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MIWW Chapter 170 Part 1

When Dongfang Minghui opened her eyes, she saw the dark night sky.

“Hahaha, I actually woke up at night, so I’m fine.”

“Wake up quickly!” Little Color felt that half of its life was lost in this fall. Fortunately, it caught something at the end of the landing, but when it saw the object clearly, it felt that thing was still alive. It’s better to die!


Hearing the weak voice of her little friend in the sea of souls, Dongfang Minghui restrained her complacent expression, but the surroundings were pitch black. She got used to it after a long time and saw that there seemed to be something hanging on the strings around her.

She went to take a closer look.

Dongfang Minghui was so frightened that most of her soul was lost. She suspected that she was seeing things, after all, in the dark night, sometimes vision deviations can deceive people’s eyes. She asked tremblingly, “Little Color, am I mistaken, or are the things hanging there all fake?”


Little Color unceremoniously cut off her last shred of self-deception. It was also the one thing it grabbed when it couldn’t find anything to tie to and was accidentally tied to a pile of dead people, a group of hanging dead people…

It’s bad luck to think about it, ah bah.

“Why are we here? Where is Seventh sister, where is Mo Ce?” It’s not that she had never seen a dead person; Dongfang Minghui, who had prepared herself psychologically, soon found that the surroundings were quite quiet, and the silence made people feel creepy.

“They probably fell into the ground…” Little Color said frustratedly. It had tried its best. At that critical moment, it tried to find Qian Wanyu and Mo Ce, but unfortunately, everyone was in different directions and at different heights, as if each of them had entered a different space. It had to keep its own little partner safe first, or else it would die as well so Little Colour prioritized Minghui.


“Tell me what happened. Where is Seventh sister?”

The thing is actually like this… Little Color explained the ins and outs of the matter to her friend in detail, and at the end, it couldn’t help comforting her, “Your Seventh sister is blessed and lucky. Even from such a great height, it’s definitely okay even if she falls down. You see, aren’t we still alive and well?”

That sort of made sense…

Little Color’s words were like a reassurance, and Dongfang Minghui’s anxious heart was instantly soothed. Probably because she thought again, “Seventh sister is the heroine; with the halo of the heroine shining, she must be fine.”

As for Mo Ce… At any rate, he is considered to be half a hero, he probably won’t die.

Dongfang Minghui moved, and when she turned her head, she saw a person hanging from the rope. Not sure how the person hung him but his neck was slightly raised back, and his eyes were bulging, staring straight at her. She was scared out of her wits. “Ah!”

“Stop shouting; it will be very troublesome if you wake them up.”

“What the hell are they…?”

Their current situation was quite delicate. Dongfang Minghui’s body was lying sideways on the net made of Little Color vines. The ropes were cleverly strung through the middle, and there was a head in the middle of each rope, and the rope strangled the neck of the corpse’s head.

So it looks very spooky.

Dongfang Minghui slept next to a group of hanging corpses…

As soon as Little Color finished speaking, a group of unconscious undead appeared, walking towards Dongfang Minghui with stiff bodies. They hung the ropes in mid-air again and then put their own heads in them.

After witnessing all of this, Dongfang Minghui’s entire worldview was distorted. How could this be happening? Weren’t the undead already dead? What the hell was going on with these hanging ropes?

“Little Color, why are these ropes hanging in the air? Is there something wrong with my eyesight?” She asked with a shiver.

“No,” Little Color replied from the sea of souls. “There is something wrong with this space itself.”

“Little Color, let’s find a way to get out of here quickly.”

Little Color remained silent for a long time, unable to find a way out of this ghostly place. “No, wait a little longer,” It finally said.

Dongfang Minghui felt like she had heard this sentence before…

“What do you mean by wait?” she asked.

“We’ll wait until it gets dark. When the Sleepy Dragon Seal comes out, it will know how to leave. You don’t need to urge it, it will lead the way itself. But it’s not good to try to leave now” Little Color explained.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but think about dragging the Sleepy Dragon Seal out and beating it up!

With nothing else to do, Dongfang Minghui remained in one posture for a whole day, thinking about the hanged ghost beneath her and breaking out in cold sweat. She babbled for a whole day, that even Little Color in the sea of souls had learned a few Buddhist scriptures.

Dongfang Minghui lost track of time as she lay in the pitch-black darkness. Eventually, she grew tired and murmured a few words before drifting off to sleep with her head tilted up.

Meanwhile, Little Color waited in the sea of souls was waiting for the Sleepy Dragon Seal to take over Dongfang Minghui’s body.

