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MIWW Chapter 174

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The Sleepy Dragon Seal is not an ordinary thing. Whether attached or unattached, it can extract some content from its mind in a pinch. It whimsically played with the little bean sprouts, basking in the sun after drying the dewdrops, and continued to bask even after the dewdrops have dried…

Dongfang Minghui saw Seventh Sister standing at the vantage point, seemingly looking at something. However, upon closer inspection, there was nothing besides the two round boulders they had pushed aside. It appeared to be an abandoned valley, scattered with trees.

“Hasn’t the Sleepy Dragon Seal already agreed? Why does Seventh Sister still seem so unhappy?”

“She’s probably still thinking about what happened twenty years ago.” Qing Mo floated next to Dongfang Minghui, “Wanyu might seem detached, but she deeply values family ties. She probably learned something about Qian Yiling.”

Dongfang Minghui patted the large tree beside her thoughtfully, “Twenty years ago, Qian Mama likely lost Uncle Wood in the Sleepy Dragon Valley, and out of self-blame or other reasons, she decided to stay with the beast tribe. But if Aunt Qian Mo claims that Qian Mama met her mother before, it implies that Qian Mama attempted to return to the Qian Family after becoming pregnant with Seventh Sister—”

Could there be more to the story that they didn’t know about?

“Hold on.” Qing Mo interrupted Dongfang Minghui and mused, “Did you just say that Qian Ziyan couldn’t escape the Sleepy Dragon Valley?”


Upon finishing her statement, Dongfang Minghui and Qing Mo exchanged a startled look, and said in unison, “That means, Qian Ziyan is most likely still in the Sleepy Dragon Valley!”

Their conversation could be heard for miles around, as they didn’t make any attempt to lower their voices. Qian Wanyu rushed back to them swiftly, “What do you mean?”

Dongfang Minghui felt his thoughts were jumbled, like a tangled ball of yarn, “Seventh Sister, let’s go to the bottom of the abyss first.”


Contrary to their expectations, the journey to the abyss went unexpectedly smoothly. It was so effortless that Dongfang Minghui wondered if she was dreaming, especially under Sleepy Dragon Seal’s guidance, they faced no obstacles.

“Sleepy Dragon Seal, did you manage to avoid those—” ferocious monsters? Dongfang Minghui felt something was off as soon as the words left her mouth the path had been abnormally smooth, as though it had been transformed by someone.


Sleepy Dragon Seal, like a bounding rabbit holding the Tianyin helmet, hopped along until they neared the abyss. Its calm demeanor only changed a bit as they found a cave for respite.

Qian Wanyu remembered she had passed through this cave before. It belonged to the Green Kun Beast. The large cave housed two smaller caves, and the sun beamed overhead. At some point, Qian Wanyu had the lightning whip in her hand, as she warned, “Everyone, be careful.”

Resting at the smaller entrance, Sleepy Dragon Seal was casually chatting with Little Bean Sprout, looking utterly relaxed.

Floating behind Qian Wanyu, Qing Mo said, “Wanyu, something seems off here. It’s too quiet.”

“Mm,” Qian Wanyu replied nonchalantly, her expression taut, her steps were careful.

“Seventh Sister, this place isn’t dangerous anymore.” Dongfang Minghui felt that Sleepy Dragon Seal had been reliable in guiding the way; without it, she might have perished countless times.

After exploring the area, Qian Wanyu and Qing Mo emerged from the larger cave. She looked at Sleepy Dragon Seal with a complex expression, “I stumbled upon this cave before, where did all those emerald green beasts go?”

When Sleepy Dragon Seal heard Qian Wanyu’s question, he instinctively shrank back, “I don’t know either.”

Qian Yiling had taken him away by this point, and before he had time to thoroughly examine the memories of the past twenty years, they’d pulled him into this temporal rift.

Qian Wanyu nodded slightly, everyone rested for half an hour, then resumed their trek toward the bottom of the abyss. The path was winding and built onto the cliffs of the abyss. Dongfang Minghui felt an eerie familiarity, “Seventh Sister, the place we were standing at earlier seems to be where we first landed in the Dragon Valley. That tree looks very similar.”

