Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 168

Since entering the Chief God’s Dimension, Fang Li hadn’t been as relaxed as today.

That’s normal. After all, the first world was filled with bloody Kabane that caused humanity to almost go extinct and the second world was filled with Aragami that similarly made humanity almost go extinct!

With those two dungeon worlds, Fang Li could only strive to maintain his life whereas when he returned to the Chief God’s Dimension he was only thinking about promoting his strength in the training ground, how could he ever relax?

Now, this peaceful atmosphere somewhat affected him letting his alert heart finally relax a bit.

“Before entering the Chief God’s Dimension I was also just a normal person in this type of world.”

Therefore, he fondly remembered this scene.

Naturally, this world and Fang Li’s world were totally different. Even if they looked the same, there were many things going on behind the scenes here.

“The issue is I’m just not clear what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Regarding this world, Fang Li honestly didn’t have that little cheat when crossing over. That cheat of foresight.

“After all, Hidan no Aria aired so long ago…”

In Fang Li’s world, it was quite a long time since it aired. Although Fang Li somewhat understood the plot, it had been so many years that his memory was a bit fuzzy.

On top of that, Fang Li only looked at the anime and hadn’t read the novels published by the author so he didn’t understand the deeper plots and details. Taking that into consideration, this world was more alien to him.

That’s also why when the quest count was increased by him with the Dungeon mission command he said it would take awhile.

“But at least for now I can enjoy this peaceful atmosphere.”

Saying so, he smiled and entered the school building in front.

Tokyo Butei High School.

General name, Butei High.

This was a special school located on an artificial island. This island was called Academy island and was developed with Butei High as the centerpiece.

The function of this school was to train Butei.

These Butei were also known as armed detectives. Their job was to fight against criminals and deal with criminal incidents internationally.

An officer with a Butei license could own a weapon and make arrests to safeguard the peace. Naturally, they weren’t exactly perfect existences either.

Butei were different from the police, their individuality was much higher. Although they could make arrests and carry weapons, they only completed tasks based on a reward.

So long as they could obtain the reward, the Butei would use any means no matter how crude to get it. Their activities were not limited to just arresting criminals either they could also be detectives and bodyguards.

“Precisely because of this, Butei to normal people were just dangerous people who broke the law?”

Walking in the school building, Fang Li was reading the admittance handbook while sighing.

Carefully looking, besides this book he was also wearing a student uniform.

After entering both of these items were already with him. Obviously it was an arrangement by the Chief God’s Dimension.

Just like how in the previous world, he was given the status of a soldier and some military clothing here it was the same deal, he was arranged as a student with some ordinary middle school graduates registering for the first day of the year for Tokyo Butei High School.

Therefore, these items were already on him when he arrived. The book was nothing much but this uniform was actually not ordinary.

Bulletproof uniform
Category: Upper-body garment
Rank: Fifth Rank
Effect: When shot at, it can defend to some extent

This type of bulletproof uniform was necessary for all students. This was clothing weaved from a textile fiber named TNK silk that could defend against bullets giving it bulletproof properties. As a Butei, even the students needed bulletproof clothing.

Fortunately, this uniform was quite good quality and allowed each student to be safe from firearms to some extent.

But it seems as though this uniform was also recognized by the Chief God’s Dimension as equipment.

Furthermore, besides the upper-body, there was the lower body uniform as well which was made of similar material.

For Fang Li, this wasn’t really a good thing.

“Since it’s like that, I need to take off my equipment.”

The Chief God’s Dimension had a rule where only two accessories can be worn simultaneously, everything else could only take up 1 spot per body part.

In other words, this bulletproof uniform was detected as equipment so Fang Li needed to take off his own upper and lower garments to replace them with.

But, those two were very good equips. Fimbulvetr’s Shirt had the property of erupting a cold attack at a certain rate which although was random actually saved him in the previous world. The Black Tang Leggings could restone 1/10 of his stamina every ten minutes, this was necessary for Fang Li, this envoy that relied heavily on speed.

Therefore, he really didn’t want to take them off…

“But in this world, the bulletproof uniform might be more useful, I’ll just accept it honestly.”

Having that idea, Fang Li continued reading while walking.

Fang Li didn’t know. In a corner of the corridor, a young girl had just taken a breather and started running over.

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