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MIWW Chapter 142 Part 1

“It’s that little fire snake!” The two said in unison after realising the cause.

Snakes are inherently lewd, especially the little fire snake that grew up immersed in fire crystals. She didn’t think much about it at first, but now she had to think more. She untied her universe bag and took the little fire snake out. Just as she was about to squeeze it to death, she stopped and threw it into the bag again.

Qian Wanyu was feeling a little irritable, and sat cross-legged, intending to calm down.

Qing Mo has never seen her so anxious, and pointed at Dongfang Minghui, who was sleeping soundly and didn’t know what was going on, “There is a ready-made beauty in front of you for you to enjoy, I can pretend that I don’t know anything. ”

If the other party was in her normal body, there was indeed no need for Qing Mo to mention it she would have already lost control. However, she still couldn’t deal with Ninth Sister when she was in this form.

Qian Wanyu forcibly forced herself into meditation. However the desires of the body can’t be stopped even if you want to. The surging need and the refreshing feeling of climax coursed through her brain wave after wave, making her really drool remembering it.

“Ah… Seventh sister!”



The past love was like a delicious fruit, exuding a strong fragrance, attracting her, and her reason also disintegrated little by little. Qian Wanyu leaked a little sweat from the tip of her nose, and inserted her fingers into her palm clenching her fists tightly.

She desperately told herself that it was because of the little fire snake that she was acting abnormal.

But that wonderful and beautiful figure was infinitely magnified and presented in her mind.

She opened her eyes abruptly, and her dark and deep eyes were overwhelmed by endless desire.

Dongfang Minghui, who was dreaming, didn’t know that she was being targeted. She dreamed that she came to an authentic roast duck restaurant. Before entering the door, she could smell the crispy fragrance, and her saliva was about to turn into a waterfall. The owner of the shop was very nice and brought her a table of roast duck. She was leaning in front of the oily roast duck to smell the aroma, but she felt that something licked her, then licked again, and it was covering her body. She woke up from the dream in a panic, and saw an enlarged face, and then her eyes and nose were kissed by a soft wet kiss, until something warm came in her mouth and chased the tip of her tongue. After some back and forth entanglement, her mouth was full of a familiar taste.


Seventh sister this meanie who doesn’t sleep, she’s still in heat!


The two were deeply entangled, until she was out of breath, and then she was mercifully let her go.

“Seventh sister, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, go back to sleep”

Dongfang Minghui was speechless.

The bed board creaked due to the disparity between the two, and for a while, the room was full of silence.


Although the sound outside was soft, it still drifted into Qian Wanyu’s ears. She put a gloomy face on covered the mouth of the person below her, turned sideways, and looked outside the room carefully.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes were rounded. The two were very close. She could clearly see Seventh Sister’s long eyelashes without blinking. She thought, if only Seventh Sister’s dishonest hand wasn’t on top of her it will be even more cool…

How could Seventh sister still… be attracted to her current appearance?

“There seemed to be some noise just now.”

“Then, let’s wait a while.”

For a while, the two people in the room maintained the same movement. In the dark night, their senses were magnified, and time passed extremely slowly.

Qian Wanyu lowered her head, and when she bent down, the bed board made a strong creaking sound.

Dongfang Minghui was taken aback, seeing Seventh Sister’s unmoving appearance, the displeasure of being woken up in the middle of the night disappeared, she rolled her eyes. Those two people probably didn’t expect that there were people who couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, and playing some kind of touching game?

“No sounds.”

The voices of the two thieves were not low. Dongfang Minghui wondered whether Wei Junlan next door was dead or dead. Didn’t she hear the sound of someone slamming the door in the next room?

Dongfang Minghui opened her mouth slightly and lightly licked the palm of the hand covering her mouth.

Qian Wanyu glanced deeply at the little thing on the bed. When the two thieves interrupted her, she became rational again and frowned slightly when she thought of what she was going to do before.

“Go in.”

The door was gently closed by the two of them.

Qian Wanyu quickly rolled over from the bed, and the whip in her hand slammed on the door, blocking the door. The moonstone in one of their hands was also embedded in the wall, her eyes were cold as if she were looking at two dead people. Looking at the two uninvited people, she asked, “Who are you…?”

The two were stunned, especially when a silver-white long whip was so close across their necks, just one centimeter away from them. The tip of the whip made one of the men’s legs weak, and he knelt down directly on the ground.

“Ah, my lord, forgive me!”

The two of them couldn’t speak very well. Qian Wanyu combined their actions to guess the meaning of the words. She was thinking about whether to silence them when she saw Dongfang Minghui who was sitting on the bed blinking at her.

“Ninth Sister, what do we do with these two beast people?”

“Ah, this, I think it’s better to let them go.”

Qian Wanyu’s brows didn’t wrinkle,she pulled the whip back with a little force, and opened the door in person, “You both can go now.”

The two of them were completely dumbfounded. They had already made plans to break free, but it was really impossible. They were trying to think of various reasons in their head to grasp at a chance to survive but as a result… as a result they did nothing and were allowed to go…


“Get lost!”