At that time, she, Mo Ce, and Seventh Sister——Wait!

“Seventh Sister, have you seen Mo Ce?” Dongfang Minghui was a little anxious, “I’m not sure if he’s in danger right now.”

Qian Wanyu paused. Qing Mo looked at her with concern, only to see a calm profile that seemed reassuring, “I have.”

“Why isn’t he with us?” All Dongfang Minghui could think of was, “Could it be that Mo Ce was injured?”

“He’s dead.”

Dongfang Minghui was so shocked she nearly tumbled down the cliffside pathway, her eyes wide with disbelief, “Seventh Sister, no, that’s impossible.”

Mo Ce should have had at least some of the protagonist’s aura protecting him. How could he die so easily!!

Qian Wanyu continued to move forward without elaborating further. She didn’t look back and thus didn’t see Dongfang Minghui’s disheartened expression and pale face.

“It’s true.” Little Color asserted firmly within her soul, “He was critically injured. I glimpsed it in the fragments of memories. Besides, your Seventh Sister wouldn’t joke about such things.”

Dongfang Minghui felt somewhat numb, as though she’d fallen into a glacier, her body shivering uncontrollably.

People in the plot were starting to die…

Qing Mo noticed her reaction, quickly floating to Qian Wanyu’s ear, “Your Ninth Sister seems troubled, as if she’s received a serious blow.”

Qian Wanyu glanced back, noticing the other party was staring absent-mindedly at her feet – a habit of Ninth Sister when she was anxious, “Regardless of anything, she and Mo Ce were friends. Hearing this news so abruptly, it’s natural for her to be upset.”

Initially, Qian Wanyu was somewhat jealous of such trivial things, but upon reflecting, she realized that Ninth Sister was just too emotional of a human. That kind of intense emotion could easily overcome her, “I shouldn’t have told her.”

Qing Mo disagreed, “She has to grow up eventually. If she falters at such a small thing, it only shows she’s too fragile. In the Seven Colors Continent, fragile people will—”

The rest of his words were left unsaid, but they both understood this issue with Ninth Sister.

Yet, when it truly came to that point, those who have been watching and guarding by her side will still find it hard to let go. Qian Wanyu thought of Mo Ce slowly losing his breath beside her. The pain in her eyes vanished instantly, replaced by unwavering determination, “Then, it starts from now.”

Upon reaching the final turn of the abyss, the Sleepy Dragon Seal refused to go any further, “I’ve brought you here. I won’t proceed.”

Consequently, Qian Wanyu tossed the Tianyin helmet in her hand to Dongfang Minghui in a parabolic arc and grabbed Sleepy Dragon Seal’s neck.


Dongfang Minghui sensed the chilling aura emanating from Seventh Sister, an aura even she found daunting. It seemed Seventh Sister wasn’t indifferent. Mo Ce’s death must’ve affected Seventh Sister, “Little Bean Sprout, the path ahead is more dangerous, you should return to the space ring for now.”

Little Bean Sprout shook its two flower buds in agreement. However, Dongfang Minghui noticed that the Tianyin helmet in her hand automatically rotated in a direction, and the two flower buds faced the captured Sleepy Dragon Seal held by Seventh Sister.

Dongfang Minghui was surprised. The bond between these little ones was established rather quickly; just because Sleepy Dragon Seal had held Little Bean Sprout while sunbathing…

“Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.”

Among them, the Sleepy Dragon Seal was their key to return. Most importantly, Seventh Sister was just trying to scare the Sleepy Dragon Seal and wouldn’t harm it. The Sleepy Dragon Seal, terrified by Seventh Sister, reacted first with a howl like a ghost or a wolf. If it knew how to cry, make a fuss, and hang itself, Dongfang Minghui wouldn’t doubt it would play the victim.


The Sleepy Dragon Seal immediately quieted down.

