Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 190

“Let go, let go!” Little Colour said, veins popping out in frustration.

Dongfang Minghui even saw the vine on top of Little Colour’s head, which had been swaying back and forth, stand on end, clearly infuriated by little chubby. She saw little chubby munching away as if it was very delicious, and quickly held the little chubby’s smooth cheeks in her hands. Upon touching them, she realized the skin was indeed smooth and supple. Nevertheless, she steeled her heart and pulled apart little chubby’s cheeks to reveal its teeth, which were unlike those of a normal child. Each tooth was sharp, which gave her quite a scare. “Little chubby, let go quickly, this isn’t tasty.”

The little chubby’s pitch-black eyes glanced at Little Colour and reluctantly let go.

“Is this something you can eat?” Little Colour was fuming, having always been the one to normally nibble on others, it had never encountered someone more audacious. “Little chubby, remember this, no, I will remember you.”

Little chubby’s plump paws grabbed Little Colour’s vine again.

Little Colour immediately bristled, “Let go, let go now!!!”

Dongfang Minghui was overwhelmed by their noise. She hadn’t realized before that this little chubby was so good at causing trouble; perhaps it was better to forget about that ‘lucky’ name.

Qian Wanyu opened her eyes and smiled at Ninth Sister, then curiously glanced at Toothless, who had been lying still.

“Ninth Sister, come here.”

Myron, who had been resting nearby, became curious due to the commotion caused by the two little ones.

Dongfang Minghui apologized to him with a slight nod and obediently rushed to Qian Wanyu’s side, “Seventh sister, what’s wrong?”

Qian Wanyu glanced at the little chubby following her, “What’s wrong with Toothless? Even with such a commotion, it seems to have had no reaction at all.” It seemed that even her arrival had gone unnoticed.

Following Qian Wanyu’s gaze, Dongfang Minghui looked at Toothless, whose large head was still motionless, resting on its limbs, appearing to be asleep. Only she, who had entered the Dragon Clan’s hidden land, understood that Toothless was actually in meditation within the hidden land.

“Seventh sister, this is a long story. How about we find a place to rest and talk then?”


The three of them rested for a while at night, taking advantage of the cool night air to set off for the next town under the cover of darkness. Little Colour had its own way of recognizing the path, leading the way unaffected by the night.

Dongfang Minghui’s hand was held by Qian Wanyu, unimpeded, but Myron behind them had some trouble. He was too heavily injured, and his body was so weak that he would gasp for air after walking a bit.

Under the crescent moon, the two walked hand in hand on the sandy ground. Without those bothersome people, it might have been romantic. But with them, their pace was slowed down. Little Toothless followed Little Colour, and they gradually fell behind, watching the little chubby determinedly catch up.

“Myron, you haven’t recovered from your injuries; we should have rested there for another day. But we haven’t found a water source for a day, so I’m really sorry for forcing you.” Dongfang Minghui said softly, causing Qian Wanyu to see her in a new light.

Myron tugged at the corner of his mouth, “Miss, you jest. It is I who have held you back.”

“Where are you two young ladies planning to go?”

“We heard from you earlier that the Nangong family in Dali City is holding an auction. Coincidentally, Seventh sister and I have nothing else to do, so we thought we’d go and experience the grandeur of the auction.” Dongfang Minghui found Qian Wanyu, and it was like she had found her backbone. She spoke with more confidence, and without waiting to discuss with Qian Wanyu, she made the decision on her own.

“Of course, that would be wonderful.” Myron’s laughter sounded a bit forced this time.

“Myron, do you have any knowledge of Darray City?” Dongfang Minghui asked tentatively.

“Um, we were all specially trained by Mr. Nangong before, and this is our first time going to Darray City.”

“But, this is also considered the border of the Beast Clan. As a member of the Beast Clan, you should know something, right?” Dongfang Minghui asked tentatively again.

