Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 165


The jet black monsters gave off cries throwing themselves at Fang Li.

*Pu chi*

The chilling blade cut through the air killing the attacking scorpion and splattering blood across the ground. In the vast desert, this was continuously happening as both Fang Li and the scorpions were locked in battle causing the air to feel constricted.

Fang Li’s eyes were flashing ice blue as his body turned into a ghost moving around freely back and forth between the scorpions attacking at any chance.




He methodically counted as he killed each scorpion. At this moment, his blade could claim a life instantly letting the quantity reduce significantly.

Even if the match had the same attributes as him, it was the same.

This was Fang Li’s present strength.

He could use the Mystic Eyes of death perception to hit the death lines and kill the enemy instantly. With his peak assassination techniques, he could dodge and attack continuously.

Mystic Eyes built to kill.

Techniques also built to kill.

The union of the two created this murderous demon-like Fang Li.

From understanding the Nanaya Assassination Arts, Fang Li was already transforming. The evidence was from how his figure now had taken on a rich murderous aura.

This was proof of grasping the Nanaya Assassination Arts.

Although the Nananya Clan’s techniques were to kill monsters rather than humans, practising it would engrave the killing impulse into the bloodline itself causing the person’s personality to corrode and kill on impulse.

Shiki Tohno feared this impulse and therefore feared his own body which caused the birth of Shiki Nanaya.

In some sense, Shiki Nanaya was the murderous impulse in his body.

Therefore, he gave off an aura of a murderous demon, a thick heavy scent of blood.

Fang Li wasn’t a Nanaya clan descendant so he didn’t have this impulse. However, under the gradual practising of the techniques, even his aura was starting to change and approach this murderous demon aura.

But, there was an absolute difference between both Fang Li and Shiki Nanaya. That was, Shiki Nanaya enjoyed killing. Even if in the training ground it was only an image attacking by instinct, he was laughing while killing.

But Fang Li was different.

He was numb to the concept of death making him uncaring when killing.

If Shiki Nanaya was a cruel demon then Fang Li was an indifferent demon.

Regarding slaughter, he didn’t enjoy nor did he resist the need to, there was no effect on his heart at all. It was tranquil throughout the bloodshed.

Thus, his kill count kept increasing.




Blade lights passed through cleanly causing red blood to fly around. The desert suddenly took on a shade of red as it was covered in scorpion corpses.


Even with this, the scorpions fearlessly threw themselves at him either pouncing, slamming or swooping down.

Regarding these attacks, Fang Li’s strange movements made him vanish and re-appear at different places sometimes attacking instead.

One minute and one second quickly passed by. Right now the remaining four scorpions knew what destiny awaited them hysterically throwing themselves at him.

What welcomed them was another chilling blade.

“Flashing Scabbard, Four Crossroads.”

The sharp dagger split into four looking like a mirage cutting extremely quickly.

*Pu Chi*

With a cutting sound, all four bodies were sliced cleanly, divided into many pieces.

*Pa pa pa pa pa*

Like trash falling on the ground, all the pieces fell from the air.

Right now lumps of corpses covered the desert seeping red blood into the sands.

The system notification then resounded, “Serial number 11273 has passed the Tower of Trials 1st Floor, you can choose two of the following rewards.”

“First: 5000 exchange points.”

“Second: 1 STR”

“Third: 1 VIT”

“Fourth: 1 AGI”

“Fifth: 1 INT”

“Please choose.”

Fang Li was astonished.

“You can be rewarded from these trials as well?”

No wonder all the Envoys were going to the tower. If it wasn’t for these rewards, lower rank Envoys wouldn’t bother coming.

After all, reaching the 100th Floor was something that a Fifth Rank wouldn’t be able to accomplish.”

“Although there needs to be an evaluation to pass the trial.”

It seemed to follow the same system as the dungeon worlds.

According to the level, the rewards would differ.

Like Fang Li’s S Rank he not only got Exchange Points but also an opportunity to promote an attribute.

Although it was only 5000 Exchange Points and only 1 attribute this was only the first floor.

If all 100 Floors were cleared, how big would the rewards be?

“Worthy of being the place where God lives, it’s really generous.”

At that moment, Fang Li chose the 5000 Exchange Points and 1 AGI.

The system notification sounded again, “The first floor is cleared, you can now enter the second floor.”

“Enter the 2nd floor?”


This didn’t need to be asked.

After all, there’s a reward at the end! Even if there was a possibility of death, Fang Li wasn’t scared.

Therefore he chose without any hesitation.


As his voice fell, Fang Li’s body suddenly vanished leaving behind only the corpses and blood to be covered by the sand…

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