“Once we reach our destination, you can temporarily return to Ninth Sister’s space ring. Since Ninth Sister was your previous host, you should be able to enter her space ring.” Qian Wanyu shot it a cold glance, “But you must remind us of what lies beneath the abyss, where you said you found it during your mischief.”

“You hate me, huh—”

Dongfang Minghui took the Sleepy Dragon Seal and comforted it, “Sleepy Dragon Seal, you wouldn’t want us to die at the hands of that pervert, would you? If we die, you can’t escape. Why don’t we find a way to kill him for good? Once time returns to normal, wouldn’t it be great to rid Sleepy Dragon Valley of such a pervert?”

“Well—” Sleepy Dragon Seal hiccupped, and asked suspiciously, “Can you really kill him?”

“If we don’t try, he definitely won’t die. If we do, at least there’s a glimmer of hope. After all, fortune favors the bold.”

Sleepy Dragon Seal’s innocent head swiveled around, but he was caught between one singing a sad song and another singing a happy one. After a while, he stuttered, “I found it around the next corner, which is very strange.”

The Sleepy Dragon Seal, a key shaped by a condensed spirit body, didn’t make a sound when walking. If one wasn’t looking closely, no one would notice it.

Dongfang Minghui looked astounded. No wonder the other party came here and was unwilling to go further.

Qian Wanyu released it only after the Sleepy Dragon Seal recounted what it remembered about the situation beneath the abyss.


Sleepy Dragon Seal looked at Dongfang Minghui with pitiful eyes, tears streaming down his face, full of despair. No matter how much it struggled, it couldn’t enter the Tianyin helmet.

Qing Mo shrugged helplessly, “Don’t bother, it’s futile. It must be a problem caused by time reversal…”

Dongfang Minghui opened her mouth, intending to persuade him, but ultimately remained silent.

The Sleepy Dragon Seal tilted its head, stared blankly at Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu, and made an unexpected decision, “I’ll follow you.” It then turned to Dongfang Minghui and asked innocently, “Can you give me Little Bean Sprout?”

Wait, when did Little Bean Sprout become Sleepy Dragon Seal’s own thing?!

Dongfang Minghui was caught in a peculiar, sour mood, feeling as if her darling had been taken advantage of, she instinctively said, “No.”

She wasn’t sure if it was just her imagination, but she felt the Sleepy Dragon’s head seemed to shrink a little because of her words. Its head was hanging so low that it almost touched the ground, “When the danger is over, I’ll let Little Bean Sprout out for some sun.”

It felt like she was making a deal.

The Sleepy Dragon Seal immediately perked up on the spot, “Really?”

“Yes, more real than gold itself.”

Next, the group continued in silence, cautiously moving toward the corner. Little Color’s vine branches were the first to scout ahead, spreading out and finding nothing out of the ordinary. There were steps leading down to the abyss from the corner. The steps were suspended over a pool of water, supported by a few seemingly unstable iron poles. It was crudely built, and relatively new; it seemed that later arrivals had added it for easier ascension.

It bent down a little, extended along the red iron pole, and inadvertently locked eyes with a pair of pupils staring wide like copper bells. One of the two pupils was a bloody hollow. This reminded it of the last memory fragment where the pervert was crushing people…

Little Color shuddered for no apparent reason. As it continued downwards, it saw the pool at the bottom of the abyss. Odd bubbles were gurgling in the pool, and the blue pool described by the Sleepy Dragon Seal had turned into a blood pool.

Below the entire deep pool was a small circular area with the pool in the center and large amounts of black bones scattered around, appearing to be human bones.

The vines of Little Color wanted to descend further, but they sensed an inexplicable coldness coming from behind.

“We’ve been found.”

Little Color vine was gripped in the hand of a half-eyed undead. The originally blue-green vine turned pitch black instantaneously. Little Color snapped the vine off and swiftly retreated.

Qian Wanyu nodded slightly. She heard footsteps approaching from the corner, and the rhythmic sound of something striking the ground made one’s skin crawl. She assessed that this should be the undead nurtured under the deep pool.

