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MIWW Chapter 107 Part 1

A wind blade made of spiritual power scraped through the tree and vine, looking at Dongfang Minghui’s nervousness, a kind of pleasure was born in the heart of Night Wolf, but this subtle mood did not last long before it disappeared.

The hut intertwined with silk threads and vines stood still, not even a single silk thread or stump was cut by the wind blade.

Night wolf unbelievingly threw a few more wind blades towards the place where Qian Wanyu was at.

He did not know that this kind of test was like naked provocation in Dongfang Minghui’s eyes, and she said angrily, “Are you done yet?!”

Her whole body’s spiritual power was released, green leaves and flower petals floated around her, looking like a pleasing picture of beauty. But, often the more beautiful something is, the more dangerous it is…

The night wolf took a small step backward with caution, and a round-looking spherical body suddenly appeared beside him.


After seeing the thing, the little white tiger showed its sharp teeth and roared two or three times toward the other side.


The petals and leaves around her acted as if they had a life and attacked towards Night Wolf and the large orb beside him. The petals and leaves that were still dense gradually reduced, soon revealing only one person and a beast.


Dongfang Minghui was surprised to find that the other party was unharmed, on the contrary, the ball beside him had become much larger, “What is that?”

Night wolf launched a wind-based storm ball towards her, the edges of the ball were wind blades, as if it were five wind blades compressed into a ball, she dodged left and right while the silk umbrella blocked one after another.

So long as the storm ball does not break, these wind blades will appear around her constantly, really disgusting, “Little Colour.”

She was almost surrounded by these, Dongfang Minghui put away the silk umbrella and stroked towards the oncoming storm ball it shattered into five or six wind blades.

Her arms and legs had a few wounds, these wind blades were powerful, more powerful was that although she just destroyed one, more followed as if controlled by someone to surround her from all directions.

The fat doll was sharp-eyed, seeing her wounds accumulate it came forward and knocked the wind blades with its vines while wrapping her in its vines and rubbing away the blood, forming a vine network.

The storm ball impacted on the vine wall and bounced back again. But, the branches on the vines would also be cut by the wind blades.

“Little Colour, what are you doing?”

The vines rubbed against her skin and caused her to get goose bumps all over her body. She roared and found a plump ball flying towards her. The ball suddenly split a crack, and the crack soon opened up wider turning into a bottomless pit.

“What is this thing?!”

She held her silk umbrella open, expecting it to be easily fended off, unexpectedly in the blink of an eye, her surroundings changed, the original palace disappeared, replaced by a slimy, blood-red, dark world.

“Little Colour?”

The fat doll was tied to the blood-red wall by the slime inside, the wall was extremely elastic, she poked it with a silk umbrella, as soon as she poked it, the wall was dented but when the umbrella was retracted, the wall bounced back again.

“Stop playing and quickly help me get out!”

She thought the fat doll could quickly solve this eyesore, but as a result, she did not expect to fall into this trap.

The night wolf wasn’t scary but that round thing next to him was scary.

“How did we get here?”

She was worried about Seventh sister, although the protection was reinforced, but maybe there would be a way to melt away the silk threads of the man eating grass… If seventh sister’s had an accident without someone to guard her at the side… While she was thinking, she used her finger knife to cut the tiny live tentacles that bound Little Colour, only to have a lot of blood come out of the thing, spraying her face.

“What is this thing!”

The fat doll stretched out a chubby hand, “Pull me up quickly.”

She wiped the blood with her own sleeve and gave Little Colour a strong tug before pulling it out. As a result, her feet stumbled, the ground shook, she was almost toppled over.

“We were swallowed alive by it, now we’re in the belly of that thing.”


Dongfang Minghui looked around incredulously, the blood red inner walls, the extremely powerful bounciness, and those little straw-like mouths hanging above her head, she stomped her foot in place a few times but the fleshy walls bounced under her feet. The slimy liquid was actually the saliva coming out of the mouth inside this thing, she looked at the slime in her hand, and disgustedly found a strip of cloth to wipe it off.

“This damn thing!”

The fat doll spread its hands, “Look, it’s about to digest us.”

Dongfang Minghui looked where it was pointing and quickly spotted what looked like a flood of gastric juices tumbling from a distance around the corner, “Little Colour, run.”

