Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 134

Needless to say, Karu never returned since that time after the challenge… Dongfang Minghui’s ears were finally clear for a few days. In her spare time, she always wondered if the sparring was too shocking for him and had given him some PTSD. She hesitated and thought about visiting them, but she still didn’t go in the end.

The next day, the little dwarves found where they lived.

“Dignified guests, our Lord Kurt has a special dinner arranged for you tomorrow, and we hope you can come.” Little Budian came over just to let them know, then turned around and left after speaking.

“Wait, wait a minute.” Little Minghui stopped the other party’s way, “Master Kurt held a banquet because of what happened last time?”

Little Budian did not dare to say more, and only responded politely, “Dear guests, you will naturally know when you come tomorrow.”

“What is this dwarf running around for?” Wei Junlan leaned over and saw a little shadow, she was amazed, “These little guys look quite burly!”

“He’s an adult in his thirties or forties…” Of course, he was burly.

Knowing how young she was compared to this dwarf, she was taken aback.

Dongfang Minghui rubbed her chin thoughtfully, Little Budian’s attitude towards them seem to have changed a bit.

When Qian Wanyu and Leen came back from training outside, she also mentioned the matter to her, “Seventh sister, do we want to go tomorrow?”

“We’ll go.”

“But don’t you think it’s a little strange for Lord Kurt to entertain us at such a sensitive time?”

“Don’t think too much.” Qian Wanyu took her hand and looked at it. The lines on the palm are still there, but on top of it, there were also curved lines, as if the sculptor carved them in her hands. They looked lifelike, when she touched it, she could still feel the unevenness of this piece of skin, remembering that this was a sin suffered by her mother before as well, Qian Wanyu rubbed it feeling bad for her.

Her hand was a little itchy, Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but retract her hand, “Seventh sister, it’s all right.”

Qian Wanyu pursed her lips tightly, “If there is anything unusual, please remember to tell me.”

“All right.”

Dongfang Minghui felt that Seventh Sister was too nervous, the flesh on her palms had already grown. Except for the pain that made people want to die at first, there was no difference with normal for her. This trapped dragon seal was very well-behaved, “Seventh sister, do you think Nangong Yuntian will have any clues regarding the elves?”

She checked on Lu Xing’s condition yesterday. Lu Xing still had pale hair and a wrinkled face, like a sleeping old man in his twilight years. Although he survived with one breath, the tree of life in the brocade box in his hand has dried up and turned into a piece of deadwood.

“There will be.”

The trip to the elves was imminent. She had already greeted the guards. As soon as Nangong Yuntian appears, she would know… Qian Wanyu pinched her cheek, “First check the batch of pills that Kurt wants. Tomorrow is the day of the deal.”

It was indeed a transaction, but to the surprise of Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui, Kurt also prepared additional programs to add to the fun.

“Lord Kurt, please take a look.”

Qian Wanyu put all the pills on the table, filling a small table.

Kurt specially asked a dwarf with blood on his arm to come over to check the results. Like the last pill delivery, Kurt randomly selected a few porcelain bottles, used up three pills, and nodded with satisfaction, “Very good.”

Soon, the two wooden boxes were lifted by them, and the sound of clinking which was the sound of iron chains knocking against each other could be heard, it was very clear that the dwarves had delivered on their promise as well.

Qian Wanyu didn’t even look at it, and directly asked Little Minghui to put these chains into her space ring.

Kurt hesitated and reminded, “Miss Qian, why don’t you check them here?”

“I believe in your integrity and I’m sure you will never cut corners, not to mention it is our honour to make a deal with such a righteous person as Lord Kurt.” Qian Wanyu did not expect these chains to be able to be fake or of bad quality.

Being flattered, Kurt felt happy, “I’ll give you another batch of the rest next month.”


Next, there was a cheerful banquet, eating, drinking and having fun. The dance of the dwarves looked like a duck dance. When Dongfang Minghui was pulled to the centre to dance, her limbs were a little stiff, but when she saw them laughing so happily, she ended up following their lead. After jumping a bit here and there her hands and feet felt dead.

Qian Wanyu looked at her Ninth Sister who was surrounded by dwarves with a smile from the corner of her eyes. Seeing her laughing loudly, her mood also improved.

Kurt followed her gaze, “I haven’t officially thanked Miss Qian for what happened last time.”

“What happened last time?”