“Young lady, you may not know this, but I grew up among the humans. Later, I was chosen by young master Nangong. It was only a few months ago that I received a letter from young master Nangong and followed him here.” Myron spoke with a hint of helplessness, “Who knew that on my first trip, I would encounter vicious bandits. I hope the caravan is safe.”

“Ah, you grew up among the humans?” Dongfang Minghui was quite surprised. After all, the Beast Clan and humans have always been at odds, and it’s not easy for humans to survive among the Beast Clan. It must be even harder for a member of the Beast Clan living among humans.

“Yes, I’m afraid I’ve made you laugh, young lady.”

Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu exchanged glances, and for a moment, no one continued the topic.

“This Myron is quite cunning in his responses; he’s caught onto your Ninth Sister’s weakness,” Qing Mo remarked with a tsk-tsk, amazed. To think that the person they casually saved was someone with secrets; it’s uncertain whether this is good or bad.

“Mm.” Qian Wanyu did not deny it. Ninth Sister’s weakness was too easy to exploit; she was too kind-hearted and easily deceived. “Anyway with me here, I doubt he’ll be able to cause any trouble.”

As the sun rose, they looked back at the path they had traveled. It was as if it had been sprinkled with a layer of gold, shining brilliantly and beautifully. But as the sun climbed higher, the temperature around them also began to rise, especially when the sun reached its zenith, it felt as if they were about to be vaporized by the heat.

The group found some shade under a tree to escape the scorching sun. Little Toothless, however, strolled along as if it was surveying its own territory, head held high, its dragon eyes looking down on the world with an extremely proud posture. The fiery red gem embedded in its forehead added an extra touch of majesty.

Dongfang Minghui noticed Myron wandering around, seemingly looking for something. She quickly pulled Seventh sister into the shade of the trees, pointed at Toothless, and got straight to the point, “Toothless obtained its fortune beneath the deep pool, and that red gem on its forehead is from the dragon clan’s hidden land we saw before.”

Qian Wanyu pondered, “Is this dragon clan’s hidden land where the dragon clan’s remains are buried?”

“Seventh sister, how did you know?” Dongfang Minghui asked.

“I’ve digested all the memories from the memory mirror. Have you forgotten?” Seeing her clueless expression, Qian Wanyu lightly tapped her forehead, “It’s a pity, the whereabouts of the Dragon Valley are unknown, otherwise we could visit the Dragon Valley again.”

“It’s probably impossible now. I saw with my own eyes the Nine Dragons Pool sinking into the ground. Unless we go down eighteen levels, there’s no hope of finding the Dragon Valley again.” Dongfang Minghui felt a sense of loss thinking about the pool. According to Little Colour, the Nine Dragons’ mouths still contained formation stones.

“The Nine Dragons Pool?” Qian Wanyu then realized, “Are you talking about the deep pool behind the Nine Dragons Stone Gate?”

“Yes, if Toothless hadn’t flown down to save me in time, I might have sunk into the ground along with the Nine Dragons Pool. It was too dangerous.” The construction of Sleeping Dragon Valley is indeed rare in the world, showing that the builders put a lot of thought into it. However, as much as it’s regrettable, it doesn’t change the fact that Sleeping Dragon Valley is full of dangers.

“The Sleeping Dragon Valley will appear again,” Qian Wanyu said firmly. As long as that Sacred Medicine doesn’t perish, Sleeping Dragon Valley will never cease to exist. That’s the reason why the Sacred Medicine had to ensure she was safely sent away.

“How could that be?”

Qian Wanyu smiled meaningfully.

“It’s merely following the cycle of life and death, existence and extinction, rebirth after destruction.”

Dongfang Minghui was completely baffled. What did Seventh sister mean by that?

Myron quickly returned, so Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui didn’t say another word. They each did their own thing and rested for a while before setting off again. This time, little chubby chased after Toothless’s tail, its short legs looking plump but moving at top speed.

Toothless was somewhat annoyed by the chase but dared not spit fireballs at will.

