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MIWW Chapter 15 Part 1

One person and one pet’s negotiation collapsed.

Dongfang Minghui had a cold face, she now not only had to hug the Female Protagonist’s golden thighs but also had the daunting task of figuring out how to stop her perverted magic pet!!!!

Along the way, they didn’t speak.

Instead, they encountered many Level 3 beasts, but they were all easily killed by the Female Protagonist. There are energy cores in their skulls, which can be used by the Female Protagonist to increase her cultivation.

Dongfang Minghui saw the Female Protagonist use the Earth attribute every time she fought. If she struggled to deal with the beast, then she added a little extra lightning in the earth energy. Thinking about the previous storm, she realized that the Female Protagonist must have boosted her lightning spirit power by a lot!

While Dongfang Wanyu killed the beasts, she followed behind her and scooped at the beast’s head, coming from a doctor’s background, this kind of thing was done with exceptional ease.

“Water-based energy core, I can’t use it, I’ll give it to you.”

Dongfang Wanyu tossed it straight to Dongfang Minghui after one look. Dongfang Minghui carefully caught it, the Level 3 Water Energy Nucleus emitted a soft lake green water ripple, unfortunately, she couldn’t use it either.

“Thank you Seventh sister.”

It can be sold, Dongfang Minghui made a note of it, collecting it now, maybe she can make a fortune later.

Going out is not the same as at home, money has to be saved and earned after all.

Dongfang Minghui began dismembering the beasts, collecting everything of value and was preparing to leave with some meat when Dongfang Wanyu suddenly stopped her, “There’s a fight ahead, let’s go check it out!”

Not far ahead in a clearing was a huge winged beast, trapped by three men. Above its skull stood a tall man, and the winged beast shook its head trying to shake the man off.

The tall man heaved a punch and hammered it directly towards its skull.


The wailing sound of the flying winged beast was deafening and shocking to the eardrums, probably because it was in pain, it struggled even more fiercely than before.

There were just three people on the other side, all dressed the same. Except for the one person on the Flying Winged Demonic Beast’s head, the other two were each wrapping the beast’s hind limbs with a strong rope to trap it, they had almost fully tied it up.

With a head as large as an elephant, sturdy limbs, wings on both backs, and a fiery mouth, these were the Level 5 Flying Winged Elephant Demonic Beasts described in the book.

Dongfang Minghui hid behind a tree and watched them covertly. These three men were wearing the same kind of green clothes and holding swords in their hands. They were probably disciples of the Qing Lan Sect.

The man standing on the back of the flying elephant should be Mu Qing, the close disciple of the legendary Qing Lan Sect’s master, who had come to the Purple Devil Mountain Range to hunt this flying elephant beast.

He came to the Purple Demon Mountain Range to hunt this flying winged elephant beast. The flying winged elephant beast was a very good riding beast, and Mu Qing was here to capture a flying winged elephant alive to sign a contract. The two men beside him were his junior brothers and junior sisters, they admired Mu Qing very much, so when they heard that he had come to the Purple Mountain Range, they also came along to gain experience!

However, they did not expect that capturing a rank five magical beast would be such a thrilling scene.

The Flying Winged Elephant Beast was worthy of being a rank five beast, its hind legs soared into the air and kicked backward, directly sending the two of them flying away. The Binding Rope Locks immediately scattered without a human pulling on them.

Once there were no more restraints, the Flying Winged Elephant naturally thought of escaping, it seemed to anticipate that it was no match for Mu Qing.

It fluttered its wings and leaped into the air.

Mu Qing naturally wouldn’t let it go easily, he stood on its spine and plunged his sword down into its back.


A large ball of fire spewed out of the Flying Winged Elephant’s mouth, aiming directly at Mu Qing’s younger brother and sister, the pain in its back was annoying it greatly.

The two below barely even had time to roll away to escape the taste of being burned by fire.


The flying winged elephant elongated its neck, flying diagonally and sideways in midair, trying to shake off Mu Qing who was riding on its back like a madman.

Mu Qing clasped the flesh behind its neck with a death grip, his whole body pressed down on its back, his fist struck desperately on its head, again and again, the Flying Winged Elephant couldn’t shake it off, and when it was in pain, it became more and more irritated, spitting out a big ball of fire towards the ground from time to time.

The two people below were the main targets of the flying winged elephant’s attack, and time and again, after they dodged wretchedly, their clothes could not avoid catching fire.

“Brother, my clothes are on fire.” It was a green-clothed girl.

Her senior brother immediately put out the fire with a column of water, but soon two fireballs were greeting them from the air.

“Dodge.” The two of them were isolated by the fireball and fled in two separate directions.

In no time at all, their battlefield expanded, and Dongfang Minghui, who was hiding behind a tree to watch the show, was affected by the wave and was nearly engulfed by the fireball.

She came close to facing the fireball, even feeling a pounding heat, and if the Female Protagonist hadn’t pulled her back just in time, her soul would probably have gone to heaven.

“Seventh sister, should we leave first?”

Dongfang Minghui looked at the hem of her burnt dress, this place was too dangerous.

There was no use staying here anyway, that Mu Qing of the Qing Lan Sect was now a Level 3 Great Spiritualist, he was more than enough to tame this young Level 5 flying winged elephant.

Dongfang Wanyu pressed her head down, her pair of beautiful eyes coldly staring at Mu Qing’s every move, ” Shut up, say one more word and I’ll throw you out.”

“Good personality, I like it.” The magic plant in Dongfang Minghui’s head was lively again.

Dongfang Minghui had the thought of wanting to stuff it inside her stomach and digest it.

The sky is still hot with aftershocks from the fighting, but Dongfang Minghui kept looking around, following the author’s plot, she didn’t believe that she’d be able to pass by this fight in peace.

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I’m not a fan of keeping this plant around for its pathetic attempt at “comic relief”.

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