Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 25

Regardless of Mumei’s response, looking at Konochi Kurusu’s dangerous expression, lifting his gun and having it pointed at Ikoma, Fang Li who knows the plot of the original work naturally knows why such a situation has occurred.

Before, it was mentioned that when the plot started, two Hayajiro separately went to Aragane Station during the daytime and during the night. The Hayajiro that came during daytime had had some people being accused of being Kabane, thus being gunned down.

During that time, it was Ikoma, this person that bravely stepped forward. This person who has an overflowing sense of justice who sincerely hopes to overthrow the Kabane had really disliked the methods of the Samurai in the Relay Station.

Not talking about their lack of courage and confidence, purely the method they used to vent their fright, having nowhere to point the muzzle of their guns except to the small and weak humans, to Ikoma these Samurais were extremely cowardly.

Therefore, Ikoma had for this reason bravely stepped forward encountered the suspicion of these samurais as well, since he was suspected of being a Kabane he was then firmly detained.

In such a case, normally saying, Ikoma should be roadless, thus being killed by the Kabane. But, Ikoma appeared here again. Moreso, his manner was the same as before, bravely stepping forward.

A person suspected of being a Kabane suddenly appearing here, who would not be vigilant? Konochi Kurusu was currently having such a mood, therefore aiming at Ikoma with the gun.

“You should be enclosed in prison.” Konochi Kurusu indifferent said: “Why did you suddenly appear here?”

“…… I pried open the lock and managed to run away.” Ikoma’s expression was not very friendly as well, his expression was quite ugly. “If not for that, I’d have already been able to appreciate your great kindness and almost getting bitten by the Kabane?”

“Almost by getting bitten by the Kabane?” Konochi Kurusu’s look becomes dangerous, saying: “To me, it looks like you were already bitten by a Kabane?”

The surrounding people were immediately startled, subconsciously moving far away from Ikoma, not daring to approach again.

That government official that Ikoma bravely stepped forward for similarly moved far away from Ikoma, looking at him with a look mixed with fear. As for Yomokawa Ayame, this kind-hearted Rich Ojou-sama was about to help speak for Ikoma, but was actually held onto by Konochi Kurusu.

“Ayame-sama, please don’t meddle.” Araka Kibito expression was serious, saying: “If during the escape a Kabane had infiltrated our ranks then I’m afraid everyone will die.”

Yomokawa Ayame was startled, then she remained silent. This made Ikoma somewhat anxious, loudly calling out: “I am not a Kabane!”

Was only a pity that incomparably anxious appearance caused people to be even more suspicious. At this moment, not only Konochi Kurusu, all the Yomokawa Family samurai raised their guns, aiming towards Ikoma.

“You all…” Ikoma’s expression was very uncomfortable. This was natural. A youth with such a sense of justice that only recognised enmity between human and Kabane but not between humans, being extremely repellant towards internal strife between humans.

But, no matter the time, human internal strife is inevitable. Because, humans have wisdom, they have a will on top of all kinds of other complex thoughts. So long as humans are unable to attain a situation of mutual understanding and mutual constraint, human internal strife will never stop. Therefore, Ikoma truly is just a warm-blooded youth with a lovely dream.

Not being able to clearly recognize this fact, only relying on that dogged sincerity, it sounds as if it were very heroic, but the reality was tough, describing it a bit nicer, he was really lacking in the brain department.

If not for the protagonist halo, the group of people with such a heroic role would have died early generally. Only a person who can see the situation clearly will think such a fellow is not hateful.

Seeing Ikoma become a target of the public attack, Fang Li looked at Mumei in his bosom, saying with a smile in a low voice: “What’s wrong? Not going to help him?”

“Help him?” Mumei was startled, lowering his head, continuing: “Why would I want to help him?”

“No?” Fang Li looked straight at Mumei, his expression was quite meaningful: “You’ve determined that you don’t want to help him?” Listens to Fang Li’s words containing some sort of hidden meaning, Mumei felt that she was completely understood by this person.

This feeling was naturally uncomfortable. Mumei stared bitterly at Fang Li, shortly afterwards, while Fang Li was ridiculing her with his look, supported her somewhat weak body, moving up and looking in front.

At once, Mumei’s sound clearly resounded, breaking the tense atmosphere of the scene.”Put down your guns” Mumei’s sound was quite weak, listlessly saying: “That person is not a Kabane.”

Mumei’s words made Ikoma’s facial expression happier, the surrounding people mutually looked at each other.

“Isn’t a Kabane?” Konochi Kurusu did not put down his gun, his sound as indifferent as before. “Now he’s not a Kabane, who knows when he’ll turn into a Kabane?”

“Now we do not have the means to remove the suspicion of him being bitten by a Kabane.” Araka Kibito echoed but compared to the indifference of Konochi Kurusu, his words had a bit of humanity, continuing: “Only if… we fully examine and check his body, showing that his body does not have a trace of being bitten by a Kabane”

These words made Ikoma’s expression stiffen immediately. Fang Li naturally knows why. But Mumei is also obviously the same.

“If you want to know if he was bitten by a Kabane I can tell you the answer actually.” Mumei lifted her line of sight, her sound naive sound slowly resounding. “He was bitten.”

The temperature in the air dropped to below freezing point instantaneously.


Each of the samurai holding their guns had as if encountered some sort of stimulant, their muzzles all aimed at Ikoma, on their face an alarmed and afraid expression showed.

The surrounding people called out in alarm as well, making the scared atmosphere fill the air in the crowd.

“… Wait!!!” Ikoma withdrew two steps, as if not willing to accept reality, shaking his head, saying while shivering: “I… I’m not a Kabane… I’m not a Kabane!”

However, no person believed him. After a Kabane had bitten a person that person will turn into a Kabane, this was a well-known fact. Only Mumei’s expression had not changed from start to finish.

“To be more accurate, you are indeed not a Kabane.” As her words fall, Mumei stepped forward, arriving at Ikoma’s side, looking straight at him, saying each word slowly.

“But… you are also not human.”

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