“My son Luke…”

After hearing what he said, Qian Wanyu asked curiously, “Did Sir Kurt find him successfully?”

Kurt’s aura suddenly became a lot colder, his face darkened, and he shook his head.

The matter was very simple. Kurt took some people to the place Dongfang Minghui mentioned. After searching for a long time, he saw one of the bases of the Arena. Coincidentally, someone was dragging out a body and dumping it away.

Aware that things might have gone beyond his expectations of a simple kidnapping of his son, Kurt asked his men to start digging a big hole, which only took two days.

The dwarves dug the hole and quickly entered the base. They saw many detained humans inside as well as some of their tribe’s lost children. There were even several dwarves who were on the verge of beast transformation! These dwarves had become very strange and bloodthirsty. Those beast people also dragged a few struggling dwarves to send for experiments…

The dwarves Kurt brought turned mad immediately at this scene.

What followed under this anger, was the dwarves and beast people immediately fighting. It was a win for them however only a dozen children were rescued…

Sadly, there was no sign of Luke here.

“Does Sir Kurt think that the beast people did this?” Qian Wanyu heard the change of tone towards the beast people from his mouth and guessed that the other party had become resentful of the beast people.

In the long run, it would not be conducive to the cooperative relationship between the Cass tribe and the dwarves.

“Who else could it be?!” Kurt patted the table, and the dwarves around were startled, including Dongfang Minghui who was dancing. She saw that the expressions on the faces of Seventh sister and Kurt were not good. She immediately squeezed out of the crowd to rush over.

“Seventh sister?”

“Lord Kurt.”

Kurt immediately suppressed the anger on his face, stood up, bent over to her, and said to her with a smile, “I thank you on behalf of my people.”

“No, no need.” She couldn’t bear this grand ceremony. Dongfang Minghui glanced back and forth between Seventh sister and his face, guessing that Lord Kurt failed to find his son successfully. She tilted her head to think for a moment, and asked innocently, “Lord Kurt, have you found the man in the black robe with the group of people dressed similar to him?”

“A group of people in black robes?”

“Yes, there was another group of your clansmen who were transferred by people in black robes.” Last time, she said vaguely that she saw a tall person taking them away, but she didn’t mention what was taken.

Kurt was stunned for a moment, and his expression changed. He waved to the dwarf who was sitting about a meter away from him and whispered in a low voice.

Soon a few people came over with a man in a black robe. There were about five or six chains on the man’s body, which bound his hands and feet. He was dragged in front of them.

Dongfang Minghui was so frightened that she hid in Qian Wanyu’s arms. After looking carefully, she remembered that she had actually seen this person before, “Seventh Sister, I have seen him before!”

“He was caught by me in the place where my clan was imprisoned, but this man is cunning, he doesn’t want to say anything.” Lord Kurt then asked Dongfang Minghui, “Has the little girl ever met him?”

I’ve seen him!, I’ve seen him, but—

Qian Wanyu glanced at the man lightly and then focused her attention on the iron chain. The six iron chains were similar to the iron chains delivered to her. It seems treasures were everywhere in the dwarf clan.

“He…” Dongfang Minghui looked around him suspiciously and finally said, “It was too dark that day, and I couldn’t see clearly. But I heard them speak, they were speaking the words of our human race.”

She naively recounted their conversation.

Kurt’s bell-like eyes turned to Qian Wanyu, “Miss Qian, what do you mean?”

Qian Wanyu raised her eyebrows, “Lord Kurt?”

“You obviously know who is behind this so-called plot but you were playing with me? Qian girl, just because I, Kurt regard you as a friend, you-”

“Lord Kurt you must be joking. I know a thing or two about this matter but I never hid anything from you.” Qian Wanyu put little Minghui on her lap, “If I lied to you, why would Ninth Sister take the risk of telling you? Letting her tell you at risk of her life if it was for anyone else…”

She brought out Wei Junlan and said that the whole thing had a cause and effect, and it became a coincidence that Ninth Sister encountered the transfer of the dwarves by the men in black.

“I-is that so.”

“If Sir Kurt doesn’t believe it, you can go to our place to check now to see if we have deceived you.” After Qian Wanyu finished speaking, her whole person was calm, anyone could see her displeasure just by looking closely.

Kurt was a little embarrassed. He was just too sensitive at this time. He had always been vigilant about the identities of Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui. These two big deals that came to him automatically made him wary.

