing her worried expression, Qian Wanyu comforted her, “I see your beast is quite smart. Ordinary Spiritual Masters definitely can’t get close to it, so you can rest easy.”

Dongfang Minghui was indeed worried about Toothless. Given the size of this Dragon Pill, it must have come from an adult dragon. These people not only slaughtered dragons but also broke the Dragon Pill to auction it off. Dongfang Minghui felt she had been too polite to Nangong Yuntian before.

If Toothless were here, she would definitely have Toothless secretly set a fire to burn down his Yuntian Pavilion to vent her anger.

Mu Sheng had sobered up from her initial excitement. The dragon race, a mysterious species, was now being slaughtered like fish on a chopping board, “Indeed, it’s too much. Isn’t Nangong Yuntian afraid of retaliation from the dragon race?”


A faint sound came from their floor, seeming to come from next door or perhaps the opposite side.

Qian Wanyu’s gaze pierced through the white curtain to the corner opposite them, where people from the Hilarys tribe were. They must have heard Mu Sheng’s righteous words and thus laughed mockingly.

It was both disdain and ridicule.

“Let’s not bother with them.” Qian Wanyu never liked to win verbal arguments; she preferred to overpower with strength. Those from the beast tribes deserved a beating.


Mu Sheng and Dongfang Minghui both responded but didn’t continue the conversation. Although there were curtains, it was as if they were transparent. Those with high cultivation levels, like Uncle Wood and Seventh sister, could hear the conversations on this floor if they wished.

Below, screams erupted, accompanied by dazzling flames and water summoned by some Water System Spiritual Master, almost destroying the auction. The first person who dared to try ended up with his entire arm ruined, turned into white bones by the flames within the transparent shield, a terrifying sight.

The manager of Yuntian Pavilion, Pei Tian, quickly arranged for someone to carry him down and called for a pharmacist, fulfilling the host’s duty.

But from Dongfang Minghui’s perspective, that person’s hand was beyond saving, and whether he could save his life was another matter.

After seeing the fate of the first person, no one else dared to say another word.

Nangong Yuntian’s method of killing the chicken to scare the monkeys worked perfectly, also promoting the last auction item in an unconventional way. Everyone present began to assess the value of the Dragon Pill.

“The situation below is quite lively.” Qian Wanyu suddenly returned, sneering as she saw the man being carried out amidst continuous wails.

“Five hundred thousand.” Dongfang Minghui also called out a bid, thinking to herself that, being of the dragon race, she wondered if the dragon pill would be beneficial to Toothless. However, adhering to the principle of not letting benefits flow to outsiders, she still glanced back at Seventh sister, “I’m afraid I’ll never be able to pay off this debt in my lifetime.”

“Then, it shall be for generations to come.”

Although Mu Sheng knew these two sisters always joked around without any sense of shame, this time he felt surprised upon hearing them. Looking at the affectionate gaze they shared, his heart felt an even stronger inexplicable feeling.

Next, just as Dongfang Minghui was about to make a bid, she was stopped by Qian Wanyu.

“This dragon pill is a hot potato.”

“Indeed.” Qian Ziyan nodded in agreement. Just on this third floor alone, there were more than ten Spiritual King level experts guarding. Once the dragon pill was in their hands, whether they could protect it was another matter.

Dongfang Minghui knew the dragon pill was trouble, but still felt somewhat unwilling. Items of the dragon race should belong to little Toothless.

Little Fatty stared at the dragon pill inside the transparent cover with shining eyes, drooling all over the back of Dongfang Minghui’s hand.

“Little Fatty, didn’t you just eat? How can you be hungry again?”

“She’s not hungry.” Qian Wanyu glanced at her lightly, “The energy inside her body should be of the fire element. Seeing a fire element energy source that matches her, she instinctively wants to eat it.”

“No wonder she always sticks close to Toothless, turns out she wants to mooch off Toothless’s fire element spiritual power?” Little Colour rolled its eyes in the soul sea.

“Ah? Fire element again?” No wonder Dongfang Minghui was so shocked. She and Little Colour were both deathly afraid of fire element Spiritual Masters. Seeing Little Fatty drooling non-stop, she couldn’t help but console, “That thing is not something we can touch. I have a fire lotus seed here, do you want to eat it?”

