Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 201

“Is it Toothless?”

Dongfang Minghui’s face was full of hope, but she was almost burned by the flames. Leen quickly pulled her back, looking displeased, “This fire is really strange, be careful, shaman.”

The wind was still, and the wind, sand, and soil could not move it at all, and it burned more vigorously as it went on. Even though there were few trees around them, the flames automatically formed a circle, forcing them to retreat within it.

The beastmen brought by Mason also tried to escape from the faint ring of fire, but as soon as they crossed over, the faint flames suddenly surged up, engulfing the person whole, without even a scream, turning them into ashes.

“You actually ambushed us here!” Mason glared, his crimson eyes looking as if he wanted to devour someone.

“Nonsense.” Qian Wanyu rarely got tough, without saying a word, she slapped him, “If you have real evidence, I won’t acknowledge this blame. It was you who proposed cooperation first, and then without a word, you wanted to snatch the True Eye from my hands. Now that you’ve been ambushed by others, you still want to turn the tables. There’s no such thing in this world where all the good things are for you to enjoy.”

Qian Ziyi had never thought of using weapons before, but the group of beastmen not only knew they couldn’t get out, but also attacked him from all sides, truly provoking him.

“It can’t be Toothless. I don’t think there’s necessarily only Toothless in the world who can produce this kind of flame. Don’t jump to conclusions.” Mu Sheng had just calmed down Dongfang Minghui, but then saw a large and a small figure appear on the outskirts of the fire, “Who are these two?”

Dongfang Minghui looked at their attire, “They seem to have appeared at the auction scene before.”

Mason made a move to attack Qian Wanyu, especially when he saw her easily dodge, as if she was playing with him, which made him even more furious.

Qian Wanyu coldly observed and quickly dealt with Mason, pressing her foot against the head of the beastman, “I heard that people from the Hilarys tribe are always brainless. I didn’t believe it before, but now I see it’s true, just as the rumors say.”

Mason instantly transformed into a shadow, with his face still under her foot, roaring continuously, seeming very unwilling.

“If I were you, I would choose to cooperate with me, to uncover the mastermind together, instead of rushing to tear off the face and let the hawk catch the prey.” Qian Wanyu hinted at the two people standing outside the ring of fire, watching them fight inside the circle like dogs. Qian Wanyu chuckled, and the Water Thunder Whip naturally retracted from Mason’s neck, “Are you here for the Dragon Pill or the True Eye? Or perhaps both?”

“Miss, too much knowledge can be harmful. It’s better to know less about some things.” The slightly taller man in the black robe had the height of an adult man, but his words were hoarse like an old man, sending chills down one’s spine.

“Seventh sister.” Dongfang Minghui wanted to get a clear look at the person standing next to the old man, who had just reached her chest, estimating that he should be a child.

After Little Bean Sprout transformed into a humanoid form, Little Colour could also transform into a humanoid form… Could she hope that her missing Toothless could also transform into a humanoid form?

“Old man, was it you who ordered the fire at the Yuntian Pavilion?” Qian Wanyu smiled, “The Dragon Pill is related to the dragon race, but I don’t know what relationship you have with the dragon race.”

“Surrender the Dragon Pill and the True Eye, and I will spare your lives.”

“Can you use a fresher term?” Qian Wanyu glanced at the fire and whispered, “Later, I’ll give him the iron box, and you and Mu Sheng’s uncle can leave this place first.”

“No.” She was most afraid of fire. Just now, there were a few people under Mason who tried to jump out of the fire, but they all suffered the flames’ devouring. This fire was almost identical to the real fire Toothless usually breathed out. If she had to distinguish between them, it would probably be that Toothless’s flames were harder to control, more impulsive and fierce, while the fire in front of her was like a small fire, burning gently.

“Stupid Ninth Sister.” Qian Wanyu also had no other choice but to deal with her, whispering, “There is no Toothless among them, we should be grateful.”


Qian Wanyu, however, refused to explain any further, pushing her towards Qian Zhiyan and loudly saying, “Uncle, let’s not get involved in this mess. The flames are too fierce, let’s hand over the True Eye.”

She took out a purple iron box from her spatial storage, the same one she had taken from the Cloud Sky Pavilion.

Upon seeing it, Mason became anxious, “Miss Qian, we can discuss everything. I am willing to exchange something of equal value for your True Eye. Why not give it to me?”

