Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 194

The arrows flew towards the house as if they had eyes, all at once. The seemingly intricate and antique windows offered no protection, and several arrows shot through the gaps with uncanny accuracy, narrowly missing them.

Dongfang Minghui was always short of weapons, making it difficult to defend herself. In the confined space, she felt restricted. To dodge a sharp arrow, she suddenly sprawled over a box filled with scrolls and called out, “Seventh sister, has Nangong Yuntian gone mad to the point of not even caring about his treasures?”

Qian Wanyu’s whip at her waist lashed out, pulling Dongfang Minghui by the collar and propelling them both through the window, facing the incoming arrows.

“If you want your people to live, make them stop. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Dongfang Minghui quickly channeled her spiritual power, causing dust and small stones to float in the air. With a push, these tiny objects, easily overlooked by the naked eye, struck their hands, causing a slight numbness that almost made them drop their bows. “I spared you for Nangong Yuntian’s sake.”

Upon hearing them directly address their young master by name, Pei Tian immediately made a gesture to pause, “Do you two know our young master?”

Qian Wanyu took out the token of Rose Tower and threw it directly at Pei Tian, “Bring Nangong Yuntian to me.”

“Rose Tower.” Pei Tian recognized the token at a glance and sized them up, “Ladies, please come with me to the reception hall.”

The atmosphere, which had been tense, suddenly became amiable, leaving Dongfang Minghui feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

Pei Tian personally led them to a separate loft at the back and invited them into a room, where they were served with pastries and various foods, “Please wait here for a moment, ladies. I will go and summon the young master.”

The reception hall was simple, but every item was exquisite, showing careful consideration.

Dongfang Minghui walked around the room twice, stealthily opened a window, and saw that there were still guards patrolling outside and someone watching the door. It seemed less like hospitality and more like imprisonment.

“Seventh sister, this Pei Tian is quite vigilant.”


Qian Wanyu held a cup of tea but did not drink immediately. Her fingers traced the patterns on the cup, lost in thought.

Dongfang Minghui was about to stuff a piece of lotus seed cake into her mouth when Qian Wanyu slapped her hand away, “Don’t be greedy.”

“Ah, Seventh sister, do you suspect the pastries are poisoned?” Dongfang Minghui was just being greedy. Ever since she became a Spiritual Master, irregular meals had become the norm. When she encountered something she liked, she naturally wanted to indulge her taste buds.

“You two must be joking. These delicacies in my Yuntian Pavilion are meant to entertain guests from all places. If I were to poison them, who would dare to visit my Yuntian Pavilion?” Nangong Yuntian had arrived at some point, entering just in time.

Nangong Yuntian first looked at Qian Wanyu, then turned his attention to Dongfang Minghui.

“I had no idea that the distinguished young master of Rose Tower would enjoy breaking into Yuntian Pavilion at night. Had I known, I would have withdrawn those men to let you have a good time.” Nangong Yuntian’s lips curled into a slight smile as he casually glanced at Dongfang Minghui before sitting down beside Qian Wanyu.

If it weren’t for the fact that she had always been by Seventh sister’s side, and knew that they had only met a few times in a general sense, with a shallow relationship at that, Dongfang Minghui would have been choked up by Nangong Yuntian’s ambiguous words.

This guy has his sights set on Seventh sister???

Qian Wanyu glanced at him coldly, “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, and you seem to be living quite the carefree life these days.”

Nangong Yuntian flicked his hair and leaned in towards Qian Wanyu, “Miss Qian, you’ve kept me in the dark quite miserably. Should I address you as Young Master Qian or as the old madam?”

Qian Wanyu raised an eyebrow, puzzled, “Old madam?”

Dongfang Minghui almost laughed out loud; Seventh sister’s serious demeanor was truly adorable.

Nangong Yuntian clearly didn’t expect Qian Wanyu to play dumb so thoroughly, and without any evidence in hand, he decided not to dwell on the matter, “Tell me, what’s the big idea behind going to such lengths to lure me out?”

Qian Wanyu was even more puzzled, “Young Master Nangong must be joking. We came here to preview the auction items in advance. Unfortunately, we were intercepted by your people before we had the chance to see anything.”

Dongfang Minghui quietly moved behind Seventh sister, playing with her hair strands, and remained silent like a well-behaved child.

