Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 115


Seeing Fang Li rushing forward, Alisa subconsciously made a sound to stop him but it was too late. Fang Li turned into a fuzzy shadow rushing forward towards the Aragami.

The group of Aragami turned around and looked at Fang Li. Fang Li stopped for a second. In this split second he was actually thinking about whether he should use his real skills. Using the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception he could kill these Aragami that normal people couldn’t kill.

However, as an average person, Fang Li using this method would definitely expose at least half about the ability of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. This was what he wanted to avoid before. No matter if it was Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma or the others he chose to hide it, now he was with someone from the Russian Branch, showing her the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception’s ability was a bit counter-intuitive.

But this was only a split second hesitation.

“My first quest is to kill the Aragami, there’s no reason to give up the opportunity to earn so many rewards right?”

Just like in the previous world, one of Fang Li’s main quests was to kill a number of enemies with the evaluation based on how many are killed. That being the case, Fang Li would, of course, aim to kill the highest number of Aragami possible.

However, because he didn’t want to expose the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Fang Li hadn’t killed any Aragami before he met Vajra. Like this, even if the main quest could be completed it would have very pitiful rewards.

“Now that the war has started, I can’t miss this opportunity otherwise if there’s no more chances I won’t be able to complete it!”

Fang Li showed a decisive look and made his judgement. After all the risks and benefits coexisted side by side.

Therefore, Fang Li lifted up his eyes and his dark pupils turned into an ice blue lustre, a moon blade also appeared in his hands.


The Aragami started to roar. But what greeted them, was a cold chilling light from a blade.

*Pu Chi*

With the sound of flesh being torn, the dagger cut deep into the Aragami’s body as dark red blood shot out covering it. Deep inside was the Aragami’s core.


With a crack, the Aragami’s core broke into pieces, destroyed by the sharp dagger.

The Aragami stopped roaring as its eyes turned dim and it fell backwards onto the ground.

Fang Li didn’t stop as he took out the dagger covered in blood and turned his icey eyes around, like a ferocious beast he flew to another Aragami’s body.

As his hand moved, the blade fell.

*Pu Chi*

The sharp dagger plunged into the Aragami’s body and killed another one.


Now, the leader of the Aragami roared and rushed in Fang Li’s direction. This actually aligned with what Fang Li wanted it to do.

Far away, Alisa watched this happening, her charming face changed dramatically as a shocked feeling swelled inside her.

Seeing Fang Li dart back and forth within the Aragami group and using that superior movement along with his dagger he was harvesting the lives of the Aragami like Demon God, drowning in the blood and pitiful yells of the Aragami.

Alisa made an unbelievable noise, “How’s that possible!?”

Originally, Alisa thought Fang Li was already quite strong for an average human. But now it seems that her estimation was way too low!


Why is it that an average person that’s not even a God Eater can use a dagger and kill the Aragami?

Didn’t everyone say that besides the God Arc, other human weapons didn’t work on the Aragami?

Then…what was happening at this moment?

Alisa was in shock and couldn’t move as Fang Li finally ended the fight.


With the last Aragami’s core crushed, the roaring sounds all disappeared.

Fang Li stood amongst the corpses of the Aragami and looked at the Aragami leader on the ground, however his brow was wrinkled.


Anyone who didn’t know what he’s talking about would think he was being mysterious. However, right now he was indeed thinking of something troublesome.

“Although with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception I can kill the Aragami and finish the first main quest, right now I don’t have any means to complete the second Main Quest right?”

Fang Li’s first quest was to kill the Aragami.

But his second quest was actually to retrieve the Aragami’s core.

Right now Fang Li could kill the Aragami but killing them involved destroying the core.

Right now, Fang Li didn’t have any way to complete main quest 2…

“Didn’t think I’d bump into this issue here.”

Fang Li’s brow was wrinkled even deeper.

“Seems like I’ll need to figure this out.”

Thinking so, Fang Li suddenly thought of something and looked in Alisa’s direction.

At this moment, Alisa was still in shock looking at Fang Li with an unbelievable expression.

“Could this be why he could cut through the steel wall?”

Alisa’s vision couldn’t help but change and look towards the dagger in Fang Li’s hands.

Alisa could confirm that the dagger was not a God Arc. Although it looked extraordinary if it wasn’t a God Arc it couldn’t kill the Aragami.

Obviously, that’s the case.

Obviously, that’s the case but why can Fang Li kill the Aragami leader?

Alisa’s head was full of chaotic thoughts.

Fang Li jumped over the Aragami leader’s corpse and walked towards Alisa. But she Alisa actually moved back a step and made some distance with him.

Seeing this, Fang Li raised his brows and looked deeply at her saying with a faint smile, “What’s wrong, are you scared?”

Alisa didn’t speak.

However, her actions said it all.

Facing something she couldn’t understand, Alisa finally showed her weakness. Regarding this, Fang Li just looked at Alisa and said, “Since you’ve shown your weakness then you can’t just choose to look and not see, ignoring it is just an escape.”

Leaving behind those words, Fang Li turned around and no longer paying attention to her started moving.

Looking at Fang Li’s back, Alisa opened her mouth slightly but finally just lowered her head, clenched her teeth and followed slowly.

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