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MIWW Chapter 205 Part 1


Qian Yiling frowned slightly, seemingly displeased with their unexpected arrival.

In contrast, Qian Wanyu looked relaxed and in a good mood. The two almost identical faces left everyone present in shock, glancing back and forth between them, finding it hard to tell who was who.

Mu Sheng kept looking back and forth. Despite knowing Wanyu for so long, he still mistook Qian Yiling for her at first glance.

Dongfang Minghui only dared to take a quick, cautious look at Qian Mama before quickly averting her eyes. She held Little Fatty and stayed at the back. Lien, who was following her, gave her a surprised look, then glanced at Qian Yiling and also retreated to the back.

“Lingling, who are they?”

Qian Yiling stood up and looked at the four curious people gathered together. She said in a low voice, “They are from the Night Fox Clan and want to join me.”

Qian Ziyan was surprised but still nodded slightly at them. He quickly pulled Qian Yiling aside, and Qian Wanyu followed. The three of them formed a small circle. Qian Wanyu set up a small formation within a two-meter radius to block their conversation from being overheard, deliberately turning their backs to the others. “Lingling, have you verified their identities?”

“They claim to be from the Night Fox Clan, under Dono’s command. But Dono is still recovering, and when I saved him, everyone around him was dead. So their identities are questionable.” Qian Yiling didn’t fully trust them, only having some dealings with the Night Fox Clan, so she couldn’t probe too deeply.

“Mother, when did they appear?”

“Yesterday. We had just set up camp here, and they appeared shortly after.” Qian Yiling paused for a moment and asked, “I saw the red light from the Dragon Pill and the map earlier. Is everything going smoothly?”

Both of them frowned, their expressions quite serious.

Qian Yiling couldn’t help but speculate, “Is there a problem?”

Qian Wanyu hesitated for a moment, unsure how to tell her mother. Seeing her mother’s all-or-nothing attitude at the auction, it was clear how important the True Eye was to her. If she told her now that the True Eye they spent so much money and effort on might be fake…

“Not yet, but we just discovered that there are more than two maps. As we move forward, we’ll need to use the True Eye a few more times.” Qian Wanyu spoke up first.

Qian Ziyan gave Qian Wanyu a complicated look.

Qian Yiling breathed a sigh of relief. “I thought it was something urgent. Since we still need it, keep the True Eye with you for now, Yu’er. We have many people with us, so be careful.”

Qian Wanyu clenched her fists and took the opportunity to ask, “Mother, I heard from Uncle that you need the True Eye to find someone. Is it someone important? Do you need our help?”

A trace of confusion flashed across Qian Yiling’s face. She looked at Qian Wanyu with a complicated expression and said, “Let’s talk about it when we get the map to the Dragon Clan’s territory. Maybe the person I’m looking for is there.”

Qian Wanyu moved her lips but ultimately said nothing.

The three of them returned to the campfire. The group of people had taken over and were unusually enthusiastic. One of the men had a seductive appearance and spoke in a strange tone, with a hint of femininity that made him seem somewhat out of place. He joked, “Miss Qian, this must be your sister, right? You two look so alike. We four brothers can’t tell you apart.”

Dongfang Minghui’s mouth twitched. This man was good at flattery, but it sounded too insincere. Seventh sister’s earlier address had already made their identities clear. She couldn’t bear to look directly, so she turned slightly while holding Little Fatty.

Little Fatty in her arms squirmed uneasily, seemingly smelling the aroma of roasted meat. Though his eyes were closed, his nose twitched like a dog’s.

“Little Fatty, go back to sleep.”

Qian Wanyu had no interest in dealing with these people. She simply reached out and took Little Fatty from Ninth Sister’s arms. Whatever she did, it successfully calmed the food-seeking Little Fatty. “Mother, it’s late, and everyone is tired. Let’s rest for the night and continue our journey early tomorrow.”

“And this young lady is—how should I address her?” The man with the strange tone seemed to be the leader of the five and always found something to say.

Qian Yiling smiled gently, like a spring breeze, “This is my daughter.”

The man looked very surprised. “Miss Qian, you look so young. I didn’t expect this, truly didn’t expect it.”

Qian Wanyu coldly nodded slightly at him and then walked towards the tent that Xiang Zilan and Mu Sheng had just set up. Dongfang Minghui glanced over and accidentally met Qian Yiling’s calm gaze, which scared her into moving quickly.

Seeing them leave, the people behind them all dispersed.

Qian Yiling waited until they entered the tent before interrupting the man’s chatter, “It’s late, Lahan, you should rest early too.”

The night passed quietly.

The next morning, when Dongfang Minghui woke up, she found that Little Fatty was gone. She opened the tent and saw Little Fatty and Toothless playing with Xiao Miao. The three of them had all awakened their fire energy, making them closer.