Nangong Yuntian looked thoughtfully at the person behind Qian Wanyu, “Auction items? Miss Qian, are you trying to put me in a difficult position? Not to mention the rules of my Yuntian Pavilion, even if they didn’t exist, it wouldn’t be right to let you preview the auction items.”

“Rules are rigid, but people are flexible,” Qian Wanyu smoothly retorted, leaving Nangong Yuntian at a loss for words. Her eyes softened into a smile as she reminded him, “The goodwill of my Rose Tower isn’t meant to oppose your Yuntian Pavilion; it’s simply a friendly reminder about that incident from a few years ago.”

“Goodwill?” Nangong Yuntian gritted his teeth.

Qian Wanyu’s mention of it made Nangong Yuntian feel uncomfortable all over, a stain on his life. But who was Nangong Yuntian? He quickly grasped the implication of Qian Wanyu’s words, “Are you worried someone will mislead me?”

“Before coming, I met a person named Myron, a beastman who claimed to have been raised by the Nangong family long ago. He encountered bandits on the way to the auction and ended up stranded outside—” Qian Wanyu narrated indifferently.

“Myron?” Nangong Yuntian quickly searched his memory, “Pei Tian, come in for a moment.”

Pei Tian, who had been waiting outside, promptly entered and bowed respectfully, “Young Master, what are your orders?”

“Do you remember a beastman in the caravan escorting the goods who could speak the human language, named Myron?”

“This—” Pei Tian hadn’t expected to be quizzed by the young master as soon as he entered. As the steward of Yuntian Pavilion, he was responsible for everything from what the young master wore each day to the servants of the businesses that cooperated with the Nangong family. Pei Tian stood there and thought carefully, “Is the Myron mentioned by the young master the beastman who lost his parents at a young age and was brought up by humans?”

Nangong Yuntian looked at Qian Wanyu curiously, “Could there be a misunderstanding?”

“Ninth Sister.”

Dongfang Minghui took out a sketchbook and pulled out a character sketch of Myron. The person in the sketch bore an eight to nine resemblance to the actual person. She tore it out and presented it to Pei Tian, saying, “Please take a look, is this person the Myron you mentioned?”

Pei Tian recognized him at a glance and confirmed, “Indeed, it is Myron.” He then added, “Today, there was news from the caravan that the missing Myron has suddenly returned. I thought it was a minor issue and did not report it to the young master, I hope for your forgiveness.”

Nangong Yuntian waved his hand dismissively, “Alright, this has nothing to do with you, you may leave.”

Dongfang Minghui was puzzled. She put the sketchbook back into her space, unable to figure it out. If it really was Myron, why had he been so elusive all along, and upon reaching Yuntian Pavilion, he didn’t even invite his lifesaver for a visit? Everything was strange.

“What’s so peculiar about this Myron that you’re so concerned?” Nangong Yuntian took a sip of tea, his gaze lingering on Dongfang Minghui. The mention of ‘Ninth Sister’ by Qian Wanyu had stirred a storm in his heart, but his face remained calm, only paying more attention to the interaction between the two.

Qian Wanyu put down her teacup and asked seriously, “We sent you to the Cass Tribe before. Over the years, the three tribes have been fighting on and off. Is there a reason for this temporary cessation of hostilities?”

Nangong Yuntian quickly adapted to Qian Wanyu’s change of topic, saying, “The ceasefire was first called by the Cyril Tribe. They seem to want to reach a cooperation agreement with the Cass Tribe. There’s something odd about it, and naturally, Cass did not immediately agree. Currently, Cyril is still ceaselessly offering their sincerity to the Cass Tribe.”

“An abnormality indicates something sinister. I don’t believe that after all this time, Young Master Nangong has done nothing,” Qian Wanyu said. Her impression of the Cyril Tribe was still of them breeding humans, treating them like livestock, and being known for their bloodthirsty and warlike nature. Why would they suddenly call for a ceasefire?

Nangong Yuntian stood up with a playful smile, flicking his robe, “It seems Miss Qian understands me well.”

“I sent thirty people to infiltrate the Cyril Tribe, and only one brought back news,” Nangong Yuntian said with an unchanged expression and a casual tone, as if the lives of those twenty-plus people were of no importance to him, “The Cyril people are ambitious but reckless. If it were the usual, this war would likely continue until rivers of blood flowed and mountains of bones piled up before it would stop.” He was even prepared to evacuate if things went south, but, “There was a mutiny in the Cyril Tribe, and it was his second son who took over. The news my man brought back was that Cyril had done something evil, transforming his own wife and children in secret, which probably incited public outrage. His second son orchestrated a rebellion and succeeded.”

