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MIWW Chapter 172 Part 1

Qian Wanyu didn’t argue and stopped Mo Ce behind her, “Our previous deal was that you would take us to the center of Dragon Valley, and I would tell you the whereabouts of the Dragon Seal.”

“You broke your promise first, how can you blame me for breaking my promise?”

Jia Jingke sneered, “I broke the promise?”

“There are nine caves in this place. You know which one is the safest to go, but you backed down because you were afraid that this place was too dangerous, or you couldn’t decide which one would lead you to where I wanted to go right? What is it if not breaking the promise?” Qian Wanyu gave him a disdainful glance.

Fake Jing Ke squinted his eyes and looked at her for a while, “I didn’t realize that you were so eloquent, tell me the whereabouts of the Dragon Seal, and I guarantee that your trip will be smooth sailing.”

The whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand swung towards him unexpectedly, and taking advantage of him stepping back, she pulled Mo Ce down into a hole quickly. The two of them just got into the hole when their heads were almost sliced off by two swords. They rolled on the ground in a circle in embarrassment.

They barely dodged those two sharp swords.


Mo Ce felt a pain in his mouth, his palms were numb, and the long sword almost fell out of his hand.

Qian Wanyu’s whip swept across the place where the opponent was holding the hilt of the sword and pulled it, but the opponent remained motionless. The two gatekeepers were very short, they didn’t seem to reach Qian Wanyu’s chest, but they were very powerful in combat.

“He is the lowest-level guardian warrior of the Dragon Clan.” Qing Mo added in his soul sea, “In the records of the Dragon Clan, it was said that there was a race very similar to the Dwarf Clan, called Goblins. They are violent, setting fires and plundering, doing all kinds of evil, hated by the major races. The major clans thought of a way to expel the goblins, and finally, because they had nowhere to go, and their leaders were good at flattering, they were taken in and enslaved by the powerful dragon clan. They didn’t want the Dragon Clan to see their ugly appearance so they donned armor.”

The dragons have always liked luxurious, bright, and beautiful things, like the goblins… Obviously, it ran counter to the aesthetics of the dragons.

Qian Wanyu: “…”

Inexplicably, she felt that this race was quite pitiful, even if they were enslaved, even their appearance had become the object of criticism.

“They look stiff, like the undead.”

“No, they should be puppets.”

Qian Wanyu knew something about puppets. She gathered five strands of spiritual power and snatched the lightning whip from the opponent’s hand. She tied the whip around her waist, stepped on the opponent’s sword, jumped to the back of the armored guard, grabbing their heads, twisting them vigorously.

There was a click.

The short guard paused for a moment and fell to the ground.

Mo Ce glanced at her, and twisted off the other guard’s head in the same manner. Once the guard died, the armor and helmets on their bodies loosened, revealing a dried out ugly face with green skin and fangs.

The two took a deep breath, and before they could recover, they heard sounds similar to the neat sound of boots stepping on the ground. The sound came from inside the cave and was getting closer and closer to them.

A group of soldiers wearing iron armor and helmets were divided into two groups, one pair at the entrance of the cave and another pair at the corner of the cave entrance. Going deeper, you could still see a group of about ten guards coming towards them.

Qian Wanyu estimated their fighting strength, turned around, and saw Mo Ce still clutching his abdomen. She asked coldly, “How’s your wound?”

“Thank you, it’s much better.” Mo Ce was telling the truth, and there was something to be done. He didn’t dare to use the healing cloth that Qian Wanyu had given him. The white one was too conspicuous, so he put it in the space ring for now. He had just accidentally pulled the wound open while fighting with the guard.

But compared to the continuous loss of spiritual power before, the current situation was considered very good.

When the ten guards turned the corner at the same pace, the two guards in the cave stood together on the roof of the cave, and the two guards on the ground were also carried to their original positions by Qian Wanyu, who had just turned their heads like this. In a sitting posture, the sword supported them, and everything seemed to be in good condition. The group of ten guards appeared to be patrolling, wandering around before leaving again.

After they left, Qian Wanyu waited for a while before jumping off the cave wall.

“Why are we hiding?”

Qian Wanyu looked at him meaningfully, and finally, her gaze stayed on his injured abdomen. Because the black mist had been eroding his abdominal wound, his abdominal wound had never healed. The black mist was forced out so now it could finally heal.”

Mo Ce was slightly embarrassed by Qian Wanyu’s look and nodded.

Qian Wanyu released Little White to guard Mo Ce for the time being. She quietly entered the cave. At the corner, two guards were standing motionless. Totally unresponsive.

“It really is a dead thing.”

