Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 170

Artificial Island, Academy Island.

On this island, besides the school buildings, there were many facilities to support the students. There were dormitories, restaurants and more.

The Butei High Students made up the main customers but this Academy Island had already developed several trades and turned into a small city.

In the corner of the island, there was an abandoned building.

Right now, a school bus was slowly trodding along before stopping in front of it. Then, the door opened.

Students wearing the Butei High uniforms filed out and looked at the building some looking at each other in dismay.

“Why are we here?”

“Could this be where the Assault training is going to be done?”

“Is it??”

“How could it be here?”

The students were all restless.

Fang Li was in the crowd but he wasn’t clamoring like the other new students just looking pensively at the abandoned building.

In the crowd, the noise got louder and louder before…


A loud gunshot sounded out along with a bullet casing falling on the ground.


All the students were surprised and immediately reached for their guns by reflex to draw at any time.

There was the woman with the long sword who exited the vehicle was holding a shotgun in her hand. It didn’t need to be explained who had fired.

The vicious-looking woman swept her eyes across all the students with a tyrannical smiling face saying, “If any of you want to die keep yapping.”

Complete silence.

This woman sending out a cruel aura caused all the students to swallow their saliva not daring to speak.

Even Fang Li couldn’t help muttering in his heart.

“Who would just open fire the moment she wasn’t happy?!”

That was the same idea inside everyone’s heart.

Towards this, the opposite party was actually quite satisfied introducing herself.

“I am Ranbyou, you can call me instructor because for the following three years if there’s no accident I’ll be the one training all of you.”

The woman named Ranbyou flung the shotgun behind her shoulder and said loudly, “Assault is my responsibility if you have chosen Assault then understand that if you die don’t blame me.”

Hearing this everyone swallowed their saliva again.

That was natural. At least, Fang Li knew that Ranbyou wasn’t scary.

Butei High’s goal was to train outstanding Butei. Although as a school it also had a normal curriculum, the students had to accept the Butei training as well.

Therefore, depending on the difference in skill there were different specializations and disciplines.

To train the detective capability and analytical ability, Inquesta.

To train the ability to investigate information on criminal organizations and their movements along with sabotage, Lezzad.

To train the ability to provide communications support and information analysis, Connect.

To train the ability to provide hospital services and other medical needs like a doctor, Medica.

There was also one to train the ability to use various vehicles and means of transport, Logi.

With these specialized differences, the part each Butei excelled at was also different, depending on the Butei’s ability it would affect the Butei’s future. Students who registered in Butei High had to choose which discipline they wanted to specialize in and train in.

Fang Li hadn’t chosen any of the previous options.

He had chosen Assault.

This was a specialty focused on arresting criminals and strengthening combat skills.

This was the most dangerous of all the specializations.

In this discipline, out of 100 people, 3 would be killed before graduating. That was how dangerous it was.

However, this was the specialty that suited Fang Li the most.

If there was anything Fang Li specialized in, it was fighting. The other students naturally didn’t suspect if Ranbyou’s words were real.

“Naturally if you die or live it has nothing to do with me but if you don’t listen carefully, you’ll definitely die.”

Ranbyou’s vision swept past each student with a slight grin on her face asking, “So who wants to try?”

Each student was immediately red-faced.

Fang Li’s mouth twitched as he whispered in his head, “Unexpectedly there’s actually a teacher that threatens her own students, that really expands one’s vision…”

Naturally, he didn’t voice this out. A person that could become a Butei High Assault instructor obviously had unusual strength.

Although Fang Li didn’t think he would be suppressed there wasn’t any need to provoke her.

“Since no one objects, let’s begin.”

Ranbyou curled her lip in disappointment opening her mouth and shouting.

“Now, all of you will carry out the Assault examination, the score on this test will decide your Rank evaluation.”

Hearing this, all the students’ eyes shone including Fang Li.

Rank evaluation.

This was the common ranking system in the Butei world.

Depending on the Butei’s ability, performance and result, they would obtain different ranks.

Ranks from high to low were, S, A, B, C, D and E, 6 ranks.

One of Fang Li’s Main Quests was to obtain a Rank evaluation, the higher the rank the bigger the reward.

Therefore, for him, this ranking evaluation was very significant.

“In the Butei world, ranking is equivalent to status, if you want to oppress others then struggle and perform!”

Ranbyou’s tone was crude.

“Everyone enter the abandoned building and randomly spread out, no matter using what method even using the gun is fine, as long as no one dies fight to your heart’s content!”

“No matter if you knock out the enemy, trap them or whatever, as long as you catch more people you’ll get a better result!”

“This is your entrance examination!”


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