As for Little Colour, it lazily hid inside Dongfang Minghui’s soul sea. Its stem still bore two tooth marks, and it muttered to itself in complaint, “Could this chubby’s teeth be made of copper and iron? It almost bit through my stem.”

Little Colour’s casual complaint struck Dongfang Minghui like a bolt of lightning.

“Wait—” Dongfang Minghui suddenly stopped.

“Ninth Sister.” Qian Wanyu looked at her with confusion, and even Myron turned his curious gaze towards her.

The inspiration came quickly and left just as fast. Dongfang Minghui couldn’t catch it in time and sheepishly scratched her head, “It’s nothing, I just suddenly remembered something, and then it seems I forgot it again.”

Qian Wanyu looked at her with concern and deliberately fell a few steps behind, whispering, “What were you just thinking about?”

“About little chubby’s teeth.” Dongfang Minghui told Qian Wanyu the truth, “Yesterday, Little Colour was bitten twice by the little chubby, saying its teeth were as tough as copper and iron. Then I remembered how little chubby crunched the poisonous scorpion to death that night.”


“Yes.” This was what troubled Dongfang Minghui the most. Little Bean Sprout had always been well-behaved, never eating anything other than her essence blood. How could it possibly be indifferent to meat and vegetables? This was the one thing that made her uncertain whether little chubby was Little Bean Sprout, and the lost Tianyin Helmet was also a matter of great importance.

Little Bean Sprout loved its pot so much that it had once gotten angry over wanting to change its pot. How could it possibly lose it?

Little chubby still sat on Dongfang Minghui’s shoulder, wrapping its hands around her neck in extreme dependence, ignoring their conversation.

Qian Wanyu raised an eyebrow, looking at the worried Dongfang Minghui, a hint of regret flashing in her eyes.

“If she knew now would she let it go?” Qing Mo’s emotionless voice carried its usual schadenfreude.

“Qing Mo, shut up,” Qian Wanyu warned indifferently, “Even if I told her now, Ninth Sister wouldn’t believe it. This chubby little thing is very likely the Gold Devouring Mouse that was accidentally refined by the Soul Refining Furnace back then…”

It was rumored that the Gold Devouring Mouse was cunning by nature, but looking at the innocent and harmless appearance of little chubby, Qian Wanyu found it hard to associate her with that Gold Devouring Mouse.

“Don’t overthink it,” Qian Wanyu thought for a moment and still offered some comfort, “No matter how much we think about it, it won’t help. If she is Little Bean Sprout, that would be great. If she isn’t, with Little Bean Sprout’s intelligence, it will definitely find a way to reach you.”

Dongfang Minghui imagined Little Bean Sprout’s hopping and jumping, wearing the Heavenly Sound Helmet, struggling to survive in the vast expanse of sand… The image was too beautiful, she hardly dared to think further, “I hope so.”

The group arrived at Yulong Town at night, which was very quiet. At night, almost no one was wandering outside.

Having stayed in the Dragon Valley for a long time, Dongfang Minghui felt a trace of unease upon arriving at the town. She tugged at Qian Wanyu’s sleeve, “Seventh sister, why is this town so quiet at night?”

It was not yet time to rest, but the whole town had its doors tightly shut, quiet enough to make one’s skin crawl.

As the three of them passed by several houses, they saw that the doors were closed, and even the windows were shut. Qian Wanyu said with a smile, “I don’t know, let’s find an inn to stay for the night. We can investigate why the townspeople go to rest so early tomorrow.”

In Dongfang Minghui’s memory, Seventh sister had never said such humorous words. Hearing them now, she felt a special sensation, wanting to laugh but unable to, which eased her emotional tension quite well.

“Seventh sister is right.”

Little Colour took the opportunity to sneak into her soul sea when no one was paying attention, while little chubby sat on her shoulder, quiet and well-behaved like a cute baby.

“Thump, thump, thump—”

They approached the nearest inn in the town—Fulai Inn. Qian Wanyu stepped forward and knocked on the door, but as soon as the knocking sound ended, the lights inside the house dimmed suddenly.