However, seeing the part that Little Color had swiftly severed withering quickly, she doubted normal undead were capable of this.

Qian Wanyu held the whip in her hand tightly, waiting patiently.

Dongfang Minghui took out one of each potion she had prepared earlier against the death air and black fog, “Little Color, are you sure it’s okay for you to drink a potion made from your own body…?”

It felt like a type of self-cannibalism…

But then observing Little Color’s vine branches wither away in just a few breaths, she was so scared that she dispelled her extra thoughts and hurriedly poured the potion into its mouth. After watching it finish, she asked anxiously, “How is it?”

“It’s weird…” Little Color glared at her with irritation. Had it not been for the recent events, it might have taken it without a second thought because it was the antidote, but considering that part of the potion contained something of its own, it found it hard to swallow…

“Don’t scare me, what’s so strange?” Infections from death air or black fog were troublesome for plants. She had experienced firsthand how Little Color could introduce these things into her soul sea. This meant that if Little Color was injured, she’d share her misfortune; they were in this together, for better or worse.

At this point, Little Color’s vine grabbed her hand and gently pulled it forward, making a figure behind her leap into the air.

As soon as Dongfang Minghui turned around, she came face-to-face with a dead man with a blank face and vacant eyes. Was he really jumping toward her? It didn’t seem so, the movement of the undead weren’t usually this fast. “Could it be that the pervert created a new species?”

“Seventh sister said it.” It seems the bottom of the abyss is their base; this group appears to have taken control of this layer.

Behind the first figure, about five others were following in a line, step by step.

Meanwhile, Qian Wanyu confronted the figures in the corner corridor first, leaving the cramped space for Ninth Sister, “Be careful.”

The man was tall, with muscular arms. Before losing his life, he might have been a Gold-type Spiritual Master, as evidenced by a steel ring on his wrist which was presumably a weapon. His steps were uniform, like a mechanical robot.

When Qian Wanyu’s whip lashed out at him, he didn’t dodge but instead grabbed the whip outright. With a slight pull, Qian Wanyu was nearly dragged toward him.

Sleepy Dragon Seal clung tightly to Dongfang Minghui with its legs, making it difficult for her to dodge, and she almost got caught by the man. She reluctantly pulled out her silk umbrella, “Come, Sleepy Dragon, climb on my shoulders, otherwise, we’ll both be in trouble.”

The Sleepy Dragon Seal quickly scurried up her like a tree. When it saw the flare of the silk umbrella, it quickly adjusted its position and wrapped its hands around her neck, hiding perfectly on Dongfang Minghui’s back.

The silk umbrella just managed to completely cover it, satisfying the Sleepy Dragon Seal who then gently wrapped its hands around her neck, “I remember this person, he is the one who came into the valley with your Uncle Wood and Qian Mama.” But later he was tricked, which turned him into this bizarre state.

The clothes on the man were so dirty that no details could be made out. Dongfang Minghui was only able to see the traditional Chinese character “ten” on his chest while listening to the Sleepy Dragon Seal’s chatter. The top part was covered by grimy black substances. It should be the symbol of the Qian Family, “So, Uncle Wood is likely to be here.”

“For the sake of you being a child of the Qian Family, I will help you out.”


Dongfang Minghui swiftly backed away, turned towards Qian Wanyu’s corridor, and increased the distance between herself and the man. Toothless slipped out through the gap. It shook its fur, roared, and charged towards the man, spitting out a red-gold fireball.

The fireball burst into flames, and the man suddenly ceased moving, neither resisting nor acting, as though he had been frozen in place.

“Ninth Sister, get out of the way.”

Upon hearing the warning, Dongfang Minghui darted toward Toothless. Thankfully, the silk umbrella on her back protected her. She was scooped up by Toothless. When she looked up again, the man’s mouth was twitching. It seemed like a smile yet not a smile, particularly eerie on his rigid face.

