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MIWW Chapter 17 Part 1

The Spiritual Masters standing away from the central part of Blackpool were using their spirit weapons. The multi-colored spiritual energy gathered in the swamp to form a blood-red net, viciously trying to catch the three heads that were rushing up to the sky from the ground.

The blood net wrapped around one of the heads and tightened, crushing it from the pressure!

Dongfang Minghui shivered in fear as she looked at the three-headed snake’s thick, celestial pillar-like head being crushed, her fist-sized eyes staring slightly towards the crowd, her legs weakened.

“It’s the Blood Fiend Alliance’s Blood Web.” The little friend suddenly said in her mind.

Blood Fiend Alliance, an assassination organization hidden in the darkness, with huge power, they had spread all over the Seven Colored Continent, almost in every corner you could find.

She gulped, “Are you sure you can snatch the Purple Cloud Fruit from their hands?”

If you don’t know who they are, you’ll be fine, but once you do, you’ll be on the verge of retreating. After all, stealing from the Blood Fiend Alliance is like pulling teeth from a tiger’s mouth – looking for death.

Dongfang Minghui didn’t even hear a reply from her little friend for half a moment, below in Blackpool, the third head of the three-headed snake suddenly burst apart after resisting the attack of the blood net. To the Three-Headed Snake, its three heads were three lives, and losing one head was the same as losing one life.

This group of humans was too mean!

The three-headed snake with only two heads left went crazy, and its ten-meter-long tail hit the inner wall of the swamp hard, one after the other, and finally, the ground crumbled and the swamp collapsed, all the creatures living underneath poured out, following the black spiders and a large number of man-eating ants.

The Blood Web was originally a symbol of the Blood Fiend Alliance, once the Blood Web was released, no matter beast or human, they would all turn into a pool of blood when the time came.

The Blood Net was a very overbearing sacrificial ritual invented by the Blood Fiend Alliance, wounding a thousand enemies and injuring eight hundred. Once the Blood Net has taken a life, all the sacrificed Spiritual Masters will become useless, losing all their spiritual energy.

Usually, the Blood Fiend Alliance wouldn’t use this kind of sacrifice unless it was absolutely necessary they must have been desperate for the Purple Cloud Fruit.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t even think of what the Blood Fiend Alliance wanted the Purple Cloud Fruit for, but it was written in the book that the Blood Fiend Alliance Young Master had a younger brother that had somehow lost his life.

“Is this Purple Cloud Fruit able to bring him back to life?” She murmured.


Her little demon plant friend was very sad when it finally replied to her question before, “If my real body was uninjured, it would be easy to clean them up. It’s really a pity-” most of its true form’s spiritual energy was sealed because of Dongfang Minghui’s trash cultivation, and it had even reverted back to its infant form.

The implication was that it couldn’t, Dongfang Minghui sort of understood.

But going back like that, Dongfang Minghui was reluctant, and she could almost imagine the Female Protagonist giving her a look of disdain.

There was chaos below, and the three-headed snake took advantage of the swamp wall it had opened to slip out of the blood web. Just as they had discussed before, one group of people distracted the three-headed snake inside the swamp first, another group took the opportunity to get the Purple Cloud Fruit, and they split up to take action.

She sat in a tree and watched the three-headed snake flee in the other direction, plucking a piece of bark, she said to her little friend, “If I let you run fast can you run for your life with me?”

When it came to speed, the demon plant immediately beat its chest and assured her, “I’m the king in this forest.”

“Well, when I tell you to grab it you grab it immediately and run away with me.” Dongfang Minghui had come up with a plan, but whether it would work or not depended on how well they cooperated. Of course, she was also gambling boldly.

“Young Master, look, it’s the Purple Cloud Fruit.” The Blood Fiend Alliance elder felt amazed as he took out the fruits, it was astonishing that this one mother Purple Cloud Fruit had produced two fruits!

The man known as the young master’s lips slightly hooked up, revealing a charming smile, “Really good, we finally got it.”

Just as the elder was about to hand over the two fruits to him, a thin vine suddenly leaped across the palms of the two men, gently curling the two fruits and whooshing them away.

They flinched for a moment at the same time, realizing suddenly that what they had worked so hard to get had been intercepted by someone hiding in the shadows.

“Bold little child, where do you want to run.” The elder’s eyes were red with anger.

Dongfang Minghui saw the Purple Cloud Fruit for the first time, a layer of uneven green skin on the outside, it looked a bit creepy and gave her goosebumps. She sniffed and found that the Purple Cloud Fruit’s smell was quite strong, giving off an alluring fragrance, it was unlike any fruit she had encountered in the past, it was very special.

“Quickly throw the Purple Cloud Fruit into a space ring.” Otherwise, the scent of the Purple Cloud Fruit would attract a large number of magical beasts, not to mention that group of human spiritualists behind.

“But, but I don’t have any.” She was rampant and domineering at home, but everyone in the Dongfang family knew that she never practiced, and had maids to serve her on every day, what did she need a space ring for? So she was never given one…

The demon plant’s foot wanted to stamp on the ground.

“You! Are! Really! Good!”

Dongfang Minghui seemed to hear the sound of it gnashing its teeth.

As expected, the scent of the purple cloud fruit was like the most delicious food in the world and had a fatal attraction to the beasts, their asses were followed by a large group of beasts in no time, as well as the Blood Fiend Alliance that was in hot pursuit.

The pitiful demon plant felt the feeling of its ass catching fire, swish, and ran even faster!


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