Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 189

Nine delicate dragon heads, each one surrounding the small pool perfectly. The largest dragon head was fixed on the stone wall, spouting a trickle of water. The water was clear, with a golden glow under the sunlight, four on each side.

Little Chubby stood on one of the dragon heads, her chubby body leaning back, facing the dragon heads with a green leaf inserted into the dragon’s mouth, waiting for the leaf to fill with water.

Dongfang Minghui rubbed her eyes and was surprised to see the scene before her. “This is the deep pool in the Nine Dragon Stone Gate. How did it surface?”

The entire Dragon Valley collapsed, and logically, it should have been buried deep in the earth. Especially this deep pool, according to the dangerous situation at the time, it would have been completely buried by the rocks in the cave wall, sinking into the depths of the abyss, never to see the light of day again.

“The person who built the Dragon Valley is truly ingenious and unique.” Little Colour remembered the formation stone it had touched before and transformed into a chubby doll without hesitation. Slightly different from Little Chubby, Little Colour had a small vine on top of its head, swaying in the wind, adding to its charm.

Little Chubby, upon seeing Little Colour, merely raised her head curiously, probably not expecting to see another chubby figure. Then she focused on the water flowing out of the dragon’s throat until the leaf was full.

“Weird, why is the water in these dragon heads almost dried up?” Except for the largest dragon head, which continued to provide a steady flow of water, the others seemed to be experiencing a drought, with very little water coming out.

The water in the Nine Dragon Deep Pool has always been clear, even if something accidentally fell into it, it would be purified.

But the water here was slightly turbid, with sand settling at the bottom. Dongfang Minghui could see it clearly when she stood there, while Little Chubby continued to wait for the water to fill the leaf.

“Little Chubby.”

Little Chubby blinked her grape-like eyes and looked at her, her reflection clearly visible in the depths of her eyes.


The ground where Dongfang Minghui was suddenly shook, and after the loud thunderous sound, the entire land trembled. She even felt like she had sunk about half a meter. “Little Colour, what are you doing?”

Little Colour’s hand became very slender, with half of its fair wrist exposed, and the other half busy inside the dragon’s mouth. “The formation stone is still here, I’m trying it out.”

Then, the violent shaking started again.

Little Chubby quickly hugged the dragon head to prevent herself from falling into the pool, but the water she had painstakingly collected in the green leaf was spilled due to the turbulence.

The ground began to crack, splitting in two, like a dividing line, completely separating the two sides. Dongfang Minghui instinctively leaned towards the Nine Dragon Pool, scared, and backed away until she bumped into the edge of the pool. “Little Colour, stop playing around. If you keep playing, we won’t be able to get through.”

Little Colour subconsciously swallowed and looked at the growing crack. “I’m not playing. I put the formation stone back intact, but the ground is still shaking.”

It assured her that it had only moved a little at the beginning.

There was a missing formation stone in the nine dragon heads, and it was unclear if this shaking was related to the missing stone.

Toothless stood opposite them, as the crack grew larger, it violently left marks on the ground with its limbs, until the tremors stopped and it looked down at them from a high vantage point.

Dongfang Minghui looked up and finally saw Toothless clearly, “Little Colour, why do I feel like this piece of land has been sinking down all this time?”

Originally, the two areas were at the same level, but in just a short while, she had to lift her head to see Toothless clearly.

“Perhaps this Nine Dragon Deep Pool can lead us to the Dragon Valley.” Little Colour also held onto a dragon head, the two chubby dolls were clinging to the dragon head as if it were their last hope for survival.

“Toothless, where did Toothless go?” Dongfang Minghui was trying to communicate with Toothless through her consciousness, but when she looked up, she suddenly found that the black dot standing high above had disappeared.

“Don’t worry about it, it probably knows the Dragon Valley better than we do.” Little Colour muttered to herself, she should worry about herself, after all, this piece of land was still sinking. “Who knows, you might even find your Seventh sister.”

At worst, they could explore the Dragon Valley again and take the sacred medicine with them.

Dongfang Minghui was furious with it, in this situation, it was not leading them back to the Dragon Valley, it was burying them alive. “What are you doing? Now it’s even worse, we haven’t found Seventh sister yet, and we’re separated from Toothless.”

If she had known, she wouldn’t have followed little chubby, no, it had nothing to do with the little chubby girl, after all, the little chubby girl was just here to fetch water…

“Hey, look quickly.” Little Colour shouted, “Look up.”