Qian Wanyu quickly dodged in front of them and saw two swords coming towards her. She stepped on their heads quickly and quickly turned behind them, twisting their heads quickly and fiercely.

In a short two hours, she had pretty much eliminated all the puppets standing at the corner. Qian Wanyu frowned slightly after passing through a few winding roads, “This place is not right; it seems that it is not what we are looking for.”

“The one outside is still waiting outside; maybe he is waiting for you to retreat in spite of difficulties.” Qing Mo gestured.


A total of nine holes were outside.

Qian Wanyu recalled and quickly carved out the nine holes on the ground. She marked the hole she was in, “Why set up nine holes and exclude one of the correct entrances? What’s the use of the remaining holes?”

“You should have heard a rumor. It is said that the Dragon God gave birth to nine sons. The nine sons have different personalities and dispositions. If you match the nine dragons to the nine caves, it may give you some enlightenment.” Qing Mo didn’t know why he came up with this rumor; the Sleepy Dragon Valley, as the name suggests, shouldn’t be the place where the dragons were imprisoned, right?

Qian Wanyu had once searched for books similar to spirit beasts for Toothless. She had a little understanding of the dragon race, but not deeply. Excluding their positions, each of the eight must have a unique style.

“I want to take a look in several other caves.”

When the time came, Qian Wanyu and Mo Ce left the third hole on the left. Outside the hole, the fake Jing Ke had already left, “This doesn’t seem straightforward.”

The other party had too many secrets; if not for his target being the dragon seal, she would not mind bringing such a person along to keep an eye on him.

Qian Wanyu glanced at the nine openings thoughtfully, “Mo Ce, if you were to choose among the nine openings, which would you choose?”

Mo Ce rubbed his sword hilt habitually, “I’d choose the hole in the middle right.”

“I’ll go first, you follow.”

Qian Wanyu went in first and quickly turned over when two sword blades shot out. The two guards concentrated on each other and she was alone, and Mo Ce quickly rolled in from the hole. After that, their cooperation was quite tacit, and the two guards were eliminated.

They carefully observed the situation in the cave. The layout was different from the cave they had been to before. In this cave, there were only two guards, and there were an outer cave and an inner cave. A lot of information was carved on the walls of the inner cave.

This was the cave chosen by the Dragon Seal previously. The dragons on the walls of the cave were actually alive. If Little Color were there, he would find that the postures of these dragons had been changed. The lying dragons had become flying dragons, and the flying dragons were now in the stream in the sea, seeming quite free.

It was a pity that no matter how the shape of the dragon changed, the color of the carvings on the wall remained as gloomy as ever. In addition, the dragon’s eyeballs were showing a cold and timid gaze at this moment, giving people the illusion of being in an ice cellar.

Just as Mo Ce pushed back the black fog, he subconsciously rubbed his arms.

“Qing Mo, nine dragons.”

“These dragons have different forms. Could they be the nine sons of the legendary Dragon God?” Qing Mo reminded, “They have iron chains on their claws and necks.”

Qian Wanyu naturally saw it too, but she narrowed her eyes slightly, “I thought I saw the dragon stranded on the beach roll its eyelids just now.”

Qing Mo was silent for a while in the sea of ​​souls, “Could you have misread it?”

“It’s not impossible.”

Just as Qian Wanyu confirmed Qing Mo’s words, when she turned around, she saw the lying dragon shrinking its claws. She squeezed the whip tightly in her hand, glanced slightly, and moved her steps next to Mo Ce.

“Something’s wrong.”

“I feel it too.”

“Let’s first—”

Before she could say anything, she heard a loud dragon chant followed by a deafening roar.

Qian Wanyu’s ears rang, and she felt the pain of the sound piercing her eardrums. At this moment, she seemed to understand the pain that Ninth Sister had suffered. Seeing the dragons in the murals come alive, leaping and hovering over their heads if there were no iron chains restraining them, she really did not doubt that the other party would swoop down without hesitation and take their lives.

The sword in Mo Ce’s hand flashed brightly, and after the flash, the group of lazy dragons stretched out their sharp claws, which could almost crush their foreheads with one claw.

“Let’s go.”


What the two said was completely inaudible.

They couldn’t get away even if they wanted to, because one of the dragons was hanging at the exit of the cave, opening its mouth wide, and drooling all over the floor.

A few dragons stayed on around played, completely ignoring the two of them. They all stared curiously at one of the dragons playing with the two of them, flicking the two little people here for a while, then fiddling with the other side. They had been quiet for hundreds of years, and finally, there were two little people who could barely be called “playthings.” They were reluctant to play with them to death for a while.

Qian Wanyu looked at the nine dragons that almost filled up the hole, trying to find a way to break past. In fact, after searching around, a long tail swept toward her.