But just when she feared that Toothless’ flames wouldn’t affect him, she saw him turn around and dive to another behind tightly embracing the man from behind. He held on to him as the beautiful golden-red flame instantly engulfed them both.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes slightly reddened at the sight of the other’s smile at the end–


Qian Wanyu tried to draw another undead man’s attention to her, but he was stubbornly pursuing Dongfang Minghui, and the whip in her hand seemed to have no effect on him.

Toothless’ roar was deafening, and after the dragon’s roar echoed, it resonated throughout Sleepy Dragon Valley, radiating unrestrained rage.

Sleepy Dragon Seal shivered before grasping the reality, “It’s the Dragon Clan!”

Dongfang Minghui barely had time to respond before she saw Toothless fiercely slap the undead man, “Toothless be careful, don’t let that man touch you.”

Qing Mo covered her ears, but the echoing roar could still be heard, “Toothless’ voice is too loud, once it resonates, the people in the abyss must have noticed it. Why don’t we seize this opportunity to go down and investigate? That way we can understand what’s happening below.”

Qian Wanyu didn’t take the stairs, but instead leaped down, landing directly next to the blood pool from a high place. An unpleasant odor was emanating from the blood pool, and something was bubbling up from it. She bent down to take a closer look and found a person with white hair sitting cross-legged in front of her, hair disheveled. She couldn’t see his face at all and wasn’t even sure whether the other person was dead or alive.

But looking around, she deduced that this person was most likely the Meng Ruoyu they were searching for.

“Be careful.”

Qian Wanyu held her breath, and moved as silently as the wind, making absolutely no sound. She cautiously approached the man step by step. Next to him laid a pair of long-decayed bones, both white and black. A glance reminded her of Little Color’s words, which suddenly resurfaced in her mind.

Consuming these corpses to maintain the corpse energy in his body, the corpse refining technique practiced by Meng Ruoyu appears to be extremely evil.

The purple thunder light on Qian Wanyu’s mine whip was circulating on the surface as she slightly raised her whip.

A loud bang echoed.

Before Qing Mo had time to warn her, his entire soul body was jolted away by that enormous spiritual force. Even in his soul form, he still felt a significant pressure, “Wanyu!”

Qian Wanyu turned her head, her pupils constricting at the sight of a person emerging from the blood pool. That person’s hair was soaked in blood, looking terrifying, especially his eyes, which were blood-red. She couldn’t perceive any emotion within those eyes, they were like a puppet’s, vacant and lifeless.

“It’s Qian Ziyan…”


As the man ascended from the pool, he ignored Qing Mo and walked straight toward Qian Wanyu. His steps were steady and powerful, not at all like an undead. He carried a metal box behind him, identical to the one she had seen back in the original timeline.

Qian Wanyu quickly hid her emotions, and Qing Mo floated upwards to a place they couldn’t reach, observing the situation around the deep pool from midair.

“Hehehehe, I didn’t expect that after three years, someone would come to keep me company.” A peculiar voice came from behind Qian Wanyu.

Qian Wanyu’s brows slightly furrowed. She swiftly turned sideways, evading Qian Ziyan’s attack with perfect timing. Recalling the days when she was tortured by Qian Ziyan, her eyes were filled with a fighting spirit, “Let’s settle some old scores.”

“Brother Ziyan, I didn’t expect to become your enemy.” Meng Ruoyu had a deep scar on his cheek. It was so profound that bones could be faintly seen. The wound from that year never healed, like a curse.

“Minghui, come!”

Qing Mo speculated that while Qian Wanyu might not be able to awaken Qian Ziyan, Dongfang Minghui could. Considering that Qian Ziyan’s condition had gradually improved due to Dongfang Minghui over the years, Qing Mo floated higher.

Dongfang Minghui watched all directions and spotted a blue shadow passing by. She turned her gaze and noticed a black shadow following the blue one. She shouted, “Qing Mo, be careful.”

“That’s the falcon!!! That’s it, help me get rid of it.” Sleepy Dragon Seal shuddered upon seeing the falcon, and then ordered sternly.

“Little Color.”