She ran a few steps but looked back, Little Colour was still standing still, she immediately got angry, “Are you silly? Want to be eaten by it?”

The fat doll stretched out a pose as if asking for a hug, “Stupid Minghui, if I could run would I need you to teach me?! Quickly pick me up, the mucus in its body has an effect on me.”


Dongfang Minghui pulled and tugged for awhile before pulling both legs of the fat doll out of the slimy liquid, it immediately rolled over, picking and pulling at her back, urging, “Hurry, it’s catching up.”

The stomach fluid was also blood-red, like a thick mud, a few drops splashed down on her clothes, which quickly had a hole burned through.


“Little Colour, you go back to my space ring for now.” Running wildly with a fat doll clinging onto her back was also tiring, she had to divide part of her spiritual energy to defend herself against the mud that was in hot pursuit behind her while also using a part of her spiritual energy to use her skills.

“Cut the crap, turn left quickly.” The monster’s body was like a winding mountain road, from time to time a fork in the road came out, she was afraid that she’d turn into a dead end and didn’t dare to easily change direction, without Little Colour’s reminder she might have gotten herself into trouble.

“Quickly, use the flying needles to shoot at a place.”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to curse, Little Colour’s road was a dead end! There was no other choice with the red liquid chasing behind her, she felt like her legs were on fire.

She shot all of the flying needles in the space ring, each shot made the inner wall of the place tighten a little, after the end of the flying needles, she took all of her leaves and petals all out to create more damage.

The red liquid also gradually increased, soon it had reached her waist. Watching entangled love about to be swallowed she felt heartache beyond words. That was a gift from Seventh sister ah!

“Little Colour.”

“Come on, it’s not even close to enough.”

Little Colour’s two bare soles were scalded by this liquid, the green juice from its body was leaking out and the red liquid kept climbing up as if wanting to swallow them whole as it nervously kept picking at her hair.

“What the hell is this, I’ll make the man eating grass swallow it later!” The inner wall of this thing was made of something unknown, it would automatically bounce back the flying needles she shot out, there were only a few flying needles left in the space ring… she gritted her teeth and took the only leftover thirty-six plum darts out.

Success or failure was all in this one shot.

“Break for me!”

Thirty-six plum blossom darts were shot one by one in the same place, until the tenth plum blossom dart was shot in, the bloody wall was finally blown open a hole by her, she even threw the only finger knife she had in her hand.

“Get out.”

Night Wolf wanted to destroy the three protections set up by Dongfang Minghui but as soon as he got close, the little white tiger growled towards him. One man and one beast started to chase each other, the wind blades swished toward the little white tiger. The small size of the little white tiger allowed it to dodge quite easily, on top of that the man eating grass and pig fairy grass were intercepting him on the side as well.


The little white tiger was slowly stealing the life force of Night Wolf while provoking him.

“Eagle Claw, go, swallow this little beast for me.”

Eagle Claw was the name of the orb, it was the contracted spirit beast given to him by his brother Night Hawk, this spirit beast is a wind mutant spirit beast, the most skillful ability it had was its power to suck the opponent into its stomach and digest it little by little.

Those who didn’t understand this ability would suffer a loss if taken by surprise. Like Dongfang Minghui and Little Colour, they were trapped by Eagle Claw.

Eagle Claw had always been like this and there was no disadvantage. Night wolf didn’t notice it was struggling, only after seeing Eagle Claw being slow to move did he think something was wrong.

Eagle Claw originally wanted to quickly eliminate the one in its stomach, the result was a soft place in front of its chest suddenly had a sharp pain, and then a large hole was torn open! Dongfang Minghui and Little Colour escaped from that ruptured hole within and tore open the hole making a bunch of stomach fluid flow out of Eagle Claw as they sat on the ground huffing.

Blood sprayed everywhere, some even splashed to the location where Qian Wanyu was, the white silk thread showed signs of breakage, but not a lot.

Dongfang Minghui used spiritual power to protect her head, her chest had the heart mirror so it wasn’t a huge issue. On the contrary, it was the lower half of her body that felt unbearably hot, she felt that she had lost the feeling of her legs.