Dongfang Minghui was originally annoyed, not knowing where this Nine Dragon Pool would lead them, but then she saw Toothless, who had disappeared before, suddenly leaping towards them. It was just a black dot at first, but as it got closer, she could make out Toothless’s big head and the imposing, ethereal black wings behind it. With a gentle flap, the falling debris was swept away.


“Mother, come up quickly, I’ll take you away from here.”

Toothless folded its wings, and most of its body lay on the ground, watching the ground sinking faster and faster, urging, “Hurry up.”

“Little Colour, quickly return to the Sea of Souls.” Dongfang Minghui scooped up the little chubby girl into her arms, light as a feather, even lighter than a piece of paper. She leaped onto Toothless’s back and saw two fleshy wings growing from its back. “Toothless, let’s go.”

Two forces emerged from behind, and when Dongfang Minghui looked back, she saw two huge black feathered wings unfurling in the wind, catching the breeze.

At that moment, she had to admit that Toothless had grown up.

Toothless soared into the wind and quickly flew up. Dongfang Minghui looked back and saw the Nine Dragon Pool sinking completely into the ground, disappearing from her sight bit by bit. “I wonder if it’ll ever see the light of day again.”

“It definitely will.”

Little Colour felt that the Dragon Valley was full of traps, one after another, and even a valley collapse couldn’t completely bury the Dragon Valley. The formation stones were still in place, so there must be some trouble brewing.

Toothless flew up and circled in the air for a long time without stopping.

“Toothless, when did you learn to fly?” Dongfang Minghui could sense the other party’s joy. The little guy who couldn’t fly before had once tried to carry her on her back, but now he had learned to fly.

Dongfang Minghui felt a little regretful. Toothless had grown so fast, but she hadn’t been involved in her growth. She always felt a faint sense of regret lingering in her heart.

“I learned it in the hidden land.” Toothless happily took her for a leisurely flight in the air for a while, and finally flew back to the previous location where the beastman was still half-lying on the ground, as if he had not woken up.

It actually learned to use its consciousness from that place and dared to dive from such a high place for the first time. Dongfang Minghui was deeply worried for it, “Toothless is getting more and more powerful, even more powerful than your mother. In the future, your mother will have to rely on Toothless haha.”

Toothless was full of confidence and happily rubbed against her.

“Why hasn’t this person woken up yet?” Little Colour found it strange and poked the other person’s wound with a vine several times, “Hmm, the wound is very hot. Could it be steamed by the sun?”

Dongfang Minghui quickly turned the person over, only to see that the beastman’s brows were tightly furrowed, his eyes closed, and his face had a hot breath. It seemed that he was really roasted by the scorching sun and had innocently developed a fever.

“Such a troublesome person.”

“Yeah, why don’t we just leave this person here and let him fend for himself?” Little Colour took the opportunity to tempt Dongfang Minghui to be a bad person, thinking that being a bad person was definitely easier than being a good person.

Dongfang Minghui pursed her lips, “Shut up. I’ll do my best to heal him. If he gets a little better and Seventh sister hasn’t come, we’ll go around and see if we can find a place to stay.”

The feeling of sleeping rough was too terrible. Dongfang Minghui felt that she hadn’t taken care of herself for several days. It was only when she inadvertently glanced at herself in the Nine Dragon Pool that she saw her face clearly, looking like a country bumpkin.

Even if Seventh sister were here, she would probably have a hard time recognizing her.

“In that case, I’ll go around and look for a place for you.” Little Colour transformed into a chubby doll again, almost the same size as Little Chubby, and if it weren’t for the vine on its head, they could easily be mistaken for each other.

Since returning from the Nine Dragon Pool, Little Chubby had been circling around Toothless with a sad expression. Even when Toothless roared at her and breathed fire at her, she couldn’t be driven away.

Dongfang Minghui looked at Toothless, who had turned her back and used her butt to face Little Chubby, and couldn’t help but laugh and cry, “Toothless, Little Chubby saved you at least once.”

Toothless turned his dragon eyes slightly upward, “I don’t need her to save me.”

It had been conscious when it was dragged out of the sand, but it needed to rest for a while. When Wen Renliangzhi’s sword flew over, Toothless was already awake. Just as it was about to get up, it was carried away by this Little Chubby.

As a proud member of the dragon clan, being effortlessly carried by a Little Fatty was simply a great humiliation.

