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MIWW Chapter 154 Part 2

Little White took elegant steps, raised his head arrogantly and roared softly. The wound on his feet has basically recovered. He took care of Dongfang Minghui and replaced two patches. He walked in the front with his head held high, like a guardian knight.

Dongfang Minghui felt calm for the first time. The sounds that disturbed the ears and affected the mood all disappeared. She found a big tree and made sure that there was nothing on it. She climbed up smoothly. She sat on the big tree and swayed her legs. Continuing to stretch, Little Colour took advantage of her efforts to climb the tree, and had gone to other places to look for medicinal plants, and Little White was lying under the tree, alert to the surrounding wind and grass.

Dongfang Minghui took out a roll of white silk from her space ring, and her fingers carefully rubbed the white silk. The white silk was as thick and slippery as the elf queen had said, like it was cut from the same cloth. However, those cute elves like to paint on it with unique materials. She could almost imagine what the color of the painting juice will look like when it smudged on the white silk, maybe it will be like the picture of the feather demon.

“But why does this kind of white silk, which is so precious that it can only be used by the royal family, appear in the hands of the second lady of the Dongfang family. Isn’t the second lady the daughter of the Qin family?” She held the piece that looked like white silk. The silk and satin cloth was light. There was almost no need for her to struggle between watching and not watching. She had already made a choice when she took the time to identify the type of white silk, “You must check it out, Dongfang Minghui. Don’t back down.”

She puffed up herself, sprinkled the prepared water on the white silk a little bit, and then evenly spread it on the white silk with a special technique, watching her specially prepared water on the white silk cause a reaction. Soon, pictures appeared on the white silk that made her unable to even stop. From ancient times to the present, everything started with the prosperous Longevity Clan…

The hand that held the white silk kept shaking, and finally fell down weakly. The white silk was like a dangling cloth hanging on a tree trunk, with both ends fluttering in the wind.

“It turned out to be so…”

After Dongfang Minghui read it, all the past events were connected together like a thread. She had answers to all the inexplicable things that happened around her, even the reason why the author of the novel had stopped halfway through the plot. Is it because of her?

She tried her best to widen her eyes so that she wouldn’t cry but drop after drop of round tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably, and even a drop or two fell into the fluffy hair of the little white ball underneath.

Little White also raised his head and looked at her.

Dongfang Minghui’s whole body seemed to be taken away. After she pondered for a while, she suddenly felt that this white silk must absolutely not be seen by Seventh Sister. While in a panic, she hurriedly rolled up the white silk and put it into her space ring again.

If possible, she hoped that this scroll of white silk would disappear and never appear again…

“It’s gone.”

Dongfang Minghui’s loud voice was mixed with a ferocious tone, which made Little Colour feel strange. He didn’t have time to think about the reason behind her tone, so he missed a very important thing.

Little Colour just found a stunning Buddha’s eye moistened by sea water under the root of the tree, a very strange-looking spirit grass, the spirit grass was about the size of a palm, very small and eyes can’t find it unless you look closely at it curling up. When it was like this it looked like a raised eye, hence the name.

“Wait a minute—” Little Colour also thought that about how Minghui couldn’t hear her voice, so she didn’t say a word, and simply let the vine branches keep holding the other’s wrist and extend a long line to catch the Buddha’s eye.

Little White has been following behind her, a little uneasy and wanted to go up to rub her, but the other party ignored him for the first time, and it let out a low cry, “Woo.”

Until they returned to the bonfire, Dongfang Minghui ignited flames again. In broad daylight, the flames were so small that they could be ignored if they were not close.

Dongfang Minghui stared at the rising flames in a daze, and squeezed the white silk that was related to the inheritance of the Longevity clan in her hands.


Dongfang Minghui threw the white silk into the fire without any hesitation. She really wanted to burn the contents of the white silk in her mind with the fire as well, but unfortunately those things seemed to have taken root. Like this, no matter how she tried she would never be able to forget it…

The only thing she could do was to destroy all these things. She wasn’t Dongfang Minghui, she’s Tong Yao, a woman that transmigrated here. She just needed to do what she wanted to do. What do the contents of the white silk have to do with her? The original owner was already dead in any case…

Dongfang Minghui felt that at this moment, she might have gone a little crazy.