Afterwards, although everyone still had a friendly conversation, their attitude was somewhat reluctant.

After Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui left, Kurt invited Little Budian, “Go and check if you the friend they just mentioned exists.”

“Sir, I did see such a person before, but he seemed a bit special, so I took a second look.” Little Budian said it was Wei Junlan, who was sitting lazily on the ground with his back against the door. That person’s legs were laid down and there were books everywhere on the ground. What was even more peculiar was that there were scales on her face that actually emitted a faint blue light under the refraction of light. For this reason, he took a second look to make sure.

“What’s so special about that friend?”

“She has scales on half of her face, however, she is a human!”

After Kurt heard this, he looked annoyed, “It seems that I really misunderstood them.”

“What are you going to do now my lord?”

“You go down first, I have my considerations on this matter.”

Afterwards, when Kurt asked Little Budian asked to meet again, he was rejected by Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu for no other reason than them having something more important to attend to.

The information received by the guard team showed that Nangong Yuntian had arrived at the beast realm as early as five days ago. However, he ran into a little trouble.

They don’t know who leaked the information about Nangong Yuntian’s whereabouts. He controlled a lot of wealth and this attracted the two tribes of Cyril and Hillary. The two teams intercepted him in different places. The reason was also very good, they wanted to invite the rich man as a guest.

Taking it for granted, Nangong Yuntian readily agreed.

After hearing the news, Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help rolling her eyes, “It must have been because he saw that the beast people were tall and big so he was cowardly.”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, “I think he wants to raise the price of goods.”

Just based on what she knew about Nangong Yuntian, this fellow had arranged for people to follow him to the beast tribe, he was definitely already on alert to the fact that the three tribes were fighting for territory. What he called visiting the Cyril tribe or running into the Hillary tribe was nothing more than a show for them.

“Sure enough, he’s a profiteer.”

Dongfang Minghui has always slandered her rivals whenever she could, but now is not the time for her to play with her small temper, “Seventh sister, what should we do?”

There were no chips at all in their hands, and the other party had already started to play a game to increase the chips…

“Don’t forget about that black medicine.” Yuntian Pavilion adheres to the trading creed of high integrity. If people from the three major empires know that this black medicine was auctioned from Yuntian Pavilion, he will definitely not be able to walk away freely.

“I didn’t forget, but what if Nangong Yuntian refuses to help?”

“He won’t.”

Qian Wanyu assured her, “We will wait patiently for him to come.”

“Huh?” Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, “Will he be able to come?”


In business, as long as Nangong Yuntian was not stupid, he will not choose to dance with two tigers without his backup.

Since seventh sister said so, she temporarily put aside the matter of Nangong Yuntian, holding a pen and a notebook, ready to draw all the follow-up paintings at once, since Qianmama and seventh sister met, she felt that this cartoon was more meaningful. It doesn’t matter whether she paints or not, but Qian Mama likes to watch it, and sometimes sends Leon to urge her to draw more, which makes her a little embarrassed.

“Come again.”

Qian Wanyu’s lightning whip was swung in the air, and no matter which direction Leen’s arrows attacked from, they could never breakthrough.

Little Minghui raised her head and glanced at them, and soon lowered her eyes to concentrate on painting.

Seventh sister seems to be nice to Leen…

The question flashed across her mind and quickly disappeared from her mind.

After two days passed so peacefully, Leon hurried over, “Miss Qian, things have changed!”

“What’s up?”

Nangong Yuntian was trapped in the tribe by Hillary and was not allowed to go out.

The Hillary tribe also intended to promise Hillary’s goddaughter to Nangong Yuntian by way of marriage. “The wedding will be at the beginning of next month.”

Qian Wanyu laughed, “Haha his face must be as if eating dog shit right now.”

Dongfang Minghui curiously leaned over and glanced at the message, thinking to herself, this must be the so-called self-inflicted suffering. In her mind, she made up a scene where the beast girl hugged Nangong Yuntian and shouted at him insisting on marrying him.

She had to mention here that the girls of the beast tribe were all big and three metres tall, with big skeletons, and their arms were thicker than her thighs. Compared with the girls of their human race, they were like heaven and one earth. People who loved beauty and showiness like Nangong Yuntian would not be able to accept it.

“Seventh Sister, are we going to interfere?”

“It would be the best of both worlds to let him get married and then save him.”

