Boom-! The convertible that hit the roadside directly burned up in the explosion and gradually turned into a pile of scrap metal. The aftermath of the explosion blew away the rainwater, creating a blast wave that changed the direction of the surrounding wind. However, this wind was once again exploited by Fang Li. As if […]

“Whoosh–!” The cold wind whistled in the air. The rain pounded relentlessly on Fang Li’s body. Under these circumstances, Fang Li held Aria in one arm went down free-falling from the helicopter. With a whistling sound, they shuttled towards the ground. Only when he was about 10 meters away from the ground, did Fang Li […]

When Fang Li’s voice rang out over the headset, Aria was startled straight away. Without any hesitation, Aria asked directly, “Why?” Fang Li didn’t answer, only to raise his chin in the direction of the bus that was rushing below, and said, “Look around the bus.” Aria paused to look down. In the next second, […]

At this moment, the voice that penetrated through the wind and rain entered Fang Li’s ears. It was a voice that matched the girl’s appearance perfectly. But it’s not a bad childlike voice, on the contrary, it had a pleasant sound, as if it were a work of art. However, this sound was soon covered […]

The next day, early in the morning. Shirayuki had already left for Mount Osore for the training camp. Today, this Yamato Nadeshiko naturally wouldn’t be waiting for Fang Li in front of the boys’ dormitory. However, Shirayuki, as usual, sent an SMS on time to wake up the sleeping Fang Li so he got to […]

Article 9 of the Butei Charter states that all Butei may not kill under any circumstances. In fact, this was not the original text of the Butei Charter. “Launch out into the world. Fight together, irrespective of race or nationality.” This is the ninth article of the International Butei Charter. However, in a certain country […]

“……..” An extremely depressing silence permeated the entire space. Fang Li’s eyes gradually narrowed, gently closed the cell phone in his hand, and looked around. On this dusk-shrouded street, except for Fang Li, there was no one there. However, Fang Li knows that he is not alone here. During his year at Butei High, Fang […]

S-Rank Butei. That’s not an evaluation anyone can just get. Fang Li was awarded the S-Rank Butei rank on the first day of the entrance exam, leaving many people in awe. In fact, in the whole world, there are only 712 S-Rank Butei. If you add in Fang Li, there are only 713 people. So, […]

“Riko Mine!” Fang Li’s reaction to the girl who suddenly appeared in front of him was astonishment. Not to mention him, even Tohyama Kinji aggressively got up from his seat. Fang Li, who had been friends with Tohyama Kinji for a year, knew that in general, If Tohyama Kinji were to do something drastic to […]

If Shirayuki is Fang Li’s first female friend in Butei High, Tohyama Kinji is Fang Li’s first male friend. Moreover, it was a strange friendship. The entrance exams they fought with each other. They were classmates in first grade. Assault’s classes were attended together. Even for Commissioned Quests they were on the same team together! […]