Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 191

S-Rank Butei.

That’s not an evaluation anyone can just get. Fang Li was awarded the S-Rank Butei rank on the first day of the entrance exam, leaving many people in awe.

In fact, in the whole world, there are only 712 S-Rank Butei. If you add in Fang Li, there are only 713 people. So, S-Rank Butei can be said to be the pillar of the Butei industry, the elite of the elite, even if there are only a few of them, a single person is enough to destroy a special forces squadron, their fighting prowess in the eyes of ordinary people can be called superhuman.

Precisely because of this, on the first day of the entrance exam, when he got the S Rank rating, this was enough to attract the attention of the country and even other countries. It can be imagined that in a small Butei High School, S-Rank Butei’s rarity could be seen.

At least, in Butei High’s second-grade students, the number of S-Rank Butei can probably be counted on one hand. With that in mind, in Assault’s training, the only students who could fight him was that Hysteria Mode Tohyama Kinji.

The rest of them were all solved in one to two punchers. But, not long ago, a transfer student came to Butei High and transferred to Assault…

“Kanzaki H. Aria.” Riko was holding Fang. Li’s hand, dangling from it like a toddler, speaking slowly as she did so.

“An S-Rank Butei from the United Kingdom, who just transferred to the school last semester. Student of Butei High, using the Colt M1911 Government-issued weapon. She used two of them, and it was said that she also used two Kodachi she was called “Quadra Aria”

“Oh. You’ve done your research well.” Fang Li said, “As expected of Inquesta’s A-Rank Butei. ”

That’s one of the reasons why Fang Li noticed Riko in the first place. Although she was an otaku girl and had this kind of personality, Riko was a girl who was skilled at spying, filming, eavesdropping and hacking she had an uncanny ability to gather information.

This ability, allowed Riko to get an A-Rank rating. For that time to research Sayonaki, Fang Li was the one who asked Riko to gather the information.

Now, Riko has once again demonstrated her superior intelligence-gathering ability and had sent a group of people from the United Kingdom to gather information. The United Kingdom’s transfer student’s matter was investigated clearly.

“If it’s that transfer student, then she should be able to satisfy the same S-Rank requirement right Li Li?” Riko tapped her finger on Fang Li’s arm, and with a very ambiguous expression, said this. “I heard that, after transferring to Assault, that transfer student has been investigating Li Li’s whereabouts?”

This thing, Fang Li knew as well. After all, Fang Li in Assault. he could always feel that student looking for something from him. Fang Li naturally didn’t know what.

Only, in the whole third semester, the two of them never saw each other. The reason is simply that Fang Li is very busy. In Butei High, Fang Li was known as a workaholic. Whenever there was a difficult commission, Fang Li would go out and complete the Quest.

The difficult commissions are usually very time consuming, especially the ones that require a lot of travel. Especially for those commissions that need to be done far away from home, sometimes without giving a month or two it’d be impossible to complete.

Of course, this type of commission is generally impossible to post on the bulletin board, but rather given by the Teachers from the Educational Affairs Division. They will select suitable candidates from Butei High School.

Fang Li as Assault’s supernova, unlike Tohyama Kinji, had always been very active, so he is often asked by the Educational Records and Programs Division to do this kind of difficult work.

He had been on many trips. As the third semester was only a few months long, Fang Li spent a lot of time away from the school. The transfer student, who is also an S-Rank Butei, has been in school at that time. As a result, throughout the third semester, Fang Li had not even met the transfer student.

Only, whenever Fang Li finished his work and returned to Butei High. The students would tell Fang Li that the transfer student was always looking for him.

“The same S-Rank Butei, they probably want to duel with you to decide who is the winner. Butei High Assault second grade’s No.1.”

“Finally! Someone who can restrain a monster like you has appeared.”

“I hope the duel will result in death and injury.”

“The one dying is still gonna be you though.”

“That’s right.”

Those were the words of from Assault.

Fang Li couldn’t help but laugh, “Is that Kanzaki-san really looking for a duel with me? ”

“Saa, I don’t know.” Riko said with a sweet voice, “But, Riko heard that that transfer student is in our class this year.”

“Our class?” Fang Li was startled and surprised, “No way?”

“Really, only today there seems to be some kind of case, transfer student-san won’t be coming to class.” Riko raised her head, looking directly at Fang Li.

Not sure if it was Fang Li’s delusion. In that split second, in Riko’s innocent eyes, there seemed to be a strange flash of… light. Like a hunter expecting a hunt, there was brutality but also pleasure.

“Sooner or later you’ll meet Aria anyway.” With that, Riko left Fang Li’s side like a rabbit in a few bounces., turning to the rest of the students, she began to start talking non-stop.

Fang Li shrugged his shoulders, turned his head, looking out the window, he slowly smiled.

“Kanzaki H. Aria…”

“I hope it’s an interesting person…”

Time passed by slowly.

Soon after, the sunset, and dusk enveloped the whole Butei High, students started to walk out of the campus, laughing and talking to each other, spreading out in all directions.

Fang Li was also among them. Since the fifth class was a major class, the departure time for students were different depending on their major. Shirayuki’s Supernatural Selective Research took more energy to study than other subjects, so those students usually finished school late.

That’s why Fang Li went home alone today. “Just because we can’t go back together, you don’t have to send so many SMS’s to apologize, right??”

On the dark road, Fang Li checked the SMS’s from Shirayuki, and felt that laughing and crying. In the next second, Fang Li’s footsteps suddenly stopped. At the same time, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly changed.

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