Qian Wanyu seemed to be persuaded, her face showing a mix of struggle and hesitation. At times, she looked at the people outside the ring of fire, and at other times, she looked at Mason, who was full of anticipation, appearing extremely distressed.

“Miss Qian, if you give it to them, you will get nothing in return. Give it to me, at least you won’t be short of spirit stones. I can also promise you that when we find the treasure trove, I will offer a layer of treasure as a thank-you gift to you.” Mason, who was cautious and alert to the people around him, kept his sharp eyes fixed on the purple box in Qian Wanyu’s hand.

Qian Zhiyan’s face turned serious, “No.”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes flickered as she remembered that Seventh Sister seemed to have placed the True Eye in the iron box that previously held Little Bean Sprout. So, there was nothing in the iron box in front of her. She watched the two people outside warily, “Uncle, our lives are important.”

Mu Sheng, however, did not believe that Sister Wanyu would give up so easily. He also advised from the side, “Uncle, our lives are important. It might be better to make a deal with the beast tribe, at least we can get some spirit stones.”

As for Mason’s empty promises, no one paid any attention to them.

Lynn remained silent, aiming his bow and arrow at the two people on the outer ring. He had previously shot two arrows, but they were blocked by the flames. This was the first time he had encountered such a tricky situation, so he remained still, waiting for a better opportunity.

Listening to their back-and-forth, Qian Wanyu then said to Mason, “I can give it to you, but you must hand over all the spirit stones you spent at the auction, not a single one less.”

Mason’s eyes lit up upon hearing this, completely forgetting that Qian Wanyu had once stepped on his face and he had thought of tearing her apart. “Of course.”

“Let’s exchange now, the True Eye for the spirit stones.” Qian Wanyu was not one to be taken advantage of, “It must be done face-to-face, otherwise how can I be sure you’re not trying to deceive me out of the True Eye in my hand?”

“This—” Mason was at a loss. He was about to get what he wanted, but the other party refused to hand over the spirit stones.

Spirit stones and such were nothing.

At the auction, he was unaware of the connection between the True Eye and the Dragon Pill. Otherwise, how could he have watched it fall into someone else’s hands? Mason had no choice but to wave his hand, gathering all the people together, “Calculate how many spirit stones you have left and hand them all over to me.”

While Mason and the others were busy gathering the spirit stones, Qian Wanyu glanced at the ring of fire, “The fire ring is shrinking little by little.”


Qian Ziyi remained calm and placed the iron box from behind in front of himself, “Do whatever you want, I will take them away.”

“It seems like the two of you are cooperating quite well.” The old man moved his finger lightly, and the fire ring on the ground separated Qian Wanyu and Mason from each other like a wandering dragon, “Hand over the True Eye, and you can leave separately.”

“You, you, you, you are going too far.” Dongfang Minghui saw the fire ring turn into a Tai Chi pattern, “Seventh sister, he clearly doesn’t want us to cooperate with Mason and them. This person’s ambition is really big.”


Qian Ziyi understood and took out the vertical object, lightly flicked his finger, a strong wind blew the flames into disarray, but still maintained the basic state. The stubbornness of the flames surprised them. With a slight breeze, the flames rose much higher.

Qian Wanyu held the iron box in one hand and swung the water thunder whip in the other hand, causing the soil to fly, temporarily extinguishing the flames to some extent.

“Let’s go.”

“Wishful thinking.”

Mason on the side, as well as the old man guarding outside the fire ring, all launched attacks towards Qian Wanyu. Qian Wanyu had to defend against the attacks of both, gradually falling into a disadvantage, and said, “You two are crazy. The True Eye is here. You can grab it yourselves.”

She threw the iron box into the air, and the old man and Mason both leaped up to try to snatch it. Qian Wanyu could not let them have their way, so she vigorously swung the water thunder whip, pulling the iron box back into the fire ring, making a loud clapping sound.

In order to seize the iron box, the old man also rushed into the flames.

Qian Wanyu built a high wall of earth, quickly separating the flames, completely opening up a path, “Channel your spiritual power into your legs, I will let you run when I say so.”

Qian Ziyi played with the strings of the zither, and the energy scattered from the zither like a sharp wind blade towards the flames. Each time it was played, the flames would be dispersed, but they would quickly merge again.