Xiao Miao was more simple-minded, while Little Fatty seemed more clever. Despite being chubby, he was very agile, often dodging and swallowing the flames Xiao Miao scattered, gaining quite a bit from him.

“You’re awake?”

Qian Wanyu was directing everyone to pack up the tents. The tent behind Dongfang Minghui was the last one still intact.

“Seventh sister, it’s already late. Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“It’s rare to see you sleep so soundly. No rush.”

Qian Wanyu pulled her aside and handed her water to wash her face. Behind them, Leen and Mu Sheng skillfully dismantled the tent and stored it in the space. Once everything was ready, the group of thirty to forty people set off.

Only then did they have the chance to see the fifth member of the Night Fox clan, who turned out to be a woman. She was about the same height as Qian Wanyu, which was quite striking. Her face was warm, and she smiled at everyone she saw, seeming like a very easygoing person.

Since they needed someone to lead the way, Qian Wanyu’s group took the front, with Qian Yiling and Qian Ziyan’s group in the middle. The five members of the Night Fox Clan followed at the back, still somewhat out of place.

“Are these people rushing to their deaths?” Toothless grumbled, clearly displeased with the crowd trailing behind them. Her words were sharp enough to provoke anyone. Fortunately, most of those following weren’t particularly strong in spiritual power, or this comment would have surely caused an uproar.

In a way, Toothless was right.

The Dragon Burial Valley was already a perilous place, a land of nine deaths and one life. The true Dragon Clan’s territory was likely even more dangerous. Dongfang Minghui tugged at Toothless’s clothes, feeling a bit helpless.

Toothless pouted, her eyes filled with a hint of petulance. Dongfang Minghui wanted to pat her head, but knowing her proud nature, she instead handed her a fire lotus seed. “You should give others some face. Even if it’s true, there’s no need to say it out loud. As long as we know, that’s enough.”

Qian Wanyu, overhearing from the front, couldn’t help but shake her head with a wry smile. Both of them had a knack for saying things that could infuriate others.

Little Fatty pouted, trying to act cute and clingy with Dongfang Minghui, but Toothless, in a slightly better mood, pulled Little Fatty over and lifted her onto her shoulder. “You can’t eat too much of this stuff yet. You need to digest what you ate that night first.”

Toothless gently poked Little Fatty’s round belly.

Little Fatty tilted her head, thought for a moment, then grabbed Toothless’s dark hair and dozed off.

Xiao Miao clung tightly to Toothless’s sleeve, seemingly seeing her as a reliable figure. This closeness surprised Dongfang Minghui, considering they had only been together for a few hours. Yet, Toothless had already won over both Little Fatty and Xiao Miao.

They walked quickly, and while it wasn’t noticeable in a day or two, the difference became apparent after several days.

Qian Wanyu, scouting ahead, moved swiftly, covering great distances in moments. Those following her, like Leen, kept pace effortlessly. When Dongfang Minghui couldn’t keep up, she was pulled along, saving a lot of time. Toothless, with her steady and fast pace, carried the sleeping Little Fatty on her shoulder without her waking or falling off, providing a greater sense of security than Dongfang Minghui’s shoulder.

Xiao Miao’s steps were peculiar. He walked silently, but left a trail of burnt footprints, like a series of marks, very noticeable.

Dongfang Minghui pointed at the trail. “Seventh sister, Xiao Miao’s footprints are really obvious.”

If they had these footprints in Dragon Burial Valley, they wouldn’t have gotten lost.

“Yes,” Qian Wanyu replied indifferently, not paying much attention.

Dongfang Minghui hinted several times, but seeing no reaction from her Seventh sister, she grew anxious.

“Your Seventh sister is a smart one. Do you really think she doesn’t understand your hints? She must have a plan and is just keeping it from you,” Little Colour said boredly in the soul sea. “She’s probably up to something.”

Dongfang Minghui thought it was likely. Her Seventh sister’s mind worked quickly, often figuring things out before she even sensed something was wrong. “Sigh, why are Uncle and Mu Sheng taking so long?”

Qian Wanyu stood on a high ground, glanced around, and noticed that the team led by her eldest uncle was still five meters away. “Let’s keep moving forward. We need to get the third map before they arrive.”

“So soon?”


They sped along, extending the distance between the two teams to fifteen meters, just as the moon began to rise.

With the experience from last time, Qian Wanyu was extra cautious this time. She couldn’t help but notice that the cracks in the container and the True Eye were getting bigger. Even Toothless noticed the grim expression on her face.

