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MIWW Chapter 152 Part 1

There was a loud splash

Dongfang Minghui was stunned by Wei Junlan’s very stupid actions, as if they were not secretly at risk of being exposed just now, the other party had obeyed her three demands before but then she suddenly recklessly jumped towards the cold sea after what she said…

This jump…

“What was that sound!”

“Quick, there are people over there, grab them.”

“Mama she’s mentally retarded.”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to swear. Before they could explore the island shrouded in mystery, they were discovered by a group of mermen guarding the pier. More importantly, watching Wei Junlan tossing around on the sea, the dark blue mermaid tail that fascinated her before did not appear, no matter how much she kicked her legs. Wei Junlan just wanted to blindly prove that her legs weren’t a fish tail. Also, when the other party jumped into the sea, four or five mermen jumped right after them. Their goal was the ‘stowaways’ who created waves.

Under the dramatic joy of Wei Junlan, she bit the dark blue beads and threw them into the cold embrace of the sea again. Fortunately, the water barrier was better than she imagined, otherwise she would have wanted to kill Wei who exposed them to everyone at the same time.

“You bastard, I was almost fooled by you!” Wei Junlan kicked her legs happily on the surface of the sea, with a smile on her face, it was the kind of relief after a stone was removed from their chest. The smile was bright and also a little smug.

Wei Junlan’s performance was as if she was at the gambling table, and she was almost beaten by her opponent just now. Seeing that she was about to lose the whole game, she twisted and turned almost killing her and overturned the table to win.

However in fact…

Dongfang Minghui was aching in her heart, liver and kidneys because of her arrogance. It’s okay for this fellow villager to be crazy. When she was looking for the Seventh sister, she was also crazy. She took a deep breath to calm herself down, and the water cover followed the waves around the sea. Drifting unconsciously, she hoped that the group of mermen would be more unprofessional, at least let them escape the island temporarily, but unfortunately, after experiencing the fighting just now, they were soon surrounded by more than a dozen mermen.

“They’re with that group of people.”

“Catch them.”

“Hey, wait a minute.” Dongfang Minghui just shouted, and the dozen or so mermen rushed over and stretched out their hands fiercely, but they were bounced back by the water barrier. The water hood was like a punch on cotton. Except for the 360-degree spinning, the two of them were not affected too much.

Dongfang Minghui could even see the shocked expressions of the group of mermen. She glared at Mermaid Wei viciously, and almost blurted out for the culprit to jump down and continue swimming for a while.

In contrast, Wei Junlan had a cheerful face, and her eyes were staring at the active fish tails under the group of merpeople. The fish tails were mostly gray-brown, with scales on them. They all looked quite dull and not overly tinted.

She had seen enough so she kicked her legs twice, and said, “Hey, my feet don’t seem to hurt so much anymore.”

“Why do you think your legs are healed?” Bah, when she said this, she always felt that there was a bit of curse in it. Dongfang Minghui didn’t know why she just came to such a conclusion after only swimming in the water for a while, but her heart was so blocked that she didn’t want to speak to her.

“Look, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Mermaid Wei used her two long, slender legs to gently bounce on the water cover, and the water cover turned 360 degrees again, and the positions of the two changed again.

“Wei Junlan, you bastard.” Dongfang Minghui was so mad, she kicked the person who was pressing on her with her foot, and the water cover turned over again.

The eyes of the two people were full of stars, and they finally stopped for a moment.

“You’re too embarrassed to scold me, why did you lie to me just now?” Wei Junlan was frightened by the other party’s expression just now, her face did not change, but in fact her heart was trembling. A mermaid tail?

“When did I lie to you?” Dongfang Minghui scratched his head irritably, “I did see your lower body turn into a fish tail, and it was dark blue, just like the color of your eyes…” Saying this, she had to stop and look carefully at the colour of Wei Junlan’s eyes. The original dazzling blue became the same black and white as hers. People’s nerves were often like this causing forgetfulness about the original appearance of the other party, she had seen too many green eyes, blue eyes… and she was also too used to Wei Junlan so she only noticed now.

“Your eyes have changed.”

“I’ve been babbling all day and night, isn’t it normal for me to change?” The expected fish tail did not appear, and the scales on her face disappeared for some reason. At present, everything showed that she was developing in a good direction.

The topic stopped there, and Dongfang Minghui didn’t know how to prove it. It seemed that she had misread the fishtail before, it could have been an illusion, like something she had imagined in her head.

She pointed to the other person’s cheeks and eyes, “Since you don’t believe me, where did the scales on your cheeks go? They disappeared out of thin air? Why didn’t they disappear after being in the trading market for so long? There is no way to explain why you’ve changed again ever since eating that yellow-orange fruit.”

Wei Junlan was dumbfounded by her series of questions. She wanted to defend herself, but when she opened her mouth, she couldn’t say a word.