Qian Wanyu dodged it. Poor Mo Ce only had time to deal with the dragon’s protruding claws. He didn’t see the dragon’s tail behind him at all. When he felt the strange wind blowing, he was swept against the wall.

Qian Wanyu moved her lips, but in the end, she didn’t say any words of comfort. Now she couldn’t even protect herself, she saw Mo Ce standing up with difficulty and guessed that he should be fine. So, she simply used the Thunder Whip to fight, the dragons looked at the Thunder Whip floating in mid-air with their eyes wide open, trying to fiddle with it with their claws.

As a result, the purple thunder exploded with a bang.


Qian Wanyu was blown away by a mass of air. Just like Mo Ce, she hit the wall heavily, and it took her a long time to get up, “Why are these dragons so arrogant?”

Obviously, they could attack together, but in the end, they watched them struggle and make fools of themselves.

“A Dragon’s nature is like this, but because of this, you have a sliver of life” Qing Mo said, “If they attacked together, you and the kid next to you would have died long ago. You have to find a way to make them fight among themselves.”

“Fight among themselves, do you really think they are dogs? They are the only species in this world that can easily kill humans.”

“A Dragon’s jealousy is very strong. If you let them fight in their nests, they will naturally have no time to deal with you.”

Qian Wanyu wiped the corner of her lips and laughed loudly, “That’s right, don’t think that I will be afraid of them.”

Five strands of spiritual power, bright colors rippling throughout the entire cave, created a beautiful rainbow. Qian Wanyu saw the eyes of those dragons become captivated and took the opportunity to throw the formation stones in her hand into every corner. Using the colorful light, the formation stones also shone brightly.

She remembered that dragons always liked beautiful and bright things. These formation stones were very beautiful before, but they looked even more magnificent under the multicolored illumination. There were only five formation stones in total, but there were nine dragons. One could expect what would happen next.

Those who were faster could get a piece while the slower ones could only look on greedily.

The slower ones turned their gazes to the other dragons involuntarily. When they moved a little, the iron chains that locked them began to rattle.

Another dragon directly pressed the formation stone on the ground with its claws, carefully moving its claws away to peek at it. It was perfect, unbroken, and a shining treasure.

The dragon’s claws were already extremely hard, and many things that looked tough on the outside turned into mush in their hands. The dragon did not know what magic stone this was, but it was pressed several times by the dragon claws, yet it did not crack at all.

Qian Wanyu secretly heaved a sigh of relief, as expected of a treasure that was favored by Toothless, it easily captivated the nine dragons.

Mo Ce was very surprised; he thought they would go through a bloody battle but the scene was quite harmonious. He moved closer to Qian Wanyu step by step, and at that moment, the buzzing sound in his ears dissipated a little.

Qian Wanyu saw a dragon glance toward them, and the dragon’s eyes moved slightly, which was very frightening.

She continued to release her spiritual power, and moved back in small steps, all the way to the wall. The murals next to the wall were hollowed out, and those marks were exactly the same as the claw marks of this dragon. “What should we do now?”

It was obviously not realistic to leave, there was still one dragon lazily blocking the only entrance.

Qing Mo pondered for a moment, “There was nothing in the cave before aside from dozens of guards, this place also has nothing, but nine dragons are guarding it, don’t you think that the place where these nine dragons are located may be the entire Dragon Valley’s Central location?”

Sleepy Dragon Valley… I’m afraid they all misunderstood the name, it should be Trapped Dragon Valley.

“If the trapped dragon valley is famous for locking up nine dragons, why build a valley on purpose to imprison these dragons?” What is the purpose of binding them together?

“The Land of the Dragon Clan has long since lost its traces, could the Sleepy Dragon Valley be the former site of the Dragon Clan?” Qian Wanyu boldly speculated, “Even if it is not, it is definitely related to the Dragon Clan. Look at those guards weren’t they the lowest-level guard of the Dragon Clan?”

“How long can you last if you release your spiritual power like this?”

“It won’t last long, at most half an hour.” The spiritual power consumption of the five elements was already very high. Not to mention, Qian Wanyu had to be on guard against these arrogant dragons attacking them at any time, “We don’t have much time. This Dragon Valley is a cover released by the Dragon Clan, with the false intent of locking up Nine Dragons, what is the real purpose of the Dragon Clan for doing this?”

“Things that can be protected by sacrificing nine dragons are either treasures or inheritance.” Qing Mo said.

Qian Wanyu was silent for a while. What Qing Mo said was reasonable. She was leaning against the wall, which was the only wall without murals carved on it. She put her hands behind her back, and the expected smoothness was replaced by a bumpy touch.

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