Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 161


A breeze blew through. In front of Fang Li, the Murderous Demon named Shiki Nanaya was as if performing a special skill spinning his body and rushing towards Fang Li with the force of a meteor launching an upside-down kick. This kick was one that couldn’t be resisted. Fang Li was immediately flung backward only being able to block it slightly.


A heavy sound rang out. Fang Li was hit so hard he flew like a rubber ball in the air. Feeling the pain from his body, Fang Li’s head turned blank. In this split second, even his vision was fuzzy. When he got back his composure, in front of him the scene made his eyes widen.

Shiki Nanaya was standing there in front of him as if he hadn’t attacked at all, smiling at Fang Li. That smile was a very joyful one as well…


Fang Li’s heart shook as he lifted up his dagger to the front of his body. However, this defence was for nothing.

“Flashing Scabbard, eight points opposition.”

Shiki Nanaya’s hands turned into a meteor shower of slashes.

*Shua shua shua shua shua*

With the wind blowing through, the knife in his hand turned into a streak of light covering all directions that Fang Li could see.

In an instant his entire view was covered in those flashes.

Each slash pierced the air.

Each slash carried a murderous aura that made it hard to breathe.

These berserk slashes completely covered Fang Li’s body.

*Pu chi pu chi pu chi*

Just like being thrown in a meat grinder, Fang Li’s whole body was cut up and blood covered him everywhere. How many slashes had he withstood?

Fang Li had no idea. He only knew his current body was cut up so badly it would be horrible to even look at.

Intense pain came into his mind. At this moment though his only thought was…

“Very strong”

This was Shiki Nanaya. Someone with the full Nanaya Assassination Arts. With those peerless techniques, Fang Li couldn’t even resist before being killed.

Shiki Tohno was no comparison at all. In terms of pure control over the arts, Shiki Tohno’s foundational skill couldn’t exceed the full Nanaya Assassination Arts.

“If I used the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception…”

If using his mystic eyes, he might be able to fight him like he fought Amatori Biba or Konochi Kurusu using the death lines to see through the slashes. However, Fang Li couldn’t do that.

Because just seeing the death lines wasn’t good enough. Fang Li didn’t want to just win this fight, he wanted to study the skills.

Therefore, he couldn’t rely on the death lines, he had to see it with his own eyes.


Fang Li clenched his teeth and raised his moon blade to protect his chest withstanding the slashes and opening his eyes trying to see the slashes’ path.

Right now, Fang Li was upside down after being kicked. With this condition, Shiki Nanaya was like a maggot gnawing a bone nailing himself tightly to Fang Li’s body with a sadistic smile continually slashing.

*Pu chi pu chi pu chi*

More of his skin was torn as Fang Li’s blood flew everywhere dying the ground red.

This was a bloody scene indeed. However, Fang Li could only just stare ahead focusing on the slashes.

Before long though, the slashes stopped.


Fang Li’s eyes shone as his moon blade tore through the air cutting towards Shiki Nanaya. But before he could hit him, the form vanished.

No not vanished, but appeared underneath!

“Flashing dash, one deer.”

From below, Shiki Nanaya kicked up Fang Li towards his chest.


Fang Li flew to the ground and lost his balance. But before falling in midair he saw Shiki Nanaya squatting in a beast lik stance raising his knife.

“Flashing Scabbard, Seven Nights.”

Instantly, a chilly light shone through the air like a meteor streak towards Fang Li’s neck.

*Pu chi*

The sharp weapon cut open the frail skin. Fang Li’s whole neck was cut off like Shiki Tohno’s had been before as blood shot out before his entire body fell.

The surroundings blurred before the normal room appeared. Fang Li was in the center as before but his face was covered in cold sweat.

This was normal. Although it was just a simulation, Fang Li did indeed feel all those slashes including the cut to his neck, the memory was still fresh how could he not sweat?

Fang Li smiled depreciatingly and straightened up.

“If I was insta killed the first time by Shiki Tohno then this time I was totally bullied before being killed?”

At least, without using his Mystic Eyes, Fang Li was totally crushed and bullied before dying from start to finish.

“But if that wasn’t the case there’d be no point”

If even he was so pitiful now then if Fang Li learned these skills how scary would that be?

Therefore, Fang Li wished to be mistreated even more!


Without any hesitation, Fang Li opened up the training interface again.

TL: This dear reader is how an MC gets into masochism. ドM

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