When Dongfang Minghui woke up, the vines on her body receded and she fell to the ground. She walked past a group of corpses without even flinching. Her pupils were inverted and she couldn’t see any obstacles, including the undead or hanging corpses.

The undead were alarmed by the presence of fresh life and instinctively tried to surround Dongfang Minghui. However, she was extremely strong and the Sleepy Dragon Seal in her hand burst into a fiery red light. The undead rushed towards the fire and were reduced to powder.

“The Sleepy Dragon Seal doesn’t show off the mountains and doesn’t show the water. If it doesn’t make a move, you’ll be fine. Once you make a move, it will act vigorously,” remarked Little Color, observing the steps that had reappeared before them again. Dongfang Minghui began to descend them step by step.

“What’s down there? The Sleepy Dragon Seal seems quite persistent,” Little Color remarked, falling ill at the beginning and being led all the way to this place. Little Color began to doubt the Sleepy Dragon Seal’s true intentions, suspecting that it had used Dongfang Minghui and her friend to achieve another purpose.

“What a scheming thing! It took so long to reveal its purpose, but unfortunately we were unprepared and fell victim to its tricks,” Little Color concluded.

Little Color felt aggrieved, but still hoped that Qian Wanyu would be safe and could stop the Sleepy Dragon Seal from continuing to use her little friend for its own purposes.

As they climbed the stairs, Little Color assumed they would go on forever. However, after walking less than three meters, Dongfang Minghui stopped abruptly. The steps seemed to be moving towards the edge of an abyss cliff.

Little Color finally saw the panorama on the cliff. An arch-shaped hole about half a person’s height appeared in front of them, with about nine holes on the cliff. Dongfang Minghui chose the leftmost one in the middle and went in.

Inside the cave entrance, there were two ancient gatekeepers, both of them relatively small and dwarf-like, their armor dull and gray. They stood motionless and emitted no signs of life, looking like statues.

Dongfang Minghui walked forward but was stopped by two crossed swords. The gatekeepers suddenly moved, their movements stiff and seemingly controlled by some order. They were puppet guards.

Dongfang Minghui’s pupils turned quickly and the gatekeepers received some hint, retracting their swords and returning to their posts.

The cave was not as narrow as Little Color had imagined. The walls were covered with lifelike dragon murals in various forms, but they all shared one thing in common – all four claws and necks were locked in chains, robbing them of their freedom. The entire mural was depicted in light gray tones, creating a depressing atmosphere.

“Trapped dragons… Could this be where the dragon clan is imprisoned?” Little Color wondered as they tumbled around. Suddenly, an engraving in the center of the gate of the stone wall reflected the seal of the Sleepy Dragon. Dongfang Minghui slowly imprinted the seal of the Sleepy Dragon in the center of her palm into the engraving.

A group of dazzling rays of light refracted over.

Little Color was horrified to find that the lines extending from the left and right sides of the stone wall gate seemed to be alive. They flowed from the dragon in the mural and, after a circle, joined the left and right, finally condensing together. Next, everything it saw was beyond its imagination. The dragons depicted on the wall of the cave where they were located all came to life, sweeping fiercely. The chains rattled, and for a moment, Little Color felt that the dragons would break free from the tiny chains that bound them. Then there was an overwhelming momentum, suffocating people with a feeling of despair.

“Be careful!”

Little Color’s voice roared in the sea of souls, but the little friend still went her own way, turning a blind eye, ignoring the lively big guys behind her, and stepping in when the stone door opened.

With a bang, the stone door closed again.

Little Color broke into a cold sweat for Dongfang Minghui. If they were any slower, if the group of guys were any faster…

It didn’t dare to continue thinking about it. Fortunately, after they entered the stone gate, there seemed to be no sound outside except for the huge boom at the beginning. There was nothing inside the stone gate, except for a deep pool.

It was unclear how many years had passed, but the deep pool was still filled with dense mist. Around the deep pool, there were nine faucets pouring clear water into it, a steady stream.

Little Color was wondering why the Sleepy Dragon Seal had brought them here for when it saw Dongfang Minghui standing in the deep pool quickly. The thick mist dissipated little by little, and the water in the deep pool suddenly boiled and splashed, as if something was about to crawl out of the deep pool.

Dongfang Minghui’s face was expressionless. The lines under her eyes flowed faster and faster. The deep pool boiled for a while, then returned to calm, and the deep colors became clearer.

Little Color could even see the lines reflected in the eyes of the little friend from the reflection. After watching for a long time, it was completely dizzy. It closed its eyes quickly, and when it opened them again, it saw a deep pool in the crystal-clear mirror. What was reflected in the mirror was not the little friend, but Qian Wanyu, who they had lost track of before!