Having said that, on the same day, Leon gathered a group of people who followed Seventh Sister, in the name of Qian mama.

Qian Wanyu accepted the help readily, Wei Junlan stayed back, and Leen and Barry became supervisors. Little Colour, Little Minghui and Qian Wanyu set off with ten people to the Hillary tribe.

The Hillarys tribe alone has more than 50 affiliated tribes, large and small. They were distributed in the south, southwest, north and northwest of the Hillarys tribe. They travelled as a caravan and encountered resistance from various tribes. Fortunately, they were well prepared in advance. There was also some cargo behind the carriage, and bribes were unavoidable when passing through the major tribes.

They went on in such a low-key manner for about half a month. When they arrived at the Yana River, they were attacked by water beasts crawling out of the river. One of the guards was dragged away by the water beasts when they were drinking water. Before he had time to transform or make any reaction, bright red blood floated on the water.

“Don’t go near this river.”

Everyone quickly stepped back dozens of steps and stopped when they reached a safe position. Everyone took a deep breath, and one of them said angrily, “Those people didn’t tell the truth, they told us that if we wanted to go to the Hillary tribe, we must go straight across the Yana River.”

“Were we exposed?” Leon asked with a heavy heart.

Everyone looked at each other for a long time without discussing the reason. In the end, Leon set his eyes on Qian Wanyu, “Qian girl, what do you think we should do next? Go by water or by land?”

The land route would be half a month longer than the water route.

It also meant that Nangong Yuntian would be the son-in-law of the Hillary tribe and marry a beast girl by that time.

Qian Wanyu ignored them and approached the Yana River step by step. The river was very long, and the water flow is very stable. With a gentle wave of the lightning whip in her hand, a stream of water splashed from the air in a spray and fell heavily causing ripples on the surface.

“Squeak–” A voice that was sharp and loud sounded.

The waves broke and a water monkey hiding in the current was screaming from the purple lightning. It was the same beast that dragged people into the water just now.

Water monkeys look like monkeys, but they were not real monkeys. They were a kind of water monster. They lay dormant under the river water for a long time waiting for someone to cross the river or drink water, then they will pull people down unexpectedly and eat the food together. These monsters were used to eating meat and blood, and their growth rate was also very fast. As time changes, this kind of thing gradually climbs up from just lying down at the bottom of the river to reaching out to people not far from the river.

Qian Wanyu had just abruptly stirred up hordes of water monsters under the river.

The river level was quiet for a while, just like the surging waves, the waves rolled on the water surface one after another, flying towards them.

“Seventh sister!”

“Get back.”

One after another, solid earth walls were built to block in front of them. When the water monkeys could not get over, they retreated again and again, and then made a comeback, back and forth. Qian Wanyu jumped directly into the air. In the middle, a lightning bolt that was thicker than a human bombarded the surface of the water at once, causing countless splashes and the bodies of many water monsters to float up to the surface.

The entire surface of the river turned into a river of blood.

This movement was indeed a bit big, but fortunately, the Yana River was also relatively well-known as a dangerous area, at least for the local tribes there were no residents around.



As soon as Toothless jumped out, he raised his claws and killed a water monster that was just about to climb ashore. It spat out a few small groups of flames towards the river, preventing those water monsters from climbing ashore again. When those monsters got on fire, they were burned alive into nothing by the flames, and there was not even a little ash left. Other water monsters saw it and sank to the bottom one after another in fright.

However, the lightning crossed the water, and the crackling sound was incessant, some water monsters were even directly electrocuted by the lightning.

“Little Colour!”

More than a dozen vines were weaved into a thick hemp rope. From this end they looked for many tree trunks along the road, interweaving into a crooked boat, Dongfang Minghui stepped on the front first, and swept her hand quickly, ” Everyone get on.”

In the middle of the journey, there were also water monsters who wanted to take the opportunity to make trouble, but Qian Wanyu smashed them into pieces.

A group of people stepped lightly on the vines and spent six hours crossing the Yana River without stopping.

“When I find Nangong Yuntian, I have to ask him for spiritual compensation.” It was a waste of money coming if it wasn’t for him and Dongfang Minghui’s resentment against Nangong Yuntian reached a peak.

“Don’t worry, seventh sister will help you get it back with interest.”