“Little Colour, I think it’s better for you to take Little Chubby and go for a walk. It’s better to avoid them starting a fight. A little play-fighting is fine, but if Toothless gets really angry, it won’t be fun.”

“I don’t want to.” Little Colour had suffered at the hands of Little Chubby before, looking disgusted as she bounced away.

“Little Chubby, do you want to follow Little Colour or Toothless?” Dongfang Minghui suspected that the other party probably didn’t understand what she was saying, so she pointed at Toothless and then at the already distant Little Colour.

Little Fatty looked left and right, then finally took a step and climbed onto Dongfang Minghui’s shoulder, hugging her neck tightly.


“Alright, since that’s the case, you can follow me for now.” Fortunately, Little Chubby wasn’t really heavy. She focused on cooling her down and gave her some water. She had water in her space, but she sighed at the thought of Little Chubby’s water source being gone. “I think this hot weather will continue for a while. I wonder how Seventh Sister is doing.”

Qian Wanyu was buried alive. When she woke up, it was solemn and pitch black all around. It took her some effort to adapt and recognize her location. Unfortunately, her limbs were stuck in a pile of rocks. “Am I still in the Dragon Valley?”

“Probably.” Qing Mo didn’t know whether to say she was lucky or not. “There’s light thirty meters ahead of you.”

Light represented hope.

Qian Wanyu activated her spiritual power and instantly shook off all the rocks pressing on her, causing a bigger tremor. The huge rocks buried her again, and this time she clearly felt the soreness in her body and the leakage of spiritual power.

“I forgot to tell you, this place had been shaking from time to time. Your movement just now was too big.” Qing Mo said helplessly.

Qian Wanyu lightly flicked her finger and drew out the water thunder whip from her waist. The water thunder whip slowly lifted a stone and placed it on the ground. Following the rules, she spent half an hour moving all the rocks stuck on her to the side.

After stretching her muscles, she realized she was no longer in the narrow cave. There were small, scattered stones and pebbles under her feet. Qian Wanyu carefully walked forward step by step.

Following Qing Mo’s direction, Qian Wanyu unexpectedly found the sacred medicine emitting a faint white halo. “The sacred medicine is still here, Ninth Sister should be nearby.”

Qing Mo hesitated for a moment, then truthfully said, “After you and Ninth Sister fainted, it seems she was taken away by someone…”

“What do you mean?”

“Your Ninth Sister was buried with this sacred medicine, and later I heard a huge commotion from that direction. I vaguely saw her being carried on someone’s shoulder.” Qing Mo had tried to wake Qian Wanyu at that time, but without success.

Qian Wanyu exuded a chilling aura. “Who was that person?”

Qing Mo also didn’t know who that person was, but the only thing he was certain of was that it couldn’t be Wen Renliangzhi. “You can rest assured, apart from Wen Renliangzhi and you, there was no one else in the Dragon Valley. It’s possible that Little Colour, who had a blood contract with her, took her out.”

“You’re wrong.” Qian Wanyu couldn’t relax, instead, her heart was always on edge. “Aside from the route we took to enter the Dragon Trapping Valley, there must be another path that leads to the outside world.”

“Ah, how is that possible?!”

“Nothing is impossible in this world.” Qian Wanyu’s eyes darkened, feeling extremely anxious inside, but she didn’t show it on her face. Holding the water lightning whip in her hand, she walked step by step towards the sacred medicine.

The sacred medicine stood alone, completely unscathed by the falling rocks from the collapse of the Dragon Trapping Valley. This sacred medicine could be considered the best-preserved thing in the valley. Qian Wanyu circled around it, and unexpectedly, she swung the water lightning whip towards it without warning.

“You’re crazy, that’s the sacred medicine!” Qing Mo shouted in her soul sea.

As a result, the water lightning whip suddenly got stuck when it touched the petals of the sacred medicine. A faint white halo emanated from the sacred medicine, forcing Qian Wanyu to step back half a step. The white sacred medicine gradually dissipated, transforming into a graceful girl in white.

“You must be the spirit incarnation of Sleeping Dragon Valley.” Qian Wanyu tightened her whip. “Since you are the spirit incarnation, why did you transform into the sacred medicine to deceive us?”

The Dragon Trapping Valley undergoes reincarnation once every hundred years. This time, the reason for the collapse of the Dragon Trapping Valley was also because of the impending reincarnation, which could not be avoided.