“This lord is angry!”

Fat doll standing on her shoulders raised its hands, vines shot out and from a few turning into dozens, dozens increased to hundreds, each of them shot towards Night Wolf!

The man-eating grass also jumped to Dongfang Minghui’s shoulders, one left and one right, plus the small white tiger secretly devouring life force.

For a time, Night Wolf’s wind blades were flying all over the sky, vines and grass fell everywhere, Dongfang Minghui looked around heartbroken, she checked her legs, her pants and wounds were glued together, with a gentle tear a chunk of flesh came out…

“Man-eating grass, go and help.”

The white silk of the man-eating grass spat out, invisibly wrapping the legs of Night Wolf.

Night Wolf felt that he could not move anymore, only then did he pay attention to the medicinal plants beside Dongfang Minghui, he tried to cut them but more and more white threads were wrapped around his legs despite his wind blades, “What the hell is this?”

Soon, the white threads wrapped around his chest and then his whole body bit by bit, leaving only one pair of eyes.

“If you hadn’t had the idea of targeting Seventh sister maybe I wouldn’t have killed you.” She said helplessly, letting him go would have been a loss for her but the other party shouldn’t have had bad thoughts towards seventh sister. Destroying her promotion was unforgivable!

Night Wolf’s pair of cold eyes finally showed a little panic look.

But, Dongfang Minghui didn’t care anymore, the man eating grass spit out more white silk and covered his eyes. The little white tiger was swaying its tail at the side excitedly at having been able to steal food again.

For a time, the entire palace was quiet, the smell of blood was everywhere.

Dongfang Minghui felt relieved but she hadn’t been sitting on the ground for too long before seeing the small white tiger suddenly rush towards her and pounce up.

“Little white?”


The little white tiger was extremely angry, not knowing whether it was because it was interrupted while it was eating or because it saw a black wolf that was preparing to sneak up on Dongfang Minghui. Earlier outside, the black wolf was blasted by a few thunderbolts from Qian Wanyu and fled to this place, it had then hidden on the side to watch them fight.

When they were resting, it had had the idea of trying to sneak attack.

Her pupils tightened as she watched the small white tiger cross over her head, then a claw scratched on the black wolf’s face, immediately she saw blood, it could be seen that this scratch wasn’t light at all.

“This thing again?!”

Sure enough, one should never let a tiger return to its mountain.

The fat doll’s vines flew in the sky, each time, they would viciously whip on the black wolf, drawing a blood mark on it. Little White seized the opportunity to bite its neck so hard that it was actually dragged by the other’s huge body on the ground while running.

With Little White plus Little Colour’s combat power, it was no problem to put down a black wolf. She relaxed her spirit a little and retrieved her finger knife from those sticky liquids to cut her pants.

After dressing and bandaging herself, she let the pig fairy grass make a small tent for her to change her pants and a new set of clothes. Her whole body was neater now but because the lower half of her body was still seriously injured, she was too lazy to get up again.


The black wolf was bitten to death by the little white tiger, in the end its mouth could only make a sound similar to a whimper. But the little white tiger refused to let go as it sucked a little bit of the other side’s life force.

After doing all this, the little white tiger felt good and laid beside her, with a lot of blood on its mouth along with some black hair that did not belong to it.

“Little White is so heroic, it seems that when Toothless wakes up, it will not be able to catch up with you. In the future, if you are much more powerful than Toothless, you can’t bully Toothless ok?” Dongfang Minghui cleaned the fur around its mouth while taking out a teething stick from her space ring to praise it.

The little white tiger was excited seeing the toothing stick and seemed to be in high spirits.

The little white group looked at her with a pair of blue eyes and stuck out its tongue to lick her hand, using its forelimbs to hook the teething stick in front of itself, with its big head resting on it, showing its love.

“It’s going to advance.”


The fat doll took out a vine and waved it in front of the little white tiger’s eyes, before the simple little white tiger would see the fat doll’s vine and would pounce on it like a cat catching a butterfly, now, it didn’t even want to move, “Look, it’s eating up.”

It must be too full and was still digesting.

“Little white, you can advance, wait until you wake up and maybe you can meet Toothless,” Dongfang Minghui looked at it trying to keep awake.