“What’s wrong with you?” Toothless questioned. They had almost lost the third map in an instant, so fast that she couldn’t even remember it. Usually, she could glance at it a few times, and even if she couldn’t memorize it, she would have an impression. But this time, the image flickered so quickly that it was very unstable.

“Seventh sister.” Dongfang Minghui discarded a piece of paper but managed to draw the map successfully. Hearing Toothless’s question, she realized that Seventh sister had encountered some trouble.

Qian Wanyu looked at everyone present and spread out the True Eye under the moonlight. The green container with a closed eye was already quite eerie, and the dim moonlight made it look even more hollow and terrifying.

Toothless’s bright eyes scanned it and pointed at the obvious crack. “Is the True Eye broken?”

Dongfang Minghui stared hard, but no matter how much she stared, she couldn’t make the increasingly obvious crack disappear. “Is this a defective product?”

Good grief, that scoundrel Nangong Yuntian sold them another fake!

Leen looked but didn’t comment, and the rest didn’t understand the True Eye.

“You humans are ruthless and cruel, but the things you make are unreliable,” Toothless commented bluntly. “Our dragon tribe’s things are more dependable. Tell me, did the third map mark the entire dragon territory? If this thing breaks, wouldn’t all our efforts be in vain?”

“Yes,” Qian Wanyu nodded in agreement. “All in vain.”

Toothless, hearing this, immediately lost her temper. “How dare you mock me.”

Qian Wanyu also drew her long whip and swung it at Toothless without hesitation. The whip carried lightning, which dragons feared. Toothless was stunned and got hit by the water thunder whip. She looked at the scorched skin on her arm, and flames appeared in her black pupils.

Dongfang Minghui thought they were just bickering as usual, but seeing them seriously fighting, she panicked.

Qian Wanyu, worried about accidentally hitting Ninth Sister, whispered, “Leen, take your shaman aside. Not even the Emperor himself can stop me from beating this stupid dragon today.”

Qing Mo lazily said in her soul sea, “Stop pretending. You better finish this before your mother and uncle arrive. Aren’t you worried she’ll fly away in a fit of anger? Ninth Sister would be heartbroken.”

Leen nodded and quickly pulled Dongfang Minghui aside. Little Fatty also rolled off Toothless’s shoulder and was caught by Xiao Miao.

“Stop, Seventh sister, Toothless, let’s talk this out.”

“Today, I must teach this human a lesson.” Toothless was filled with battle intent, her entire body trembling with the combative energy emanating from her bones, especially under Qian Wanyu’s long whip.

“Heh.” Qian Wanyu’s lips curled into a mocking smile, “Just you?”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to step forward but was stopped by Leen, “If you rush in, you might end up getting both of them hurt.”

“Your Seventh sister and Toothless need to have this fight. Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” Little Colour was quite relaxed. In its view, Toothless indeed needed a lesson, and someone as controlling as Qian Wanyu wouldn’t allow anything to escape her grasp, not even a dragon.


Qian Yiling and Qian Ziyan had been traveling tirelessly for the past few days. They might not feel tired, but the group behind them was exhausted, especially puzzled as to how Qian Wanyu and her group could move so quickly in the dark, as if the night posed no obstacle to them.

“My lady, they all say they need to rest.” Zilan counted the numbers before approaching Qian Yiling, “Even the Night Fox clan says they need to rest. Should we—”

Qian Yiling and Qian Ziyan had already noticed the fiery red sky in the distance. They nodded and instructed Zilan before walking a bit further away to stand on higher ground and observe.

“It’s a dragon pill.”

“No wonder Yu’er is moving so fast. She wants to take this opportunity to map out the terrain ahead.”


Though they were quite far away, the reflected terrain map was not very clear. Qian Yiling thought it was the same as before, but Qian Ziyan stood there worriedly, gazing into the distance.

Even after the fiery light disappeared, Qian Ziyan still frowned.

“Big brother, I’ve seen you frowning all the way. Is something on your mind?” Qian Yiling didn’t know what kind of life he had been living all these years, but from his few words, she guessed he had gone through inhuman experiences. Seeing him frown all the time, she was very concerned.

Qian Ziyan didn’t answer but instead asked, “There’s a question that’s been bothering me. I didn’t want to ask, but I have to.”

Qian Yiling’s bright eyes blinked, and she suddenly smiled, “Since when did my big brother become so hesitant? The big brother I know is always straightforward. Ask away, and I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“Is Wanyu your and Lance’s child?”

A mysterious silence spread between them.

“Yes.” A barely audible response.

“Why didn’t you tell her?” Qian Ziyan accepted it quickly. To him, life and death were just a thin line apart, and these matters of love were even less significant. Besides, he had a great admiration for Lance, feeling a sense of mutual understanding and a regret of not meeting sooner. However, back then, the siblings were in a hurry to find the holy medicine and never saw each other again. Thinking about it now, it was truly a pity.

