Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 162

Returning to the Chief God’s dimension, Fang Li wasn’t a stranger to the place anymore and was more familiar with all the regions.

Therefore, now coming back he didn’t dally and immediately entered the training ground continually fighting Shiki Nanaya trying to grasp the essence of the Nanaya Assassination Arts. After all, Fang Li didn’t have much time.

No matter which Envoy it was, all of them only had ten days of rest time before needing to spend points to stay. Each day costs 1000 Exchange Points.

Such an expense for higher rank envoys wasn’t much but for Fang Li a Fifth Rank Envoy, even if it wouldn’t be a big dent he could still feel it!

Even if Fang Li was able to gain a few tens of thousands points from the previous two worlds and was at the peak of the Fifth Rank Envoys he didn’t want to waste his points here.

Therefore, ten days later, he planned to travel to the next world and not waste points. With that, how much time did he have?

To learn the Nanaya Assassination Arts as fast as possible he couldn’t waste any time.

Taking this into consideration, Fang Li was also thrifty when spending for himself only using points for things helpful for training.

His exchanged items were as follows,

Sobriety Potion: If taken, the user can avoid sleeping, effective for 24 hours, value of 1000 Exchange Points.

Using this potion, Fang Li could train day and night, not needing to waste time rest on sleep, training to the limit with his limited time.

Therefore, Fang Li exchanged ten bottles of Sobriety Potion directly, taking one a day and only training, this sort of lifestyle could kill someone!

No matter what after all, even if fatigue could be eliminated from the body, mental fatigue was inevitable.

That being the case, Fang Li planned to train ten days and nights so that sort of dedication was shocking indeed.

To accelerate his growth Fang Li also exchanged another item.

Neural Chip: Accelerates thinking, enhances memory and concentration along with mental strength. Effective for 24 hours, value of 1000 Exchange Points.

This was an enhancer, as well as a type of medicine. If someone took it in a life or death fight they could enhance their thinking and not panic making it quite effective as something to take during an emergency but Fang Li was using it for training.

With the accelerated memory combined with concentration and mental strength enhancement along with the Sobriety Potion, he could eliminate the fatigue and immerse himself in training to study and learn the Nanaya Assassination Arts.

Therefore, Fang Li simply exchanged ten of the Neural Chips as well. Using these combined with his innate skill Fang Li could promote his learning capacity to the maximum.

It could be said to learn the entire Nanaya Assassination Arts, Fang Li had laid down the foundations to the fullest. One bottle of Sobriety Potion costs 1000 Exchange Points, ten was 10,000 Exchange Points. One Neural Chip cost the same so another 10,000 Exchange Points.

Including the cost of the training ground of 2000 Exchange Points, Fang Li had spent 22,000 Exchange Points, from the 30,000 balance he had he only had 8000 left!

However, this was all worth it.

At least with both of these he could be said to be advancing by ten thousand li a day (this is a method of counting it just means he’s advancing very fast – yamitl) compared to when he first entered the training ground.

There was just no comparison between the two speeds of learning.


The collision of metal constantly rang out in the dim alley. Two forms like ghosts and demons darted here and there as if teleporting sometimes locking into each other sometime seperating.

*Clang clang clang clang*

With the constant collisions, sparks flew everywhere along with smoke and fire appearing quite dazzling.

Right now, Fang Li and Shiki Nanaya had exchanged countless blows with breakneck speed. No matter if they are attacking or dodging it was all done so quickly they appeared like ghosts.

Naturally, the winning side as before was Shiki Nanaya.

Not using his Mystic Eyes and only using the Nanaya Assassination Arts meant that it was impossible for Fang Li to gain the upper hand.

Not to mention even with the murderous aura, his face was still smiling as if this battle was happiness even his movement was getting faster and faster.

Towards this, Fang Li could only hang on and observe his movements. After several minutes…

Shiki Nanaya shot out again.

“Flashing Scabbard, Instant Prison.”

Changing to a phantom, his form split and flew in all directions as if countless people were encircling Fang Li in the centre with each of them slashing.

*Pu chi*

*Pu chi*

*Pu chi*

Innumerable phantoms slashed and dismembered Fang Li’s body turning it into a pile of bloody meat killing him instantly.

The light flashed to signify the end of the match as Fang Li returned back to the training ground.

Standing in the centre, Fang Li was thinking back to the fight, using his skills and the Neural Chip, Fang Li was playing back the entire movement Shiki Nanaya made. Immediately, he raised his Moon Blade. Then, Fang Li’s form split apart!

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