“Transformation?” Qian Wanyu caught onto these words.

“Yes, it’s said to be a particularly cruel method that subjects people to unbearable torture. After the torture, a person’s potential is unleashed to the fullest, and they become beast-like with immense combat power. This method was developed by the Hilary Tribe, leading to the Cass Tribe’s successive defeats. At this juncture, the Cyril Tribe suddenly had an internal conflict and mutiny, which was truly a blessing from heaven.”

Dongfang Minghui listened in confusion, but thanks to her rich imagination over the years, she quickly understood what atrocities the Cyril Tribe was committing.

Qian Wanyu realized the situation and glanced at Nangong Yuntian, saying dismissively, “Don’t celebrate too soon.”

“What do you mean?”

Dongfang Minghui felt a weight on her pants and discovered a small vine branch hanging on them, green and out of place with her clothes, clearly visible at a glance. On the other pant leg hung a drab mouse.

These two had entered at some point, each occupying a pant leg, unrelated to each other.

She looked down and then quickly raised her head again.

Qian Wanyu had also seen it, as she was always watching Ninth Sister. She stood up, walked over to Dongfang Minghui, and took her hand, shielding her from Nangong Yuntian’s view, “Young Master Nangong, there’s something I’m not sure if I should say.”

“Uh—” Nangong Yuntian was a bit displeased with Qian Wanyu’s formality, which reminded him of that old lady… It was like a dark history, and he quickly shook his head to rid himself of those memories.

“We should have some clever people keep an eye on that Myron.”

“Why?” Nangong Yuntian didn’t understand why the topic had shifted so quickly. The previous question was still about the three major tribes, and now it had suddenly returned to the previous issue. “Do you suspect that this Myron is an imposter?”

“Yes.” Qian Wanyu didn’t believe in coincidences. When things were too coincidental, it meant they were deliberately orchestrated, but she still didn’t know what Myron was planning, “Also, be careful yourself. I don’t want to see you become someone else the next time we meet.”

“What do you mean?”

Nangong Yuntian wanted to ask more, but then he saw the two holding hands, leaving intimately right under his nose.

“Become someone else?” Nangong Yuntian muttered to himself, pondering over Qian Wanyu’s words repeatedly. He had traveled far and wide and considered himself quite experienced. Now, reflecting on her words, he felt a chill run down his spine.

“Young Master, are we just going to let them leave like this?” Pei Tian asked, noticing his troubled expression and daring to speak up, “The treasure room in the north wing was just inventoried, and it’s said that fifteen medicinal plants are missing.”

Nangong Yuntian snapped back to reality, “What, fifteen medicinal plants are missing? Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Pei Tian knew he was at fault but had no intention of defending himself, simply saying, “Young Master, should we go after them?”

“Forget it.” He wasn’t about to make an enemy of the Rose Chamber over fifteen medicinal plants, especially since he had forgotten to tell them that the Trade Center’s guard team would also be coming, “Sigh, when dawn breaks, go inquire at the inns about where they are staying and send them an invitation.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Pei Tian was about to leave but was called back by Nangong Yuntian.

“Send two spies to follow Myron and report his every move accurately.”


Having just left Yuntian Pavilion, Little Colour instantly transformed into a streak of green light and entered her brow. Little Chubby also climbed up along the pole to Dongfang Minghui’s shoulder. The usually chubby creature turned into a plump mouse, pretending to be cute and even moving its paws.

Dongfang Minghui was naturally averse to mice, but seeing those eyes that looked no different from Little Chubby’s, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of compassion.

“I know you must not have been able to find the location of the auction item,” Dongfang Minghui said understandingly, “Still, I will give each of you a medicinal plant as a reward.”

“Ninth Sister, you mustn’t,” Qian Wanyu disagreed, “We mustn’t break the rules we set before. Since they didn’t find the auction item, naturally, they shouldn’t get the reward.”

Little Colour and Little Chubby looked on with longing eyes as their reward slipped away.

“I found the auction item,” Little Colour called out from the sea of souls, “I found it first, so that medicinal plant should be mine.”