Qian Wanyu was furious when thought of how these two disturbed her good deed, but there was a voice in her heart that thanked them very much for their presence, else she would have done something she would have regretted.

“Okay, my lord, we’ll leave right away.”

In order to show their sincerity, the two of them rolled down the stairs really quickly, one still on top of the other. Wei Junlan laughed while watching. She had already heard the movements but didn’t appear until the matter was resolved.

“Still laughing, hurry up and follow them.”

After the two people rolled down from the inn, they felt like survivors of a disaster. When they got up, the three of them were standing not far away, watching the two beast people’s every movement. After sneaking into the dark for a while, one was busy for a while, checking the tools they just brought, and muttering from time to time, “Why was it useless?”

“Yeah, I clearly ordered…”

“It doesn’t matter even if we didn’t catch anyone today. It’s a big blessing to save a life…”

“Hurry up and leave.”

After the two walked away, Qian Wanyu, Dongfang Minghui and Wei Junlan appeared at the place where they stopped just now. Dongfang Minghui took a sniff. She had a keen sense of smell and could smell a scent that hadn’t faded away. She squatted down. On the ground, she found a small needle-like bamboo tube about the size of an adult finger, “It should be a drug.”

“They’re carrying around something like this it’s clear they aren’t any good people.”

“Follow them.”

In the middle of the night, the three of them didn’t sleep, and followed the two thieves secretly. Those who didn’t know would think they were the thieves instead!

The two dumb beast people were completely unaware and led all three of them to their base in person. They seemed to be living in a dilapidated house outside Lalo City.

“What, couldn’t do it?”

There were other people in the broken house. Seeing the two returning with their heads down, they hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

“I thought it would be easy to get a woman with a child, but I encountered a tough stubble, that woman is a stunning beauty, and the other… We haven’t had time to find out more, I think they are part of a group, it’s extremely difficult…”

“Yes, you don’t know but as soon as we entered the door, the woman stood there waiting for us… As if she knew we were coming, she almost scared us to death!”

The two of them told what they heard word for word, and vividly described the thrilling scene of trying a kidnapping at night to the others in the room.

The three people who were standing outside feeding the bugs listened quietly as well. After listening to them chatter for a little while, they heard something important.

“Then what should we do? In a few days, they will come to inspect the goods. I’m afraid they will not be satisfied with just those few.”

“Don’t worry, there are five or six days left, we’ll think of a way.”

“Do you think this broken place has new people entering the city every day?!”

They listened more and after hearing that there was nothing important, they retreated step by step.

“I knew you wouldn’t really let people go.”

“Yup.” Dongfang Minghui also thought about it carefully. They just checked into the inn on the front foot, and two thieves entered their room immediately. She thought that these two were thieves trying to steal something valuable but it turns out they were trying to kidnap her and Seventh Sister!

What’s more, the two men came prepared, so they were definitely repeat offenders, she didn’t know how many people like them who were just passing by were kidnapped by them.

“Human traffickers.”

Wei Junlan found it inconceivable that there were still human traffickers in this dilapidated Lalo city, “Could they be the same group as those from the Arena?”

One side provided the population and the other kidnapped the population.

Wei Junlan was still watching a good show just now, but now she felt a desire to kill.

“They said that there was five days left.”

“Don’t panic, let’s go back to the inn today. I think the people in the inn colluded with them, otherwise they would not have been able to reach our room so quickly. You heard it just now. They knew that both I and Sister Seventh lived in that room.”

The purpose they came for was clear, it was for them.

“What a bunch of idiots.” Wei Junlan scolded disdainfully.

“Yeah, they are truly stupid.” How could there be such good things like letting people go for free, isn’t it just to let those people lead them back to their lair?

The group returned to the room without disturbing anyone. Wei Junlan sat by the window thoughtfully, opened the window a crack, and looked at the night outside, “Are we staying here for five days then? ”

Qian Wanyu raised an eyebrow, placed several moonstones in the house, and pointed to the location shown on the map, “We are still a long way from our destination, if we delay any longer, it may not be possible to find the elves within half a year.”

“What’s more, even if the people who come after five days are really those people in black robes, what’s the use of us killing just them this time?”

Waiting for the rabbit was only a way to treat the symptoms but not the root cause. They could only save some of them and not all.

Wei Junlan nodded in agreement, “Everything is up to Third Miss.”

Dongfang Minghui glanced at Qian Wanyu unexpectedly. There was still a trace of excitement on Qian Wanyu’s face. She felt very strange. Seventh sister’s emotions have always been restrained and calm, even when she met Qian Mama she could restrain all her emotions, what’s the matter with her now?

“Since you have decided, then we will leave tomorrow.”


The room fell silent for a while, and Wei Junlan thought about how she heard the creaking of the bed board in the next room before, so she couldn’t help but look at Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui with strange eyes.

Seeing that Dongfang Minghui was somewhat uncomfortable, she glared back at her when she caught her looking over.