“Do you usually eat wild fruits without thinking about them?”


Wei Junlan’s beautiful brows furrowed deeply. On normal days, she probably wouldn’t even look at it. There was also the saying that the brighter the color, the more poisonous the fruit is. Not to mention picking it off and eating it it would be wiser to stay far away from it. That yellow-orange fruit however made her feel an instinctive tendency to act and eat faster than thinking. When she felt something was wrong, the fruit had been stuffed into her stomach, and the aftertaste in her mouth was full of sweetness, especially when she saw that there was so much left. Therefore she fixed her eyes on the one in Dongfang Minghui’s hand.

Dongfang Minghui took the yellow-orange spiritual fruit and sniffed it under her nose. She wanted to tear open the fruit and study it, but the spiritual power inside the fruit would dissipate. She looked at Wei Junlan again and again. Holding this one in her hand, she simply stretched it to the other’s mouth, smiling like the wolf grandmother who was about to abduct little red riding hood, “Would you like to eat it?”

“Yes- no!” Wei Junlan felt that something was wrong with herself. She had no resistance to this fruit. When she saw it, her first reaction was to eat it, and she wanted to eat it. She looked at Dongfang Minghui and smiled.

“Why, you don’t want to eat?”

Dongfang Minghui’s enthusiasm for this fruit was obviously different from Wei Junlan’s. The former wanted to open the fruit and study it carefully, while the latter wanted to swallow it quickly.

“Give it to me if you don’t want to eat it.”

“No.” Dongfang Minghui hurriedly threw the fruit into her space ring before Wei Junlan’s hand reached over, and handed it over to little bean sprouts for safekeeping, “If you think of a way to solve this mess, I’ll give it to you.”

The group of merpeople who had been besieged them several times found that they had no recourse with the water barrier so they kept whispering to each other. Since there were were more and more of them in the sea, the probability of the creatures under the waves coming up as higher than before.

“They seem to be discussing countermeasures.”

“I think—” Dongfang Minghui felt that her intuition was always accurate. When she was idle and bored, she would also distinguish the frequency of the waves at the beach. Just as she discovered just now, the waves should be calm in the middle of the silent night, but at this moment she only felt the surging tide, the creatures hiding in the dark were just about to move, waiting for the perfect time.

“Look, what did they bring?”

“Net pocket.”

Also known as the fish pocket, it was often used to capture the weapons of the merpeople, but the net pocket held by the merpeople was bigger than she imagined, and it took mermen only a couple minutes to catch them all in one net. Dongfang Minghui never thought that one day she would become a turtle in an urn.

“Escape or just wait to be caught?”

“If you don’t enter the tiger’s den, you can’t get a tiger’s cub. Otherwise, how can we find out the whereabouts of Qian Wanyu.”


The two hit it off, and then waited unhurriedly for these merpeople to catch them. They were the most cooperative prisoners. When the net pockets were tightened, the group of them had four people on each side and wanted to drag them from the sea to the shore.

“Edie, watch your back.”

“Ashi, you said—”

The waves swept through the sea, and before Dongfang Minghui and Wei Junlan could react, the merman on the far right was swallowed by a water monster hidden in the depths of the sea. The rest of the merpeople were extremely responsive and made quick decisions.

A spear from the island was thrown into the hands of their companions by the merpeople on the shore.

“Their response is very fast.” It’s like they’ve been doing it many times, they looked too skilled.

“There were also six such people on the isolated island, attacking us with their weapons.” Dongfang Minghui stated the facts, and a solution that was not a strategy suddenly flashed in her mind, “How about we take advantage of the chaos here and sneak up?”

The sea water around them was already turbid, and the strong smell of blood attracted many creatures to dive and bubble from the bottom of the sea. Fortunately, their water cover played a protective role. When these underwater creatures attacked, the two tried to let the water cover dodge left and right, sneaking out from the net pocket, and moved to the other side of the island.

However, because the merpeople and the group of undersea creatures were moving, the waves swept towards them from time to time, making their water barrier float towards the shore. The creature almost grabbed them as well, when it opened its mouth and showed rows of sharp teeth, trying to swallow the two little shrimps, but the water barrier made it end up pushing them far away, avoiding this kind of tragedy. As the noise and fighting gradually faded away, Dongfang Minghui and Wei Junlan breathed a sigh of relief.

The silent island in the dark was like a huge monster with its mouth open waiting to be fed. The two of them had been busy all night, managing to avoid many of the guards and climbed ashore. There was a tin house on the shore, and the rest was a straight road leading to the other end of the island.

“This should be the back of the island, why is it so quiet?”


Dongfang Minghui saw Wei Junlan’s brows wrinkling deeply, and she sneered completely the opposite of her nervous concern before, “Does it hurt?”