The figure transformed from the sacred medicine unexpectedly glanced at Qian Wanyu and praised, “You are the most intelligent human I have ever seen, but you are wrong. I am indeed the sacred medicine, this is my true form.”

“No wonder you are unwilling to leave.”


The two exchanged words, leaving Qing Mo with a headache. “What does this sacred medicine have to do with reincarnation?”

“Previously, I couldn’t be sure.” If the Sleeping Dragon Valley hadn’t collapsed, she probably wouldn’t have guessed that this sacred medicine was the key to the valley’s reincarnation. “I guess if you were to leave the Sleeping Dragon Valley, it would no longer be part of the cycle of reincarnation.”

The girl floating in mid-air smiled faintly, without responding to her.

“No wonder.”

“It was the Memory Mirror that gave me inspiration.” Qian Wanyu speculated based on the survival rules of plants and the cycle of time. “If we stay in the Sleeping Dragon Valley, will we have the chance to witness the grand reconstruction of the valley?”

Qing Mo rolled his eyes, knowing that Qian Wanyu was just talking. He dared to bet with her soul that her Ninth Sister was not in the Sleeping Dragon Valley at this time, and at this moment, Qian Wanyu must be thinking about how to leave the valley.

“Although I cannot leave this valley, I can point you to a way out.” The girl suddenly spoke up.

“A way out?” Qian Wanyu unceremoniously walked around the spiritual plant, and the water lightning whip occasionally emitted purple lightning. Qian Wanyu looked at the girl with a half-smile and said, “But I also want to know where the other path in the Dragon Trapping Valley is.”

The girl pondered for a moment. “I can tell you, but that path has been blocked, and if you want to leave from there, you will have to pay a great price.”

“I won’t trouble you with this matter. You just need to tell me where it is.”

“In the pool beneath the abyss.” The girl said lightly, “There are two sources of water in the Dragon Valley, one of which is the deep pool. The pool beneath the abyss is very easy to find, but since more people have entered the Dragon Valley, the exit to that place has become blurred.”

Qian Wanyu suddenly realized, “One last question, who took my Ninth Sister away?”

The girl looked confused, “Are you asking about the girl from before? She was taken away by the people around her, and with my guidance, they have already left the Dragon Valley. You don’t need to worry.”

After asking all the questions, Qian Wanyu said, “Thank you. I hope we will meet again someday.”

The sacred medicine placed a pure white petal into Qian Wanyu’s hand, then the illusion disappeared. The sacred medicine remained in place, automatically deflecting any falling debris within a meter of it, causing it to fall to the side.

Qing Mo looked for a moment and marveled, “I didn’t expect that this palm-sized area could generate a formation on its own.”

Before leaving, Qian Wanyu took another look, “The formation is not naturally formed. This formation should be in harmony with the Nine Dragon Pool, where there are nine formation stones.”

No matter how the Dragon Valley changes, this place and the Nine Dragon Stone Gate will not change.

“What a pity.”

Listening to Qian Wanyu’s lament, Qing Mo was at a loss whether the regret was for not obtaining the sacred medicine or for something else more regrettable, “Let’s go, your Ninth Sister probably left before you and is probably looking for you everywhere.”


Guided by the sacred medicine, they found a way out of the winding Dragon Valley, until they emerged from the sand pile. The pristine white petal finally disappeared from her hand, turning into little dots of white light.

The bright light outside was dazzling. Qian Wanyu just emerged and closed her eyes for a moment, only to find that the temperature around was generally higher. “I didn’t expect to arrive just in time for the summer season.”

She felt like she had spent a long time in the Dragon Valley and was a bit dazed at the moment.

“Qing Mo, it feels like our time in the Dragon Valley was just yesterday.” Qian Wanyu sighed, feeling the scorching sand and walking out of the sand pile. After walking on the sandy ground for a while, she felt quite thirsty.

“Did we go the wrong way?” Qing Mo stopped her and reminded her, “When we were trapped in the valley, I heard two intermittent dragon roars from the northeast, a bit farther from our location.”

“When was that?”

“About two days ago.”

Qian Wanyu put the water thunder whip back at her waist, “Let’s head in that direction, maybe we can find Ninth Sister.”

“Are you okay?” Dongfang Minghui didn’t know where she found a piece of cloth to cover the beastman. After a while, her hand felt tired. She had been guarding the beastman for a whole day and night. As the temperature outside rose, the temperature of the beastman’s body also increased.