Knowing that these flames were very difficult to deal with, Dongfang Minghui felt a headache. If Toothless or Little Fatty were by her side… Inadvertently, she glanced around, not knowing if it was telepathy, but Little Fatty was standing behind the people outside the circle.

Little Fatty hid behind the person, stuck out a little head, blinked at her, and then… Dongfang Minghui saw Little Fatty extend his hands and push the person into the fire ring.

The young man probably didn’t expect someone to dare push him. He was covered in flames all over his body, and he wore a black robe to conceal it, so that no one could see through it. It was the first time he encountered someone who wasn’t afraid of the flames on his body, and he was stunned.


Little Fatty clapped and cheered, tilted his head towards Mason and the old man, stuck out his tongue at the young man.

“Little Fatty.”

Little Fatty rushed into the fire ring in a flash, without saying a word, he picked up Dongfang Minghui and carried her on his shoulder, and rushed out like that.

In the blink of an eye, Dongfang Minghui saw the flames automatically dispersing when passing by Little Fatty. She couldn’t believe it and asked, “Little Fatty, why aren’t you afraid of those flames?”

Qian Wanyu hesitated for a moment, then said, “Let’s go.”


Little Fatty even grabbed a handful of the flames and played with them in her hand, completely unconcerned about being consumed. After playing for a while, the flames dissipated on their own in her hand.

After Qian Wanyu walked out, she glanced at the old man and Mason. They were still fiercely fighting over an iron box. She laughed, “Do you know that without the key, you won’t be able to get the True Eye?”

Both of them stopped their actions and looked at Qian Wanyu.

“This iron box belongs to the Yuntian Pavilion and is equipped with an array. If you forcibly open it, triggering the array, the array will automatically destroy the contents of the box. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the Young Master of the Nangong family.”

Qian Ziyi chuckled, straightened up, and put the box back on her back.

Little Fatty pulled Dongfang Minghui back, and Dongfang Minghui was puzzled, “What’s wrong? We can’t leave now.”

“Ah, there’s a young lady.”

Dongfang Minghui picked her up, gently pinched her cheek, and said, “Little Fatty, be good. Let’s wait until Seventh Sister resolves this matter before we leave, okay?”

“Ah, not good.”

Little Fatty tried to grab the other’s hair, but Dongfang Minghui’s attention was focused on Seventh Sister, unable to understand what her ‘ah ah’ meant. “Be good.”

Qian Wanyu didn’t notice this. She was being stared at by the two, and she proposed with a smile, “How about this, after you two determine the winner, I will cooperate with one of you to search for the treasure. What do you think?”

The situation was very awkward, and the situation kept changing.

Qian Wanyu went from being passive to taking the initiative. No one dared to experiment with the True Eye. If it turned out to be real… it would be difficult to find another True Eye in the world, as the manufacturing process was quite arduous.

With a gesture from the old man, the little ghost pushed into the circle suddenly untied the black robe on his body, emitting a red light.

“Ah.” Little Fatty reached out to cover Dongfang Minghui’s eyes, moved her behind, shielding her completely.

“Everyone, be careful.” Qian Wanyu issued a warning very quickly, but it was too late. Mu Sheng’s clothes caught fire, luckily Qian Ziyi resisted it quickly, otherwise, he might have ended up like the one in the circle, turning into a pile of fire…

A spatial ring fell from where Mason was and landed in the hands of the old man.

In the blink of an eye, Mason and the group he brought were all burned to ashes by the flames.

“This is the Son of Flames,” Qing Mo said softly in the Sea of Souls, “It is rumored that these Sons of Flames rarely live past twenty. They have a hard time controlling the flames on their bodies. I didn’t expect you to be so lucky to encounter them here.”

“What are Sons of Flames?” Qian Wanyu muttered, her sleeve burned off for the most part. If this was considered lucky, she would rather not have it.

“Seventh sister.”

The black-robed old man slowly approached Qian Wanyu, holding two boxes in his hands – one was the purple box he snatched from her, and the other was the box where he found the hidden Dragon Pill in the space.

The child behind him followed the old man step by step, his fiery red eyes hidden in the black robe staring unblinkingly at the doll in Dongfang Minghui’s hand. He had seen clearly just now that Little Fatty was not afraid of his fire.

He reached out and pulled the old man, leaving a burnt handprint on the old man’s robe.