“It hurts.” Wei Junlan stretched out her hand pretending to be aggrieved, but the person in front of her dodged, and a more brutal sentence came out, “I will never carry you on my back, I’ll give you two choices, first, you just stay where you are and wait for me, second, you can leave your legs and forget about them. In any case even if you don’t have legs you have a fish tail.”

“No way!”


If it wasn’t for this girl trying to prove that her fish tail was still a pair of human legs, would they have wasted so much time? Dongfang Minghui really wanted to throw her into a hiding place, she warned when he left, “If you get caught by the mermen, then surrender obediently and try to delay as long as possible do you understand?”

“Get out.” Wei Junlan glared at her angrily, then she turned around and face the wall.

The first place Dongfang Minghui explored was that strange house. She had always had a doubt in her heart, but she couldn’t remember this doubt before she entered the iron house. The iron door suddenly closed behind her, making a loud noise, and then she realized that the place was weird in all places.

This iron house was actually built like a ‘prison’, each room was separated from the other, the corridors were very narrow, and it only allowed for three people to walk. The doors of the ‘prison’ were made of iron, and the doors themselves were higher than Dongfang Minghui’s height. It had an observation port at the top which was convenient for people to pass things inside and also look inside.

This height difference made her somewhat depressed, and she had to stand on tiptoes to see what was going on inside.


Dongfang Minghui wanted to see what they were detaining here, but as soon as she stood on tiptoes and her head was not close to the window, a water monster’s tentacles came towards her face. The cold and sticky smell made her get goosebumps all over. After she came out, she took a big step back in fear. As a result, when she was close to the cold iron door, she felt a cold wind blowing on the back of her head. The feeling made her want to instinctively squat down and roll away.

When she looked up, she was horrified. There was a water monster tentacle in the cell on the right, and a jellyfish monster on the left. The thing that made her react instinctively was the feeler that the jellyfish rolled out from the iron wall. It looked colorful, but she was terrified when she saw that a piece of the tentacles of the water monster was cut off by those silk threads, and a large amount of pus was sprayed from the place where the tentacles of the water monster were broken.

“Is this a farm?”

“Let’s go inside and take a look.”

The distance between each cell was about the width of one person, but what made Dongfang Minghui feel strange was that the sound of water could still be heard but the further back she went, the quieter it became.

She stood on her tiptoes, and she tried to see the creatures in each room. The creatures on the bottom of the sea were relatively unrecognizable to her. Those with strange shapes were kept in cells with water. It was the first time she had seen such considerate prison officers, whoever needed water they’ll provide it. Wasn’t that considerate?

When she got to the back, she found that there was a ‘person’ inside, with hands and legs, and looked like a human being, but she didn’t know what would happen when that person entered the water. On the other hand, this cell did not have the smell of sea water that exuded that stinky smell.

When she looked at the other party, the other party also slowly raised his head. It was a very handsome man with several injuries on his face. His pupils were beautiful light blue, somewhat similar to Wei Junlan’s.

“Who are you?”

The other party pursed his bloodless lips tightly, and there was a trace of blood on the thin lips, even the corners of his mouth. He was a little pale, but it couldn’t hide his unique temperament. Out of all the men she’d met he was definitely one of the most handsome.

The corner of the other party’s mouth curled into a reckless smile, and the smile was full of evil.

Dongfang Minghui stared at the other party for a while, and the color in his eyes gradually changed, from a scorching brilliance to a dull and cold color without a trace of emotion.



Dongfang Minghui heard a thumping sound, and her head hurt. For the sound just now, she could still hear some echoes from her two eardrums. When she saw her movements clearly, she was completely stunned. Her body slumped up and hung on a small window, “Oh, why am I holding this?!”

The ventilation window built on the prison doors was quite dangerous. If the creatures inside wanted to crawl out or stuff something, this small window was the only way. After knowing how dangerous this small window was, she had adhered to the principle of staying far away, how could she take the initiative to reach out and try to climb in… What was she about to do?

Just as she was about to withdraw her hand, she saw a larger and wider hand covering the back of her hand. The man who had been sitting motionless in the corner just now suddenly smiled at her, his face like a peach blossom, those pale blue colored eyes were like sapphires shining brightly, making it difficult to look away. Those were the kind of eyes where just staring at them made it feel like the whole world was extremely satisfying.

Little Colour’s vines stuck out from nowhere, and slapped her head in a selfish manner. At the same time, she slapped her hands desperately at the window, “Are you awake, are you awake?”

“Little Colour, what are you doing?”

Forced to divert her attention, Dongfang Minghui’s numb head couldn’t turn at all, even the pain of being pumped on the back of her hand and her head could be ignored. Fortunately, Little Colour was measured, and even the beating didn’t make her shed a drop of blood.

“Look at what you’re doing.”

If it wasn’t here to take care of her this little friend would have almost fallen into the hands of others. Thinking of how Minghui almost got tricked by this fox spirit, Little Colour was embarrassed for her.

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