Little Fatty still stared at the isolated dragon pill, drooling all over the floor.

Dongfang Minghui took out the fire lotus seed and dangled it in front of Little Fatty. The latter quickly flicked her tongue and hooked the fire lotus seed from her hand, swallowed it, and then looked at her expectantly again.

“You can’t eat too much, it’s easy to get indigestion.”

After feeling a strong energy inside her body, Little Fatty no longer coveted the dragon pill. She just lay on Dongfang Minghui’s thigh and fell asleep.

Qian Wanyu shook her head helplessly. In this short period, the value of the dragon pill had steadily exceeded that of the Eye of Truth, with three parties continuously calling out prices, “Don’t spoil her too much, this one fire lotus seed is enough for her to sleep for several days.”

“Mhm.” Dongfang Minghui tried to move Little Fatty into the space, but for some reason, Little Fatty just couldn’t get in.

“Give her to me.”

“No need, Seventh sister, she’s quite light leaning against me.” Not heavy at all.

As they were talking, they saw movement at the location on the fourth floor. A group of people took another path, presumably heading to the reception room of Yuntian Pavilion. Dongfang Minghui hurriedly said, “Seventh sister, since we don’t need the dragon pill anyway, let’s leave first.”


The group of four quickly left the scene.

Qian Ziyan knew he was about to meet his fourth sister and quickened his pace, though his emotions remained steady.

“This way, please.”

Before Qian Wanyu stepped into the reception room, she asked, “The guests on the fourth floor are our friends. Please pass a message to them, saying a Miss Qian is waiting for them at the Huiyun Inn.”

“Of course, miss.”

Qian Ziyan, however, found it hard to sit still and paced back and forth in the room.

Dongfang Minghui held Little Fatty, who was sound asleep and radiating a certain warmth, causing her to sweat profusely in just a short while. Little Colour was shouting in the soul sea, “Quick, throw that fatty aside. I can’t stand its smell.”

Little Colour kept muttering in the soul sea, giving her a headache. With no other choice, she used two chairs to create a small space for Little Fatty to lie on.

Before even a stick of incense could burn out, Mu Sheng sniffed, “Strange, why do I smell something burning?”

Indeed, Dongfang Minghui and Little Colour also smelled it. She quickly looked towards Little Fatty and saw the mahogany chairs that were fine just moments ago now engulfed in flames. The small, snake-like flames had started and were quickly spreading, engulfing everything as Little Fatty smacked his lips.

“Oh my god, put out the fire.”

None of the people present were water-type Spiritual Masters. Qian Wanyu quickly opened the door and said to the guards standing on both sides, “Call two water-type Spiritual Masters here, there’s a fire.”

When Nangong Yuntian arrived, he saw such a sorry scene. The reception room was destroyed by fire and water. “Miss Qian, did I do something to offend you, causing you to vent your anger using my reception room?”

“Indeed, there is one thing.”

“Let me hear it.” Nangong Yuntian suddenly became interested. He had a score to settle with the other party, but he didn’t expect them to strike first. So, he signaled with his eyes, and a few more chairs were added to the reception room.

Everyone sat down leisurely, and the object on the table was still shimmering with a faint light energy.

Qian Wanyu was calm, but Dongfang Minghui took the initiative to say, “Seventh sister, let me keep the light system Qilin Holy Egg for now.”

“It was meant for you, so naturally, you should keep it.”


Nangong Yuntian looked at Dongfang Minghui with interest, smiling, “Miss, you remind me of an old friend I once knew. However, she should only be about eight years old this year. May I know what relation you have with her?”

“No relation.” Dongfang Minghui responded with a smile as well.

Nangong Yuntian hit a soft wall with his question but became even more certain that the person before him had a significant connection with the little girl he knew. However, there were more pressing matters at hand, “Miss Qian mentioned earlier that there was something urgent to discuss. It seems we can talk about it now.”

Dongfang Minghui was looking after Little Fatty. Just now, those two Water System Spiritual Masters had extinguished the fire and even gave Little Fatty a cold water bath. Despite that, in the short time of these few sentences, the water droplets on Little Fatty had already evaporated.

Mu Sheng couldn’t understand their conversation and simply stood by, guarding Little Fatty with her to prevent the fire incident from happening again.