“I saw a small town.” Little Colour had been wandering outside all day and just brought back a jar of clean water for Dongfang Minghui.

“Are we still at the beastman border?” Dongfang Minghui took a big gulp of water to quench her thirst, then used a piece of cloth to wet and place it on the beastman’s forehead. “This won’t work. If he doesn’t wake up tonight, we’ll take him to the town you mentioned.”

She planned to casually give some spirit stones, and find a pharmacist to take care of him, and it would be considered as fully taking care of the beastman.

Little Colour looked at her dissatisfiedly, “It took me a whole day to get from here to that town with my pace. You want to bring this half-dead person along?”

“What else can we do? When you save someone, you save them to the end. Giving up halfway is not a good habit.” Besides, she had wasted too much time on this person. Leaving him here would be like killing him herself.

Little Colour looked at her grumpily, and it took a while for her to adjust her dissatisfaction. A good person, even if rotten, is still a good person.

“I wandered around the small town for a while and heard something interesting.” The town’s population was not large, and there were many beastmen. It should be considered at the beastman border. Little Colour didn’t ask much and quickly circled the entire town. “The storyteller said that the Nangong family has established an auction in the beastman tribe, and they are going to hold an auction next month.”

“Is it true?” Dongfang Minghui was almost in awe of Nangong Yuntian. He had only been in the beastman tribe for less than a year and had already managed to make a fortune by various means. Furthermore, even the beastmen gave him face. Among the human race in the beastman tribe, only Nangong Yuntian’s Cloud Pavilion could thrive.

“It seems to be true.”


From her understanding of Nangong Yuntian, he was extremely arrogant and would not publicize anything until he was sure. Since it was already widely known, it meant that he had already planned it. “The beastman tribe was still in a civil war not long ago. How did Nangong Yuntian suddenly organize an auction? Did you ask about the situation?”

“Of course not.” It wasn’t interested in such boring things. It just inquired about what Nangong Yuntian was going to auction. “I was afraid that things might change, so I hurried back.”

Dongfang Minghui looked at it suspiciously for a while. “Alright, go and check on Little Chubby. I feel like she hasn’t been very happy since that day.”

She had no idea how to comfort the sulking Little Chubby. Compared to Little Chubby, Toothless had been much better behaved, sleeping when there was nothing to do. Dongfang Minghui guessed that Toothless had gone to the dragon clan’s hiding place to cultivate and didn’t want to disturb him.

Little Colour reluctantly turned around, clearly unwilling.


The beastman opened her eyes again and saw Dongfang Minghui’s familiar face. He struggled a bit, and the cloth on her forehead slipped down. “Thank you for saving me again, miss.”

“It’s no trouble at all, but who are you?” Dongfang Minghui breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him wake up. If he hadn’t woken up, she would have wanted to leave him behind, not to mention Little Colour’s words of giving up.

“I am Myron, a member of the beast tribe. I was traveling with the Nangong family’s caravan on the way to Dalai City when I accidentally ended up in this place and got separated from the caravan. I was attacked by a pack of wolf beasts and encountered the young lady, which is how I managed to narrowly escape with my life.” He succinctly explained his origins and destination.

Little Colour and Little Chubby sat on the sand, listening attentively to the beast tribe man’s words.

The Nangong family’s caravan…

Dongfang Minghui calmly observed the beast tribe man and matched her information with what Little Colour had just said. It did indeed add up.

“I see, Myron, you speak the human language very well.” Dongfang Minghui’s eyes flickered, “I have heard of the Nangong family. May I ask why you are travelling with their caravan to this place?”

Myron’s face still had a hint of blush, probably due to the lingering heat. He cleared her throat a few times, feeling the dryness and pain in her throat. He subconsciously licked her lips and weakly said, “The head of the Nangong family has already established the Yuntian Pavilion in Dalai City. This time, the caravan came to escort auction items, but we encountered bandits on the way. The bandits were ruthless, and I accidentally got separated from the caravan at that time. I have no idea what happened to them.”

“Dalai City already has a branch of the Yuntian Pavilion huh? I really want to go and take a look.” Dongfang Minghui’s eyes flashed with a hint of curiosity. Seventh sister had secretly gone to the auction before, but she had never had the chance to set foot in the Yuntian Pavilion’s auction hall. After all, the entanglement of feelings often stemmed from the auction.