Qian Wanyu even heard hurried breathing.

Dongfang Minghui was stunned for a moment before she stepped forward and knocked on the door forcefully, “We are looking for lodging, please open the door, innkeeper.”

After a long wait, still no one came to open the door. Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu exchanged glances.

Myron, who was standing by, interrupted, “This town is really strange. It’s clearly an inn, but they don’t open for business. How about we try another place, ladies?”

After that, they went around the town’s inns and were repeatedly turned away. The three of them simply found an empty teahouse that had not yet been cleared out, with stools still left out, indicating that the teahouse owner had left in a hurry.

“Little Colour, didn’t you notice anything strange when you came here before?”

“When I came, it happened to be morning, and everything was normal. Yulong Town was no different from any ordinary town.” I even managed to steal a jar of water from the humans.

The three of them sat for a while, enjoying the cool breeze of the town, which was different from the hot air they had felt on the sandy land before. This breeze carried a hint of chill, which was quite refreshing.

“The inns in the town are all closed. What should we do now?” Myron asked anxiously, covering his wound.

As the cool breeze blew, a faint scent of blood entered Dongfang Minghui’s nostrils. She stared unwaveringly at Seventh sister, “Let’s wait and see for now. It’s only a few hours until dawn.”

She didn’t believe that when daylight came, there would be no one around in the town.


Qian Wanyu calmly responded, sitting cross-legged. A strand of her consciousness automatically detached and drifted above Yulong Town.

Seeing Toothless also assume a resting posture, which was actually entering a state of cultivation, Dongfang Minghui felt that they were taking their responsibilities too lightly. Her gaze shifted and noticed Little Chubby’s shiny black eyes staring into the distance, seemingly watching something.

“How are you feeling?”

“Thank you for your concern, miss. I’m alright,” Myron’s voice was weak, and anyone but a deaf person could tell.

Unfortunately, Dongfang Minghui’s inquiry was just a perfunctory gesture of concern; her mind was elsewhere. “This town is strangely quiet. Not a soul to be seen at night. Could it be that some bizarre creatures roam around after dark?”

“You guessed right,” Little Colour reminded her eerily, “There’s something that looks part human, part monster lurking behind you.”

Dongfang Minghui abruptly stood up, startling Myron, who was a bit dazed from blood loss. He couldn’t see her expression clearly and asked, “Miss, what’s wrong?”

“There’s something here.”

“There is something.” Qian Wanyu suddenly opened her eyes at this moment, retracting the consciousness that had been spread over Yulong town. Her Water Thunder Whip was swiftly drawn from her waist, and with a flash of silver light, it attracted the creature that had been hiding in the shadows, planning to stealthily take them down.

The creature was on all fours, its claws scraping the ground with a grating noise. As it came closer, illuminated by the moonlight, Dongfang Minghui recognized that it was a person, with limbs that bore claws like those of a beast, sharp and gleaming with silver light.

“Seventh sister, aren’t these people from the Beast Tribe?”

“Not quite.”

Qian Wanyu’s whip lashed fiercely at the beastified person, the tip striking against the creature’s claws, easily slicing through what the creature took pride in. “They have lost their reason. Show no mercy.”

The strand of consciousness she had released earlier had witnessed a child wandering at night, who was then torn apart by this group of beastified people hiding in the darkness, a scene of bloody brutality.

“Alright.” Dongfang Minghui did feel sympathy for these beastified people, but only when they still had a shred of reason. Now, hearing Seventh sister’s cold tone, it seemed as if these creatures were beyond redemption. “Myron, take care of yourself.”

“Miss, please take care as well.”

While they were speaking, four beastified people appeared from the shadows. They seemed to have lost their human nature, crawling on all fours with their heads raised, resembling wild beasts. They surrounded them from the east, south, west, and north, their ice-blue pupils reflecting a cold light.

Dongfang Minghui was somewhat troubled. After her silk umbrella ceased to function, she found herself without a suitable weapon in hand. She walked over to Toothless, “Toothless, wake up quickly.”