“If she doesn’t control the Fire System energy overflowing from her body, we will end up setting the inn on fire again once we return,” Mu Sheng complained.

“Mm.” Dongfang Minghui was also quite troubled. A little fire from Toothless had collapsed the entire cave, and now, Little Fatty’s internal fire, though much less, was causing continuous trouble.

Qian Wanyu asked first, “Was that dragon pill personally extracted by you from a dragon?”

Nangong Yuntian was slightly startled but laughed, “Miss Qian thinks too highly of me. Not to mention that my Nangong family lacks the talent, even if we had, do you think I, Nangong Yuntian, would risk offending the entire dragon race for it?”

Although Dongfang Minghui was watching Little Fatty, she was also keenly listening to the conversation between Nangong Yuntian and Seventh Sister. She was still upset about the Nangong family’s previous actions with a dragon egg, and now a dragon pill, which was infuriating. However, she didn’t expect Nangong Yuntian to deny it.

“The dragon race, though hidden, is not extinct. Bullying them is not something I, who cherish my life, would do foolishly.”

“Oh, then where did you get this dragon pill from?” Qian Wanyu had already guessed that Nangong Yuntian wouldn’t dare, especially since the Hilary Tribe had merely sent a woman to him, scaring him half to death.

Nangong Yuntian shook his head, “Secret.”

Qian Wanyu looked at him with a smile that seemed like a doubt.

Nangong Yuntian got a bit annoyed, “I swear on my Nangong Yuntian’s family heritage, this dragon pill was not hunted by my people. All I can tell you is that it was sent to the auction three months ago, along with that Eye of Truth.”

As for who…

Nangong Yuntian stopped there, not discussing the topic further. Changing his tone, he stood up and lightly patted his robe, “Speaking of which, the day before the auction, a couple of thieves actually sneaked into my Yuntian Pavilion’s treasure vault and stole the finale auction item I had prepared. Interestingly, my men saw you two, Miss Qian. Isn’t that funny?”

Dongfang Minghui stiffened for a moment, then continued to look after Little Fatty as if nothing had happened.

“Let’s be clear, although we took the items, they weren’t yours to begin with, Young Master Nangong. You know very well where the Tianyin Helmet and that spiritual plant originally came from.”

“You’ve dug out most of the dark soil from Little Bean Sprout’s helmet, and we haven’t even come to you for an explanation yet. But here you are, playing the victim first. If we really wanted to take it, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to hold this auction today.” Dongfang Minghui thought about how anxious she had been all day, only to find that Little Bean Sprout had been taken away by someone else and brought into this auction.

If it gets auctioned off today, it would be even harder to explain later.

Nangong Yuntian was at a loss for words, just as Qian Wanyu said, he knew exactly where the Tianyin helmet came from, “Yours? How can you prove it?”

Dongfang Minghui brought Little Bean Sprout out again, “It’s quite simple. I’ll put it on the ground, and both of us will call it. Whoever it chooses, it belongs to.”

Nangong Yuntian hurriedly objected, “Miss, you must be joking. Are you saying this Tianyin helmet can choose its owner? How do I know you haven’t given it some sort of hint beforehand?”

Qian Wanyu’s lips curled up, “Is Young Master Nangong feeling guilty, afraid to compete with my Ninth Sister? The spiritual plant in this Tianyin helmet has been raised by my Ninth Sister from a young age. It’s very spiritual and doesn’t need my Ninth Sister to do much at all. Why don’t you try calling it and see if it responds to you?”

Nangong Yuntian knew very well that when the Tianyin helmet came into his hands, he had tried to communicate with it, but the plant was like any ordinary spiritual plant, showing no reaction to his words.

“Fine, let’s do as you say.”

“Ninth Sister.”

Dongfang Minghui carefully soothed it for a while, then placed the Tianyin helmet on the ground. Little Bean Sprout wobbled back and forth like a roly-poly toy, “Young Master Nangong, let’s make it clear first. If Little Bean Sprout chooses me, you have to answer a question for us.”

“And if it chooses me?”


Nangong Yuntian shrugged, “A bet is a bet for both sides. If it chooses me, it naturally belongs to me. Is that okay, Ninth Sister?”


