Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 163


Fang Li’s figure flashed and like a phantom, it moved in all directions before crowding up the training ground and then closing up towards the centre again. Each phantom raised a dagger slashing in front.

*Shua shua shua shua*

The dazzling slashes covered the training ground causing a dazzling scene. Then, all the phantoms joined back into a single form.


Fang Li let out a breath as a smile appeared on his face.

“Finally learned it, Flashing Scabbard, Instant Prison.”

This move wasn’t the first time Shiki Nanaya used it on him but it wasn’t until today that Fang Li could learn it. Besides this, he had also learned other styles. No matter if it was Flashing Scabbard or Flashing Dash, Fang Li now had much more experience and it showed in his combat skills.

“Nanaya Assassination Arts are worthy of being the peak of the human body’s arts, each of the motions are exquisite.”

Now if Fang Li and Shiki Tohno fought again, Fang Li was confident in being able to instantly kill him.

That was under the condition of having the same physical stats and abilities letting only technique decide.

Regarding Fang Li right now, he had surpassed the foundational techniques that Shiki Tohno knew. Therefore, right now he no longer fought against him only fighting Shiki Nanaya.

“It’s a pity that there’s not enough time.”

Ten days using the Neural Chip item was enough for him to learn a lot of the Nanaya Assassination Arts after seeing Shiki Nanaya perform them countless times. However…

“Just learning doesn’t mean being able to apply it…”

Therefore, Fang Li was actually hoping he would have some time to practice the techniques fully and absorb them however ten days was too short and not nearly enough time for him to completely learn all the Nanaya Assassination Arts.

“But just knowing them isn’t too bad either I suppose.”

With that in his head, as long as he kept practicing eventually he’d be able to fully learn them. For example, in the God Eater world, Fang Li peeped at the true Nanaya Assassination Arts but only truly absorbed the technique during the fight with Dyaus Pita.

If he slowly studied the arts and learned through combat he didn’t need to worry about being able to eventually learn all the techniques.

“It would be nice to have fought with Shiki Ryougi too.”

To study the Nanaya Assassination Arts, he had focused completely on Shiki Nanaya with no time to fight Shiki Ryougi.

“It seems like to learn Shiki Ryougi’s technique with the Mystic Eyes it’ll need to wait for another time…”

Fang Li then ended his training and walked out.

In the Chief God’s Dimension, there were many envoys. With so many worlds even if there were only 100 worlds that could give rise to an Envoy after so many years the quantity would have reached an astonishing number.

Therefore, one could see how long the history of this dimension was. From just the serial numbers alone, the longest one would probably be close to ten digits?

The reason Fang Li could get the 11273 serial number was only because the previous Envoy had died otherwise with this scale it wouldn’t have been his turn to get this number.

The dimension was divided into four regions. Each of them was enormous one could say infinite even but when Fang Li was walking out of the training ground each of the streets around the training region had a crowd.

Naturally, this sort of crowd was different from ones seen in the human world.

Here there weren’t only people there were all sorts of forms big and small, some were in the sky, some were strange to look at.

Standing here, Fang Li looked at all the liveliness before looking at the central region.

There was a tower reaching the skies. The Tower of trials.

Carefully looking, there were a stream of people going in that direction. This wasn’t only because it was in the centre but because this tower was the main destination of everyone.

“At the top of the tower, one can see the Chief God and have their desire granted.”

This legend was spread throughout the Chief God’s Dimension and caused every Envoy to want to climb it. Seeing that tower, Fang Li’s thoughts were detached.

When he first entered the dimension, his strength was too weak so he didn’t bother trying to challenge himself in the tower. However, now that he had gotten stronger and improved his combat skills it could be different.

“Although I’m only Fifth Rank, the tower has 100 floors, it can’t be that I can’t even clear the first floor right?”

Even if there was a possibility, he had a trump card in the form of Stigma. It had to be known that with Stigma, Fang Li could even kill the Fourth Rank Dyaus Pita.

“That should be enough to challenge the Tower right?”

Thinking so he got excited. Finally, he firmed his resolve.

“I’ll do it!”

When he arrived in front of the tower only then could Fang Li appreciate its grandeur.

“This tower really makes humans feel tiny.”

The tower had a mirror entrance. Each Envoy was entering one after the other into the other side.

“That should be the transmission gate.”

At this moment, Fang Li was similar to the other Envoys, entering the tower.

Seeing the smooth mirror entrance, Fang Li entered slowly, vanishing into the ripples.


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