Little Color’s vines swished, and the Falcon attempted to drag Qing Mo back step by step. However, they all forgot one thing: Qing Mo was in soul form and, under normal circumstances, it was impossible for physical bodies to touch him. This was the case with the vines. Little Color was resolved to sever another vine but watched the vine slide across Qing Mo’s waist, narrowly avoiding being clawed by the falcon.

Taking advantage of this, Qing Mo managed to dodge. The falcon went wild, seemingly fearless of death, it considered Qing Mo as its target.

Qing Mo kept dodging and shouting at Dongfang Minghui, “Qian Ziyan is below, your Seventh sister is under attack, go and help her.”

“Qian Ziyan…” Uncle Wood!

“Toothless, stop messing around, burn him already.”

Dongfang Minghui also leapt off the cliff, landing between her Seventh sister and Uncle Mu Mu. She bravely confronted Uncle Wood’s sharp claws with her silk umbrella.

Qian Wanyu watched in terror from the side, especially when she saw the silk umbrella dented by Qian Ziyan’s sharp claws, and the lightning whip in her hand was also ruthlessly swung towards Qian Ziyan.

“Ah, another living soul has joined us, this is quite the spectacle.” Meng Ruoyu’s tone was odd, neither cold nor warm.

Dongfang Minghui glanced at the silk umbrella, a large, bloody handprint marring one side, causing it to appear sunken. She felt a pang of distress; the weapon that had accompanied her for so long was almost ruined by Uncle Wood. She observed as Seventh sister and Qian Ziyan fought evenly, her expression filled with confusion. Uncle Wood had only been reformed into an undead within the past three years, there was still time to rescue him!

Ever since Seventh sister received the Qian Family inheritance, she had unlocked extraordinary abilities. Although only a Spiritual Monarch, the five elements and attributes of a Spiritual Monarch had a cumulative effect, enabling her to engage in cross-level battles. Moreover, the undead Uncle Wood had not yet grown to be as formidable as in his later years.

Turning her gaze to Meng Ruoyu, who was enjoying the spectacle, she held her silk umbrella tightly. Certain grievances would have to be addressed eventually. With a complex expression, she walked towards Meng Ruoyu.

“Meng Ruoyu.”

Meng Ruoyu, who had remained silent all this time, suddenly stood up, brushing away his white hair to reveal his severely damaged face. It was no longer the gentle and refined countenance it once was. His face was so gaunt that the bones of his cheeks were visible, especially the half that had been destroyed, where bones were lurking underneath.

Despite having mentally prepared herself, Dongfang Minghui was still taken aback by his appearance.

“His condition is worse than twenty years before. He’s quite twisted in the head. You must be careful.” Little Color had seen Meng Ruoyu’s current state in memory fragments, which left a deeper impression than anything else.

“Do you know me? Who are you? Why don’t I recognize you?” Meng Ruoyu asked three questions in quick succession, looking at Dongfang Minghui with curiosity. His memory of the past had been stuck in the time of three years ago. Being trapped in Sleepy Dragon Valley for three years made it feel like decades had passed.

The people and things from his past vanished without a trace as if years had slipped away in front of a mirror.

“Meng Ruoyu, don’t bother guessing. Even if you rack your brain, you won’t know who I am.” Dongfang Minghui’s expression turned serious, “Answer my question, and I will reveal my identity to you.”

“Is the ancestor of your Meng family the one who betrayed the Longevity clan back then, the man named Lin Xi?”

Qian Wanyu was somewhat dividing her attention towards Dongfang Minghui, and it seemed strange to her when she heard the name of the traitor being mentioned. Just the other day, Ninth Sister seemed to say that she didn’t know who the traitor of the Longevity clan was… if her memory served her correctly.

Meng Ruoyu’s pupils instantly shrank in fear, then a hint of madness flashed in his eyes, “Who are you?!”

Numerous grey mist clusters suddenly poured out from behind him, coalescing in front of him. These clusters of mist, bearing resemblance to faces, lunged at Dongfang Minghui with claw-like appendages.

“You are surrounded.”


