Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 172

In this instant, although there was only one gunshot sound, there were actually three people firing towards Fang Li concealed in the shadows cleverly, the new students all shot at Fang Li at the same time.

In the dim abandoned building, bullets could be seen bursting out of the guns cutting through the air at a speed the eye could not see towards Fang Li.

These three students were not laymen. The Butei Training didn’t just begin in High School, even middle school students were trained.

Butei Middle School was also meant to cultivate students for High School, there was even a system of internship that allowed students that were not of admittance age to gain entry to Butei High.

In this entrance examination, besides the ones that came from general study type middle school there were also the ones from outside the country registering. These Butei had undergone a certain amount of training so proper marksmanship wasn’t strange.

These three students were obviously this type.

Firing without hesitation towards Fang Li’s chest, abdomen, and waist in one go. Once they hit, an average person wearing a bulletproof vest would be knocked down instantly.

Of course that only applied to an average person.

Furthermore, it had to hit to be effective.

“Compared to Shiki Nanaya’s movements, these are too easy to see through.”

The sharp dagger in Fang Li’s hand moved.

Clang clang clang

Loud impacts were heard as those bullets seemed to be seen through by Fang Li, the dagger flashed as it easily deflected all the bullets.



“No way…”

As they saw this sort of crazy scene, the three new students’ eyes almost burst open as they stared unbelievably.

Forget these three students, even the Instructors seeing it through the cameras were astonished.

“He’s got skill.” Ranbyou was also surprised as she remarked with interest.

“Who would’ve thought that there would be such a seedling among the new students, what a pleasant surprise.”

Naturally, for Ranbyou this was only restricted to surprise.

There were extraordinary people in the world that stood apart from normal humans. Forget just seeing the bullet’s path, Ranbyou had even seen a person that could catch the bullets bare-handed once.

Only, a new student having this sort of ability was quite surprising.

It was however just restricted to that for Ranbyou, a new student skill wouldn’t make her lose too much of her composure.

However, just then, a faint voice sounded out.

“Are you guys dreaming?”

The three students immediately woke up.

But before they could respond it was too late.




Three groaning sounds immediately sounded out from different corners. After the groans stopped, the building went silent once more.

After a moment, Fang Li walked out of a corner. In his hands were three knocked out new students.

“If the fight with Shiki Nanaya could be this simple it would be great…”

That was Fang Li’s only feelings towards the fight.

There was no other way, after all compared to fighting Shiki Nanaya, this sort of fight could only be considered a game.

It had to be known, that when facing Shiki Nanaya every single misstep could lead him to getting beheaded so he had to always be vigilant or else he’d be dismembered instantly.

Even when facing Shiki Tohno, Fang Li had a danger of dying, before the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, anything that could be killed will be killed no matter how formidable.

However, facing these students that could only shoot guns, Fang Li had no sense of danger or urgency.

It’s not that he was despising the enemy but just that the enemy didn’t have enough danger to make him guard against.

“After all they’re only students.”

The three unconscious, students were dragged into a corner and tied up with rope after which, Fang Li started walking in another direction.

This could almost be called Fang Li’s own show. He was just walking swaggeringly into all the floors getting fired at by all the students then those students turning into his prey.

There were various kinds of attacks, some fought him openly, some set traps, some used strategy, some hadn’t managed to do anything yet.

But for all these high school students who wanted to become Butei, Fang Li was just too much of an anomaly.

Presently, he not only had attributed surpassing an average person, he also improved his combat techniques. He was incomparable to the otaku from before that relied on the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

In this way, all the students attacking were defeated one after the other and captured. Finally, after just 30 minutes, several students had already fallen into his hands.


One student wanted to fire a round at Fang Li. Before that, a silent form appeared before the muzzle of the opposite party.

“If you get too excited other people can see when you want to fire.”

As those words fell, a bang sound was heard as a knee hit the student’s abdomen.

“Wu…” The student squeezed out a cry before falling down on the ground.

Seeing the student on the ground, Fang Li muttered to himself, “This is the 17th”

However, just then, something that even Fang Li didn’t expect happened.

Bang bang

The sound of gunshots could be heard as two rounds of bullets flew from a corner towards Fang Li.


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