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MIWW Chapter 18 Part 1

Blood Fiend Alliance’s Young Master Wei Junlan’s nose was unusually sharp, and he followed the special scent of the Purple Cloud Fruit to find the Flying Elephant Beast’s lair.

He saw a group of beasts that were not afraid of death, but before he could give the order to attack, the group of brainless beasts started fighting among themselves.

The beasts weren’t sure about the real situation so they were all fighting over a single fruit, but they on the other hand knew that there were actually two of the Purple Cloud Fruits.

“You guys go fight with that group of beasts.” Wei Junlan ordered the Third Elder’s men.

The other group of people hid in the bushes waiting for orders.

Not too long after, he soon saw a woman avoiding the beasts and wanting to enter the Flying Winged Elephant’s lair.

Wei Junlan immediately ordered, “You guys follow me.”

He would like to know the identity of the person who actually dared to set him up like that.

What happened after that was just like what Little Color saw, the other party had realized their scheme and was now waiting for them to fall into the trap.

“Damn, we’ve been discovered, run.”

Little Color rolled up Dongfang Minghui with its vines and retreated, whoosh, all the outer vines all instinctively retracted, not only that, but it also flew to conceal its shadow.

Wei Junlan recognized the small vines, so naturally, he knew that it was the same person that had pitted him before.

“The other party is a Wood Spiritualist and also someone who’s very good at using their advantage to hide.” He directly commanded, “Elder, you’re a Fire Spiritual King, please help me grab this little guy. ”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Little Color turned pale and said, “Do something quickly, the other side actually sent out a Spiritual King,”

That’s just cheating!

If it had been before, it wouldn’t have given a damn about a little Spiritual King, but now with a big burden in tow, Little Color was sweating buckets.

Dongfang Minghui was so shaken that her head hurt, and now that she was asked to think of a way out, her mind went blank.

“It shouldn’t be like this.”

The script clearly didn’t include this part, so why was she going through such a dangerous situation? It was simply too unscientific!

TL: When chinese authors want to describe a situation as not making sense in a humorous way they like to say something similar to “this is unscientific”.

“Shit, have you thought of a good idea? The other side is a fire system Spiritual King!” Little Color almost wanted to jump as it watched its vines catch fire.

She ignored Little Color’s scream.


“Little Color, take me around in a circle and run for your life, do as I say, deliberately show your weaknesses so they can set more fires, as many as possible.”

Dongfang Minghui ordered then placing two fingers over her mouth she whistled loudly.

“Catch them.” Wei Junlan thought the sound was unusual.

In the blink of an eye, the elder found where Little Color and Dongfang Minghui were hiding, a fire surrounded them, and the grass around one person and one pet was instantly wiped out by the fire.

Little Color was scalded, “You better explain to me why you let them set such a big fire, the bigger the fire, the more detrimental it will be to our escape. ”

It didn’t want to become a naked magic plant.

Dongfang Minghui looked around nervously as she whistled, the sound of her whistle growing more urgent. She said, “I don’t like fire either, but the bigger the fire is, the better it is for us.”

Why was the Purple Demon Mountain Range feared? It wasn’t because of how fierce the small beasts in it were, what humans feared were the high-level beasts that lived in the Purple Demon Mountain Range. These Beasts ranked higher than nine, the equivalent of Spiritual Emperor and even Spiritual Sage, as long as they were there, they would not allow the Purple Devil Mountain Range to be destroyed. If they stomped their feet, the entire mountain range would shake three times.

“Damn, you want to draw out those old monsters, do you want to live?” Little Color was going crazy, it was wrong about her, it was so wrong! It thought before she was a coward and a gutless one at that but now look at her, she wants to ascend to heaven ah!

The Purple Demon Mountain Range was a large forest, trees were set on fire, one after another, and soon the entire territory turned into a sea of fire.

“Squeak squeak.”

The lightning rat came quite quickly, standing on both legs, adorably looking at Dongfang Minghui, and scratching the soft fur on its belly.

Dongfang Minghui squatted down and stroked its furry little head, smiling, “It’s up to you now little mouse.”

Little Color saw her hand casually reach out to touch the lightning rat and its heart nearly jumped out of its chest. This girl ah!

“You hid this side of yourself really well…” Little Colour spat out.

The lightning rat wouldn’t go away yet, it patted its stomach, patted it, and then patted it again.

“Good, big meal.” Dongfang Minghui wanted to laugh at the lightning rat.

“Here we go again, this person just won’t stop.” Little Color had just pulled her to another spot as a giant hole was blown open where they had just been standing.

A fistful of fur on Lightning Rat’s tail caught fire, and although the fire was quickly put out, the Lightning Rat was so pissed off that all the fur on its body exploded sharply outwards.


A particularly harsh and rough noise rang out.

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