What Ninth Sister?!

Dongfang Minghui glared at him annoyedly, “Fine, but you’ll also have to compensate us for our loss.”


“Of course. It was severely frightened while in your Yuntian Pavilion, and I spent time and effort to calm its emotions. Naturally, the compensation counts.”

Nangong Yuntian found it amusing. This was the first time someone had tried to outwit him, and he hadn’t even settled the account with these two yet, “Alright, let’s start.”

He was curious to see how the plant would choose its owner.

“You go first.”

Nangong Yuntian raised an eyebrow playfully, “Or perhaps, Miss, you should go first.”

Dongfang Minghui flashed a triumphant smile, gesturing to Little Bean Sprout, “Come here, Little Bean Sprout, come here.”

Little Bean Sprout first shook its head, then, along with the Tianyin Helmet, hopped over to Dongfang Minghui’s side and leaped into her space, clearly not wanting to see Nangong Yuntian’s face.

“It’s called Little Bean Sprout?”


“Hahaha, it does seem a bit frail, just like a bean sprout.” Nangong Yuntian conceded, “Alright, what do you want to ask?”

“Where did you find Little Bean Sprout? Was there anything else with it?”

Nangong Yuntian glanced at her, “First off, I wasn’t the one who found it. I can bring the person who did find Little Bean Sprout here for you to ask.”

After saying this, he gave a quiet order.

Soon, a tall beast person was brought before them. Qian Wanyu looked him over, asked a few questions, and then added, “Were you with the merchant convoy that was being chased by bandits along with Myron?”

The man was startled at the mention of Myron, then nodded repeatedly, “Yes, the bandits wanted to rob us. We lost our way while fleeing, and many of us got separated. We always thought he was dead. Myron was very lucky.”

“Indeed, lucky.” It just so happened that Little Fatty found him.

After sending the man away, Nangong Yuntian asked, “Are you planning to leave now?”

Qian Wanyu stood up, “Who ended up with the dragon pill in the end?”

Nangong Yuntian pursed his lips in a smile, “It wouldn’t hurt to tell you. It was taken by someone from the Hilary’s Tribe.”


As the group left the reception room, they happened to run into people from the Hilary Tribe, who walked past them without a sideways glance.

Qian Wanyu stood still for a moment, waiting until they could no longer see the group before starting to walk, “Seventh sister, doesn’t Yuntian Pavilion have a principle of safely escorting treasures? How come, this time Nangong Yuntian made an exception?”

“Of course.”

The rules of Yuntian Pavilion are not so easily broken. It’s easy to break the rules, but not so easy to follow them. If they hadn’t seized on a matter that Nangong Yuntian had neglected years ago, how could Nangong Yuntian be so lenient as to let them take away fifteen medicinal plants, and even give away so much insider information on top of that.

“The Dragon Pill and the Eye of Truth were brought to the auction by the same person…” Qian Wanyu narrowed her eyes, “Let’s hurry back to the inn, someone is definitely going to try to snatch the Eye of Truth.”

They hurried out of the main gate, only to see that hundreds of meters from the gate, the beastmen who had walked past them with such arrogance before were now being attacked. The attackers were all dressed in black, and it was impossible to tell who they belonged to, openly trying to snatch the Dragon Pill in broad daylight in Dala City.

The key point was that Dala City was ownerless, unmanaged, and even Nangong Yuntian seemed to be unaware of it. The gates were wide open, but no one was there to help. There were even people watching the excitement, probably hoping to take advantage of the situation when both parties were injured.

Dongfang Minghui’s worldview was refreshed once again. She had seen people fighting over treasures before, but she had never imagined that within a hundred meters, blood would be spilled. She suddenly felt somewhat relieved that Seventh sister had stopped her from bidding on the Dragon Pill, otherwise, they would have been the ones attacked.

Just the thought of it sent shivers down her spine.

Whether one can keep the Dragon Pill after obtaining it depends on who the real cunning one is.

“Seventh sister.”

“Let’s go around, quickly.”

The four of them quickly tried to bypass the battlefield, after all, the inn was not far from Yuntian Pavilion. The Dragon Pill had already been snatched, and the Eye of Truth… probably someone else wanted to take advantage of the situation too.

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