Qian Wanyu in the mirror was in a bit of a panic. Behind her was a large group of crouching crawling beasts with green lights. They lowered their bodies deliberately, planning to swarm up at the best time and tear the staggering life apart.

Qian Wanyu was feeling very embarrassed after falling from the top. The tip of her whip caught the abyss cliff all the way down, causing her to collide with creatures in the abyss repeatedly, and she was covered in black sticky things. It could be said that there was no good place on her body. In the end, she was lucky enough to step on a crumbling corpse of a large monster, which suspended the impact of her descent.

As she observed her location, she seemed to have descended to a very low level and had never seen anything like it on the cliffs of the abyss.

“Ninth Sister is gone.” Qian Wanyu’s first thought was that she and the Ninth Sister had gotten separated. What if at night, the Sleepy Dragon Seal took over the other’s body again?

“You should take care of yourself first,” Qing Mo snorted. “This place is full of danger. You have come in, and it is still unknown whether you can get out alive. She has the sleepy dragon seal on her body, so it is not difficult to avoid danger, but you… I still don’t know much about the direction of the Sleepy Dragon Valley.”

If she had known that there would be such a day for them, she should have asked her mother clearly about the sleepy dragon valley, rather than being taken away by that key in a daze!

“Ninth Sister also left me sixty-four topographic maps of the Sleepy Dragon Seal.” Qian Wanyu realized that these sixty-four maps must be related to the Sleepy Dragon Seal.

Using her whip to hang upside down in the abyss, Qian Wanyu accidentally discovered a hole under the corpse of a large monster that could accommodate a person. Clinging to the cliff, she slid down a meter before stopping. Her fingers were bloody, and there were black things at her fingertips trying to penetrate her body.

After throwing out the whip, she crawled into the cave little by little. However, what awaited her was not respite but another wave of fighting. Inside the square hole lived a group of smaller crawling monsters. Their bodies were flat, less than ten kilometers away from the ground, and they had short legs, a long mouth, and a long tail. They were very powerful in combat.

Qian Wanyu used the five colors of spiritual power alternately and almost collapsed the entire hole. She became more and more courageous as she fought. The dark red blood on her body turned dark black, as if she had walked out of a muddy river.

Those little crawling monsters were probably afraid quickly retreating one by one, and giving way to a small path. The purple and silver radiance flowing on the surface of her whip, Qian Wanyu was always on guard and walked among the group of small monsters.

“Be careful, the smell of blood on your body has attracted all the big guys.” Qing Mo could clearly see that the group in the cave were all small guys, and the real big guys were the glowing green eyes in the dark. They waited until Qian Wanyu walked out for a while before following her in an extremely concealed manner.

Deliberately slowing down her pace and stumbling when she walked, Qian Wanyu let out a wisp of consciousness to supervise the group of big reptiles behind her at any time.

After walking for a while, she suddenly found a sticky substance in the air. The steps under her feet became heavier and heavier, and the whip in her hand seemed to be getting heavier and heavier. She couldn’t move, so she just sat down with a plop on the ground.

The black substance on her finger was still spreading, but Qian Wanyu took out a liquid medicine from her space and wiped it off with a cloth.

“It’s the law of space,” Qing Mo explained to her in the sea of souls. “It’s the same as a formation and is the most special type of formation. Everything slows down, including time.”

Qian Wanyu’s expression turned grim as she looked at the group of big reptiles that weren’t hiding. “Don’t tell me that these reptiles in front of me caused all of this.”

“Take a closer look at their eyeballs.” Qing Mo had to admit that she made a mistake. The group of smaller creatures she saw in the cave earlier were descendants of the Green Kun beast, a very rare monster. The most significant characteristic lies in their eyes. Since birth, they have a rotating pupil pattern in their green pupils, but this characteristic only shows when they reach adulthood. If this pattern was single, it would be unfounded, but when the Green Kun beast group appears, their eyes become extremely powerful killers. They can slowly turn the space of tens of miles around and twist it.

With so many Green Kun beasts, their range of control should be more than just tens of miles.

In the next second, the space distorted, and Qing Mo had no doubt about it.

Qian Wanyu sneered, this was in line with the rules of the abyss, the deeper they went, the more dangerous the creatures. She thought she was lucky, but it turned out that they were waiting for her.

Lightning flashed, and then disappeared.

“This space is really special.”

“No, maybe every move you make is being watched by them. This place has become their territory.”

Qian Wanyu didn’t want to argue anymore. She felt it would be disadvantageous if it dragged on. Gusts of wind quickly passed by, forming a small vortex. The violent wind and sand were enough to blind someone’s eyes, and the group of emerald green Kun beasts and Qian Wanyu were separated by a distance.

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