“We still don’t know where this place is, nor do we know where Dalai City is.” Myron looked somewhat dejected, probably due to the excessive loss of blood from his injuries and the exposure to the sun. He exuded an air of desolation.

Dongfang Minghui raised her eyebrows lightly, “Once you have recovered from your injuries, you will definitely be able to leave.”

Encouraged by her words, Myron straightened her back a bit, as if regaining some confidence. “Miss, may I ask where you are headed?”

Dongfang Minghui glanced at him lightly and immediately asked with curiosity, “You said you came with a caravan. I heard about the great war between the beast tribes. Do you know if the war has subsided?”

“It has indeed subsided, but it is said that the Cyril tribe has temporarily requested peace talks. I’m not too clear on the specifics.”

“Peace talks?” Dongfang Minghui felt like she had guessed the beginning but not the ending. This enigmatic answer was simply unacceptable to her, but based on her understanding of the Cass tribe, they would indeed make such a choice.


“Miss, why the sigh?” Myron asked in confusion.

Dongfang Minghui hesitated, looking like she was about to say something but then stopped, leaving Myron hanging.

Qian Wanyu appeared just as they were having an exceptionally ‘joyful’ conversation. Qing Mo, who was not afraid of death, sighed in the Sea of Souls, “You are constantly worrying about her, but it seems that your Ninth Sister is living a more comfortable life than you.”

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, especially when she saw Seventh sister’s cold and stern expression as she walked step by step towards her. She forgot all about the misleading words she had just said, “Seventh sister!”

Qian Wanyu’s lips cracked into a smile, and she opened her arms.

Seventh sister, where did you go? I was so worried about you.” Dongfang Minghui hugged the other person tightly and whispered, “I’ve been waiting for you for so long. If you didn’t show up, I would have left.”


Qian Wanyu looked at the other person, who looked like a little dirty cat, with a face all black except for two particularly shiny eyes. She didn’t agree at all with Qing Mo’s earlier statement that Ninth Sister was doing well. “You’ve let yourself get like this when I’m not around?”

Dongfang Minghui blushed, knowing she was really dirty, but ever since the Nine Dragon Pool sank into the ground, she hadn’t been able to get any clean water. Their water usage was particularly high, and the can of water Little Colour brought today was a lifesaver.

“Seventh sister, are you hurt?”


She had indeed been injured by a stone in the trapped dragon valley, but she had recovered in the past few days. Apart from the lack of water, everything was fine.

Qian Wanyu’s gaze, after lingering on Ninth Sister’s face for a moment, unexpectedly shifted to Myron’s face. It was a handsome face, with a blush that made him look very honest, but Qian Wanyu was never one to judge by appearances. She turned her gaze slightly and asked expressionlessly, “Who is this…?”

“He was saved by Little Chubby,” Dongfang Minghui explained in a low voice.

Myron’s ears perked up at the words “Little Chubby,” this was the second time he had heard it.

“Little Chubby, come here.”

Little Chubby, who had been quietly behaving like a good baby, also looked disheveled, with her face covered in sand. her originally rosy and fair complexion was now tinged with gray, except for her bright black grape-like eyes, which were staring at Qian Wanyu intently.

In the blink of an eye, she climbed up from Dongfang Minghui’s body and sat on her shoulder, swaying.

“This Little Chubby—” Qing Mo’s gaze lingered back and forth between her and Little Chubby, “Where did this Little Chubby come from?”

“I don’t know,” Qian Wanyu looked worriedly at Ninth Sister’s shoulder, seeing no discomfort on her face, “Ninth Sister, who is she?”

Myron was a little dumbfounded. This little imp was Little Chubby???

Dongfang Minghui pursed her lips, not knowing how to introduce Little Chubby’s identity. “Seventh sister, I was able to come out thanks to her. She’s taken good care of me.”

“Hmph, could this Little Chubby be the one who brought you out, Ninth Sister?”

“It’s not impossible.”

Qian Wanyu nodded slightly and took out a common medicinal plant from her space, handing it to Little Chubby. “This is for you, thank you for taking care of Ninth Sister for me.”

Little Chubby swiftly brought over the medicinal plant and stuffed it into her mouth, looking at Qian Wanyu as if asking for more after finishing it, seemingly unsatisfied. It was just an ordinary medicinal plant, at most considered a low-grade spirit plant.

Dongfang Minghui’s mouth twitched. This kind of probing from Seventh Sister was useless. Since Little Chubby started watering her, she had regarded her as a medicinal plant. However, this medicinal plant was somewhat special, eating both meat and vegetables without discrimination.

