Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 192

“……..” An extremely depressing silence permeated the entire space. Fang Li’s eyes gradually narrowed, gently closed the cell phone in his hand, and looked around.

On this dusk-shrouded street, except for Fang Li, there was no one there. However, Fang Li knows that he is not alone here. During his year at Butei High, Fang Li spent most of his time working on completing the Main Quests.

In Assault, Fang Li has learned a lot of professional knowledge. There are a variety of ways to deal with the future, such as tracking techniques, counter-tracking techniques, ways to escape when you’re tied up, and how to detect surveillance.

The techniques are all of great benefit to Fang Li. That’s why Fang Li’s nowadays can judge situations just by hearing and intuition around him.

Fang Li was vaguely aware of something. Disordered breathing hidden in the shadows. That somewhat disorganized sound of footsteps. The ferocious sight that showed no mercy. And the sickening sensation of sticky saliva rubbing back and forth.

At this moment, Fang Li was sure. “Surrounded hmm…”

In the midst of Fang Li’s murmuring, a shadow began to slowly emerge from one of the alleys around the street.

“Roar…” “Roar…” it was a chaotic low roar. The shadow that slowly emerged from the dark alley was a wolf.

A wolf with a fierce streak. “No, not a wolf.” If it had been a wolf, there wouldn’t have been such an oppressive silence. After all, there were about ten wolves coming out of a dark alley, to say the least. If such a pack of wolves had suddenly appeared in a crowded street, it would have started… An undifferentiated attack, causing panic, definitely not this sort of situation without any bystanders, targeting only Fang Li alone.

So, these wolves were not wild wolves, but specially trained, tame animals that were thrown into battle. Someone behind the scenes wanted to plan against Fang Li.

“To actually be able to train wolves, they must not be an ordinary person, right?” At least, the common person couldn’t do tame the ferocious wolves around him.

In any case, the overwhelming fierceness of their silvery-white body hair made your skin tingle and made you feel… A hint of elegance, a strong physique, plus that huge body, all these told Fang Li that these wolves were not common wolves.

Fang Li had read about this in textbooks. “The endangered Caucasian Silver Wolf.”

As he spoke…

“Awoo–!” Along with the high-pitched howl of one of the silver wolves, the silver wolves surrounding Fang Li’s fiercely jumped up, like bullets, instantly rushing to Fang Li’s direction. At this moment, Fang Li was completely surrounded, with no way of retreat.

However, at almost the same time, Fang Li’s mouth raised a curve. His hand suddenly lifted, and a flash of light suddenly appeared around it.

Bang, bang, bang, bang–!

The sound of gunshots suddenly rang out. The sudden flash of light that appeared around Fang Li’s was the muzzle flames from the bullets being fired yet no gun could be seen.

Fang Li just raised his hand, and fired the bullets. Under the dull sound of the gunshots, the bullets sliced and diced. At first glance, it’s like… Fang Li had just lifted up his hand and bullets shot out. It was like magic and also the source of Fang Li’s nickname.

Gun Magician.

This is a move that Fang Li had used in front of Tohyama Kinji at the very beginning. At that time, Tohyama Kinji, who had seen this move, said the name with a dumbfounded expression.

“Invisible Bullet…” As the name suggests, getting shot without being able to even see where you got shot from. A truly incredible technique.

You never know when he’ll draw his gun, where he’ll aim, you won’t even realize you were hit. This sort of move couldn’t produce any response because it was too fast and unpredictable. It is said that Tohyama Kinji’s Big Brother knew how to use this unbelievable gun technique and once just with this move, he was able to subdue countless vicious criminals.

So, when Fang Li used the exact same gunshot… Tohyama Kinji was stunned. Of course, Tohyama Kinji didn’t know that Fang Li doesn’t know anything about the so-called “Invisible Bullet” gun technique.

Fang Li just took out the Glock lying in the space of the Black Ring, and then… He pulled the trigger with his extraordinary attack speed, and then put the gun back inside the Black Ring’s space.

However, the process is so fast that even when he entered Hysteria Mode, Tohyama Kinji who could even flick bullets away couldn’t detect it.

Thus, this move became Fang Li’s famous move, which finally earned Fang Li the “Gun Magician” title. In such a situation, a pack of silver wolves is naturally impossible to deal with that. Bullets met with the incoming attackers.

Pu chi

The sound of a bullet missing into fles was heard.

Pu chi

Pu chi

Pu chi

One after another, the bullets pierced through the bodies of the silver wolves, causing them to fall to the ground in a splash of blood. The blood gradually dyed the ground red.

That scene would have been absolutely beautiful without the corpses. In the dark sunset, a blood blossom suddenly bloomed around Fang Li’s body. The red ground, although extremely bloody, it had a weird sense of beauty.

Only, Fang Li didn’t have the mood to create such beauty. While the silver wolves were being killed on the spot, Fang Li’s ears flickered and a strange sound was heard. Looking up, towards a corner of the street, Fang Li saw a car starting up and driving away.

“Is it you?” As the words came out of Fang Li’s mouth, a flash of light blossomed in front of Fang Li’s body.


Another shot rang out, and the bullet cut through the air landing on the car’s tires. The vehicle with the broken tire lost its balance and twisted around, crashing into a street lamp.


An explosion was heard loud and clear. The vehicle was covered in flames. Fang Li watched this scene happen, but his look did not waver at all, lifting his feet he walked towards the burning wreckage.


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