Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 190

“Riko Mine!” Fang Li’s reaction to the girl who suddenly appeared in front of him was astonishment.

Not to mention him, even Tohyama Kinji aggressively got up from his seat. Fang Li, who had been friends with Tohyama Kinji for a year, knew that in general, If Tohyama Kinji were to do something drastic to a girl, that means in Tohyama Kinji’s mind, she was a very dangerous existence.

In other words, in Tohyama Kinji’s mind, the girl in front of him had a dangerous presence. The danger of him entering Hysteria Mode. It’s easy to imagine how cute this girl called Riko is.

Only, in the eyes of the unsuspecting audience, Tohyama Kinji’s reaction was… a bit weird.

“Pfft, Ki-kun’s reaction is so sad, you’re going to hurt a girl’s confidence!” Riko puffed her cheeks with a dissatisfied look.

But shortly afterward, Riko again looked with shining eyes at Tohyama Kinji, and then looked at Fang Li as if she had found something funny… She gave a smile.

“Ki-kun is just like the girl’s rumors, hating girls, but with boys like Li Li… Are you doing any of that pa pa pa and iya iya iya stuff with him?”

Riko’s words, as usual, were weird and off the mark as usual…

However, for some reason, Riko was looking at him with such expectant eyes, that be it Fang Li or Tohyama Kinji they both felt a chill down their back as if knowing something extremely nasty was being imagined in Riko’s head.

Like that, they both simultaneously spoke out. “No! Absolutely impossible!”

With such a resolute and unanimous voice, the shining eyes of anticipation on Riko’s face gradually disappeared and was replaced by disappointment.

“What’s going on? Some of the girls are saying those rumors but Riko can’t confirm this… If the rumor’s true, that’ll absolutely become a hot topic.”

This muttering of hers instantly made Fang Li and Tohyama Kinji get a bad chill. This wasn’t something that could be ignored just by hearing about it.

You know, Riko is a famous otaku girl. She’s a weird kind of girl, an otaku girl with a strange interest, a girl who’s too cute, Riko loved bishoujo games. Especially ones with a female main character!

The clothes worn by her characters are just as fluffy as Riko’s real clothing, and in fact Riko looked better in it!

Riko often spends a lot of money for cosplay and even the boys of Butei High have seen her go in and out of Akihabara many times.

She liked to frequent the Maid Cafes as well, if it’s a guy doing this, it would absolutely attract unwanted attention. But if a cute girl did it, it made Riko even more popular!

Naturally, Riko had some rotten ideas that only bad girls would have….With that in mind, Fang Li and Tohyama Kinji were really getting a bad chill.

“I…I suddenly remembered something I-I need to do, I’ll come back later for the meeting!” Tohyama Kinji threw down these words without hesitation, and then immediately went into Hysteria Mode.

He rushed out of the classroom with a speed that no one could match. Seeing this, Fang Li immediately also said, “I also remember something…”

However, before he had time to say anything, Riko suddenly moved.

“BOOM!” shouted Riko, and with a mighty dive, she jumped onto Fang Li’s side. She grabbed him by the arm and yelled out, “No, no, no, Riko was finally able to be with Li Li again after so much effort. Being in the same class this time, I won’t let Li Li get away!”

I don’t know if Riko noticed or if she did it intentionally but as she yelled her plump chest was squeezing onto Fang Li’s arms.

The touch of that soft, delicate body and the unique fragrance of a girl spread to Fang Li’s nerves, making Fang Li feel a bit light-headed.

Even he couldn’t help but feel a ripple inside. Only, this way, Fang Li couldn’t escape, so he could only helplessly grin, “You’re still the same as before, you haven’t changed at all.”

In Butei High, the first friend Fang Li made was Tohyama Kinji, the second friend is Shirayuki and the third is Riko. In the first grade, Fang Li was in the same class as Riko. On the first day of school, Riko caught Fang Li’s attention.

“My name is Riko Mine, you can call me Riko, my birthday is March 31, and I like to do things like cosplay… If you don’t mind, then please be friends with Riko. ~”

This was Riko’s introduction in class. At that time, all the other students introduced themselves pretty simply, but Riko was the only one who introduced herself with such an energetic look she even added things like her birthday which combined with her cute appearance made everyone notice her.

Especially the guys, with such a beautiful body, no guy would fail to notice her. The sad thing is that Fang Li is also a boy. So, Fang Li remembered Riko as well.

However, in the beginning, Fang Li and Riko didn’t know each other that well and didn’t even talk to each other much. Until March 31st, Fang Li just finished a commission. The commissioner got him a cake as a thank-you gift and he was thinking of what to do with it when by coincidence… He met Riko and remembered that day was Riko’s birthday.

So Fang Li gave the cake to Riko. Since then, Riko has been pestering him from all the time. Even when Fang Li was in Assault’s training class, Riko went to it as an elective.

For this reason, Fang Li was arrested and sentenced to death. In Assault, the group of single dogs mistakenly thought he was a life winner so they ended up having a personal vendetta against him.

They ended up challenging Fang Li in combat training and of course, the result was that Fang Li succeeded in making all the Butei of Assault lie on their backs that day!

On top of that, as soon as Fang Li was done, the building in Assault was filled with wailing. When Riko had free time, she would play games with Fang Li. Somehow she’d gotten to know Fang Li.

“Shouldn’t we change the nickname ‘Li Li’?” Fang Li’s words were immediately met with Riko’s laughter.

“That’s Riko’s term of love for Li Li, though? Rejecting a girl’s cute nickname is going to get you kicked in the ass, Li Li!”

There’s a big difference between love and cute nicknames. Fang Li didn’t even bother to smack his head internally…

“Right, right, back to what we were talking about.” Riko tapped her palm and said to Fang Li, “Li Li, in Assault. Isn’t there still one more S-Rank Butei?”

Hearing this, Fang Li scratched his cheek and replied, “Do you mean Kanzaki-san?”

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