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MIWW Chapter 150 Part 2

“We’ll find out.”

As for traps, they didn’t have time to set any.

Little Colour kept its eyes on the dark elf and sarcastically said, “Look, they are still hiding, knowing that you are about to die. Do you think even if you don’t say anything I don’t know where they are hiding?”

The elf hanging upside down on the tree snorted coldly, his mouth was harder than a stone and he had lost too much blood so his lips were cracked. The tree in front of him appeared to be doubling up in his eyes but he was as stoic as before, “Try it.”

Wei Junlan watched Little Colour come back without success, “If he just died like this, the people hiding in the dark will sneak attack again. I’m not afraid, but if the things that don’t eyes accidentally hurt those two it’ll be troublesome.”

“Then let him die.”

Little Colour dragged a few bottles of useful hemostatic pills from Dongfang Minghui’s space ring and repeatedly rescued the dying elf, and then injured him again. Torturing him back and forth.

The day passed peacefully like that.

At night, the wind was raging, and there were lightning flashes in the sky. The rumbling sounded once or twice. It was winter now, and according to the usual weather, there should be no thunder. The tent had a big hole from a strike and those small holes were invaded by the raging wind continuously enlarging and letting the cold wind whistle in.

“Isn’t this thunder and lightning created by Qian Wanyu?”

Wei Junlan stuck her head out for this and looked at the sky. A large cloud covered the bright moonlight, and the only light source was also blocked. She instinctively felt that something was wrong, and an arrow flew over from the back of her head, “Really, they don’t give up.”


When the moon was covered by the dark and the wind was high at night, it was the best opportunity for killing people and stealing goods. The other party wasn’t stupid and would definitely seize this opportunity.

After Little Colour’s vines were blocked by the moonlight, he built an absolutely safe vine net barrier outside the tent. Within its reach, it ensured that no one could disturb those who were practicing.

“Hey, seems they want to try save him.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let them slip away from me.”

Little Colour personally checked, unless it was a fire type Spiritual Master that was more powerful than its current cultivation, in the depths of this jungle wherever there were trees it would be its territory. The vines that were already hiding flew into the air. The elf who wanted to rescue his companion was also bound and soon, two dark elves hung upside down on the tree trunk.

If the occasion was not right, Wei Junlan would have wanted to laugh twice to respond to the situation.

“The weather isn’t right.”

The two of them crossed to block the attack of the group of dark elves. When they raised their eyes again, there were dark clouds and darkness, and even the last light was covered up. In adapting to the dark sky, Wei Junlan’s reaction was slow and she was almost killed by an arrow. Little Colour relied entirely on its perception ability of being a plant. After dodging a few times, it suddenly felt that the whole ground was shaking. Little Colour sensed it for a while, and soon her face darkened, she went pale in shock, “No way, this piece of land will collapse!”


With Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui behind Little Colour, Little Colour and Wei Junlan fled ten meters away like crazy.

Wei Junlan didn’t look at the road at all. She chased after Little Colour all the way and asked, “Are you sure this is the right way? Don’t make us run for a long time and then go back…”

“Rest assured.

The whole ground was cracked, and a force of gravity was pulling all the people down.


Little Colour’s vines swished, tugging the three people and the rest of the vines were trying to find a landing spot, but unfortunately they collapsed in many places on the way. Wei Junlan held the sword in her hand and slammed it into the stone wall, sliding all the way down. For the first time, she hoped that she had a pair of wings, so that she would not fall into the abyss.

At the same time, Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu’s consciousness returned to their bodies together. Qian Wanyu held her in one hand, and the other hand held her whips constantly looking for a place to hook them.



A bit of biting cold water was forcefully poured into her mouth and nose, Dongfang Minghui’s entire consciousness was about to float out of her body, but fortunately there was a pair of strong hands that tightly surrounded her waist even in such a bad situation.

“Seven- gulp gulp -”

Qian Wanyu retracted the whip and swam in the water with one hand. Seeing that the other party almost fainted because she couldn’t breathe, she hurriedly took a breath and kissed her lips. She patted her cheek.

“Ninth Sister.”

“Cough cough, Seventh sister.”

“Take out the dark blue bead from before.”

Only then did Dongfang Minghui remember that there was an omnipotent bead with her! She took it out from the space ring, and the dark blue bead emitted a ray of light in the pitch-black water, the light shone from around them to a long distance.

Wei Junlan was also choked by the cold water several times. Fortunately, her ability and willpower was relatively strong, she feared nothing in the face of life and death. Little Colour just pulled her, and then she automatically used her swimming skills to return.

“Shit.” Wei Junlan followed the light and came over, gasped for a few times, shivered, and then smiled at them subtly, “It’s better not to say that this movement was made by you, or I’ll want to strangle both your hearts.”

Dongfang Minghui sat cross-legged and when she heard the other party’s words, her face was a little guilty.