Qian Yiling rarely showed a helpless expression, perhaps because she was facing her elder brother. In her heart, no matter how big a trouble she caused, her brother always had a way to help her. “Brother, it’s laughable. It’s my first time being a mother, yet I’ve been separated from Yu’er for twenty years. Do you know, when I first recognized her, she also recognized me but didn’t want to acknowledge me. I’m scared…”

Qian Ziyan’s eyes were calm as water, and he teased her in a rare mocking tone, “I thought Lingling feared nothing, but you’re afraid of your own daughter?”

“Brother, don’t laugh at me. That child doesn’t resemble anyone. She doesn’t look like me or Lance. I finally got her to acknowledge me, but she’s so smart and sensible that it breaks my heart. She never asked me a single question about her father. Brother, I’m scared!”

Qian Ziyan had watched his sister grow up. As a child, she was fearless, even beating up the royal prince who mocked her chubby cheeks. But now, he kept hearing her say she was scared.

“Brother hasn’t been around these years, and Lingling has become more timid.” Qian Ziyan gently touched her head like a big brother, patting it. “But, the more you fear family matters, the more you need to face them bravely. Maybe she’s also waiting for you to speak up, just like Wanyu and that child’s situation.”

Qian Yiling lowered her eyes and asked softly, “Brother, do you also approve of them being together?”

Qian Ziyan recalled that day at the inn when Qian Wanyu candidly told him, “Uncle, Lu Xing is already dead.”

At that moment, his long-silent heart suddenly ached. Before he could sort out his feelings, that person was already dead, never to accompany him again. Qian Ziyan thought he wouldn’t cry, but tears unknowingly filled his eyes.

Qian Ziyan subconsciously touched the wooden carving in his sleeve and said, “Lingling, cherish what you can while you can.”


Qian Ziyan turned his face away, only to see flames not far away. The extinguished dragon pill couldn’t possibly emit such light, accompanied by lightning descending from the sky. “Something’s wrong.”


“Let’s go, quickly check it out.”


Dongfang Minghui had been pulled back eight meters by Leen. Xiao Miao, a clever child, also pulled Little Fatty out of the dangerous area.

Speaking of danger, lightning flashed, and thunder and fireballs erupted simultaneously, almost flattening the area within a radius of several miles. Qian Wanyu’s purple lightning relentlessly bombarded Toothless, determined to teach Toothless a lesson today. Despite Dongfang Minghui’s desperate shouts, she continued her assault.

Qian Wanyu unleashed all five elements of her spiritual power, using immense pressure to suppress Toothless. Even though it provoked a desperate struggle from the other side, she didn’t hold back, giving Toothless a fierce beating.

Blood splattered, and when the blood droplets landed on Dongfang Minghui’s cheek, they were warm. She was so frightened that she almost fainted. If it weren’t for Leen supporting her, she might have passed out.

“Stop fighting, you two.”

“Dragon clan or not, you are ungrateful, forgetting the ones who raised you.” Qian Wanyu kicked the foolish dragon several times before finally knocking it to the ground. “I can beat you because I’m stronger. When you become stronger than me, feel free to hit me back.”

Qing Mo sighed in the soul sea, “You’re just provoking her.”

Toothless was struck by lightning several times, bleeding profusely, but her defiant eyes remained fixed on Qian Wanyu.

“Toothless, Toothless!” Dongfang Minghui hurriedly held her, seeing the charred and terrifying wounds. After a quick check, she realized that Seventh sister had shown mercy; the wounds, though frightening, avoided fatal areas. She quickly took out some pills to heal Toothless, but Toothless pushed her away forcefully, glaring at her, “You’re just like her, don’t pretend to care.”

Dongfang Minghui was speechless, not knowing what to say.

Seventh sister and Toothless… no matter who hurt whom, she didn’t know whom to side with or blame.

Qian Wanyu sneered from the side, “What, got beaten up and now you want to bring your dragon clan to bully me? Too bad, the dragon clan’s location is still unknown, and your so-called clan members are nowhere to be found.”

“Seventh sister, stop it.”

Toothless, furious, ran off to another place but didn’t leave entirely. She found a tree to lean against, remaining silent, letting her wounds be.

Dongfang Minghui walked over helplessly, “Toothless, these are hemostatic pills. If you don’t want me here, I’ll just leave them. Remember to use them.”

Toothless hugged her legs, and after the footsteps faded, she saw the porcelain bottle left in the grass. The bottle was like white jade, with patterns painted on it. She rubbed it with her fingers, took out a hemostatic pill, looked at it for a while, then chewed and swallowed it.

Woah Toothless got beaten up!

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