Little Chubby couldn’t speak, but its shifty eyes gleamed in the dark, and it used its mouse paws to tug at Dongfang Minghui’s collar. Especially after hearing Qian Wanyu say there would be no reward, it slid off her in a hurry, tugging at her trouser leg with its paws.

“Seventh sister, Little Colour said it has found the auction item”


Qian Wanyu pointed indifferently at the chubby mouse by her foot, “It seems that little chubby has found something too.”

Little chubby eagerly led the way, with Dongfang Minghui curiously following behind. In her soul sea, she could hear Little Colour’s thunderous voice, “I found it first, it was me, not this fatso.”

In truth, they had found it at the same time. Although Little Colour had entered the Yuntian Pavilion first and searched every nook and cranny, including the secret chambers below, it found nothing special aside from some basic items. Moreover, there were ambushers in the Yuntian Pavilion at the time. Little Colour quickly realized that Nangong Yuntian was luring them into a trap.

As it was about to leave, it encountered a spiritually aware mouse. The mouse, confused, lunged at it, and after a fight, Little Colour discovered its true identity. Annoyed, it had initially used vines to tie up the little chubby.

“Little Colour, stop making a fuss,” Dongfang Minghui couldn’t understand why the usually sensible Little Colour was being so petty, “If we really have found the auction item, Seventh sister will be fair and won’t favor one over the other.”

Little Colour was left speechless by its friend’s words. Who cares about those mediocre medicinal plants? It just wanted to vent its anger. That fatso, no, that fat mouse was always opposing it, and it still had two sharp tooth marks on its body.

But it couldn’t bring itself to say it didn’t want the medicinal plants. After all, something is better than nothing.

“You said it, I want medicinal plants, the more the better. Whatever that fatso has, I want too.”

“Alright,” Dongfang Minghui felt like she was raising children, and thankfully, it was only Little Colour and Little Chubby causing trouble. If the man-eating plant and the pig fairy grass started making a fuss too, just the thought of that scene gave her a headache.

Little Chubby led the way, bringing them to a place of fireworks.

This place was different from what she knew; it was hidden underground, appearing dirty and not located in the bustling streets. Looking at the two beastkin women outside with broad shoulders and revealing attire, she was dumbfounded.

A cool hand covered her eyes, and a cool voice came from behind, “Close your eyes, Seventh sister will take you inside.”

Dongfang Minghui was both amused and exasperated. She thought Seventh sister was only cautious around men, but now it seemed she was wary of women too. Moreover, these women who lacked any appealing figures… well, she felt a bit sorry for the men who came here seeking pleasure.

“What kind of place is this?”

“It’s similar to the Rose House run by your family’s Seventh sister.” Little Colour almost passed out from the smell here before it arrived. If it weren’t for its spat with the little chubby, it wouldn’t have stayed here for so long.

“It’s nothing like it.”

The Rose House was so clean, while this place was clearly foul and murky. Even without looking, just the nauseating smell made her stomach churn, and she felt like vomiting.

Qian Wanyu covered the other’s eyes with one hand and wrapped her arm around their waist, boldly walking in.


This place was a den of debauchery, originally owned by a member of the beast tribes, who exploited these people for profit. Regardless of gender, as long as someone had value, he would use them thoroughly. Later, Nangong Yuntian stumbled upon it by chance.

The Nangong family was wealthy enough to rival nations, and they had some involvement in these businesses, albeit indirectly. They mainly used this place to hide things, so they took over. However, with the auction approaching, even if Nangong Yuntian had the intention to reform, there wasn’t enough time. Thus, he simply let it be and left some people to guard the place.

Therefore, what Qian Wanyu saw was a scene of indulgence. She looked on expressionlessly at the debauchery before her, and after a moment, she discerned something.

“There are people dual cultivating here.” It was Qian Wanyu’s first time witnessing such a scene, especially when she saw that the bodies, white as jade, were actually generating spiritual power. She found it truly unbelievable.

“They are cauldrons.” Qing Mo explained softly, “It seems the owner here is well-versed in the ways of dual cultivation, even going to the lengths of cultivating cauldrons to attract customers.”

This place wasn’t just for pleasure-seeking; some people were here to absorb the massive amounts of spiritual power from the cauldrons, which was far more malicious than mere pleasure. No wonder this place was situated underground; it was indeed difficult to bring to light.