She didn’t know why there was such a big movement. Her consciousness was chaotic at the time, and all she could feel was the pain caused by the tyrannical aura attacking her soul sea wave after wave. She was thinking something more terrifying would happen, like accidentally becoming an idiot or something.

“Just an accident.”

Qian Wanyu didn’t move her eyelids. She didn’t expect such an earth-shattering change when she sneaked into the eye. Fortunately, there were no casualties. “I don’t know where the water is going.”

After speaking, Wei Junlan heard a few calls, “This voice seems somewhat familiar?”

“It’s the two dark elves.”

“Hey, dark elves?” Dongfang Minghui leaned over to look, squinting for a while, but couldn’t see any dark elf, “Where is the dark elf?”

Wei Junlan pointed at the shadow wings fluttering in the air, “Look, they were rescued.”

“It’s a pity, I haven’t seen what they look like.” Dongfang Minghui actually wanted to see if these elves were of the same type as the ones she saw in the mirror of the third world, but the sky was too dark and she couldn’t make out their shape. Even the shadows reflected on the water were pitch black, and nothing could be seen.

Wei Junlan sneered, “What’s so good about them, they’re not the same as those innocent and cute elves. They snuck up on us every night, and when we tracked them down, they immediately flee without a trace, we still don’t know what the hell they were doing.”


Qian Wanyu was a little curious, “You mean, the elves were the ones who attacked us before?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what their purpose is but every sneak attack is quite loud.” Wei Junlan couldn’t understand this point, even Little Colour’s coercion and torture was useless, those dark elves’ mouths were tight.

Dongfang Minghui scratched her head, “Do you think they also came here for the eye?”

“How can there be such a coincidence?” Wei Junlan said indifferently.

Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui looked at her without speaking at the same time.

“No way… If they knew about it, why didn’t they just go get it? Oh no—” Wei Junlan also noticed.

Dongfang Minghui shrugged, if things were so easy to handle, Seventh sister wouldn’t have needed her help. If the two of them hadn’t happened to be able to double cultivate, they might not be able to even reach that place. “The elves are good at listening to the wind, maybe they found that the direction of the wind has been turning in the same place, then they noticed us and fell into all kinds of temptations…”

Qian Wanyu did not participate in their discussions. In any case, she had already obtained the gold-based spiritual power soul orb generated by the eye, “I will retreat for the time being, Ninth Sister you protect me.”


The water current carried them, drifting smoothly all the way, and the night passed quickly.

Dongfang Minghui was woken up by the dazzling light. The sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly. The light reflected on the water cover into a splendid light. It looked a bit hazy and beautiful. She rubbed her eyes and found that kind of brilliance like seeing a rainbow after the rain. Wei Junlan on the side was holding her head in shock, and Seventh sister was still sitting beside her. Although everyone was dry, they still had the feeling of being washed away from yesterday.

“There’s only water all around, I don’t know where we’re going to float to… Wei Junlan you take a rest too.”


In this way, they took turns protecting and floated along with the current. Except for the thunder and lightning that day, every day after that was sunny. When they looked up, they could see occasional birds flying high in the sky, as well as a blue sky with white clouds. The water under them was also just a constant blue.

Dongfang Minghui owned this dark blue bead, so she wasn’t so afraid of water now. She occasionally popped her head up and looked at the sky to feel that she was still alive rather than stuck floating on the icy water.

“How many days?”

“Five or six days?”

The time between the two of them reacting to the outside world has been diluted, even their occasional conversations were nonsense.

On this day, Dongfang Minghui pointed in the air, “Look, there are two birds fighting over there.”

When they were bored, they’d count the schools of fish swimming past them on the surface of the water, and try to identify rare fish species.

Wei Junlan yawned and glanced in the air in a bored way. At this time, her eyes almost burst out of her sockets, “You idiot, that’s two people!”


Dongfang Minghui moved the seats, which caused their water cover to lean to one side and be distorted. She was so frightened that she immediately sat back and tried to maintain her balance, “But I can see clearly that that person has wings!”


When they got close, they could clearly see the two people. It was two beast people, one of them was a beastly eagle with wings, and the other was a normal human. Dongfang Minghui was very happy and held Wei Junlan’s hand and said, “We wore out iron shoes running around and now we finally found it! Wei Junlan, that’s a beast person from the eagle clan, do you see it?!”

“I see.” Wei Junlan disliked the other party’s excitement, and turned her head to hide the corner of her mouth rising. She also felt that she was lucky. After floating for so long, she finally gained a clue. She worked hard to find the mermen and the eagle clan, but she didn’t expect that the first one she encountered would be the eagle clan, “Why are they fighting?”

“Beast people generally fight for the sake of turf.” Dongfang Minghui heard the most about fighting for turf. The root of all problems was because of the word “benefits”, there was no harm if there were no interests being touched, “But… they don’t seem like they’re fighting to learn from each other, more like fighting desperately.”

If they could learn from each other, the beast people will not be beasts.

“Hey you, can you tell us where this place is?”

“Idiot, don’t shout!”