The group travelled through the mountains and chose a road that was both dangerous and difficult to walk. It took almost 20 days to reach the border of the Hillary tribe. Leon went with a group of people to explore and returned with news, “Two or three more people entered the Hillary tribe, and their patrol team has three teams, one team of twelve people. One team operates during the day, and two teams at night.”

During the day, there were only twelve people, but at night it turned to twenty-four people.

“Hilary is quite alert.” The patrols she had seen in the Cass tribe were only two shifts.

The night was usually a good time to sneak attack, not to mention that people’s drowsiness usually occurs at night. Hillary arranging the guard shifts like this, which shows that he is very cautious. Qian Wanyu took Leon to look at the guard formation again and then came back to assign the tasks.

“There are so many of you, the goal is too big to sneak everyone in.” Qian Wanyu’s idea was very simple, she was simply not going to bring so many people, just having her and her ninth sister sneak in would be enough, “You all stay here and wait to meet us.”

“No way!” Leon still remembered that before they left, the lord also ordered him to protect the Qian girl and the little shaman no matter what.

“Leon, if you are found by them after you go in, it is likely to expose the guard’s involvement.” Qian Wanyu looked at him and said, “What’s more, there is a more important task that you need to do. This task is related to us getting out of the Hillary tribe without a hitch.”

Seeing the embarrassed look on his face, Qian Wanyu gave him another convincing argument, “If this is not done well, all of us will suffer here. Do you want to see such an outcome?”


“Then go.”

The task was quickly assigned. Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui stopped when they were ten miles away from Hillary’s tribe, and hid in some grass. They waited for about a day.

They could hear the rumbling of the wheels in the distance.

These were all congratulatory parties for the Hillary tribe. Everyone brought their families to congratulate them, and they also brought a lot of gifts.

“Ninth sister, you will hide under those gift carts later, I’m sure you can hide.”

“Then how do you get in, Seventh sister?”

Qian Wanyu pinched her face, “Don’t worry, seventh sister will find you when the time comes.”


When the gift cart they had prepared just passed by, a burst of smoke suddenly appeared. It was a stink bomb invented by Dongfang Minghui. She took advantage of this gap to sneak into the bottom of the car, and stuck tightly to the bottom of the car.

“Ah, so much smoke, what happened?”

“It stinks.”

“It must be some little beast’s fart, let’s go.”

In the vast expanse of white, the road was completely unclear, and this small affiliated tribe had to stop to rest. Qian Wanyu took the opportunity to drag a beast person who was going into the bushes and subdued him then changed into his clothes and transformed her face.

She went back to her post again lightly, and someone next to her curiously shrugged her with his elbow, “Where did you go just now?”

Qian Wanyu glanced at him, it was a tall beast man, she covered her nose in a hurry and desperately fanned the wind.

“It stinks there, I must have encountered a stink bug.”

“We’re arriving soon, everyone remember to take care of yourself, you shouldn’t ask randomly, don’t ask, don’t talk and don’t watch.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Everyone held their arm to their chest, and no one dared to speak, including the beast person who just dragged Qian Wanyu before and talked non-stop.

They passed every sentry set by the Hillary tribe smoothly. Qian Wanyu watched all the processes they went through without looking away. In her heart, she had to sigh again that there was no comparison between the two tribes. The Hillary tribe was superior compared to the Cass tribe.

Cass was like a sheep being herded while the Hillary tribe were like lions.

In this case, why hasn’t the Cass tribe been captured yet?

Qian Wanyu was puzzled by this issue. The gap in strength seemed too big.

“You there, keep up with the person in charge, and move all the gifts in.” Unfortunately, Qian Wanyu was targeted by the leader.

“Don’t park this carriage here, pull it away.”

Dongfang Minghui was a little stunned, she saw a group of boots and legs dangling in front of her eyes, and then the car started to move again, and she could smell the stench of urine from a distance. At the same time, she also saw wheels on her turn left and right, she guessed that the carriage was being parked.

“Little Colour, let’s see if there is anyone there?”

“Each carriage has a beast person guarding, and six beast people are guarding the entrance as well.”

“So many!”

Dongfang Minghui had a headache. Given her height, she might be exposed when she got out. Should she go out now?

“I just took a sneak peek and found out that Lord Hillary had found a human for his daughter.” Dongfang Minghui with his ears suddenly heard someone talking secretly, and the voice came from more than ten meters away from her, she guessed that the beast people guarding here were bored, so the gossip started.

