Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 197


The cold wind whistled in the air. The rain pounded relentlessly on Fang Li’s body.

Under these circumstances, Fang Li held Aria in one arm went down free-falling from the helicopter. With a whistling sound, they shuttled towards the ground. Only when he was about 10 meters away from the ground, did Fang Li suddenly open his parachute.

With a loud “Pa” sound, the parachute burst open and slowed their fall. As he slowly drifted to the ground with Aria in hand, only at this moment did Aria react.

Aria’s charming face was actually as red as a boiling kettle as she kept stammering, “You…you you you…what are you doing!”

Aria blushed while her pair of small fists clenched up and she waved as hard as she could. However, Fang Li seemed to have predicted that Aria would have such a reaction, and pressed on finger on some part of her body. All of a sudden, Aria felt numbness all over her body before her little fist had a chance to hit Fang Li, her body… It was so weak that it was unable to use its strength.

Under such circumstances, Fang Li’s voice was transmitted over the intercom into Aria’s ears. “Now’s not the time to dawdle, shooting’s coming.” Almost as soon as Fang Li’s voice trailed off, the surveillance cameras on each of the convertibles seemed to have spotted Fang Li and Aria falling from the sky, and turned their submachine guns in the passenger seats towards them.

Submachine guns began to roar up without mercy covering the air with a hail of bullets. However, as the countless bullets sliced through the rainwater and shot everywhere, Fang Li also made a move at the same time.

With one hand, Fang Li held Aria in his arms, and with the other hand, he tugged on the parachute rope and gave it a mighty push. In the next second, the parachute swung abruptly and caught some wind blowing into it.

As a result, Fang Li, who was floating down to the ground, suddenly swung heavily to the other side under the blowing wind.

Bang bang bang bang bang

The sound of countless bullets slicing through the air rang out. With such a sound, all the bullets from the submachine guns fell into empty space and were avoided by Fang Li.

It seems that even the culprit didn’t expect this to happen in this instant, and the shooting of the submachine gun stopped for a moment. But, a little while later, the submachine gun was going crazy. He kept shooting and kept changing the direction of the gun, chasing after the opponent in mid-air.

But Fang Li didn’t stop for a moment, his hand tugging on the rope kept pushing and pulling him making him move agilely in the wind. The candle-like movement back and forth, sometimes tilting, sometimes veering, sometimes turning, sometimes rolling, made Fang Li’s movement able to avoid the incoming bullets like a ship on the waves.

At this moment, Fang Li relied on his own ability to avoid all the incoming bullets. The parachute turned into a makeshift paraglider as he dodged while forcing his way to the vehicle below.

TL: Actually idk what the author is even thinking of here bullets can move faster than someone on a parachute relying on wind haha.

Aria was stunned by the incredible maneuvering. Since becoming a Butei, Aria had seen some pretty amazing things, and even facing off with criminals possessing superpowers was not strange however this control over the parachute seemed amazing. Fang Li, who only used pure skill to dodge all the bullets…Aria had never seen such as incredible superpower. Of course, Aria didn’t know that this kind of skill was Fang Li’s real talent.

Nanaya Assassination Arts were all about the unexpected and extraordinary. The surrounding environment can be used with unimaginable skill. Now, Fang Li only utilized the basic Nanaya Assassination Arts’ maneuvering techniques to move around in the wind and rain.

It’s just an extension of his body’s control, making use of the surrounding environment through an item. After one year, Fang Li’s Nanaya Assassination Arts obviously improved a lot. Even if it’s not as good as training with Nanaya Shiki in the Chief God’s Dimension, a year’s worth of constant usage had allowed Fang Li’s Nanaya Assassination Arts to take a big step forward.

Now, this skill was proof of that. However, Fang Li ignored the stunned Aria in his arms and watched the approaching convertible.

Fang Li suddenly spoke up, “If you shoot now, you should be able to hit the tires of those convertibles, right?”

Hearing this, Aria got it. That’s why Fang Li jumped out of the helicopter with her in his arms, so he could hit the tires of the convertible.

If he had stayed in the helicopter, even if the helicopter’s altitude had dropped, it would still be too far away to hit the tires with a pistol.

That’s not just because of the range, but also because of the angle. Not to mention that dropping the helicopter’s altitude meant exposing it to the muzzle of a submachine gun.

Even if the helicopter is bulletproof, it’s still dangerous to get hit in the fuselage. That’s why Fang Li jumped straight down. As for hugging Aria, it was mainly because Aria had no way of dodging in this unusual way like Fang Li.

So, Fang Li told Aria, “Leave the evading to me, I’ll leave the shooting to you.” It was cooperation.

Understanding this, Aria immediately drew two guns from her holster. One was silver and the other black. Different colors, but the same gun.

It was the Colt M1911 pistol that Riko had mentioned. And it’s a special version of the Government Model, a gun used by agents from the US government.

From Fang Li’s point of view, he can clearly see a pearl shell on the handles of both pistols. In it, the visage of a mature woman who resembled Aria was sculpted.

Holding the two guns, Aria pointed them at the convertible below.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang–!”

Aria didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. One by one, through the rain, and through the incoming submachine gunfire, it blew up the convertibles’ tires. As the tires of the convertibles burst open, they lost balance and crashed into the side of the highway.


The explosion was loud and clear.


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