“Ow.” Little White looked at her sleepily, it stood up and rubbed its head on her before slowly pacing up and down to the place where Qian Wanyu was sitting. It sat about a meter away and lay down until its eyes slowly closed.

“Little Colour, build a hut for it, don’t let anyone disturb it.”

Dongfang Minghui watched this master and pet both advance. She had nothing to do alone, little white had already turned Night Wolf into a bunch of white bones so the man eating grass cralwed back and took back the white silk.

“Ding ding.”

Two consecutive sounds of heavy objects could be heard falling on the ground, the curly tail of the pig fairy grass stretched a bit, from under the white bones two relatively good-looking space rings were dragged in front of Dongfang Minghui’s eyes.

“It looks like it should be something he owned.”

The master was dead so she erased the seal left on it and the two spatial rings became owner-less. She probed the rings with her consciousness, the first ring had a lot of medicinal plants while the second had some martial art methods and weapons.

The second space ring had more things as well. She took out a porcelain vase out of the space ring and opened the lid to find a pill. The colour was very good and more beautiful than any other pill she had seen before. It came with a fragrance that was overflowing and had lines on its body indicating its unnaturalness.

The fat doll squatted directly beside her, drooling at the elixir, “Stupid Minghui, you’ve never rewarded me before, give me this elixir I like it a lot!”


She always thought it was medicine, but the pattern was indeed not like medicine, she raised the pill in her hand, “No, this thing will wait until Seventh sister wakes up, if she does not need it then I’ll give it to you.”

Little Colour had a good eye, it would basically ignore things that weren’t up to a certain standard.

She immediately had a plan in her mind and tossed the pill back in the vase into her space ring.

The fat doll puffed up and stared blankly at her for awhile before cursing, “Seeing a woman and forgetting kindness!”

Dongfang Minghui shrugged indifferently, anyway, this was extremely likely to be the so called elixir of longevity everyone was searching for.

She originally thought she would wait for three or five days at most but who expected that she would have waited for a whole half a month!

On this day, she keenly sensed a spiritual fluctuation in the surroundings, it was so great that the entire palace shook, but not for long. Suddenly the spiritual fluctuation was gone.


One after another, booms sounded out, she didn’t even have time to let the man-eating grass take back the white silk, she saw a rich dark spiritual power emerge from inside, the vines and white silk were swallowed by this dark spiritual power.

Seventh sister’s dark spiritual power seems to have advanced again!

“Ninth Sister?”

Qian Wanyu felt very good, she had completely digested the mirror spirit, now her spiritual power had jumped from level three Great Spiritualist to level six Great Spiritualist, more importantly she felt that she had more spiritual power than an average Spiritual Scholar.

She looked at the corpses and bones all over the floor, frowning slightly. As soon as she stepped out, she sensed the fluctuations of spiritual power from her right hand, “Little White is also advancing?”

“Seventh sister, you—”

Dongfang Minghui glanced up and down for several times, she couldn’t see Seventh sister’s level but she felt an aggressive spiritual power on her face. She even had the illusion that Seventh sister had already been promoted to a Spiritual Scholar.

Qian Wanyu walked around and saw the white bones on the floor, she got in front of her, and asked in a low voice, “What happened?”

Dongfang Minghui took out the porcelain bottle first, “Seventh sister, see if this is the life-saving pill everyone has been looking for.”

“Where did this thing come from?”

Dongfang Minghui then recounted her encounter with Night Wolf. After that, she actually encountered three or four more groups of people. They had all escaped out of the palace from nowhere and first wanted to talk about it. Seeing that they had bad intentions and were trying to intimidate she wasn’t afraid of solving all of them.

“This thing really exists?!”

If Qing Mo hadn’t said it, Qian Wanyu would probably have given it to Ninth Sister to let her use it at will, “Is it real?”

“The one in your hand looks has the color and a rich fragrance, it is true.” Qing Mo helplessly shook his head, the good things kept arriving in her two hands like they were free, “However, this grade is not high, looking at this there’s only at most two lines on it. A really good medicine must have at least three lines or more, possibly as many as five lines for a perfect one, this one in your hand can be regarded as a low-grade life continuation pill at best.”

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