Dongfang Minghui’s voice was very penetrating. It penetrated from the surface of the water to the ears of the two in mid-air. The one who fluttered his wings was a beast person. As they had guessed, it was indeed an eagle clan. The two people heard the voice at the same time, and the person standing opposite the beast person was slightly distracted.

In that short time, the Eagle Clan person’s sharp claws pressed hard on the opponent’s arm. He wanted to abolish the opponent’s entire arm, but the opponent dodged and he only had time to draw a line of flesh from the opponent’s arm. He threw it into the green sea, smashing on their water cover.

The man was also incapacitated after being injured. It was a battle that was evenly matched but now it had turned. He was grabbed by the wrist of the Eagle Clan person, and after rotating 360 degrees in mid-air, he was smashed into the sea.

The other side smashed a big wave, and the man disappeared from the water. I don’t know if he was smashed to death or took the opportunity to hide.


Dongfang Minghui knew that she was guilty, so she simply covered her mouth and stopped talking. However, the ruthless side of the other party was deeply imprinted in her mind. This Eagle clan was completely different from Karu’s group of Orcs.

“Ah, he’s flying over.”

The eagle clan person seemed afraid of water, and flapped his wings in the air like a dragonfly causing ripples on the surface of the water, he flew into the air not far from them, “This is the Huck Sea.”

After saying that, he flew away.

Dongfang Minghui was deeply afraid that his sharp claws would break the water cover, and then they would have to rely on their physical strength to cross this sea area, “Hey, where did he just say this is?”

“Huck Sea.” Wei Junlan was also dumbfounded. She remembered that the place where the merpeople lived on the map was in the Huck Sea, but the Huck Sea was quite large, so the exact location might not be easy to find.

She was stunned at how fast the person flew away before they reacted.

“Great, will we be able to find the mermen soon?”


In addition to being happy, they quickly calmed down again.

“There’s blood.”

The bright red blood dyed the sea water around them red, and soon, they saw the culprit, the person who had just been smashed into the sea by the eagle clan had transformed. The upper body was still the same, but his lower body had become a very long fish tail which looked gray and unremarkable.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened, but she didn’t react immediately. It was the first time she had ever seen magical creatures from a fantasy appear in her life.

It was also the first time for Wei Junlan. She even compared the length of the tails. It was about the distance between the legs of an adult man. “We have to make a decision quickly. His blood has already attracted a lot of other creatures!”

As soon as her words fell, they saw waves on the originally calm lake, and the sea surface was unknowingly rippling.

“Save him or not?”

“Save him, maybe he knows where the merpeople live.”

They just let go of an eagle clan beast person, they couldn’t miss the merperson any more. The chances of encountering these two rare races at the same time in one day were extremely rare. As a result, the two of them were stupid and failed to keep one of them…

Minghui took a quick step and pulled the merperson into their water cover a second before he was almost swallowed by a strange-looking monster. The water cover immediately became transparent, and it looked like it might break.

“How many people can the water cover cover?” Wei Junlan asked worriedly.

“Don’t know.”

Seventh sister said it, but she didn’t ask.

Wei Junlan was defeated by her fellow villager. She pointed to the precarious water cover, “Cure him quickly, and throw him out immediately when he wakes up, otherwise we won’t be able to make it to shore.”

Dongfang Minghui looked at his wounds attentively. There were no less than twenty wounds on his upper body. The heaviest wound was still on his arm. Even the flesh and skin were missing a large piece. It looked a little shocking. The wound was bandaged, and it seemed he had become unconscious because of the violent blow to the head.

“Seems there’s no need.”

Even without their help, the person would wake up on his own.


The water cover was shaking and the four people rolled into a ball, it was difficult to find a proper position again. Qian Wanyu was forced to wake up from her practice, and unexpectedly saw a meperson inside the water cover, “What happened?!”

“Seventh sister, why did you wake up…” Dongfang Minghui said in a low voice.

“It’s very simple, we found an injured merman and hoped to get the information to go to the merpeople by rescuing this merman. As a result, the smell of blood attracted – that…”

Qian Wanyu faced the creature that opened its bloody mouth and wanted to swallow the water cover with a gulp. With a swish of the whip in her hand, she swung at it.

Like a loach, the water cover slid past its cheeks. Except for Qian Wanyu, the group of people stumbled and bumped into each other, especially Dongfang Minghui rolling around hitting Wei Junlan and the merperson.

Qian Wanyu stretched out her hand to scoop her up, “The water cover can’t support four people, we must be prepared for the water cover to break!”


Knowing that the water cover couldn’t support four people, Dongfang Minghui would definitely not try to save the merman, but now that it was too late she had to carry it through…She wrinkled her face and was ready to be choked by the water later.


Qian Wanyu touched her cold cheek, “Stay inside.”

After she finished speaking, she got out of the water cover with a swish. She moved her whole body, the bones of her body rattled, and she tilted her head, “It’s been a long time since I fought in the water, seems I need to practice.”

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