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MIWW Chapter 153 Part 2

When it was dawn, the little mute who arrived on schedule brought some fish up. The shore was quiet. Except for the crackling sound of the remnants of the bonfire, Wei Junlan’s legs were currently soaked in the water. After the inhumane pain, a fish tail flapped to and fro, and water splashes came from time to time, pouring a chill on the head of the person who was trying to deceive herself from beginning to end.

Seeing it, the little mute found it amusing. Following her example, he chilled himself, shook his hair, and continued playing. After playing for a while, he dived into the bottom of the sea like a fish leaping from the dragon’s gate and left the shore.

Wei Junlan quickly followed and dived to the bottom of the water. This was the first time she had dived into the bottom of the sea with her head fully awake. It was like all her cells were demanding this seawater immersion.

She felt that her current mentality was already changed.

The psychological change for her was definitely more damaging than the physical structure change. She quickly calmed down and put her thoughts away then followed the little mute with all her heart. The speed of the little mute was very fast, and he had spread out a long distance in the blink of an eye.

The further downstream she went, the more creatures, large and small, passed by her. There were one or two aggressive creatures, all of which were easily dodged by her.

After Dongfang Minghui woke up, she walked out of the tent and found the fresh live fish trying to make the last move to return to the embrace of the sea. She pinched its body and dragged it back again, “Where did Wei Junlan go?”

“Go fishing.”

“Did you go fishing before?”


Dongfang Minghui was immersed in her own world recently. She has no idea how resistant Wei Junlan was to her fish tail. After reading these words from Qian Wanyu, she remembered the other’s fish tail, and she frowned, ” Wei Junlan found out about her tail?”

Qian Wanyu touched her little head, “Yes, but don’t worry.”

How could Dongfang Minghui not be worried? When she told Wei Junlan about the fish tail before, the other party looked like she felt the sky was about to collapse. In order to prove that her wrong she even jumped into the sea herself and got them into trouble. Dongfang Minghui showed anxiety on her face.

“She, she’s not going to do anything drastic, right?”

“No, don’t forget that she still has Xuan Zhu to worry about.”

Once a person has an obsession, even in their most downhearted and embarrassed times, that obsession would be able to make people try to get up and move on. No matter what lay ahead, there would be a kind of courage and strength to face anything calmly.

Xuan Zhu ah.

Dongfang Minghui breathed a sigh of relief and took the little bean sprouts out to bask in the sun. The fiery red bud of the bean sprouts became a little bigger after soaking in the sea water that had mixed with her blood, and the other yellow bud also seemed to grow bigger and bigger.

“Ah, why do I think this one looks like the bud of the ghost face treefamily?”

Her words seemed to be muttering to herself, but in fact she said it in a particularly loud voice, because she couldn’t hear it she couldn’t control the volume. After hearing this, Qian Wanyu laughed inexplicably and touched her nose with a guilty conscience.

The two flower buds, who were bathing in the sun, shuddered when they heard this, and repeatedly shook to each other.

Dongfang Minghui ignored it completely, and Qian Wanyu couldn’t understand it either.

“I asked you to explain to her but you have been procrastinating. Now, your Ninth Sister seems to know something.” Qing Mo’s tone was a gloating. He was completely standing by and watching a good show.

Qian Wanyu was also thinking about how to tell her about the Soul Quenching Furnace that night, but the other party couldn’t hear now, and she couldn’t make it clear with only a few sentences, “Ninth Sister.”

“Seventh sister, which of them do you think is the little bean sprout I planted?”

“This—” Qian Wanyu also encountered a problem that she couldn’t answer for the first time. She didn’t know much about the ghost-faced tree family, and even Qing Mo couldn’t identify which of the two flower buds was the soul that was tempered.

“If it could refine its soul on the Soul Quenching Furnace and stay intact. I think this golden rat’s soul strength should be very strong, at least higher than that of you and your Ninth Sister.” Qing Mo did not believe that both of the buds on the little bean sprouts was really afraid of them, it is very likely that one of them was acting.

“This is troublesome.” If this bean sprout was raised by her, Qian Wanyu would probably do something like kill both of them. She would rather kill by mistake than let the main villain go.

Qian Wanyu saw Dongfang Minghui flick the two buds with her fingers, and the two buds tilted upside down and then quickly turned around. The roots of the whole bean sprout was shaking, and the two buds were leaning against each other. They looked a little pitiful, but it was only for show.

“I warn you, don’t make any bad ideas, or you won’t be able to save yourself even by pretending to be pitiful.” When Dongfang Minghui turned around and didn’t know what to do, Qian Wanyu put her spiritual power on her fingers and warned the two flower buds through her spiritual sense.

“Seventh sister, why did Little White’s foot get hurt?”

Dongfang Minghui was lying on her stomach in the tent looking for something, just when she saw the pus-filled wound on Little White’s foot, she stroked Little White’s big head and let the other party arch around in her arms, “Seventh sister , come and help me press it.”

Qian Wanyu squatted down, without her having to press it herself, Little White took the initiative to lie on her stomach, allowing her to squeeze out the pus from the wound easily, and then bandage the swelling.