“Hey, I told you that I hate fire the most, how can you still play with fire here, do you want me to die?”

Little Colour pulled Dongfang Minghui, whose clothes were on fire, away from the fire. It felt that its vines were on fire, so it rushed back. As a result, she saw Minghui who was in a state of despair and wanted to die, “Qian Wanyu hasn’t left for a long time yet, what are you so miserable for?”

After pulling her away, it found that her clothes were also on fire, but the other party was like a doll who had no feeling at all. It quickly dragged the burnt person to the beach and threw her into the sea.

“Cough——Little Color!”

Dongfang Minghui sank to the bottom of the sea and was choked by the icy water before she regained consciousness. She fluttered uncomfortably in the sea, and Little Colour dragged her up angrily. Little Colour supported her waist and her face tightened. She said earnestly, “If there something on your mind then talk about it carefully, think about it, look at me, you know that I hate fire the most, and you still let the fire burn me!”

Dongfang Minghui lowered her head and sneezed fiercely before feeling a hint of coldness. She hurriedly crawled back to the bonfire. The merpeople were all gathered on the shore on alert like they were invaded by someone who suddenly appeared. Normally they were either they are like cowards and stayed silent on the side but they were trying to protect Dongfang Minghui now showing courage they normally shouldn’t have.

Little Colour felt that the scene in front of her was very strange. Dongfang Minghui had always been very attractive to other people. It seemed like she could make friends wherever she went. Unexpectedly, just by applying some medicine for these merpeople a few times it would make them actually know how to protect others.

Dongfang Minghui shivered from the cold, and let her clothes dry naturally. She hugged herself and sat by the bonfire until dawn, burying her head between her legs, as if she was escaping from something.

At the same time, Little Mute quickly brought the group forward, taking Wei Junlan and Qian Wanyu to swim to a place on the seabed with a lot of seaweed, red algae, green algae, brown algae, etc.

If Dongfang Minghui is here, she’d be able to find a lot of things that can be used as medicinal materials. Unfortunately, these medicinal materials were nothing in the eyes of the blind since Qian Wanyu, Little Mute, and Wei Junlan had no clue about medicine.

The little mute took them around these brightly colored seaweeds, and removed a large stone next to the coral, revealing the cave inside. There were still bubbles emerging from the cave, and the resistance of the water became significantly larger.

“Well, where is he taking us to?”

“I don’t know, just keep up.”

Qian Wanyu’s stamina was very strong, and she had actually swum to the bottom with only her two legs. Fortunately, her spiritual power was still quite full so she could last for awhile.

After passing through the dark cave with a corrosive smell, they finally came to a side hall, an underwater palace.

The big iron gate of the palace was still closed, and there were two stone lions at the gate, which looked like ancient buildings. The little mute tried to push it open, but after pushing it for a long time, the iron gate did not move. Wei Junlan also tried to go up to help, but despite the efforts of the two, the iron door still could not be opened.

“Could it be that the medicinal plants that Ninth Sister heard about are here?”

The little mute hurriedly shook his head, then helplessly shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands at them, as if there was nothing he could do. He pointed to the way they had just come, and swam first.

Wei Junlan was confused by the other party, and hurriedly chased after him, “Wait!”

Before Qian Wanyu left, she glanced back at the iron gate of the palace, raised her brows slightly, and quickly followed.

Along the way, Little Mute picked a lot of purple grass that they couldn’t understand, including purple coral and purple algae, and a piece of purple something which they didn’t know what it was. After the little mute picked them up, they were all handed over to Qian Wanyu.

Qian Wanyu took advantage of that and put them all into her own space ring.

“Is that all right?”

The little mute shook his head. He picked a piece of purple coral and made a gesture.

Wei Junlan didn’t understand the other party’s gestures, the medicinal herbs were found anyway, so it was time to go back.