Little Chubby slid off her shoulder and hopped onto Toothless’s big head, even bouncing twice on his fluffy head.

Toothless’s tightly closed dragon eyes suddenly opened. Feeling something on his head, he swiftly stood up, shook himself, and let out a long howl to the sky as if venting, “Roar—”

Little Chubby, caught off guard, tumbled to the ground and was nearly stepped on by Toothless’s front limbs.

Toothless’s roar caused the encroaching beastified humans to freeze, but soon, they boldly surged towards them again.

Two blazing flames burst forth from Toothless’s divine dragon eyes, flying towards the four beastified humans. The palm-sized flames hovered in front of them and in the blink of an eye, turned into two fireballs that engulfed them.

Myron was dumbfounded by the sight, especially when the other two beastified humans instinctively pounced towards them, he was so frightened that he froze on the spot.

Dongfang Minghui’s thirty-six plum blossom darts flew swiftly at the two beastified humans. They dodged left and right in mid-pounce, managing to evade most of them. The downside of hidden weapons was that the poison in the plum blossom darts couldn’t take effect immediately, especially against two beastified people who seemed to have lost even their sense of pain.

Dongfang Minghui grabbed Myron and rapidly retreated, but they couldn’t outpace the beastified humans’ pounce. As their sharp claws were about to strike, she could only release all her spiritual power.

The next second, Little Chubby appeared out of nowhere, a plump little hand boldly dodged the beastified human’s claws, grabbing and dragging them backward. It spun around three times in mid-air before fiercely smashing them to the ground, leaving the beastified human seeing stars and unable to get up for a long time.

As for the other beastified human, his rear claws were caught by Qian Wanyu’s Water Thunder Whip. A purple thunderbolt struck from the sky, bombarding him repeatedly until he was blasted to bits.

“Are you alright?” Qian Wanyu picked up the fallen plum blossom darts and returned them to Dongfang Minghui.

“I’m fine.” Dongfang Minghui let out a sigh of relief. As a fragile Wood Spiritual Master, she had come to a point where even Little Chubby had to stand up for her. Looking at the other beastified human who had been severely beatun up by Little Chubby, she asked, “Seventh sister, what should we do with this beast person?”

Myron, with legs trembling in fear, only stepped forward after hearing them discuss how to deal with the beastified human, “They are from the Beast Tribe, could you ladies spare his life?”

“Spare him?” Qian Wanyu raised an eyebrow, her expressionless face becoming even more serious and cold with the frown. She scoffed, “Do you know who they are, and in what capacity are you pleading for them?”

She left the harsher words unsaid.

“Myron, they have lost their reason and are not ordinary members of the Beast Tribe.” The threat level of these people was comparable to that of the undead, perhaps even more so, Dongfang Minghui consoled, “If it weren’t for Seventh sister’s timely action, we might have all been doomed.”

Myron was left speechless by Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui’s words, his face changing colors before he finally forced a dry laugh, “What the two ladies said is very true, I-I have overstepped his bounds.”

Qian Wanyu glanced at him lightly and said, “Little Colour, hand me that bundle of Immortal Binding Ropes.”

A chain automatically flew out from Dongfang Minghui’s space and floated in front of Qian Wanyu. With a flick of her wrist, the Immortal Binding Ropes tightly bound the beast-transformed man who had been knocked unconscious by the little fatty, and even disarmed his limbs.

Having just finished this, they saw a group of beast-transformed people eager to try their luck in the darkness.

“Toothless” roared angrily, ten clusters of flames floated around it and shot out in all directions. The beast-transformed men scattered in fear, seemingly terrified of Toothless’s flames.

Qian Wanyu looked at Toothless with approval, “There’s still an hour before dawn, I think they won’t come back for now.”

“Seventh sister, do you mean that these beast-transformed men only appear at night?”