Dongfang Minghui blocked them with her silk umbrella. Perhaps due to the bloody handprint from before, these grey mist clusters dared not approach her directly. Instead, they attempted to encircle her, “Love Flower——”

If the Love Flower were here, the death energy would likely be its fertilizer.

She thought of the Love Flower seed that Love Flower had left her, and she wasn’t sure if it would be useful. With an experimental attitude, she pulled out the seed from her space, and the death energy, which had been ready to attack, floated even further away.

“Love Flower, I owe you my thanks!”

Meng Ruoyu looked like he had been driven by a crazy desire to kill Dongfang Minghui. He had done his best to obliterate those unbearable memories, yet why did someone else know about them?!

“Kill, kill!!!!”

Seeing his abnormal state, Dongfang Minghui already knew the answer to her previous question. She laughed scornfully, “Meng Ruoyu, you are a sinner, and everyone in your Meng family are sinners. One day, I’ll make your family pay the price.”

Meng Ruoyu murmured, “Yes, I am a sinner, but why—”

Why should he be the one to bear the burden of that dirty past…

“Hahaha, I get it, you’re from the Longevity Clan?”

Only the people of the Longevity Clan would know the dirty past.

“Yes, I am a member of the Longevity clan. Your Meng family owes a blood debt to the Longevity clan. It’s time to repay it.” Dongfang Minghui glared at him. She bore countless old and new grudges against the Meng family, they had tricked Qian Mama and then turned Uncle Wood into an undead. She needed to repay both old and new grudges back.

Toothless growled and plummeted from the sky, a golden flame spraying toward Meng Ruoyu’s body. But as if he had eyes in the back of his head, Meng Ruoyu managed to dodge by a hair’s breadth, swiftly retreating back to his original position.

“What is this ugly monster?”

Toothless, who was being called ugly for the first time: “…” Heartbroken.

Seeing its drooping ears, Dongfang Minghui walked over and stroked its large head, “My Toothless is a beautiful, heroic dragon. I like him very much. This twisted soul doesn’t know how to appreciate beauty, Toothless, let’s put an end to him.”


“So, it’s you, a Clown Dragon.”

Enraged, Toothless kept spitting fire at Meng Ruoyu. After a few laps, Meng Ruoyu was surrounded by flames. The fire and the grayish death energy obscured his entire face.

Meanwhile, Qian Wanyu was exhausting her means to no avail. Regardless of how she struck, Qian Ziyan didn’t seem to know fatigue or pain. Given that he was her uncle, she was hesitant to end his life. It was not her style to be so reckless. With a stern face, she declared coldly, “Qian Ziyan, for the sake of your family, for the sake of Lu Xing, please wake up.”

“Ninth Sister, are you planning to—”

Interrupting, Dongfang Minghui winked at her playfully, “Let’s not talk about this for now, Seventh sister, let’s first work on waking up Uncle Wood’s consciousness, for the sake of Qian Mama.”

A trace of distress and guilt flashed in Qian Wanyu’s eyes. She realized she had been somewhat selfish. She used the facade of caring for her relatives to influence Ninth Sister, whether it was about the dragon seal or Uncle Wood’s affair.


Through the golden flames, Meng Ruoyu merely observed the two switching targets, but vaguely a different figure stood before him. When he recognized the faintly visible face in front of him, he blurted out, “Yiling?!”

Eagerly, he stepped forward, but his large robe was quickly consumed by the golden-red flames. If he hadn’t quickly torn off the robe, he might have been devoured by the peculiar flame.

The pure golden fire could burn away the root of all evils.

Qian Wanyu stared at him coldly. She wasn’t aware of what had transpired twenty years ago. Her mother had chosen not to speak of it. She had pieced together bits from the conversations between Ninth Sister and Qing Mo. Her mother and uncle had been betrayed by this man, who they once considered a good friend and mentor, and this betrayal was the root of all their suffering over the past twenty years.

“Lingling, your face is healed…” Meng Ruoyu was still reminiscing about the beautiful past, thinking that he and Qian Yiling would never meet again after three years ago, “Lingling, don’t be angry, I… I had no choice, you have to believe me, I was really in a difficult situation.”