“How about it?”

“Pft, it’s just a weak chicken. I can squeeze him to death with a slight squeeze. I’ll tell you, he…”

Dongfang Minghui held her face, but she couldn’t control it and almost laughed out loud. She carefully thought about her impression of Nangong Yuntian, but she had forgotten it after so long. However, after the vivid description of the beast man elder brother, she remembered it.

Not to mention, Nangong Yuntian was usually sitting in the sedan chair, with a few girls guarding him, he did look like a weak chicken.

“Stinky boy, you’re courting death! No matter how bad he is, he is favoured by Lord Hillary. Be careful or you’ll be losing your head.”

“Well, we’re alone here, not to mention it’s just a few of us brothers.”


The next part of the gossip didn’t matter.

When Little Colour returned, it used its vines to check the way. She knew how to get back to the place where they had separated from Qian Wanyu just now, but didn’t know where Nangong Yuntian was locked up, “Why don’t you stay here first? I’ll help you find Nangong Yuntian.”

“Okay, you have to be careful.”

Little Colour’s real body was still in Dongfang Minghui’s soul sea. It directed a small piece of vine to run around, but it didn’t arouse anyone’s suspicion because it was only the size of a finger. It moved quickly and managed to find the place where Nangong Yuntian was locked up.

Nangong Yuntian’s house was a wedding room. About 30 people were guarding it outside, layer by layer. Those people didn’t know who lived inside but knew one thing, that this kid must not be allowed to run away. Otherwise, they won’t be able to swallow Lord Hillary’s anger!”

“Manager Zhu Li, you’ve been running back and forth dozens of times, what are you doing?” The guards were tired because they have to check every time, in the end, they just let Zhu Li go in. However, a routine question was still required.

It’s okay if people don’t ask, but Manager Zhu Li almost couldn’t hold back his complaints when someone did ask. Manager Zhu Li seems to have met someone to vent to and immediately started scolding but then hurriedly slapped himself in the mouth, “Damn it, I’m really stupid, just listen and don’t spread it out.”

The guard could only smile wryly.

While they were talking, no one notices some vines landed on Zhu Li’s feet, it was weightless and imperceptible.

“Lord Nangong, this is the candied fruit you wanted.” Candied fruit, this delicate thing was hard to find among the beast people. But as soon as Nangong Yuntian’s mouth opened, Zhu Li had to search for it all over…

“Bah, what kind of candied fruit is this!” Nangong Yuntian leaned back on the reclining chair, and when he was unhappy, he quickly knocked over the plate in Zhu Li’s hand scattering the fruit all over the ground.

The vines jumped up so that they wouldn’t be covered by the candied fruit.

“What? Do you want to hit me? Come and hit me them come.” Nangong Yuntian patted his face lightly, and his face turned red after a little pat.

“The slave doesn’t dare.” Zhu Li was about to break his teeth from clenching.

“Since you don’t dare then just kneel on the ground and pick up the candied fruit for me.”

When everything was almost picked up, Nangong Yuntian put another leg up and coughed dryly, “Ahem, this young master feels a little thirsty, I want a cup of hibiscus rose tea, get me a cup.”

“Yes, my lord.”

The vines could see it very clearly. The expression on the manager’s face was very grim. If it wasn’t because of Nangong Yuntian’s identity, perhaps he would probably have the heart to kill the other party immediately.

When the door was closed, Nangong Yuntian stood up abruptly, completely losing the leisurely look he had just now, he stood on the second floor and looked down. There was a thick iron barrel-like guard there, he was like a bird who had his wings clipped, unable to escape.

The vines almost figured out the situation of Nangong Yuntian. It was about to slip out through the crack of the door when it was trampled by one foot.

“So what are you here for?”

“I’ve just come to see my future good husband.”

“My most beautiful and coquettish girl, it is said that we can’t see each other for a few days before the wedding, you can’t wait to get on this young master’s bed?” Nangong Yuntian leaned over and lifted her chin with his fingers, which were soft and tender. He pinched her skin with a little force and soon it was red.

The trampled vines struggled to get off the other side’s feet. After struggling for a long time it finally fell off the shoes. As a result, the shoes stepped on it again…

Dongfang Minghui had been listening to the gossip with her ears pricked up, and after Nangong Yuntian finished, she began to listen to the group of beast people talking about another gossip here. Some people started talking about the righteous son in law that Hillary had accepted.