As for the reason, Qian Wanyu’s cold gaze swept towards the beast-transformed man bound by the Immortal Binding Ropes, “After dawn, Ninth Sister should go and inquire with the people around, and also find a place to stay. I need to properly interrogate this person.”

Myron didn’t say a word and just rested for a moment on the teahouse stool.

“The dragon’s roar came from here just now.”

A familiar voice carried a hint of urgency, “Uncle, could it be—”

Two people were rapidly approaching them from a distance, especially the one in the lead, carrying a heavy box on his back without affecting his speed. As for the person behind him, his steps were extremely steady, and he managed to keep up.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened, and for a moment, she forgot what she was about to say, staring blankly as they approached.

“Seventh sister, am I seeing things?”

Qian Wanyu’s lips curled into a rare teasing smile, “Pinch yourself and see if it hurts.”

Dongfang Minghui also laughed, “No way, if I’m going to pinch, it’ll be Seventh sister.”

Qian Ziyan’s expression was cold, but behind him, Mu Sheng was extremely excited, and for a moment, he could only widen his eyes as much as possible, like a little squirrel, before finally squeezing out, “When I heard that roar, I guessed it might be Toothless. I didn’t expect it to be true! Sister Wanyu, Minghui, are you both alright?!”

Qian Wanyu’s gaze rested on Qian Ziyan, both of them with cold expressions, and the pressure they emitted when standing together was equally matched.

Dongfang Minghui hurriedly pulled Mu Sheng aside, “You and Uncle Wood, no, has Uncle Wood fully regained his senses?”

Mu Sheng nodded excitedly, “He has, after you both disappeared, the old lady had no choice but to lock him up. But somehow, day by day, he started to remember the old lady and those past events.”

Listening to Mu Sheng’s simple words, Dongfang Minghui also knew that there must have been many difficulties. She was aware of Uncle Wood’s situation, and the treatment she had administered was at best a partial success. The remaining half was up to Uncle Wood himself.

Qian Ziyan watched Qian Wanyu with an expressionless face, her visage was identical to Qian Yiling’s. After a long stalemate, he finally admitted defeat. “Have you found your mother?”

Qian Wanyu’s brows furrowed slightly, “I have.”

Dongfang Minghui saw that Uncle Wood was normal and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She decisively pulled Mu Sheng away to a distance, “Mu Sheng, how did you end up here?”

“It’s a long story,” Mu Sheng glanced at the sky, “How about we find a place to talk about it later?”

By dawn, Yulong Town regained a hint of vitality. Those who had shut their doors at night opened them one by one, starting their businesses. The teahouse owner arrived early, and Dongfang Minghui took the opportunity to inquire about the town’s affairs.

The teahouse owner was perceptive, quickly recognizing that among them were four humans and two beast people. When he saw Toothless, he almost fainted from the shock, as Toothless’s appearance was very similar to the ‘wild beasts’ that attacked them at night.

“You’ve misunderstood, this is my Spirit Beast, he’s very obedient and doesn’t bite,” Dongfang Minghui said with a smile, summoning Toothless over and gently stroking its big head. Toothless, giving face, rubbed against her, appearing both gentle and adorably silly.

“Yes, don’t be afraid, boss,” Mu Sheng added from the side.

Seeing that the men were handsome and dashing, and the women beautiful, the teahouse owner’s wariness lowered, but he still dared not get too close to Toothless. Toothless, annoyed by Little Chubby, simply walked out of the teahouse and started toying with Little Chubby right in front of the door.

Little Chubby, with a tender and delicate appearance, was an adorable child. Toothless, looking rather simple and honest, buried its head in playing with the child, quickly attracting a large crowd.

“Look how lively that little child is.”

“Yes, but that Spirit Beast is quite well-behaved too, it didn’t even bite her.”

Dongfang Minghui learned a lot about Yulong Town from the teahouse owner, and the reason for the town’s nocturnal quietness turned out to be those beastified people. They looked at each other, only to realize belatedly that Toothless and Little Chubby had almost become famous with the noise outside.