The black-robed old man lowered his head slightly, noticing his burning clothes.

“Sorry, Master.”

“This is fake.” Without saying a word, the black-robed old man forcefully threw the purple iron box towards Qian Wanyu, and Leen shot an arrow that hit the surface of the box, causing it to fall.

“Fake?” Qian Wanyu was very surprised, quickly picking up the box from the ground and reprimanding Leen, “This thing is a treasure. Do you know what consequences could happen if your arrow accidentally triggers the formation by touching the lock?”

Dongfang Minghui also blinked her eyes at Leen.

Leen wisely lowered his head, “It’s my fault.”

An invisible black gas entered Qian Wanyu’s hand from the bottom of the box, but she accepted it calmly, exerting force in her hand to completely devour the mischief.

“Alright, whether it’s real or fake, since the item is in your hands, I will cooperate with you.” The old man smiled at Qian Wanyu, “As a gesture of goodwill, I can also give you this Dragon Pill.”

The old man readily threw the key and the box into Qian Wanyu’s arms.

Qian Wanyu’s lips curved, “Pleasant cooperation. I like straightforward and efficient people like the old man. But, what should we do next?”

“It seems the young lady is unaware of everything,” the old man said with a sinister tone, “This Dragon Pill contains an advanced formation, with a topographical map engraved on it. It is said that the True Eye can decipher formations. When combined, they can obtain a map to the Dragon Clan’s territory.”

“I see.”

Qian Wanyu had used the True Eye before and knew that deciphering formations was feasible, but she still curiously asked, “Why does the old man believe in such rumors? It’s possible that this is all baseless and someone is trying to watch us kill each other for treasure.”

The old man remained silent for a while before saying, “By combining the two, we will have the original topographic map. Just try it, and you will know the truth.”

So, the two parties found a place and prepared to try it out.

Qian Wanyu had just opened the iron box of the Dragon Pill with a key when she heard footsteps coming. She didn’t open the box but put it away in her space first. “I didn’t expect there were still some loose ends. Old man, should we test first or deal with these loose ends?”

A hint of coldness flashed in the eyes of the old man under the black robe. “Deal with the loose ends first so the girl can focus on solving the puzzle. Leave these people to us.”

Qian Wanyu was relaxed. After a whole day of back and forth, there were always people who were not afraid of death and wanted to explore the secrets of these two treasures. “It’s not right to owe you. If we can find the treasure in the future, I will share an extra layer with the old man.”

Dongfang Minghui stared at Seventh sister’s lazy appearance for a long time, finding it quite amusing. Seventh sister was hiring someone to do the dirty work. “Thank you for your hard work, old man.”

The old man was accompanied by a young man.

Qian Wanyu activated her spiritual power in her eyes and could clearly see the young man this time. He untied his robe, and his whole body turned into a humanoid fireball, emitting a scorching aura from head to toe. Even the old man took several steps back, showing how strong the pressure on him was.

“That gray robe is not ordinary clothing. It can contain the fire inside his body. It should be a formation robe.”

“To use a formation to suppress the huge fire energy on him? Quite exquisite.” Qian Wanyu was increasingly fond of formations. Formations were everywhere, penetrating every aspect. “But why is Little Fatty not affected at all?”

“You forgot about the Soul Refining Furnace.” Qing Mo reminded her, “After going through the Soul Refining Furnace, I’m afraid his mental power and fire spiritual power have been improved. It’s worth pondering how the Fire Son refined the fire to be similar to the true fire of the Dragon Clan.”

At first glance, they indeed looked the same, but upon closer inspection, they could still be distinguished.

Little Fatty obediently covered Dongfang Minghui’s eyes and kept making noises in her ear.

Dongfang Minghui leaned over and kissed her twice, causing Little Fatty to stop making noises. This was because the flames on the Fire Son’s body had all been extinguished, and the surrounding trees and grass had been damaged, turning bare. The group of people didn’t even see a treasure and lost their lives.

“Ah.” Dongfang Minghui sighed when she could see with her eyes. All this bareness was caused by one person, which is why she really disliked Fire-type Spiritual Masters.

Qian Wanyu had to be extremely vigilant. “Old man, should we open this treasure now?”

The old man shook his head. “No rush. We should wait until the moon is at its peak before bringing the two items together.”