That delicate male figure, white and tender skin that can be broken by blowing and that graceful waist…

Dongfang Minghui was confused when she listened to it, and the picture in her mind was completely a beautiful woman. Were they talking about a man?

“I was trampled…”

“Huh, how could it be? Who dares to step on you!”

“It seems to be your fourth sister…”


Dongfang Minghui screamed, but after thinking about it, she could understand, “You think this is a trap set by Xian, right?”

Don’t blame her for conspiracy theories, she had indeed eaten enough of the lessons from before.

“Even if it was a trap, didn’t you get dragged in too?”

“Find Seventh sister first.”

Little Colour’s eyes swept through the Hillary tribe. This place was twice as big as the Cass tribe. It looked empty, but, wherever it went, it encountered people, as well as people patrolling within the tribe. “As soon as you go out, your figure will get exposed.”

Everything else could be faked, but her height cannot be faked.


“Don’t but, I’ll go find your Seventh sister.”

Little Colour could identify people by their breath. When it found Qian Wanyu, the other party was almost touching the place where Nangong Yuntian was imprisoned. It climbed down the other party’s pants onto the other party’s clothes, and finally jumped to her body with a swish.

“Little Colour?”

Qian Wanyu felt something on her body. At first, she thought it was the little radish. The little radish liked to scurry around.

“Xian? You’re saying that Xian is here?”

Little Colour told Qian Wanyu about the situation of Zhu Li and Nangong Yuntian again. Qian Wanyu quickly understood the intention of the other party. Hmph, truly a rather unlucky star.

To avoid being embarrassed by Nangong Yuntian again, Manager Zhu Li went to ask someone who knew how to brew to make hibiscus rose tea. To stop Nangong Yuntian’s unreasonable mouth, he prepared three servings. Hot and cold, also there were three flavours. If the other party thinks it is too cold, he will give him the hot cup. If the other party thinks it is too hot, give him the medium-warm cup.

He was thinking too much. Even if he had prepared everything, that person who wants to find fault will still find some random things to pick at.

“What the- who are you?!”

Qian Wanyu grabbed Zhu Li’s arm and pulled him into a blind corner of the tent when no one was paying attention, knocking him out and stripping him. The series of movements were very skilled like a professional, and when she came out again, she had transformed into Zhu Li.

The people who were guarding the door felt a little sympathetic to Zhu Li who had gone back and forth throughout the day more times than they could count.

“Zhu Li, you’ve really suffered.”

Zhu Li didn’t say anything and hurried up to the second floor walking into Nangong Yuntian’s bedroom.


Nangong Yuntian threw a cup of tea at Zhu Li and smashed it on the floor. Who would have thought that before the cup was smashed, it stopped and then returned to his hand strangely? This made Nangong Yuntian feel weird, in his memory, this group of dog slaves always lowered their heads and let him teach them a lesson before.

Who knows, maybe this time the other party will do the opposite.

“You are really brave!” Nangong Yuntian turned red with anger. He was being bullied by a dog slave, and that dog slave even smirked at him!

“Young Master Nangong is so busy, he is about to marry a sweet wife, no wonder he is not thinking about Shu.” Qian Wanyu put the tea in her hand aside and sneered, “I will give you a choice, leave with me or stay here.”

Nangong Yuntian looked stunned, he looked up and down for a long time before he realized that the dog servant in front of him was not the previous dog servant, “You—”

“Leave or stay.”


Nangong Yuntian immediately leaned over, “Who are you? Sent from Rose House?”

He had received a letter from the Yuntian Pavilion of the beast tribe. The key point was that the handwriting of the letter was very familiar to him. It was the letter that revealed that his father had a woman outside. He was able to readily agree to come from the human race to the beast race, naturally, he wanted to see who was the one who caused their Nangong family’s trouble in the first place.

This was one of the reasons and the other is that the business in the letter made him very interested. The identity of the other party’s Rose House made him curious.

“You guys are really slow, just a few days later and I’ll be Hillary’s son-in-law!”

“Then we’ll leave now.”

Qian Wanyu threw out her lightning whip and swept the teacups on the table one by one. There was a smashing sound, and the movement was so loud that even the guards downstairs could hear it clearly.

Then she tied him with her lightning whip.

Nangong Yuntian’s face immediately turned white, “Y-you, what do you want to do?”

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