“What kind of company are the two ladies looking for?”

The appearance of Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui attracted the attention of most people present. In terms of beauty, both the women and men here paled in comparison to Qian Wanyu. She had a naturally heroic aura, her handsome features were less rugged and more gentle than a man’s, yet more resolute than a woman’s, making it difficult to conceal her spirited nature. In short, standing there, she drew the gaze of everyone.

Not to mention, she was accompanied by another girl.

Immediately, someone left the person beneath them, wearing only a robe, shamelessly revealing a determined gaze.

“They are after you.” Qing Mo said with a hint of schadenfreude, “Be careful, these people are different from those lechers.”

Qian Wanyu was well aware of this, sensing the unique aura emanating from them. Not to mention the onlookers, had she known what was inside, she would have brought Ninth Sister in stealthily, rather than entering so openly.

“Seventh sister, why aren’t we moving?”

Dongfang Minghui was unaware of the current situation, only noticing that the hissing of water and the teasing laughter had abruptly ceased upon their entrance, as if everything had been paused, and Seventh sister had also stopped moving forward.

She was curious to see, but Seventh sister’s palm was covering her eyes tightly.

“A little trouble.” Qian Wanyu watched as three burly men approached them. She timely drew her Water Thunder Whip, her eyes narrowed slightly. She noticed that Little Chubby found a pillar to hide behind, cleverly hugging it with its paws. As the group moved, it would subtly rotate to stay out of sight.

“What trouble—”

Dongfang Minghui felt her foot being lightly bumped by Seventh sister’s leg, sending her flying out and kicking something much harder than a wall, yet somewhat softer, “Ah, Seventh sister, what’s happening?”

“They’re fighting.” Little Colour frowned within the Sea of Souls, “On the left, there’s a naked person throwing a punch.”

Dongfang Minghui truly clenched her fist and slammed it hard into the person’s eye socket, sending them flying out.

“Ladies, please don’t fight, whatever guest you’re looking for, we can—ow—”

“On the right, kick with your right foot.”

This time, it wasn’t as smooth. As she kicked out her right foot, it was caught by a scorching hand gripping her calf. In an instant, she was split and pulled out a meter away. Qian Wanyu pressed a hand on her shoulder, her long whip fiercely coiling around the person’s arm, and with a forceful yank, tore off an arm.

As soon as Dongfang Minghui opened her eyes, she saw a bloody arm flying across, “Oh my god, this isn’t soliciting prostitutes, this is like a horror movie!”

“Your Seventh sister is scaring them off as a warning. Look at them drooling over your Seventh sister. I told you long ago that she’s the best cauldron I’ve ever seen, but you didn’t believe me.” Little Colour recalled the first fleeting glimpse, and although it had since given up such thoughts, it was the first to discover it.

Such a fine cauldron.

What a pity that no one has tapped into it…

“Damn it.” Dongfang Minghui looked and saw that indeed, one by one, they were naked and drooling over Seventh sister, “What do these people want?”

“They’re interested in Seventh sister’s Five Elements Spirit Body.” Little Colour said with schadenfreude, “You should know that Seventh sister’s constitution is an excellent cauldron constitution, it’s just that you don’t understand, and neither does she.”

Dongfang Minghui felt someone patting her shoulder, and in her anger, she flung that person away with a slight force. The madam who had intended to speak nicely was thrown out by her and fainted.

When the dust settled, the place of wine and meat had been almost destroyed by Qian Wanyu.

“Do you still want to look?” Qian Wanyu asked somewhat helplessly.

The crowd thought she was talking to them and scattered in fright.

Dongfang Minghui wrinkled her nose, “Seventh sister, now we’ve startled the snake by hitting the grass.”

“Yes.” If they had come quietly, they might have seen the auction items, but with such a commotion, Nangong Yuntian would definitely notice and strengthen his defenses, “Let’s go.”

“Little Chubby, we’re heading back.”

The two arrived quickly and left just as decisively. Those who were beaten and injured couldn’t harbor any resentment, after all, there was a clear difference in strength.

Once Dongfang Minghui was away from that smell, she could finally breathe properly.

“How did you find the auction items?” Dongfang Minghui asked curiously after calming down. The underground brothel was quite a distance from Yuntian Pavilion, one located in the center of Dala City and the other on the outskirts.