With that said, he sat cross-legged first.

The black-robed young man beside him, however, walked step by step closer to Dongfang Minghui, staring straight at Little Fatty.

The parties involved were unaware of the danger posed by the Son of Flames, but others could see it clearly. The flames that appeared on the young man spontaneously, without even an hour passing, were more dangerous than the old man sitting cross-legged.

Little Fatty didn’t even give face, sticking out her butt and placing her chubby little hands on Dongfang Minghui’s neck, acting cute and refusing to look at the young man.

Dongfang Minghui patted her, speculating that perhaps as both were fire elemental beings, they repelled each other? Or maybe Little Fatty had just pushed him from behind, fearing retaliation…

Qian Wanyu and Qian Zixian both stepped in front of him, “Excuse me—”

“Can I touch her?”

The young man’s voice was hoarse, soft and gentle, but uncomfortable to hear. He reached out his hand, and a wisp of flame spontaneously ignited.

Dongfang Minghui saw that his outstretched arm was fiery red, and the flames were falling down recklessly. Soon, the grass beneath their feet caught fire, causing her to instinctively take two steps back, “No.”

Before Little Fatty could control her own fire elemental energy, she was also as red all over as the young man, but at least she didn’t have flames falling down in large quantities like him.

“Terrifying.” A bald sapling in the Sea of Souls trembled, and Little Colour cursed silently, feeling like it had encountered a natural enemy.

“It’s better if you don’t come out.”

Not to mention her, Mu Sheng was also very uncomfortable. As the young man approached, she and Mu Sheng hurriedly stepped back, a mutual suppression between natural enemies.

Qian Zixian directly stood a metal box between them, warning the young man.

Unfortunately, the young man was someone who didn’t know how to read the room. Seeing this, he still tried to bypass the metal box and touch Little Fatty in Dongfang Minghui’s arms.

Qian Wanyu’s water thunder whip snapped on the ground, “Don’t move forward anymore, or don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Xiaomiao, come back.”

Reluctantly, the young man retracted his hand and stepped back to the side of the old man.

On their side, although the young man had left, the residual flames he left behind suddenly turned into a raging fire. There was no water elemental Spiritual Master beside them, and the only ice elemental Spiritual Master, Senior Sister Bai Rou, was currently with Senior Brother Situ.

“Seventh sister, what should we do?”

“Little Fatty.” Qian Wanyu took out a medicinal plant from her spatial storage, “Clean up these flames with this medicinal plant, and this medicinal plant will be your reward.”

“Unfair!!!” Little Colour started stomping around in the Sea of Souls again, looking much more energetic in her frustration than before, “Seventh sister, you favor this dead fatty too much.”

Because Little Fatty is obedient.

But she couldn’t say this to Little Colour. Dongfang Minghui smiled and said, “If you can extinguish that fire, Seventh sister will not hesitate to give you a medicinal plant.”

Little Colour: “…” Like a moth to a flame?

Little Fatty happily reached out, put the medicinal plant in her mouth, chewed twice, and a stream of energy came down from Dongfang Minghui. She collected all the flames on the ground in her hands, slowly merging them bit by bit, finally turning them into a super fireball bigger than her head.

“Ah. Ah.”

Little Fatty pointed in a direction towards Dongfang Minghui, symbolically shouted twice, but Dongfang Minghui dared not follow after seeing Little Fatty’s fireball.

Among the people present, Seventh sister had to stay to deal with these two strange individuals, Mu Sheng was also afraid of fire like her, leaving only Qian Zixian…

“Uncle, accompany me.”

As Little Fatty walked, she kept turning back, mumbling as if she wanted to say something to her. Dongfang Minghui hurried to catch up, Qian Zixian nodded towards Qian Wanyu and quickly followed.

The young man sitting on the side also stood up, but before he could take a step, the old man spoke again, “Xiaomiao.”

The young man unwillingly said, “Master, I—”

“Sit down.”

“Yes, Master.”

Qian Wanyu remained vigilant on the side, ready to intercept the young man if he tried to leave.

Meanwhile, Little Fatty held a large flame in her hand, causing the plants and grass in her path to tremble. Dongfang Minghui even heard them whispering and crying to each other.

“Little Fatty, where are you taking us?”

“Ah ah, Miss.”