Qian Wanyu thoughtfully watched the little mute stuff the purple coral to Wei Junlan, and then flicked his tail to look for other things, but it was strange that all he was looking for were purple plants.

After she swam over, she patted the little mute on the shoulder and asked loudly, “Are you trying to say that purple things are the antidote, but you forgot which exact plant it is so you need to pick them all?”

The little mute’s eyes lit up, he nodded sharply, and gave the other person a thumbs up.

“Aiya, it was actually that!” Wei Junlan was about to kneel to Qian Wanyu’s correct guess, “Okay, I see, it’s just something purple, right?”


Qian Wanyu didn’t waste time. She did not have a high degree of recognition for medicinal herbs, but after picking any purple things, they were all thrown into her space ring. Her method picking of picking was also different from Wei Junlan and Little Mute, she uprooted the entire plant including the roots. Influenced by Dongfang Minghui, she had unique insights into the preservation of medicinal plants when picking them. Since she did not know which part of the medicinal plant’s body had the medicinal effect, she had to bring the medicinal plant back as a whole.

Picking all the purple plants around her, they were ready to return with a ‘full load’. On the way back, the three of them were all very fast, especially Qian Wanyu. Her time at the bottom of the sea had been too long and she urgently needed to return to shore.

Even so, a day and night had passed by the time they returned to the shore of the lonely island.

The afternoon of the next day, after Qian Wanyu went ashore, she found that the formation had not changed much, and her thumping heart finally calmed down. She saw the person she was thinking about huddled beside a pile of long-extinguished bonfires, hugging her legs with her hands, burying her head in them. One part of her sleeves had disappeared and she looked a little embarrassed.

Taking a look from a distance, Qian Wanyu endured the discomfort and walked to the other side. As soon as she got close, all the merpeople who were guarding Dongfang Minghui dispersed.

Little Colour was so angry that it wanted to curse. None of these stupid and ignorant merpeople were willing to stop staring at her throughout this whole time. They were probably afraid that it would do something to Dongfang Minghui again. She stayed bored for most of the day outside, but when Qian Wanyu came back they just disappeared without a single fart. These damn merpeople!

“She was almost roasted by the fire.”

Qian Wanyu raised her brows slightly when she saw Little Colour jumping up and down in exasperation. She stretched out her hand and pulled the other’s head out from between her legs.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes were empty, her face was pale and her hair was loose and messy. Her shoes had disappeared and one of her sleeves was burnt. This kind of image made her appear extremely pitiful as if she had encountered a miserable battle.

It was barely two days, but the other party had actually turned into this… Qian Wanyu felt a little distressed, and there was also a little self-blame. If she knew that leaving the other party in this place alone would make her become like this, she might as well have taken Minghui with her, at least she’d be under her watchful eye.

“Ninth Sister…”

Qian Wanyu hugged her tightly.

After Dongfang Minghui felt the person’s body temperature, her empty eyes finally had a little more focus, and the hand that was almost roasted by the fire also hugged the other person tightly, “Seventh sister, we will never be separated.”

“Yes, we won’t.”

“Seventh sister, I’m a little tired. Can you stay with me for a while?”


Dongfang Minghui’s mind was full of the contents of the white silk, even if the white silk had been burned to ashes by her, but even so, those life experiences that were buried in the past are like shackles that couldn’t be taken off, wrapping her and choking her till she couldn’t breathe.

Why is the world so…why is it so cruel?

Qian Wanyu was relieved when she felt the other person’s breathing become long and even, and gently hugged the other person back to the quilt. She sat on the side and looked at the other person, feeling that her round chin had suddenly became pointy. Her face was haggard and her brows were deeply furrowed, she seemed to have troubles that could not be solved.

Ninth Sister has always been a person who didn’t know how to cover up and hide her emotions. All her emotions were clearly written on her face. What was it that bothered her so much?

“Little Colour.”

