Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 198


The convertible that hit the roadside directly burned up in the explosion and gradually turned into a pile of scrap metal. The aftermath of the explosion blew away the rainwater, creating a blast wave that changed the direction of the surrounding wind.

However, this wind was once again exploited by Fang Li. As if riding a paraglider, he easily flew through the wind and rain.

Bang, bang, bang, bang–!

With the sound of more gunshots, Aria kept pulling the trigger. The muzzle of the colt in her hand kept flashing with bright explosive bullets. Her shooting was extremely accurate, Fang Li had to admit that his shooting would definitely not be as good as her’s without the compensation as a result of the title effect.

From Aria’s shooting, round after round hit the tires of the cars. As the fast-moving convertibles got hit, they ended up swerving and crashing into the side of the road one after the other. Some were crushed to pieces and some exploded.

It was only at this point that Fang Li finally had some understanding of Aria’s strength. “As expected of an S-Rank Butei.”

Although her judgment of the situation was slightly lacking, in terms of strength, she was the real deal. It should not only be shooting either, but her fighting skills also shouldn’t be weak either, right?

If not, this tiny girl wouldn’t be using two Colt’s that seemed a little too big for her. Not to mention they had quite a large recoil. Of course, perhaps Aria’s guns had been modified to reduce the recoil.

After all, many of the patents on these guns have expired, so they were free to be modified. Like Fang Li’s Glock, which was modified to better enhance the Invisible Bullet’s ability, he commissioned Amdo to enhance its rapid-fire and heat resistance capabilities.

The firepower had been adjusted and reinforced and was now a different gun from the original. While these thoughts flashed through Fang Li’s mind, Aria also smoothly shot down the last convertible.


The convertible slammed into the side of the road and exploded into a ball of flames. At last, there was only one last vehicle left on the open road. It was the hijacked bus.

With Fang Li’s maneuvering, the parachute, which had turned into a paraglider, swept down to the roof of the bus.

With the faintest of sounds, Fang Li untied the parachute from his back, grabbed Aria, and landed on top of the bus. When they landed on the roof of the bus, without wasting any time, Fang Li said directly to Aria, “It is likely that the suspect will continue to increase the number of following vehicles. So we’ll split up, one will work to get rid of the bomb and the other will be on alert.”

Hearing this, Aria also seemed to think that this arrangement was the best, bringing out her own strong skills she immediately said, “I’ll defuse the bomb, you stay alert.”

With that, Aria left without the slightest hesitation. As for Fang Li, he leaped onto the bus and got in through a window that seemed to have been broken by an assault rifle of a convertible.

At that moment, the students wearing Butei High uniforms were lying down in the bus compartment. They were lying down to avoid the haphazard shooting from the submachine guns.

One of them, Tohyama Kinji, was present. Looking at Fang Li, who was standing up, Tohyama Kinji was surprised and delighted, “You’ve finally come.”

The rest of the students also looked at Fang Li with surprise and joy.

“Great, an S-Rank Butei has come to save us.”

“At last, we’re saved.”

“How about the bomb?”

“Are we out of danger?”

Each of the students stood up one after another and yelled questions.

In response, Fang Li only said, “We’re not out of danger yet, the bomb hasn’t been defused, another S-Rank Butei is looking for the bomb under the bus, it should be fine.”

“Another S-Rank Butei? “Tohyama Kinji was surprised, “Is there another class’ S-Rank Butei?”

“It’s still Assault’s S-Rank Butei,” said Fang Li, ” Quadra Aria, you know her, right?”

Tohyama Kinji pondered for a moment, then said, “I don’t know her.”

“…Well, I guess that’d be the case, for a guy like you who aspires to leave Butei High, Assault’s Butei information and even more so a girl’s information is something you always want to avoid.”

Fang Li rolled his eyes. “But, you’re still an Inquesta Butei, how can you not know this level of information?”

“Noisy!” Tohyama Kinji grumbled with some annoyance, “I’m only the lowest E-Rank anyway! This Butei level is just right.”

A Butei’s rating can’t stay the same forever. Depending on their strength and performance, the Butei can rank up, and naturally, they can also drop. For example, if the Butei’s strength decreases due to a physical injury, he or she will often lose the rank.

Tohyama Kinji was given the S-Rank on the first-year entrance exam, but because he switched specializations in the middle of the year, he got a lower rank on the third year entrance exam.

Because he didn’t take the exams during the semester, his rank had also kept dropping till the lowest E-Rank. Of course, for Tohyama Kinji, the Butei Rank was not important anymore.

Butei Rankings will affect the distribution of missions and the compensation along with benefits, but for those who want to leave the Butei profession, it is not important.

Since Tohyama Kinji intended to leave Butei High, its really not a big deal for him. At that moment, Aria’s voice came over Fang Li’s headset.

“Found the bomb!” Fang Li’s mind perked up slightly. Seeing Fang Li’s expression, Tohyama Kinji seemed to have guessed something as well and asked in a quiet tone, ” Did you find the bomb?”

“Right.” Fang Li quickly explained the situation. “I’m going to check outside, all of you stay here, there might be another attack, so don’t do anything rash.”

After saying that, Fang Li didn’t give Tohyama Kinji time to reply, he just jumped out the bus window in one leap and got back on the roof.

At the same time, Aria climbed up from underneath the bus and looked at Fang Li who had appeared again on the roof as she raised her hand. In it, there was a sizable bomb.

Seeing this, Fang Li breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, a sense of discomfort arose in his heart. It was as if he had overlooked something important…

At this moment, Fang Li’s cell phone, which was set to vibrate, suddenly started to buzz. His pockets vibrated. Someone must have made a phone call to Fang Li.

However, it was this vibration that made Fang Li’s heart skip a beat.


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