Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 160


Fang Li let out a breath as his eyes turned back to normal, the corners of his mouth were raised. This feeling of progress was quite joyful.

“Now the only difference between Shiki Tohno and me is our Mystic Eyes.”

Fang Li’s and Shiki Tohno’s abilities were the same in the training field. They no longer had a difference in combat techniques either, so now all that was left was the Mystic Eyes.

“My Mystic Eyes are closer to Shiki Ryougi’s Mystic Eyes which are more like the traditional Mystic Eyes in legend.”

In other words, so long as they can see a death line they can kill it.

“Shiki Tohno’s Mystic Eyes were very specialized compared to mine.”

Shiki Tohno could see the point of death of a living thing and pierce it to kill them. But that was why his ability against non-living things was not good. For example, killing the virus in the Kabaneri World was something he couldn’t achieve.

Another example was Fang Li killing the lightning strike which he wouldn’t be able to achieve either.

Even if it was steel and minerals that he could see clearly, to actually see the death lines for him would take a lot of energy.

As a result once his processing capability was overused he’d probably die from the stress.

“Now, who I should be learning from is Shiki Ryougi.”

Both of them were closest in abilities for their Mystic Eyes.

Therefore, later, Fang Li would simulate her to study new ways to use his eyes. As for combat techniques, Fang Li had another target.

Thinking so, he selected the settings as he proceeded with the new match.

“Physical conditions are all the same I only need to learn the techniques.”

Taking that as the condition, he rapidly entered the simulation.

Naturally, it was in an alley like before, a dim figure appeared in the distance. He looked as old as Fang Li and looked like Shiki Tohno.

However if one carefully looked, he was different because this youth wasn’t wearing glasses. Furthermore, his expression wasn’t harmless like Shiki Tohno but seemed to have an unruly face like a delinquent.

Such a youngster was actually emitting an aura that made it hard to breathe. This was a murderous aura.

Similar to an aura drenched in the blood of many, it was emitting clearly from this youngster’s body.

“Shiki Nanaya…”

Before it was said that Shiki Tohno’s real name was Shiki Nanaya, a Nanaya clan orphan. However, Shiki Tohno was not actually Shiki Nanaya. Why was this so?

Because after the Nanaya clan was exterminated, he was adopted and grew without the Nanaya name. In this process, through a life and death encounter, he woke his latent talent the Mystic Eyes of death perception.

This was Shiki Tohno’s origin. But Shiki Nanaya was a nightmare that represented another possibility for him. This possibility was if he hadn’t encountered the extermination of his clan and continued to live there. What would differentiate them?

Three things.

First, Shiki Nanaya would not have the Mystic Eyes of death perception. Naturally without that life and death experience and growing up in the Tohno family he wouldn’t have encountered this chance.

Second, he would become a murderous demon.

The Nanaya clan was originally an assassination clan of demon hunters so if he grew up in this family he’d be the same as well.

Third, he’d have the complete Nanaya Assassination Arts.

If the clan wasn’t exterminated then he would be able to discipline his technique and not just rely on the foundational skills since he would be able to learn the full arts.

This was exactly what Fang Li wanted.

Fang Li was naturally not satisfied with just the foundation. He wanted to reach the peak of the Nanaya Assassination Technique’s ability for the human body and combine it with his Mystic Eyes, that would be truly fearful.

After all, his soul recorded innumerable deaths so to him this technique was the most suitable. Furthermore, he could use his innate skills to learn through fighting to comprehend the arts.

To learn other techniques would be a fantasy. Therefore, he had to focus on his strengths.

“You’re my next object to study.”

Who knew if it was his misconception. As soon as he said those words, that unruly face on Shiki Nanaya changed slightly as if looking at a corpse.

Then the murderous aura around him burst open.


Fang Li’s face changed as he moved sideways and drew back. In this instant, Shiki Nanaya’s form disappeared.


A sky splitting sound burst out as he changed into a ghost moving like a ghost, both of them were moving so quickly afterimages formed before suddenly Shiki Nanaya appeared in front of Fang Li.

“Flashing Dash, six rabbits.”

As his words fell, Shiki Nanaya’s body spun and he kicked Fang Li.


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