The loli Little Colour also looked serious…or as serious as she could look and spread her hands, “Don’t ask me, I found a spirit grass, and after picking it I felt that her mood seemed a little wrong. I don’t know what happened during that period.”

Qian Wanyu asked a few people, but they didn’t know what happened in the middle period.

Even if she had a smart brain, she couldn’t figure out what happened in the middle causing this mood change so she could only attribute Ninth Sister’s abnormality to her deafness. She tried her best to give Ninth Sister a strong sense of security. Perhaps it was her departure that made Ninth Sister more fearful…

Qian Wanyu released a lot of purple medicinal herbs from her space ring, “Little Colour, come and help identify which medicinal herbs are helpful to Sister Ninth’s ears.”

Little Colour was reluctant, but after seeing a whole lot of medicinal herbs, she couldn’t help sniffing, “It seems that you have put a lot of effort into it.”

“Here as well.” Wei Junlan took out all the purple plants in her space ring.


Little Colour identified them for a long time, some were completely useless, such as the purple coral, she quickly categorized everything and told them solemnly, “Sorry, none of these things have medicinal properties that can restore her hearing, but, I think you can try to take her with you next time.”

Little Colour picked out a lilac plant from the thousand flowers that looked a little purple. It shook it a little hard, and the green plant underneath revealed its true colors. The color seemed to be dyed beforehand, and it faded again returning to purple, “I probably know what kind of medicinal plant you are looking for, but you are going in the wrong direction.”

“What do you mean?” Wei Junlan stared blankly, “You mean we didn’t find the right one?”


The fake plant in Little Colour’s hand was handed to Qian Wanyu, “This plant is green, why is it mixed up in the purple pile?”

“It was probably because it was accidentally pressed at the bottom of the space ring and got stained with the purple colours?” Wei Junlan thought for a while and found an excuse that could be regarded as a reason. In fact, she completely remembered that she had never picked such a thing. Under the deep sea, the light was so dim, it was very difficult for them to distinguish purple plants, how could they know what plant was which colour?

“No.” Qian Wanyu’s memory had always been bright, she remembered that this plant was picked by her, she had remembered that when she saw it, it was purple, “Is there something wrong with this plant?”

“Yes, it is a companion plant. These two plants grow together. The one you need is probably right next to it. Do you remember where you picked it?”

“I remember.” Qian Wanyu understood that this plant was mostly influenced by another plant, so it had gotten stained with the color of another plant. On the other hand, the other plant was probably stained by this plant’s colour so it must have looked green.

Her eyes were actually deceived by these two plants, Qian Wanyu made a decision immediately, “I’ll go now.”

“Wait a second, your spiritual power is exhausted, if you go now you’re going to die. Why don’t I go instead?” Wei Junlan noticed that Qian Wanyu was exhausted when she was at the bottom of the sea, and she had deliberately slowed the little mute down on their way back. Otherwise, Qian Wanyu might have passed out trying to keep up.

“You look pale and you’re still so stubborn, you should think about the person in the tent first.”

The person in the tent opened the curtain and looked at them. Dongfang Minghui couldn’t sleep at all. There was a stone on her chest, so she couldn’t fall asleep smoothly. After she woke up, she sat there motionless and watched them.

The empty eyes made Qian Wanyu’s heart hurt. She walked over and held the other’s cheek, “When my spiritual power recovers, Seventh Sister will take you there.”

Wei Junlan was also very uncomfortable watching from the side. One of them was willing to fight and the other was willing to suffer. Qian Wanyu repeated a sentence fifteen times before bringing Dongfang Minghui’s attention back to herself.


Dongfang Minghui also reached out and caressed the other’s cheek, the warm touch made her want to keep fondling, “Seventh sister, did I ever say that I love you very much, I love you very much!”

Qian Wanyu smiled, “I didn’t hear it very clearly just now, you can say it a few more times.”

Wei Junlan stroked her forehead, this dog girl was really crazy. First of all, they kissed in public to show their affection, and now they confessed in public…

Wow that escalated quickly! Wonder what’s on that white silk… Might be a huge spoiler for future plot >,<

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