Nangong Yuntian was indeed good at hiding things. Without Little Chubby and Little Colour leading the way, it would have taken them days to find the place.

“We followed the scent.” Little Colour was particularly sensitive to smells. It had followed the scent on the hidden items, sniffing each person until it found the source. As for that mouse, it probably used the same method.

“I see.” Dongfang Minghui felt a bit disappointed. “Seventh sister, what should we do now?”

Qian Wanyu glanced back meaningfully. The little mouse was following at their heels, looking somewhat dejected with its head drooping, but the big mice hiding in the corners were all alert.

“Ninth Sister.”

“Yes, Seventh sister?”

“Do you like big mice?”

Dongfang Minghui shuddered. Looking down, she saw Little Chubby hooking onto her trousers with its paws, climbing up to her shoulder where it sat steadily, looking listless and pitiful.

“Big mice? No, I don’t like them. I only like little mice like this one.”

She reached out and stroked the little mouse’s head. Its fur was soft, just like Little Chubby’s skin, and it felt so comfortable that she stroked it a few more times.

The little mouse extended its paws, affectionately hugging her finger and even gently licked it a couple of times.

Seeing this, Qian Wanyu’s eyes darkened. “I absolutely detest mice.”

Not just Little Chubby, even Dongfang Minghui thought Seventh sister was going to crush the little creature. Unexpectedly, Qian Wanyu threw her Water Thunder Whip into the air, and a purple lightning bolt was conjured, attracting several more bolts of lightning to explode from different directions.


Dongfang Minghui heard several muffled sounds. The little mouse nestled obediently in the crook of her shoulder, motionless and pretending to be profound.

After Qian Wanyu dealt with those people and retracted her whip, Dongfang Minghui felt the little mouse shiver.

“Seventh sister, when you mentioned mice just now, you were referring to them. You gave me a scare.”

“Mhm.” Qian Wanyu’s gaze flickered towards Little Chubby and took out a medicinal plant from her space, teasing it in front of the little creature.

Seeing the little mouse reach out its paws, clearly eager for it, Dongfang Minghui realized it really wanted the plant.

“Today’s incident was not your fault, so this medicinal plant is for you.”

Dongfang Minghui felt that Seventh sister had more to say. Her gaze lingered between Little Chubby and the medicinal plant in Seventh sister’s hand, and sure enough, she heard Seventh sister continue, “However, you must still take us there again tomorrow.”

“Go again?”

“Yes.” And it must be a surprise visit.

Little Chubby didn’t care, and while they were talking, it quickly snatched the medicinal plant from Qian Wanyu’s hand and started munching on it. After finishing, it looked innocently satisfied, its small, ink-black eyes gleaming with pride.

Dongfang Minghui had a headache.

“Ah, how can you give it to him? It was me who found it!!!” Little Colour raged in the sea of souls, rolling around like mad.


“It’s okay, I can give you a spiritual plant that’s even better than the one just now.” To keep her own head safe, Dongfang Minghui was ready to betray her principles and make concessions, as long as she could get some peace and quiet.

“Really?” Little Colour hesitated, as this compromise would mean a public defeat, “Let me see it first.”

“It’s in the space ring, pick one yourself.” Anyway, it was all swindled from Nangong Yuntian.

As soon as Little Colour saw those medicinal plants, it was as if it had been revived on the spot, but its greed made it bargain from one plant to two, with a seemingly justifiable reason.

Dongfang Minghui rubbed her forehead, knowing Little Colour would take an inch and want a mile. She thought that this attitude must not be encouraged, or it would become uncontrollable, “Little Colour, we had an agreement, one plant means one plant. If you don’t want it, then you won’t get any.”

“Fine, just one plant.” Little Colour grudgingly picked the best-looking medicinal plant.

That finally settled it down.

“What’s wrong?” Qian Wanyu saw her heave a big sigh of relief.

“Nothing.” Dongfang Minghui dared not say, fearing that Seventh sister would find out and give her a long lecture.

Back at the inn, Mu Sheng and Uncle Wood had been waiting outside their room, seemingly having been there the whole time.

“Why were you out for so long?” Mu Sheng inquired, “Someone was asking about you downstairs earlier, it seemed like they were from Yuntian Pavilion, I had the innkeeper send them away.”

