Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 171

“Really a simple and crude entrance examination…”

In the abandoned building’s corner, Fang Li wore a communication earpiece that Ranbyou had given the students while grasping his Moon Blade playing around with it.

Although Ranboy was a crude person, this sort of attitude was necessary for this type of entrance examination.

As an Assault Butei, the most needed skill was fighting ability.

Therefore, the nature of the exam needed to test this skill. According to Ranbyou, there were 14 floors in this building.

The new students had to enter the buildings and spread out in random areas awaiting instructions from the earpiece. Once they were given instructions, they needed to each grasp the person closest to them and arrest them.

The ones who survive till the end and arrest the most are the ones who will get the highest-ranking result.

“Fighting against a bunch of students?”

Fang Li looked at a camera on the ceiling whispering to himself.

“Although I’m a bit embarrassed, for my main quests I can only say sorry to you guys…”

As he finished, a sound came out of the earpiece, it was Ranbyou.

“Alright, the test begins!”

At a place not far away from the abandoned building, there was an apartment, inside Ranbyou was holding a bottle of liquor drinking it in a heroic way.

As she chugged the alcohol and filled her stomach she called out loudly.

“Fight fight! Hurry up and fight! It’ll be great if you kill them off!”

This was totally the sort of cheer you’d hear at a boxing match…It made the instructor monitoring the instruments smile bitterly hearing it.

“Ranbyou sensei please don’t drink so much…You’re the main examiner it’s not a good look…” The instructor mentioned cautiously.

“Shut up!” Ranbyou stared at him and shouted, “This sort of boring test, if it wasn’t for drinking how could I watch it?”

Saying so, she drank another huge gulp as if wanting to forcefully get drunk as soon as possible and making the instructor tremble.

There was no other way, everyone knew Ranbyou’s background how could they not know it being colleagues?

Although this female instructor was very young she was also an illustrious Butei. Her cruelty and viciousness were well known, she was even dismissed by numerous Butei training schools and now she had taken up a post at Tokyo Butei High School teaching the Assault class while also teaching sports.

This was enough to scare some children!

Naturally, this wasn’t what truly made her scary. What did was this crude female instructor once razed an entire abandoned residential area while drunk causing many instructors to piss themselves with fright.

With such rumors, seeing her drinking, which instructor wouldn’t be worried?

If Ranbyou was drunk and suddenly let all these new students and grown men turn into corpses?

Thinking of this, the face of the instructor went pale.

He hastily said, “Ranbyou sensei can you check out any of the new students and see if there’s any of them that don’t have the necessary self-control and cause serious injuries, it’ll be bad for the school if it happens.”

“Do they dare” Ranbyou muttered, although she also stopped chugging from the bottle.

Actually, the main reason Ranbyou was here was to monitor the examinees. These Butei High new students were after all just middle school brats.

Since they were brats they had impulses and often didn’t consider the consequences.

In the past, there was a bad event. During the examination, a student because of the hate of being defeated aimed the gun and shot at another student’s head blowing that student’s head immediately.

That time, the event had such a huge fallout that it caused the outside world to meddle continuously and filled up headlines everywhere. It was only because a minister intervened that the matter passed.

In order to avoid a similar incident, Ranbyou had to be the one monitoring the examination.

She finally looked earnestly at the surveillance images and swept her eyes across the various scenes when she suddenly made a sound of astonishment.

“Is that fellow silly?”

Hearing this, the other instructor also looked at the scene and was shocked.

On the surveillance feed, there was a student walking with gusto into the building’s hall not hiding at all.


With a clear sound of a can being kicked before rolling several times on the ground, it sent out a piercing sound compared to the silence in the surroundings.

With all the enemies hiding, sending out a sound like that was like telling other people who was the prey.

However, Fang Li still walked with ease as if he wasn’t concerned, not even bothering to conceal his footsteps or hide his figure.

He also kicked several cans on the way sending out clear sounds like signals telling other people Fang Li was here.

At this time he stopped then thought out loud.

“Should be about now?”

Saying so, he turned and observed his surroundings. It was still silent.

But Fang Li discovered. In several corners, there were forms hiding approaching his direction.

This was why Ranbyou thought he was silly. Exposing himself in front of the guns had only one fate.

Even if they had bulletproof uniforms, exposure before a gun wasn’t a smart move.

Because, even if you could block the bullet, the impact would still feel like being hit in the chest at full power, you’d definitely be down.

Therefore, there was no need to think of what sort of consequence this behaviour would have.


A gunshot rang out.

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