Qian Wanyu’s eyes darkened. “It is a medicinal plant.”

“But in the Dragon Valley, only the Sacred Medicine has the ability to transform into a human. It’s obvious that Little Chubby brought your Ninth Sister, out of the Dragon Valley. What exactly is she?” Qing Mo’s mood was like a roller coaster, fluctuating wildly.

Dongfang Minghui was surrounded by spiritual plants that had transformed into human form. If this were known in the Seven-Colored Continent, she would definitely be envied.

Dongfang Minghui pulled Qian Wanyu aside, and Little Chubby sat on her shoulder as if no one else was around, playing with her hair. She whispered to her, “Seventh Sister, the Dragon Seal and Little Bean Sprouts are missing. What should we do?”

“It’s a bit difficult.” Qian Wanyu had just come out of the Dragon Valley, which was facing reconstruction. The Dragon Seal was likely still in the Dragon Valley, but Little Bean Sprouts was obviously impossible to have remained. “How long have they been missing?”

“I haven’t seen them since I woke up.” Dongfang Minghui carefully recalled, “When the Dragon Valley collapsed, Little Bean Sprout ran out by itself to block many rocks for me. It was probably hit by a rock at that time.”

Qian Wanyu glanced at Little Chubby’s figure playing with Ninth Sister’s hair. “Have you ever thought that maybe it has been by your side all along?”

“What do you mean?” Dongfang Minghui was stunned. Following Seventh Sister’s gaze, she saw Little Chubby. “Seventh Sister, are you suggesting that Little Chubby is Little Bean Sprout? That’s impossible.”

“There’s nothing impossible in this world.” After saying this, Qian Wanyu reminded her, “You have no relationship with it, so why would it save you? And it was she who brought you out of the Dragon Valley.” At that time, only that bean sprout was close to Ninth Sister, suddenly transforming into a human figure and then taking Ninth Sister out… It seemed like everything made sense.

Dongfang Minghui was a little dumbfounded, her mind in turmoil, sometimes feeling that what Seventh Sister said made sense, and sometimes feeling it was unbelievable.

“If you’re really worried, we can go back to the Dragon Valley, but I can’t guarantee that the entrance to the Dragon Valley is still in the same place.” Without the Dragon Seal, they were like blind people feeling an elephant, possibly getting lost in this sandy land again.

“Seventh Sister, let me think about it.”


At night, they camped again. Fortunately, everyone was together, except for the missing Little Bean Sprout. Dongfang Minghui sighed repeatedly, looking at Seventh Sister, whose face had also become a bit haggard. She sat calmly on the side, practicing meditation.

Looking at the two little chubby figures, Little Colour was fine, but Little Chubby was almost turning into a mud doll.

Toothless had been lying there motionless, seemingly immersed in cultivation again.

“Little Bean Sprout.”

Little Chubby pressed her chubby face against Dongfang Minghui’s face, as if comforting her.

Dongfang Minghui remembered Seventh Sister’s bold guess and held Little Chubby in her arms, looking into her clear and clean eyes. “Little Chubby, are you Little Bean Sprout? If you are, can you give me a hint?”

Little Chubby blinked her ink-black eyes and looked at her without blinking, looking silly and cute.

“I’ll give you a medicinal plant, and you answer my question, okay?” Dongfang Minghui almost took out the colorful medicinal plant from her space ring, but luckily she came to her senses and placed a medicinal plant picked from the sea in front of Little Chubby. “Little Chubby, are you Little Bean Sprout?”

Little Chubby’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw the medicinal plant. Her chubby little hands grabbed the medicinal plant and put it in her mouth.

Crunch, crunch—

In no time, the medicinal plant was gone.

“So, are you going to answer the question or not?”

“Are you stupid? Instead of giving it to her, you might as well give it to me.” Little Colour was so angry that she wanted to split her companion’s head in half to see what was inside. “Even if you stuff me into her mouth, she won’t speak. She’s just dumb. Maybe she got hit on the head by a rock back then.”

Little Colour had naturally overheard her conversation with Qian Wanyu and was more inclined to believe that this fat baby was indeed the Little Bean Sprout in the Tianyin Helmet that day.


Little Colour’s vine was grabbed by Little Chubby and she bit it crunchily.


LOL Little Chubby/Little Bean Sprout chewing on Little Colour’s vines must be a cute scene haha

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