Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 169


Fang Li continued reading the handbook in his hand when he approached a corner and realized there were some footsteps coming towards him. They seemed quite flurried and it seemed like someone running at full speed.

If it continued this way, the random person would definitely crash into Fang Li! Therefore, Fang Li immediately stopped his footsteps.

At that moment, a young girl ran towards Fang Li.


Her breath was disorderly and she seemed quite exhausted from running.

The girl was wearing the Butei High female student’s uniform. It was a clean white uniform.

When she was running, her skirt had been swinging around as well showing the smooth thighs underneath.

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In front of Fang Li was a girl with pitch-black hair cascading down like a waterfall, her hair was fluttering in the air as she ran.

The girl was still running but that wasn’t the issue.

The issue was behind her was a crowd of youngsters dressed up like gangsters chasing.

“Haha do not run!”

“It’s useless to keep running!”

“How could a little girl like you outrun grown men like us?”

“That’s right!”

With that laughter, the crowd of delinquents was rushing over as well.

Seeing this, how could Fang Li not know what was going on?

Obviously, this crowd of delinquents had been chasing the young girl forcing her to escape.

“Is there this sort of matter in Butei High as well?”

Fang Li didn’t know if to laugh or to cry. Although to many people, Butei were a crowd of unlawful people but after all this was a school, yet there was actually a crowd of delinquents chasing a young girl in the school what an ironic plot.

However, at the same time, this wasn’t too strange.

Because of how Butei are portrayed, many extraordinary students will register to go to Butei High to find a future. But there were also these delinquents fuelled by violence that got excited by this sort of life as well. Therefore, each year there would be similar types of students, after they were educated properly they’d straighten up.

Naturally, these people now thought they were unfettered and beyond the law.

“It’s a pity that you chose the wrong place.”

Fang Li didn’t close the handbook in his hand looking at the delinquents chasing. When the last delinquent was about to run past, Fang Li stretched out a foot.


As he called out in alarm, the guy immediately lost his balance and fell forward with a loud *Bang*

The rest of his companions were also thrown forward by the inertia and with more noise, all of them ended up rolling on the floor shouting miserably.

Seeing these delinquents rolling around on the floor, Fang Li shrugged as if he’d done nothing and seen nothing lowering his head and continuing forward.

Fang Li didn’t see it.

At the side of the corridor, the young girl who was escaping had stopped and was looking at Fang Li going away slowly muttering.

“He is…”

Fang Li thought this was a minor matter and had already cast it behind him continuing to focus on the handbook before arriving at the gym.


Confirming it was the right place, Fang Li opened the door and entered the gym.

These people were all new students. There were some gathered in groups so they were probably from the same middle school?

Fang Li, of course, didn’t know anyone so he just walked forward selfishly to integrate into the crowd.

Standing within it, Fang Li swept his eyes at all the new students.

To be more accurate, he was sweeping his eyes towards the waist and legs of each of the new students.

If one observed carefully they’d find that at these spots it seemed all the students had something inside causing a bulge.

“Concealed guns?”

Fang Li drew that conclusion immediately.

According to the stipulation of Butei High, each student had to learn how to use guns and so it was a rule to have a gun. After all, Butei were armed detectives, having firearms was a basic requirement.

Even new students will have to carry guns or they’d be violating the school rules. To be honest, not carrying a weapon would be violating the school rules, only this sort of world with Butei high would have such a weird rule.

But this actually made Fang Li interested.

“I really don’t want to be a bookworm like before at an ordinary school…”

Even if that life had no danger it was the same. Thus it can be seen that Fang Li a reckless person being selected as an Envoy had its own reasoning.

As Fang Li observed everyone time seemed to pass gradually. Eventually, his eyes stopped at one person.

This person seemed to be mixed into the crowd like him but not in a group like the other people instead also inspecting firearms.

From his angle, he could reluctantly make out the person’s profile.

However, this profile made him focus attentively.

“Seems a little familiar?”

When Fang Li had such an idea, the gym gate was crudely slammed open.

All the new students looked in surprise at the door.

Shortly after, a woman with a long sword on her back walked in carrying an aura of strength.

She didn’t give any opportunity for anyone to ask before shouting directly, “All new students who plan to go to the test arrive at the entrance immediately!”

After saying that, she walked out directly.

The gym immediately turned rowdy.

Fang Li raised a brow and smiled.

“It seems like this will be really interesting…”



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