Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 167


Under the bright ray, the whole residence seemed to be covered in a warm glow. Fang Li held the insignia with joy in his eyes.

“Actually, this Dungeon mission command is really a treasure.”

This was an item he bought from the Trading Area before. Although it was a special item similar to the Servant Certificate that Fang Li obtained before from the Hidden Quest, other Envoys could get these rewards as well.

It wasn’t strange that some of them would choose to sell the reward for points instead.

“Although it really is a big win for me heh.”

This item was worth 5000 Exchange Points. Naturally, since the previous owner sold it he couldn’t price it higher than the price the Chief God’s Dimension would sell it at otherwise no one would buy. This item was generally sold for around 4500 Exchange Points however the stall owner seemed to be in a rush to get points and sold it for 3000 Exchange Points, a massive bargain!

Right now, Fang Li immediately used it to tamper with the Dungeon Quest allocation.

“Reduce the number of participants and enhance the number of main quests.”

This was the function of the Dungeon mission command.

Therefore, this was a very popular item. So long as there was this item, the number of participants and main quest amount could be changed.

If there was no team because the Envoy didn’t want to deal with other people and get backstabbed they could reduce the participants and therefore the risk.

If there was a team and they had built up trust or it was a team of the Envoy’s Servants then they could also increase the population count and bring the whole team inside the Dungeon World. This would definitely help a lot for some people.

But the number of main quests was also important. If the quests were too few then the risk can be reduced and the Envoy wouldn’t need to worry about Exchange Points being removed although the income is similarly reduced.

If the quests were increased then there would be a higher chance to have a high clearance evaluation and return with a full load.

Fang Li used this item to immediately reduce the participant count and enhance the quest quantity.

The system notification sounded out immediately.

“Serial Number 11273 has used the special item to change the Dungeon Quest’s participant count, the item’s rank will affect the quest difficulty, this item meets the requirements, continue?”


“Number of participants has been reduced, the original allocation for this dungeon is 5 people and a minimum of 1, the Envoy can reduce it to 4 and below. Please choose.”

“Drop to 1”

“Main Quest number increase, the original allocation is 3 quests, increments can be made to 4 and the highest is 5, please choose.”

“Raise to 5”

“Success, the Dungeon Quests will be re-allocated.”

As the notification finished, the message appeared in his mind.

“Dungeon World: Aria of the Scarlet Ammo”

“Quest Difficulty: Fifth Rank”

“Number of Participants: 1”

“Main Quest number: 5”

“Quest 1: Gain admission to Tokyo Butei High School and obtain a ranked evaluation, the rewards will depend on the rank.”

“Quest 2: Complete the Butei commissioned quests and obtain 3000 Exchange Points, extra collections will be rewarded.”

“Quest 3: Collect the blood of extraordinary people, obtain 10 types of extraordinary genes, extra collections will be rewarded.”

“Quest 4: Arrest an inhuman criminal, defeat someone that can’t be matched by humans, additional defeats will be rewarded.”

“Quest 5: Obtain 10,000 Exchange Points, extra collections will be rewarded.”

“Failure Punishment: The failure of each main quest will deduct 2000 Exchange Points.”

“Completion Reward: Will be determined after the final evaluation.”

When this appeared in his mind, Fang Li understood his Dungeon Quest and couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“It seems like this will take a while…”

Then, his form vanished and the residence was silent once more.

The familiar feeling of teleportation came again with the aching dizziness.

This time though it was more bearable.

Compared to Stigma which made his entire soul weak, this slight dizziness was already pure enjoyment.

Therefore, Fang Li just patiently endured it and closed his eyes waiting for the transmission to finish.

After a while, the feeling stopped telling Fang Li the transmission had ended.

Meanwhile, his surroundings were suddenly full of sound.

Fang Li opened his eyes in surprise. Right now, he was in a crowded street.

The surroundings were filled with men and women in uniforms. In front of him was a luxurious school building.

Cherry blossom trees were planted on both sides of the walkway with the petals dancing gently in the wind, one fell onto his shoulder.

Seeing this, Fang Li was slow to respond.

The surrounding boys and girls brushed past him one after another entering the school gate while talking.

“This year’s new students are almost all here.”

“Seeing them reminds me of when I arrived last year, I was the same as them haha.”

“I wonder if there are any good seedlings this year.”

“I anticipate the ranking evaluations for the new students.”

“As their senpai, we should all anticipate their performance hehe.”

With all this chatter, students continued entering the campus.

Fang Li finally responded. His eyes filled with fond nostalgia.

“Who would’ve thought that it would be such a leisurely and carefree atmosphere.”

This was why he couldn’t respond immediately when he arrived. After all, compared to the previous two worlds, this was the most peaceful environment he’d seen so far.

This atmosphere made even his feelings warm.

“It’s like I’ve returned back to my world…”

This feeling made his heart thoroughly relax.

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