Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 164

With some slight dizziness, Fang Li’s view turned black. When he could see again, he saw a vast desert.


Strong winds blew through the air as dust clouds formed causing Fang Li to close his eyes from instinct and try to look forward.

Observing everything, Fang Li made a remark.

“Seems like this is a space with just me.”

Otherwise, he should’ve been able to see other Envoys.

While he was thinking, the system notification rang out, “Entered the Tower of Trials, Floor 1 start.”

“Serial Number 11273, you need to kill 100 Fifth Rank enemies with the same attributes within 1 hour, after an hour if you have not killed this amount you will fail.”

Fang Li was dumbfounded.

Kill 100 Fifth rank enemies that had the same attributes?”

Is this a joke?

This is a joke right?!

This was only the first floor!!!!

Not caring about his mood, the notification immediately continued.

“Trial begin.”

The desert suddenly shook.

*Sha sha sha*

Noises came from all directions as shadows emerged from the desert.

Seeing the shadows, Fang Li felt his head hurt and his body broke out into goosebumps.

These were giant scorpions. The size was about the size of a calf. Their whole bodies were jet black. They had sharp tails rocking back and forth in the air. Their eyes were filled with an ominous glow.

These scorpions emerged from everywhere, surrounding Fang Li immediately.

Then, all the eyes looked at Fang Li causing the air to be filled with a terrifying aura.

Time stopped at this moment.

Then, all the red-eyed scorpions rushed towards him!

“Tch” Fang Li cursed and a dagger appeared in his palm. The giant scorpions were like a tide that wanted to swallow him.


A noise similar to glass breaking rang as the scorpions threw themselves at his body. Seeing a scorpion coming closer, Fang Li’s footsteps changed as he moved with his Moon Blade flashing towards the scorpion’s body.


A clear hit sounded, Fang Li’s dagger hadn’t cut into the scorpion’s body as he imagined but just caused some sparks.

Fang Li stared wide-eyed and wanted to curse.

“Is this the same attributes as me?! Are you joking!?”

Fang Li didn’t think he could resist a dagger strike with just his body. Naturally, the scorpions had scales to defend their bodies so to a certain extent this was a racial attribute.

Like a cow, even if the attacking power was the same as a human if both bumped fists it could be imagined who would win.

Because of this, humans needed weapons but wild beasts needed fangs.

“Very good.”

Fang Li’s eyes closed. When he opened them, his ice blue mystic eyes appeared.


A sky splitting sound rang as his hand flashed towards the scorpion again.

*Pu Chi*

Blood flowed out of its body as the scorpion was cut in half.

“That firm defense is nothing to the mystic eyes of death perception!”

Fang Li’s view changed as he looked at the other scorpions.

*Chirp chirp chirp*

All the scorpions angrily cried before throwing themselves at him. Immediately he was pounced on and covered with no escape. In other words, he couldn’t dodge.

“Can’t dodge?”

Fang Li’s mouth curved. If before he truly couldn’t dodge but right now, this was not impossible.

“Flashing Dash, Reflected Moon.”

Fang Li’s form vanished from the spot. Like the moon on a river of water, his form vanished with no trace.

That being the case, all the scorpions pouncing could only hit themselves.

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

Like rubber balls bouncing, all the scorpions bumped into each other and fell to the ground.

But at this moment, a form appeared from the sky falling towards the scorpions with his dagger in hand.

*Pu chi pu chi pu chi*

The sharp weapon cut through their bodies one after another.

Blood flew through the air constantly. Fang Li was like a mirage, sometimes disappearing with his ice blue mystic eyes glowing as he shuttled back and forth the horde of scorpions.

Right now, Fang Li understood the First Floor’s trial settings.

“Although their attributes are the same, they have no skills or intelligence.”

In other words, it was just one crowd of wild animals with the same attributes as him.

Although their scales were hard and their tails likely had a deadly poison, they were the same as Fang Li and his one-hit-kill ability along with formidable physical condition without any technique.

Initially, Fang Li was insta-killed by Shiki Tohno for that reason.

Right now Fang Li facing a similar set of enemies it was the same result.

Not to mention he also had equipment. With his skills and equipment, Fang Li’s speed was far higher than the enemies.


“I can win!”


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