“Toothless, let’s go.”

Little Chubby took the lead, climbing onto Dongfang Minghui’s shoulder like a monkey, with Toothless following step by step. Even though its dragon eyes flashed with a hint of fire, its limbs followed Dongfang Minghui steadily, squeezing Mu Sheng aside.

Mu Sheng couldn’t help but laugh and cry. The little creature that used to fit in the palm of his hand had grown into a massive being. Toothless was now the size of two grown men, showing how quickly it had grown. He almost didn’t recognize it at first glance.

Qian Ziyan lingered at the back, watching them enter an inn and take four rooms—one for himself, one for Mu Sheng, another naturally for Myron, whose injuries had worsened, leaving him drowsy and lying down as soon as he reached his room.

Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu took the beast people to their own room, with Toothless following. The already small room instantly became very crowded.

Toothless didn’t care, lazily lying on the ground, its eyes moving left and right as if on the lookout for Little Fatty’s sudden appearance. After moving around for a while, it gently closed its eyes.

Little Chubby took the opportunity to swiftly climb onto Toothless’s big head, as if sitting on that head gave a sense of achievement. However, this time, she wasn’t so lucky. As soon as she approached Toothless, a fiery red shield appeared on its surface. Little Fatty slid off the shield every time she tried to climb on, failing repeatedly but persisting nonetheless.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help laughing and shook her head helplessly. These little creatures were really outdoing each other, especially Toothless, who had been growing rapidly lately.

Qian Wanyu glanced at Little Chubby and whispered to Ninth Sister, “Please protect me for a while and don’t let anyone disturb me.”


Dongfang Minghui watched as Seventh sister set up a barrier between her and the beastified person. She obediently stood guard at the door, watching Seventh sister press her hands on the other’s head, presumably using a soul-searching technique.

The beastified person was unusually calm, allowing Seventh sister to search his soul without resistance.

After a short while, the barrier in the room was lifted.

“Seventh sister, how did it go?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, “This person’s memories are very chaotic, and I couldn’t find any useful information. Moreover, his memories are from before he transformed.”

“What should we do with this person then?”

“Let me think about it.”

Seeing her looking somewhat tired, Dongfang Minghui suggested, “Seventh sister, why don’t you rest for a while? Later, I can invite Uncle Wood and Mu Sheng over for a chat.”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, “I’m fine, you go invite Mu Sheng and the others.”

It had been two or three years since they left the Seven-Colored Continent. Time flew by quickly, and being able to meet again in Yulong Town was a matter of fate.

The four of them sat together, all feeling as if they were in a different world.

Mu Sheng had a lot to say, but now that he was actually here, he didn’t know what to talk about.

Dongfang Minghui looked at everyone, especially Qian Ziyan. She was wondering why Uncle Wood had come out with Mu Sheng and was afraid that Uncle Wood would ask about Lu Xing’s whereabouts. She didn’t even know if Qian Ziyan still remembered Lu Xing…

“Cough, Mu Sheng, how did you end up in Yulong Town?” Dongfang Minghui decided to break the silence. Some things needed to be clarified sooner rather than later, as avoiding them was not a good solution.

“Well—” Mu Sheng pondered, “Actually, we were following a group of beast clan people who attacked people at night. They only lurked in the dark, preying on passersby or those who went out at night. We tracked them all the way here to Yulong Town. What about you? How did you happen to be in Yulong Town as well?”

Dongfang Minghui glanced at Seventh sister and, seeing that she had no interest in speaking, said, “We were trapped in Sleeping Dragon Valley.”

As soon as she spoke, Qian Ziyan’s gaze flickered towards her, and he actually asked, “You also entered the Sleeping Dragon Valley, did anything happen?”

How could she answer that? Indeed, a lot had happened, and even she didn’t know whether it was good or bad. There was also the sacred medicine that disappeared with the Sleeping Dragon Valley. If she spoke of it, she might stir up Qian Ziyan’s deepest memories.