“Seventh sister, where were you before? Why is Little White injured, how about you?” She only cared about her own ears for the past two days, and completely ignored the people around her. Within this group, there was only her as the sole pharmacist.

“It’s alright.” Qian Wanyu leaned down and held her head, and said word by word, her wounds were all healed after applying the pills, but the wounds on Little White’s feet were ignored by her since she couldn’t see the injury which was indeed something wrong of her. She touched the little white furball with her hand and said embarrassedly, “I’ll give you two more grilled fish tonight.”

Little White let out a whimper, raised its eyelids and glanced at Qian Wanyu suspiciously. It was probably the first time it had enjoyed this honour from this ruthless master. It put its big head on Dongfang Minghui’s thigh and rubbed it intimately.

“Hey, do you miss Toothless?”

Little White, who heard Toothless’s name, twitched his ears.

Qian Wanyu was about to let the other party have a good rest when she heard the sound of the waves on the shore, she quickly stood up, and saw Wei Junlan lying on the shore, a fish tail sliding under the seabed that could not be seen clearly.

“I saw a place that had been deserted for a long time!”


In order to avoid embarrassment, Wei Junlan simply let her fish tail soak in the sea. Every time she changed from her fish tail back to human legs, the pain was like a knife cutting her legs on the ground. She naturally chose a more comfortable way to sit. “The little mute went into the deep seabed, and it seems that it was where he lived before.”

A place covered with weeds, and even the stones have grown seaweed. The most important thing was that in addition to the little mute, there were many other merpeople hiding in the caves.

Wei Junlan told Qian Wanyu what she had seen, “Are they the same group as those merpeople on the island last time?”

“Not the same.”

It would take a long time to talk about the racial difference between them. Qian Wanyu still briefly mentioned it, “It’s hard to tell the difference between merpeople but the difference between the two of them was that the former can use their singing voice as a weapon to hurt others, while the latter uses their eyes to confuse others.”

“So monstrous?!”


There were even more monstrous things. The race the little mute was a part of were all naturally able to charm people just through their eyes. If there were people who were born with this power and you were caught unaware by their looks it will be even more terrifying, because it is possible that if you are not careful, you will be bewitched by the other party and do something unforgivable or even reveal deep dark secrets to the world.

No race could bear the existence of such mermen, so they were destined to be exterminated.

“If that’s the case, will the place where the little mute go be where the remnants of his race are?” Wei Junlan speculated wildly, all of them were a group of old merpeople who looked sick and had no vitality at all.

“Did he notice you?”

“Don’t think so.”

Qian Wanyu frowned suddenly, “If you can follow, then other groups of people can also follow.”

The island they left last time, that ‘prison’ was just the tip of the iceberg that they could spy on, there were still many things they don’t understand about how those islands worked, “Wait a while, if the little mute doesn’t come back, you can take us to him. “

“Will he still come?”

“For sure.”

Probably out of a sense of gratitude, he came to walk around in front of them from time to time, and used the fish he caught as a gift… Even if he didn’t come, he would find a way to greet them.

They waited left and right, and waited for more than half an hour, watching the sun set in the west, and the last light was replaced by darkness.

Wei Junlan felt strange. In the past, at this point, the other party would always came early, and he would play a bit before leaving. Thinking that something wrong had happened, they decided to set off to the place Wei Junlan described before.

“Wei Junlan, is it here?”

Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu were inside the water barrier. They used the water flow to try to make it sink into the deep sea smoothly. The place that the other party had mentioned looked to be abandoned.

The towering stone pillars still had some traces of damage, like those left by swords. The two stone pillars were like heaven towering pillars and looked extremely high. They swam to the bottom of the deep sea, but when they looked up, they still couldn’t see the highest point.

“It should be here.”

Wei Junlan felt that every place under the sea was the same. The only thing she remembered was that there was a towering stone pillar. She swung her fish tail and swam first, but before she could speak, a net made of unknown materials fell from the sky. The net spread open in each of the four directions, covering her whole.

“What the-“

“I didn’t expect a fish that slipped through the net to show up here.”

“Seventh sister, Wei Junlan!”


Qian Wanyu covered her mouth and made a mute action to her, and then thought that the other party couldn’t hear what she was saying, without saying a word she used the immortal rope to carry the person behind her back, “Don’t worry, Seventh Sister will not leave her there.”

Dongfang Minghui was a little worried when she saw that she had pulled out her whip, so she simply opened the silk umbrella behind her to prevent someone from attacking them from behind.

“Let me try.”

A silver needle flew out all of a sudden, but it was blocked by the water current and fell before reaching the destination she envisioned. “It doesn’t seem to work.”

Knowing what she was worried about, Qian Wanyu hurriedly yelled at Wei Junlan, “Are you an idiot? Use your sword.”


After Wei Junlan got her fish tail, her head seemed to be caught in a certain logical trap and when she was bound by the net for a moment, apart from struggling hard she had forgotten that there was a sword in her space ring. She had even forgotten she was still a Spiritual Master!

