Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 193

Article 9 of the Butei Charter states that all Butei may not kill under any circumstances. In fact, this was not the original text of the Butei Charter. “Launch out into the world. Fight together, irrespective of race or nationality.” This is the ninth article of the International Butei Charter.

However, in a certain country that respects human rights, this article of the Butei Charter changed to “no killing”. This country is one of the few countries in the world where the violation of that article is equivalent to violating Butei law and is considered a crime.

So, even if this was only used here as a part of the national law, this Butei Charter is still recognized by the International Butei Code. As a person who has received a Butei license in this country, Fang Li had no reason to violate it.

For, if he did, the consequences would be very serious. To be legally sanctioned is still not too bad. After all, under the Chief God’s Dimension arrangement, Fang Li, although he was a member of the Butei here his status was actually a student from China due to his name. Even if he violated the Butei Laws here, he wouldn’t be sanctioned easily as there will be international pressure. He would be sentenced by the International Supreme Court, which dealt with the case in accordance with international law, unlike the locals, who were sentenced directly.

However, even so, Fang Li will inevitably be stripped of his Butei license. That way, Fang Li would not only have to quit Butei High, but he also would not be able to continue with his quests. Along with that, his Butei’s license would also be canceled so the title would be too.

Fang Li had no reason to violate it, knowing that it would have so many serious consequences. Just now, however, Fang Li didn’t hesitate to shoot, causing the vehicle to hit the streetlight and explode.

If there had been people inside, Fang Li would have been out of the game. However, Fang Li didn’t hesitate to shoot. He was able to tame the endangered Caucasian Silver Wolves and was the person behind the scenes if that was enough to kill that person, Fang Li didn’t believe it.

In fact, it was just as Fang Li had predicted. There was no sign of anyone in the burning car. After that, Fang Li dialed the office phone of Butei High and asked the school to send out the Butei of Repier to take evidence. Unfortunately, it turned out there was nothing.


At night, in the room of a boy’s dormitory, Shirayuki was somewhat…

The imposing manner menacingly pressed Fang Li, “I heard you were attacked, is that true?” Shirayuki, who just got out of class, didn’t even have time to change out of her clothes, so she’s still dressed as a Miko.

Seeing that Shirayuki’s beautiful face was pushing in his direction, Fang Li said, ” It’s true, but don’t worry, I can solve an incident of that magnitude.”

“But…but…” said Shirayuki extremely uneasily, “There hasn’t been much peace in this area lately, and I’m worried about Li-kun, did you run into Butei Killer.”

“Butei Killer?” Fang Li was slightly startled, then smiled.

“You mean the criminal who picked on Butei specifically?” A profession like Butei is a profession that can easily get into trouble.

Not to mention, the mere fact that they arrested the criminals is reason enough for those vicious criminals to hate Butei!

Butei Killer is a particularly famous example of this type of criminal. The Butei Killer is one of the most famous of these criminals. It is said that many Butei have been attacked by this assassin.

“But, hasn’t Butei Killer been arrested?” Fang Li was confused and said, “I seem to remember Butei High’s email not long ago.


“But, we can’t rule out that a copycat offender will appear.”

Shirayuki still said with some uneasiness, “Especially a famous Butei like Li-kun, you’ll absolutely be watched by many people. If anything happens to Li-kun, then I…then I…then I… ” said Shirayuki, suddenly sobbing, and a few tears spilled out of her big beautiful pair of eyes.

“Don’t cry.” Fang Li laughed bitterly as he sat beside Shirayuki and patted the young girl on the back, comforting her. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, not to mention a copycat, even if the real Butei Killer comes, to take my life is not that easy, don’t you trust me?”

“No…nothing like that… “Shirayuki shook her head, wiped away her tears, and said with a smile on her face, “Yeah… Li-kun is so powerful, even a real Butei Killer would be arrested by you.”

Saying so, Shirayuki, however, seemed to have suddenly remembered something and put her face in front of Fang Li’s, “But, Li-kun has to be a little more careful lately.”

“Oh?” Fang Li raised the brow, asking, “Why?”

“Because, before coming here, I had helped Li-kun do a Divination.” Shirayuki’s look began to get serious, and said, “Just recently, Li-kun will encounter a situation that produces a great change in the surroundings.”

“An event that makes a huge change in my surroundings?” Fang Li frowned for a moment. As for Shirayuki’s Divination, Fang Li didn’t have any doubts anymore. This Miko from Hotogi Shrine wasn’t just good at using superpowers, her Divination’s accuracy is almost 100%.

Although it is not possible to get the most direct results, such as telling Fang Li directly what will happen to him, there are other aspects of the story. It’s still extremely accurate. So, if Shirayuki said Fang Li would have an incident, then Fang Li is almost 100%… surely going to have an incident. And this time, according to Shirayuki, it’s going to be an incident that affects his surroundings.

A dramatic event. Coupled with the improbable occurrence of a wolf attack in the evening, Fang Li thought to himself that it’s highly likely. Something seemed to be quietly building up. Soon, the situation will change in one breath, right?

“I have to go to Mount Osore in Aomori Prefecture, starting tomorrow for Training camp I’ll be away for a while.” Shirayuki said extremely seriously to Fang Li, “So, Li-kun, please be sure to be careful.”

“I understand. “Fang Li extended his hand, touching Shirayuki’s long, soft hair, whispering, “Don’t worry about it.”

Shirayuki’s look relaxed then, before she noticed Fang Li’s movements, her charming face blushed, but her expression seemed comfortable and happy.

Shirayuki hadn’t seen Fang Li quietly put away his cell phone behind his back. On the cell phone screen, which hadn’t lost its light, an SMS was opened.

“The blood of the Magician will be spilled on this earth.” — Butei Killer.

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