Qian Wanyu almost burst into laughter. He was trying to trivialize everything with a single plea of hardship. There was no such convenient and cheap thing in this world. “What difficulties are you speaking of, tell me.”

“My…” Every time Meng Ruoyu leaned towards the flame, he would flinch back as soon as he felt the flame was about to engulf him, “Lingling, I will tell you everything you want to know.”

“What are your so-called difficulties?”

“I just wanted to live… and live well. Is there something wrong with that?!” Meng Ruoyu exclaimed in frenzy, “You don’t know what it’s like to face death. You are the darling of the Qian Family. Everything you want, you get. You command and it’s done. I… I had to struggle for all my life…”

Qian Wanyu sneered, this was the most dismissive excuse she had ever heard, “Meng Ruoyu, Qian Yiling will never forgive you, never.”

Since he had hurt her loved ones, this relationship of being a mentor and friend had ended. Now, there was only this blood feud. Vengeance for her father and brother, he won’t be able to absolve himself of this crime in this lifetime.

Qian Wanyu didn’t want to see his hideous face anymore and hurled out a lightning bolt. Concurrently, a purple light flashed, and the golden-red flames surged toward Meng Ruoyu like rampant weeds. She watched him encircled by the flames, observing him coldly.


The fire and the breath of death contaminated half of the sky below the abyss.

At the right moment, Qian Wanyu lifted her gaze to see Qing Mo being chased by a dead falcon. She stepped on the iron railing, leaped upward, and lashed her whip, shouting, “Qing Mo, move!”

Surprised by the incoming thunder whip, Qing Mo barely managed to dodge it. He then saw the bird behind him being struck by the purple lightning, its feathers scattering all around, transforming it into a bald bird.

After being hit by the water and thunder whip, the falcon lost its orientation for a while, but soon enough, it aimed for Qing Mo again.

“This dead bird needs to have its neck broken.”

The difficulty escalated, and Qian Wanyu had to catch the bare falcon mid-air.

Dongfang Minghui also exerted herself to make Little Color bind Uncle Wood with vines. When she looked at Uncle Wood again, she found that he was still a teenager with a youthful face, “Uncle Wood, be good, I will treat your illness, and once you’re cured, you can return to the Qian Family. Maybe if you return, Qian Mama might return to the Qian Family sooner too, and it won’t be like it has been for the past twenty years.”

If Qian Mama had returned to the Qian Family earlier, would that mean that Seventh Sister wouldn’t have grown up in the Dongfang family?

She had observed the butterfly effect before – when one side changes, the entire scenario shifts.

“Don’t dawdle, we’ll be out of time soon.” The Sleepy Dragon Seal grabbed her neck and whispered into her ear.

“What does that mean!”

Startled by the sudden voice, Dongfang Minghui almost tossed the silver needle in her hand. Currently, she was very anxious upon hearing anything related to time.

“I just sensed a minor memory fluctuation in the Dragon Valley. We have to try to return within the duration of half a stick of incense at most.” The Dragon Seal had actually sensed it quite some time ago, probably something to do with that dragon roar. The other dragon’s roar had stirred a ruckus. It responded very faintly. It had already sensed it, but had been seeking its direction.

We’re going back?!

“Ah, can I take Uncle Wood back then?”

“What do you think?” Sleepy Dragon’s face was impassive, with an unpleasant expression, “You can’t take anything from Sleepy Dragon Valley, otherwise the memories in the deep pool will change, and we’ll have to stay in the memory loop forever.”

In other words, we’ll be stuck in a loop, going through all the memories of the past hundred years…

By the time they figured it out, it’ll be too late.

Dongfang Minghui shivered for a moment, the silver needle was inserted into the meridian, squeezing out a little blood, “Dragon Seal, how much time did you say we had just now?”

“Less than half the duration of a stick of incense.”

“Seventh sister, get ready—”

As Dongfang Minghui turned her head, her words got stuck in her throat, and her eyes nearly popped out due to the shock of the scene before her.


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