“Yuntian Pavilion?” Qian Wanyu thought for a moment and knew it was probably Nangong Yuntian’s people, “Next time they come asking, just let them inquire as they please.”

“Yeah, maybe it’s to give us tickets to the event.” Dongfang Minghui calculated in her mind, wondering how many spirit stones she could get if she sold the dozen or so medicinal plants she got from Nangong Yuntian to him. “I wonder what the auction items will be this time. With Yuntian Pavilion being so secretive, it must be something good.”

That’s how people are, the more difficult and unknown something is, the more their curiosity grows.

“We might see it tomorrow.” Qian Wanyu seemed indifferent.

“Tomorrow? Isn’t the auction the day after tomorrow?” Mu Sheng found their conversation strange, then had a thought, “Oh, did you guys do something?”

Qian Ziyan, however, was staring at the inconspicuous little mouse on Dongfang Minghui’s shoulder. If one didn’t look closely, they would miss it. “Where did you get such a small and exquisite mouse?” It’s just a bit chubby.

The little mouse had inherited the physique of a little fatty, especially after it had just swallowed a medicinal plant, its belly round and bulging.

“This—” Dongfang Minghui didn’t know how to explain. Could she say that this was a little sprout she had raised? She feared no one would believe it, and she looked worriedly at the little mouse that was nibbling at her clothes.

“It’s cute, but I remember when you guys went out, the little fatty also followed. Where is the little fatty?” Mu Sheng circled around them but didn’t find it.

“We found a place where the auction items are hidden and wanted to take a look at the items before the auction. We’ll go there early tomorrow. Do you want to stay at the inn or come with us?” Qian Wanyu didn’t dwell on the matter of the little fatty, whether it was a plant or a mouse… that was indeed a matter for debate.

“Go.” Mu Sheng was getting moldy staying with his uncle, “You must take me with you.”

Qian Wanyu looked Mu Sheng up and down, making him feel nervous.

“Sister Wanyu, is there something on me?”

“No.” Qian Wanyu thought of the people at that place and warned, “That place is a bit unusual; you should be mentally prepared.”

Dongfang Minghui also gave Mu Sheng a thorough look. In terms of appearance, Mu Sheng was at most average. She nodded in agreement, “Indeed, you should be careful.”

She had heard that many perverts were interested in such delicate-looking men, and there were many men used as furnaces.

Mu Sheng spent a chilling night, and only when they went to that filthy place the next day did he understand their expressions, “Those things are hidden here???”

“It should be right.”

“Was it this little mouse that found it?” Qian Ziyan was always sharp. He ignored the group of naked people still engaged in piston movements, his gaze following the little mouse.

As dawn broke, this place had been reveling all night. Most were asleep, embracing the person next to them, or still cultivating, oblivious to the outside world.

They had knocked out the person soliciting customers outside the door to sneak into this place, letting the little mouse take a less crowded path. Still, they couldn’t avoid encountering scenes that were beyond their comprehension.

Various positions—

And all sorts of moans that made one’s face flush and heart race.

“Ouch.” Mu Sheng was witnessing this for the first time, truly an eye-opener, blushing so hard she almost bled, covering her eyes as she walked, and then she bumped straight into a pillar.

“Mu Sheng.”

Dongfang Minghui quickly dragged her aside, disturbing a couple who paused for a moment before resuming their moaning…

“Shh, don’t disturb them, these people are all Spiritual Masters.”


Qian Wanyu glanced back at them, and the two immediately fell silent. The little mouse led them to a particularly crude iron cage covered in cobwebs, with people guarding outside.

These people were dressed cautiously, all in black, about a dozen of them.

“Don’t kill anyone, just knock them out.”

“Let Xiao Bai take action.” Mu Sheng’s Xiao Bai had already leveled up.

Xiao Bai’s released smoke took some time to take effect, but with Qian Wanyu’s wind spirit power, they quickly knocked out a group of people effortlessly.

The little mouse stopped in front of an iron door, looking back at Dongfang Minghui with anticipation.

The door was locked with a large, complex lock. She quickly took out three silver needles from her space and started fiddling with the lock.

“This lock seems to be made for a special key, can it be opened with three silver needles?” Just as Mu Sheng finished speaking, she saw Wanyu searching the bodies of the fallen people and indeed found a bunch of keys.

“Try this one.” Qian Wanyu handed the most fitting key to Dongfang Minghui.


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