Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 196

When Fang Li’s voice rang out over the headset, Aria was startled straight away. Without any hesitation, Aria asked directly, “Why?”

Fang Li didn’t answer, only to raise his chin in the direction of the bus that was rushing below, and said, “Look around the bus.”

Aria paused to look down. In the next second, Aria saw it. Around the bus, some convertibles were actually rushing at the same speed, closely following the bus. In the passenger seat of those convertibles, there was a weapon loaded and aimed.

“Is that…” Aria’s expression tensed slightly and mumbled, “a submachine gun?”

“That’s right, and they must be equipped with surveillance cameras that allow the criminal to keep an eye on the bus and its surroundings, and to determine whether or not to blow it up.” Fang Li nodded, saying, “If we jump with a parachute, we’ll inevitably get caught. I don’t care about the danger, but you’ll be shot full of holes.”

“Why is it that you don’t need to care, but I’ll be shot full of holes?” Aria asked with a twinkle in her eye, she put her hand on the handle of the gun at her waist, and said, “In that case, let’s take care of those cars first.”

“That’s no good either.” Fang Li looked down at the road below, there were a bunch of other cars following as well.

“Right now, the police department and the Butei bureau are blocking the road. If you start shooting now, even if you take out the convertible, there’s a huge risk that the surrounding vehicles will get caught up in it. Then we’ll cause a huge car accident incident which won’t be any better of an outcome.”

“Well… “Aria’s cute charming face finally showed a tricky expression, and she could only face Fang Li and ask, “So, what should we do now?”

Hearing this, Fang Li didn’t answer but looked tense. He was full of doubts facing this charming face of Aria’s. To be honest, even a B-Rank Butei can judge the current situation. However, Aria as an S-Rank Butei’s couldn’t judge it properly. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not going to be able to do anything attempting to just enter like that would just be reckless.

“Could it be that this United Kingdom transfer student is deliberately testing me?” That was all Fang Li could think of.

Of course, while these thoughts crossed his mind, Fang Li’s actions were not slow either. Immediately, Fang Li directly asked this question. “Do you know that bus’s license plate number?”

“The license plate number?” Aria tilted her head, shortly afterward, she said, ” I don’t know it but that bus is the one that used to stop in front of the third boys’ dormitory at 7.58 am sharp.”

“…in other words, that’s the bus parked in front of my dorm, right?” Fang Li sighed and took the cell phone out of his pocket. “In that case, the unlucky guy who was likely to be caught in this should’ve been…”

Fang Li dialed a phone number. Soon after, the phone was picked up, and a voice came out extremely anxiously. “Fang Li?!”

That voice was precisely Tohyama Kinji.

“Yo, Kinji.”, Fang Li made a happy sound, “You sure are cursed.”

“Aah! You’re right!” Tohyama Kinji’s somewhat fiery voice rang out from the other end of the cell phone. “Now I’ve managed to get trapped in this fucking bus, and I can’t even lift my head or I’ll get riddled with bullets, fucking damn!”

“Well let me ask you this.” Fang Li got to the point. “Can you hit the tailing car?”

“No.” Tohyama Kinji replied without hesitation. “With my current ability, you know that I can’t.”

In other words, only by entering Hysteria Mode would Tohyama Kinji be able to do something about it.

“It really is an extremely troublesome physique.” Fang Li inquired, “Have you checked the condition of the bus?”

“Checked.” Tohyama Kinji quickly explained. “Whether under the seats, in the compartment, on the armrests, or in the panels, we checked it all and found no bombs.”

“What about the bags you were carrying?” Fang Li continued, “Backpacks, bags and satchels, everyone’s bags should be checked to see if they are empty. Someone might’ve swapped bags and hid bombs inside.”

Tohyama Kinji didn’t dare to ignore the threat and busily began to get the other Butei on the bus to check what they were carrying on hand.

After a while, Tohyama Kinji reported, “Everyone’s bag was checked. No bombs found.”

“In that case, the bomb could only be on the roof or underneath the car.” Fang Li immediately voiced his judgment. “With the roof being too easily exposed and the weather possibly affecting the bomb’s performance, the culprit could only have planted the bomb underneath the bus.”

“What should we do now?” Tohyama Kinji asked with some urgency, “If you want to check underneath the bus, then you have to go outside, but outside you’ll get shot at. There’s nothing we can do with so many guns pointed this way.”

“Then you guys just hide and don’t do anything rash.” Fang Li said, “Leave the rest to me.”

“You?” Tohyama Kinji hesitated, saying, “Can you do it alone?”

Fang Li smiled a little at this statement. “Butei Charter Article 1: Believe in your partner, help your partner.”

Leaving this sentence, Fang Li hung up the phone and picked up the parachute pack in the cabin and put it on his back. Before Fang Li began his conversion, Aria remained silent, watching as the parachute pack was taken off the plane. Fang Li got ready and only then did she finally speak.

“I really wasn’t wrong about you, you’re really good.”

“It’s too early to draw that conclusion.” Fang Li’s expression didn’t change one bit, only saying, “Before finishing this mission any amount of praise is only in vain.”

After saying that, Fang Li then abruptly pulled open the hatch.


The fierce winds and heavy rain were rushing into the cabin of the helicopter. Fang Li looked down and saw that all the civilian vehicles on the highway had completely disappeared, leaving only the bus and several convertibles.

“The highway has been closed off,” Fang Li said over the headset, “We can move now.”

“Good.” Aria seemed ready and immediately replied, “Then let’s get down first and take care of the convertibles.”

Fang Li, however, shook his head and said this. “There is no need for that.” With that, Fang Li directly picked Aria up.

“Eh? Eh?” Aria didn’t seem to react. At that moment, Fang Li had already jumped down.

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