Dongfang Minghui noticed that the fireball in Little Fatty’s hand was getting smaller and smaller, until it disappeared completely, miraculously consumed by her.

Every time Little Fatty walked a distance, she looked back to see if they were following. The two followed Little Fatty for a long way until they reached a very narrow cave. Little Fatty could still crawl in, but Dongfang Minghui and Qian Zixian couldn’t fit. The entrance was even shorter than Little Fatty’s height, crouching down only allowed them to see a meter into the cave.

The entrance was round, and Dongfang Minghui looked at it from the outside, “It looks like a den of a small beast.”

Qian Ziyi walked around the surroundings and found that no grass grew there. The remaining light grass had turned into ashes, as if a big fire had been set.

“Little Fatty, come out.”


Little Fatty had crawled in, and when she crawled out, she was covered in dust from the hole, making herself dirty. However, she also dragged something out with her feet, no… when she fully came out, Dongfang Minghui realized it was a person with a full beard and tail.

Dongfang Minghui quickly took out a piece of clothing from her space and draped it over her. The girl was well-developed, looking about thirteen or fourteen years old, with black hair and a delicate face that could not hide her beauty.

“There’s even a beauty mark here.”

Dongfang Minghui found it very strange. She rarely saw people with beauty marks on the Seven-Colored Continent, not even Seventh Sister. The mark was fleshy, exceptionally bright red, as if it had been watered with fresh blood.

“Ah, miss.”

“Little Fatty, you’re really amazing.” Dongfang Minghui touched her forehead and found it burning hot. The girl seemed to have a fever. “Uncle.”

Qian Ziyi did not find anything wrong here, not even a single plant or bird, which seemed unusual.

Dongfang Minghui was about to carry the girl on her back when Little Fatty lifted her up like a sack of cotton and carried her on her shoulders, making noises at Dongfang Minghui as they walked away.

“Uncle, let’s go.”

Qian Ziyi watched the two of them, feeling a bit of a headache. On the way back, he couldn’t help but remind, “That place is already a dangerous area. Is it safe to bring this girl back?”

Dongfang Minghui was taken aback, then asked tentatively, “Uncle, will something happen there tonight?”

Qian Ziyi nodded slightly, “It’s still not safe. Bringing an unconscious person back might endanger this girl.”

However, Little Fatty paid no attention and walked briskly with the person on her shoulders. By the time they stopped to talk, she had already walked five or six meters away and turned back to call them to hurry up.

“Ah, Little Fatty.”

“Ah, miss.”

Dongfang Minghui looked at her innocent face looking back at her and said, “Uncle, forget it. Little Fatty saved this person. If something really happens, we can let Little Fatty send her away first.”

Qian Ziyi didn’t know what to say. Little Fatty could handle the Flame Youth, so she was definitely an indispensable person…

The two of them pondered along the way, their steps quick, arriving at their destination before the moon rose above the eyebrows.

“What is this?” Qian Wanyu saw Little Fatty carrying a young girl on his shoulder? Or is it a young boy? Her brow furrowed.

“Seventh sister, this is the girl that Little Fatty found. She seems to be unwell, so I’ll check on her first.” After Uncle Wood’s explanation, Dongfang Minghui felt a bit guilty, as if she had unknowingly caused trouble for Seventh sister.

“Mm.” Qian Wanyu stood aside, watching her treat the girl. The red mark on the person’s forehead was also mentioned by Qingmo in her sea of souls.

Qian Wanyu also had a red mark on her forehead, but it was different from the beauty mark on this girl. To avoid drawing attention, she usually covered it up. “The color is very bright. If it’s not natural, it’s likely a kind of seal.”

Dongfang Minghui checked the girl and found that her pulse was stable, with no other issues. She seemed to be asleep, but her body temperature was quite high. Dongfang Minghui had to use alcohol to cool her down, checking on her every two incense sticks’ time.

As the moon rose above the eyebrows, without Qian Wanyu needing to remind them, the old man sitting beside them suddenly stood up, startling everyone else awake.

“Miss Qian, we can begin now.” The dragon pill in Qian Wanyu’s space had been emitting a bright light, so she had not opened it yet. However, upon hearing the old man’s words, she decisively took out the iron box and placed it on the ground.

With a light flick of the water thunder whip, the lid that was not securely closed was opened in an instant.

