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MIWW Chapter 15 Part 2

It must be a mantis catching the cicada unaware of the oriole behind ploy.

Unsurprisingly, behind the tree they were hiding at, Dongfang Minghui saw a piece or two clothing from different areas, and she dropped her head, tugging on the Female Protagonist’s clothes.

Dongfang Wanyu threw a vicious knife-like stare at her and would have kicked Dongfang Minghui out if the occasion hadn’t allowed for it.

“There are…people.” Dongfang Minghui opened her mouth silently, indicating several directions.

“They’ve been hidden here for some time now, arriving even earlier than you, probably waiting until the Qing Lan Sect’s forces are exhausted before they come out and make a move to capture the Flying Winged Elephant.” Qing Mo’s voice was a sudden reminder, in fact, he didn’t remember much about the Qing Lan Sect until he saw them then he remembered his unpleasant past.

It was even more unexpected that the Ninth Miss of the Dongfang Family would be the first to find out those hidden forces.

This Ninth miss didn’t seem to be quite the same as in the rumours, it seemed that he would have to observe this girl properly.

Dongfang Wanyu counted down the ambushers around her, there were about six or seven people.

“Should I take this opportunity to kill Mu Qing?” The reason she didn’t leave was that she had this idea.

She had always been a person who repaid her debts, and having promised Qing Mo that she would take revenge for him, she naturally would do it.

Qing Mo was amused by her words, it had been countless years since his soul had been trapped inside this jade, and it was rare for anyone to be willing to stand up for him, he hadn’t felt this kind of warmth in a long time.

Even if it was just an exchange of benefits between them.

“Not to mention that right now he’s a Level 3 Great Spiritualist, you can’t even kill a Level 3 Spiritual Master. If you try to kill him, you will definitely attract the attention of the Qing Lan Sect, and when your identity is exposed, you will be in danger of being killed.” Qing Mo analyzed the pros and cons very thoroughly.

“Even if I can’t kill him, it’s always possible to create some trouble for him.” Dongfang Wanyu sneered.

While they were chatting about this, the flying winged elephant in mid-air had been knocked unconscious by Mu Qing, and in the end, with both wings retracted, it carried Mu Qing and dropped from mid-air.


The Flying Winged Elephant was huge, and such a fall directly created a huge hole in the ground.

As soon as the other two people from the Qing Lan Sect saw that Mu Qing had completely suppressed the Grade 5 Flying Winged Elephant, they all went forward to congratulate him, “Congratulations to big brother on his new mount. ”

“Congratulations, big brother.”

A light suddenly flashed in Mu Qing’s eyes, and he pushed the two of them away while flipping their bodies on the ground. There were several flying knives inserted in the ground where they were originally standing.

“Who is it!?”

Mu Qing stood up and looked around gravely, “Friend since you’re here, why don’t you come out and greet me?”

Dongfang Minghui buried her head even lower, afraid that she would be discovered.

The few people hiding in the shadows, with a glance at each other, came out from everywhere, a total of seven people, standing at seven angles, trapping the three people in the middle.

“Kid, we’ll take this beast, get lost if you know what to do.” One of them carried a large knife and shouted at Mu Qing.

The seven of them were eyeing the three people from the Qing Lan Clan, each one fierce and vicious as if they wanted to eat them.

“Big Brother, there are seven of them and only three of us, what should we do?” The flabby young man who had just come out to practice was still lacking in courage in the end.

His words naturally reached the ears of the seven people, causing the group of reckless people to laugh out loud.

Mu Qing stared at them fiercely, then sneered, “You guys even dare to grab the things of the Qing Lan Sect, you’re bold enough.”

The seven of them looked at each other and laughed, not taking his words to heart at all, “So what if you drop the name of the Qing Lan Sect, what your father wants to rob is the Qing Lan Sect’s stuff. Since you’re not leaving, don’t blame us for being rude.”

The big battle was on the verge of starting.

Dongfang Minghui hid in the grass shaking and trembling.

Her sixth sense told her that if she didn’t leave, she was bound to encounter trouble later. But if she left and the Female Protagonist asked, she wouldn’t be able to find an excuse.

“Afraid of nothing hmph, to think I’ve ruined my whole life at the hands of trash like you.” The magic plant in her head spoke a few rare words.

But in Dongfang Minghui’s opinion, it was better not to say it.

“All just talk, go out, and fight on your own if you can.” Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but retort, she didn’t have much fighting power nor did she even have a life-saving weapon. It was normal to be a little timid. She’d never have been desperate enough to rush up there if she hadn’t had a powerful backer like the Female Protagonist.

“Hey, where did Seventh sister run off to?”

In just a short while, Dongfang Wanyu had run up to the group, and while the group was fighting dizzyingly, she shot a lightning bolt directly at the flying winged beast.


The beast lying in the pit, that had just recovered its breath was suddenly blasted by lightning, the pain was so abnormal that it actually stimulated its survival instincts, it directly spat two balls of fire into the air, and then shakily climbed out of the pit.

“Damn beast.”

Two of the ambushers were accidentally sprayed with fire, and the Qing Lan Sect naturally took this opportunity to increase its counterattack.

The fifth-grade beast already had the intelligence of a child, it knew it couldn’t beat this group, as long as it had that difficult to deal with human. It waved its wings and slipped away.

“Damn.” Mu Qing gritted his teeth as the cooked duck flew away before his eyes.

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