“Damn it! This group of turtle grandchildren.” They actually engaged in a sneak attack and caught her by surprise.

The material of the net bag was far worse than that of the white silk, so Wei Junlan slashed randomly with her sword a few times, and immediately opened a few small holes.

The group of people saw that there were still people behind Wei Junlan and the four of them tightened their nets and were about to run upstream.

“Seventh sister, they seem to be running away.”

After the whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand was thrown out, the other end of the whip was wrapped around the ankle of the person closest to them. She tugged hard and dragged the person to the bottom of the sea, along with the other three who were holding onto the ends of the net pulling all of them down as a group.

Wei Junlan took this opportunity to cut open the net and slapped one of them with her fish tail, “Why are they humans?”

She always thought it was the merpeople who were lying in ambush here. The merpeople’s fish tails were also very powerful, but it turned out that it was a net thrown by four humans who came out of nowhere. Wei Junlan immediately got angry.

“Was the little mute caught by them?”

“I’ll give these people to you, and I’ll go take a look.”

The group of little mutes were all sent up one by one by the nets thrown by the group of humans. When Little Mute was going to the isolated island to bring them fish he found that a group of people had grabbed his clansmen one by one, then he rushed over immediately. At the bottom of the sea, the sea water would cut off the sight of the little mute who could deceive people by looking at them. As a matter of fact, he couldn’t resist and was caught with his biggest weapon gone.

However unlike when he was detained on the island, in order to prevent him from escaping, the group of mermen also drained the seawater from the cell, so that no one would be bewitched by his eyes and they deliberately did not arrange for anyone to come over. The group of humans didn’t know the dangers of the Little Mute.

“Che, what kind of goods did they salvage today, just a bunch of crooked melons and cracked dates, I want the strong and able bodied kind, not something like this.” After that, the man stepped forward and kicked a merperson fiercely.

The merperson’s body was already haggard, and after being kicked by him like this, the pain in his abdomen was unbearable, and he vomited blood.

The little mute’s blue eyes stared at the man, and the burning gaze really attracted the man.

“Yo, this one is not bad.” The man had a disgusting smile at the corner of his mouth, his eyes turned back and forth on the face of the little mute, and then his smile faded. He turned around, and took the weapon in his hand to slash directly at the people watching the show next to him.

When Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu found the ship, it was full of dead people and the smell of blood was pungent.

The little mute stumbled and stumbled on the board, his fish tail turned into a pair of legs, and he was helping the merperson who was kicked to the point of vomiting blood. He gestured with his fingers at them but they didn’t know what he was talking about, they could only see he looked very anxious.

When Qian Wanyu jumped onto the boat, she was startled by the boat full of merpeople. The first reaction of those merpeople when they saw humans enter was that they were in the same group as the group of humans just now. They all huddled together and hugged each other to get a sense of security, only the little mute looked at them quietly.

Qian Wanyu first checked and found that all the humans on the boat were dead. Judging from the traces of the fight at the scene, it was exactly as she had expected—self destruction. It was easy for tragic things to happen if you couldn’t tell the difference between merpeople the the charm eye merpeople.

Dongfang Minghui came down from behind Qian Wanyu and found that the group of them were hugging each other, head to head, inexplicably reminded her of little bean sprouts. The two flower buds on the bean sprouts also often do this as if lacking a sense of security.

“Seventh sister, I want to go up and see that injured merperson.”

Qian Wanyu took her hand, stepped forward, patted the little mute on the shoulder, and looked away, “Ninth Sister is a pharmacist. In your merpeople’s words, she is a mershaman. Let her help.”

Dongfang Minghui wasn’t a mershaman, she just felt that the other party seemed to be in pain, so she wanted to check it out.

The little mute has a very good impression of Qian Wanyu. She’s probably the first person who would have ever rescued him without him being able to speak. Even if she was also a human, he was a grateful to her so he helped to comfort the injured merperson.

Dongfang Minghui first checked the other party’s trauma, the other party’s body was full of festering wounds in many places, and there was bleeding in the abdomen, he looked a bit miserable, “For this situation, there should be a problem with the environment he lives in, I can help it treat his wounds, but it’s best to live on land with water during this time.”

After she finished speaking, she couldn’t hear anything, so she had to raise her head to look at the little mute’s expression. She only looked at him for less than three seconds when a pair of cold hands covered her eyes. That charming feeling was suddenly shattered.

She hurriedly pulled the hand off, “Seventh sister, tekk them, I’m going to deal with the wound, it might hurt a little, let him bear it.”


The wounds were festering in many places, and the festering places were already smelly. Dongfang Minghui endured the stench, first cleaned up all the festering parts, and then rubbed it with alcohol.

“Don’t be afraid, wait until the wound is healed, and if you take good care of it for a while, you will be fine.”

The little mute watched her crush the pills and help with bandaging. The movements were quite skilled and gentle.

“Hey, you’re just going to leave me alone below here?”

Wei Junlan finally managed to get the three people under the sea, and then a bubble emerged from the water.

“You lead the way, let’s go back to that lonely island first.”

“Take them back with you?”


Mermaid Wei heh

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