The dragon pill lying quietly in the box slowly floated in mid-air, emitting a faint red glow in waves. Everyone present, including Dongfang Minghui, was captivated by the shocking blood-red color.

“This is the dragon pill.”

“Mm.” Last time, they only observed from afar as those who tried to touch the dragon pill were burned by the scorching light it emitted. This time, Qian Wanyu was also cautious. With the dragon pill in hand, it was like holding a hot potato.

The old man also sighed with emotion. Everyone present, except for the Son of Flames and Little Fatty, stared intently at the dragon pill radiating heat. The person lying on the ground was also awakened by the heat, their beautiful eyes suddenly opening.

But no one noticed.

“Miss Qian, it’s time to use the True Eyes.”


Qian Wanyu opened the iron box and took out an eye embedded in green stone. The eye was tightly closed. She released a bit of spiritual power, and the eye slowly opened, looking extremely lively as it gazed at the Dragon Pill not far away.

The old man was very excited, his hoarse voice trembling slightly, showing his nervousness. “The True Eye must be aimed at the Dragon Pill, aligned with the moonlight on the same line, maintained for the time it takes an incense stick to burn.”

Qian Wanyu tossed the True Eye into the air, keeping it in an observing state. To others, it seemed like an eye staring at the Dragon Pill.

Qianzi Yan remained vigilant of the surrounding environment, especially upon hearing rustling sounds. He opened the iron box on his back and placed it in front of him. “Someone is coming, everyone be alert.”

Dongfang Minghui hurried to lift the unconscious person onto her back, but unexpectedly, when she turned around, she met a pair of very familiar eyes. She was stunned for a moment but quickly regained her composure. “Are you awake now? Can you get up?”

The girl reached out her hands, her intention clear without words.

Dongfang Minghui had to pull her up from the ground. “There will be a fierce battle soon, and you—” She looked around and realized that Little Fatty had disappeared again. Feeling a bit helpless, she knew that her previous thought of having Little Fatty take this person away was no longer feasible. “You just follow behind me for now. I will protect you.”

The person nodded slightly, but their eyes involuntarily glanced at the Dragon Pill.

At this moment, Qian Wanyu was sitting below, controlling the True Eye for at least the time it takes an incense stick to burn.

Dongfang Minghui looked at the black-robed old man standing not far from Seventh Sister, quietly watching the Dragon Pill and the True Eye. She released her spiritual power, remaining vigilant in her Sea of Souls. “Little Colour, you must protect Seventh Sister and prevent that old man from getting too close to her.”

“She doesn’t need protection.”

Little Colour actually disliked these two individuals. One carried fire all over their body, while the other exuded coldness, which felt strangely familiar to it.

Qian Wanyu released a small amount of spiritual power to control the True Eye, while the remaining power was used to practice the Illusion Technique. In the Dragon Valley, she had solved the most difficult problem of the Illusion Technique, breaking the shackles. The Illusion Technique could not only manifest two, but up to nine illusions, or as few as one.

One original body, one illusion created by the Illusion Technique.

“Damn, it’s real.”

Too cunning, Little Colour had no time to curse and could only barely defend against it. It discovered that the old man possessed dark spiritual power and a very powerful black mist, a sign of evolving from the aura of death. “Ah—fell for it.” This old man was up to no good.

As soon as Little Colour encountered the aura of death and black mist, it bristled. Despite this, it still managed to buy half a breath’s time for Qian Wanyu. The vines and branches were stained black by the incoming black mist.

“Seventh Sister, be careful.”

Qian Wanyu smirked slightly, somewhat surprised to see a black vine falling in front of her. She sat there impartially, and inexplicably, two, three, four extra hands appeared behind her, devouring all the black mist released by the old man.

Dongfang Minghui quickly handed a bottle of potion from the space to Little Colour. “Little Colour, thanks to the Pig Immortal Grass for picking a fight with you this time.”

Little Colour dared not enter the Soul Sea with that remaining fragment, as it would corrode into the main body along with Dongfang Minghui’s Soul Sea.

“Are you a Dark-type Spiritual Master?”


Qian Wanyu gave him a cold smile.

Before she could explain, a figure faster than both of them suddenly appeared, swiftly grabbing the floating Dragon Pill in mid-air, forcefully severing the connection between the True Eye and the Dragon Pill.

“How could you, mere mortals, touch the inner core of our clan?”

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