Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 166

Chief God’s Dimension, training region.

Under the tower of trials a stream of people seemed to be quite lively. From the entrance, Fang Li slowly walked out.

“Ah defeated…”



Fang Li hadn’t managed to go to the 2nd Floor.

This was something he didn’t expect. For him, the 1st Floor wasn’t hard and he easily got an S Rank along with a good reward. So his plan was to continue to the higher floors to see how high he could go.

However, he misjudged. The 2nd Floor was more difficult than the 1st Floor by many ranks! The 2nd Floor was actually the same as the 1st in terms of what he had to do. There was no difference in attributes and they still had no skills it was exactly the same.

So why was he defeated?

Because of how the scorpions attacked. For the 1st Floor they just threw themselves at Fang Li. But on the 2nd Floor they were more sly. They snuck away in the sand to sneak attack!

At the start, Fang Li didn’t think much of it but finally, he had to swallow a big loss. The scorpions will hide in the sand and attack if they couldn’t hit they’d go back into the sand not allowing Fang Li a chance to fight.

As it stood, even if he could control the Nanaya Assassination Arts he couldn’t just go into the sand to slaughter the scorpions so he was distressedly hit and almost poisoned to death.

Therefore, it was hard to Fang Li to kill even a few scorpions before an hour passed and the trial ended in failure.

Recalling the fight, Fang Li couldn’t bear cursing.

“So shameless!”

If these scorpions only sneak attacked him he could still deal with it after all the Nanaya Assassination Arts were meant to make use of the environment to control the fight. If he observed closely he could avoid them. Their death lines were visible to him so he knew where they were but the issue was these scorpions could hide underground for half an hour!

Then Fang Li could only wait as time ran out…

“This also pokes at my Stigma’s weakness”

Fang Li was helpless.

Stigma’s biggest weakness was the burden on the user causing the time limit to be short.

“For now I have no means…”

At least, Fang Li couldn’t be bothered challenging those disgusting enemies again.

Turning around to see the tower Fang Li smiled.

“Really an interesting place, I’ll come often.”

Leaving behind those words Fang Li left.

After leaving, he didn’t return to his home but went to the Trading Area.

Now he had 13,000 Exchange Points, naturally, he had to use them well.

Previously, Fang Li had trash besides the mystic eyes of death so he purchased a lot but now he had more equipment and skills even his attributes were better so he didn’t just blindly spend.

Therefore, while strolling he had two ideas.

One: Treasure Hunt

Two: Purchase items.

If he could find good equipment or skills, of course, he would buy them. But now his most important purchases were emergency items like recovery items.

Finally, after strolling through the area, Fang Li didn’t find any good equipment or skills but purchased some items using up 8000 points.

“Without the Tower of trials’ rewards I’d be broke now probably?”

Since he couldn’t use the remaining 5000 points he just saved them. After the two dungeon worlds, Fang Li’s deposit was no longer as big after freely spending but it wasn’t too bad.

Then he left and returned to the residential area.

In his house, Fang Li immediately spoke out loud.

“Apply to enter the Dungeon World.”

The system notification sounded in the air.

“Serial Number 11273 has applied to enter the Dungeon World, dispensing the quests.”

However, as it was doing so a small insignia showed up on his hand. A red insignia.


The red insignia glowed and illuminated the place. Under the ray, the notification stopped then continued.

“Examined that Serial Number 11273 has a special item to distort the Dungeon World Quests to a certain extent. Use the item?”

Hearing this, Fang Li smiled and lowered his head.

Dungeon Mission Command (Fifth Rank): Special item, can be used when applying to enter the Dungeon World to distort the quest allocation to a certain extent, this can be used for Fifth Rank and the tampering can be done for Participant count and Quest count, value of 5000 Exchange Points.


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