“Nothing significant happened.” Qian Wanyu spoke on her behalf, then asked, “Qian Ziyan, what is the purpose of your visit this time?”

Dongfang Minghui felt an inexplicable tension between Seventh sister and Uncle Wood, and she subconsciously cast an inquiring glance at Mu Sheng, only to find that Mu Sheng was also staring blankly at Seventh sister.

Qian Ziyan didn’t even blink, giving Qian Wanyu a cold glance, “The old lady asked me to pass on a message, when you’re done playing around, it’s time to go back and have a look.”

Dongfang Minghui pursed her lips tightly, she had thought the old lady would question Seventh sister about why she killed another descendant of the Qian Family, but it turned out to be such a message.

Qian Wanyu’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, probably not expecting the old lady to send such a message. If it had been passed by Mu Sheng or someone else, she could have ignored it, but now it was Qian Ziyan who came to say it, “When the matter with the Beast Tribe is settled, it won’t be too late to discuss.”


The aura emanating from Seventh sister and Uncle Wood was so fierce that it made Mu Sheng and her dare not say anything more.

After a long silence in the room, Qian Ziyan spoke again, “I came out this time to confirm something.”

“What is it?”

“Where is Lu Xing?”

Dongfang Minghui’s heart skipped a beat, she glanced at Qian Wanyu in panic, her hands involuntarily clenched into fists, this question had finally been asked.

“Yes, I also want to know where he is. Since we parted at the back mountain of the Qian Family, I haven’t seen him for a long time.” Mu Sheng’s bright eyes looked back and forth between Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu, belatedly realizing that both of their expressions were not looking good.

“Lu Xing, he—”

“Ninth Sister.” Qian Wanyu interrupted her, “I have something to discuss with Qian Ziyan, you and Mu Sheng go out for a walk first.”

Dongfang Minghui’s fingers intertwined nervously, her emotions indescribable. She stood up, “Seventh sister, let me talk to Uncle Wood about some things as well.”

Qian Ziyan also glanced at her, “Mu Sheng, take her out first, I also have something to discuss with Wanyu alone.”

“Alright.” Mu Sheng, sensing something from the tense atmosphere, took Dongfang Minghui and left.

“Seventh sister.”

As Dongfang Minghui walked, she glanced back and saw Seventh sister giving her a reassuring look. Being pulled by Mu Sheng from the upstairs to the bustling streets, she was still a bit dazed.

Seeing her absent-minded appearance, Mu Sheng didn’t know how to start the conversation and simply said, “You might not know, but Senior Brother Situ and Senior Sister Bai Rou have finally gotten together. I saw them the other day, and it seemed they had everything arranged. Once you guys return, they will set the wedding date.”

“That’s wonderful.”

“Yes, it is. Before, watching them bicker every day, I didn’t expect Senior Sister Bai to agree to be with Senior Brother Situ.” Mu Sheng’s face was brimming with a smile.

Dongfang Minghui looked at him with some envy, “Mu Sheng, why did you follow Uncle Mu on an adventure outside? The beast tribe has been quite unstable recently. How did you manage to get here?”

Mu Sheng replied with a smile, “After Uncle completely remembered his past, he promised the old lady to personally bring Wanyu and her mother back. I’ve been waiting at the Qian Family for you and Sister Wanyu. When I saw Uncle coming out to look for you, I begged him to take me along.”

“I see.”

Dongfang Minghui walked on with a heavy heart. After a while, she realized she hadn’t seen Mu Sheng and turned around to find him staring at her with a complex expression, “Mu Sheng.”

Mu Sheng hesitated, but in the end, he couldn’t help but ask, “Did something happen to Lu Xing?”

Oh no poor Uncle Wood…

In case no one remembers, Lu Xing was the elf that was the semi-lover of Uncle Wood back when he was just a robot-like undead. Now that Uncle Wood has recovered his past memories, he wants to find Lu Xing again but he is in a coma/near death and is currently in the elf tribe frozen in ice.

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