Qian Wanyu stood up abruptly, “I’ll take a walk outside, you stay in the room and don’t go out.”

“Seventh sister!”

Before she caught up, the figure of the other party had disappeared. Dongfang Minghui’s face wrinkled, “It’s so late, where could Sister Seventh be going?”

Wei Junlan patted her on the shoulder, squeezed her little cheek, and started to gossip, “Hey, let me tell you honestly that you both bathed and slept together in the room before, didn’t anything happen?”

Wei Junlan was a person who thought of herself as straight, at least in her last life, she thought she would choose a good man to marry, instead of thinking about marrying a good woman. But, she has always been accepting about homosexuality and keeping an open-minded attitude about it to go with the flow.

Until she saw the occasional actions of Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui, she inexplicably felt that there seemed to be a bright future between women.

Therefore, the heart of gossip was ignited, and she immediately wanted to know more.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyelids sank, and stared at her displeasedly, “Put away all the perverted thoughts in your head, how come I didn’t know that the dignified Young Master Wei actually liked listening to gossip?”

“Ehh? Although I was the one who was hearing someone keep shouting no no no before?”

Little Minghui blushed like an apple, and hurriedly turned her back to cover it up lacking in confidence, “You heard wrong.”

Seeing the other party like this, Wei Junlan felt more and more curious, obviously something really happened just now, but they didn’t have time to go on. No wonder Qian Wanyu’s face was so bad, it turned out to be dissatisfaction from being interrupted from her good deed! She laughed and continued to tease, “The Female Protagonist’s demand is indeed stronger. After all, she had a harem before, and so many high-quality men were waiting for her, but now you are the only one. However now you are so small and adorable.”

Seeing that the more she talked, the more outrageous she was becoming, Dongfang Minghui shouted angrily, “Wei Junlan, shut up.”

“Okay, I’ll shut up~”

The two calmed down and thought about what Qian Wanyu was going to do at the same time. Wei Junlan was the first to react, since they were leaving tomorrow… She stood up immediately, “Is she going to kill?”

Dongfang Minghui remained silent. According to Seventh Sister’s resolute character and direct means, it was indeed very likely that everything would be settled before they left Lalo City. Seventh Sister has always been stone faced but soft-hearted, knowing that there were still people kidnapped by that group, how could she let them go?

“Let’s go.”

“Where to?”

“To look for Seventh sister.”

“Oh, don’t go. Since your Seventh sister didn’t want to tell us, she must have her own plans. If you go, you may interrupt her plans.”

Dongfang Minghui walked back and forth in the room a little uneasy.

As they expected, Qian Wanyu walked into the broken place where those beast people gathered just now. The house was broken and there wasn’t even a door. The wind and sand blew in through a half collapsed wall bringing a little dust with it.

The surroundings were quiet, except for a few people snoring, there were no other creatures.

She could be sure that those kidnapped people were hidden elsewhere by them.

Qian Wanyu walked into the broken house step by step holding her whip. The whip was still shining with silver light in the moonlight. Without taking a step, it would cast a soft glow. Her steps were very light, and when she walked into the house it didn’t make anyone in the room wake up.

She immediately flung out her whip covered in lightning.

There was a sound of lightning, and the people were so scared that they fell over from their sleep and stood up.

“Where are the people?”

The voice was clear and cold, without a trace of emotion, like a soul-enchanting messenger from hell, with a strong spiritual coercion. Before it even started, the three people screamed, as if they were being tortured. Before long they had come clean.

A group of six of them escaped from a small tribe. At that time, several large tribes were competing for territory. No one liked each other and they fought each other because of their disagreement, seeing that their tribe was the weakest they stood no chance at all. Most of them became prisoners or were tortured to death.

The six people were afraid of death, and together they abandoned the tribe and fled for their lives.

After this escape, they escaped to Tanu Forest. The few people could not get out of it no matter how much they walked. Finally, they met a group of kind people who were going to Lalo City. They never thought of living in Lalo City and were discussing where to live, at that time someone suggested giving them a ‘good job’ to do.

Qian Wanyu understood, the good job they said was to swindle a group of unsuspecting people, and then hand them all over to another group of people.

“Are there any of your people in the inn?”

“Yes, yes.” Just one disguised as a staff member doing errands, looking for people along the way, as soon as there are qualified people he would pass information to them and let them plan their actions. The remaining three people were all guarding the group of people who were kidnapped.

They didn’t understand Qian Wanyu’s words very well, so they just watched her facial expression.


“Seventh sister?”

“It’s settled, let’s go.”

Wei Junlan and Dongfang Minghui had been waiting all night, everything was packed, and they were waiting for her to come back. When they heard that the matter was resolved, they both asked curiously, “Have you found all the people they detained?”

“Yes, I’ve let them all go.”

The group of kidnapped people hadn’t expected that someone would use low-level drugs in such a backcountry but some people just happened to be fooled. These people were relatively lucky, if they weren’t here, those people would have been sold elsewhere by the six traffickers. It would be even more difficult to escape the control of the other group…

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