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MIWW Chapter 179 Part 2

“Dongfang Minghui was slightly dazed, her eyes subconsciously rounded. She opened her mouth but couldn’t speak, then abruptly blurted, “Yes, we need to save him!”

At this moment, she should really not dwell on why Mo Ce saved Seventh sister. However, she clearly understood one thing: Seventh sister hated being in someone else’s debt. If Mo Ce can’t be saved, he will live forever in Seventh sister’s memory, even if only in a corner of her heart.

“We must save him.”

“It’ll be done.”

Qian Wanyu extended her hand, gently squeezing the other person’s palm. She was delighted that Ninth Sister continued to support her, “I was afraid that if we started all over again like this, things would follow the same path.”

“Soul-inducing technique,” Qing Mo suddenly suggested, “Set up a soul-inducing technique in your soul sea. When you find him again in Sleepy Dragon Valley, it will trigger a feeling within the soul sea. At least, it can serve as a reminder. I can’t think of any other method.”

“Soul-inducing technique!” Dongfang Minghui subconsciously gripped Seventh sister’s wrist. The last time that person self-detonated was due to someone placing a ban in his soul sea, causing him to explode when it was touched. This seemed too risky. “Master Qing Mo can’t reach us, so he can’t utilize the soul-stimulating technique. Seventh sister is the one who will carry it out, so why not cast the soul-stimulating technique into my soul sea?”

“No,” Qian Wanyu immediately refused, frowning, “You won’t encounter Mo Ce, so the soul-inducing technique can only be implanted inside me.”

“No!” Dongfang Minghui retorted passionately, her voice rising, “The only person here who can swiftly learn the soul-inducing technique is you Seventh sister. This time, before anything happens to you, I will surely find you and Mo Ce.”


“If Seventh sister doesn’t permit it, then the soul-inducing technique can’t be used.”

Aggravated by the quarrel between the two sisters, Qing Mo wished they would stop being so clingy. Surprisingly, they had a disagreement and started arguing, which seemed to be a first for the couple. “Enough from both of you, we’re running out of time. If you both can’t agree, we won’t use it.”

“No!” They both retorted in unison.

“Then, what exactly do you want?” Qing Mo rubbed his forehead, taken aback by the disagreement between the two sisters.

Sleepy Dragon Seal, holding the little bean sprouts, retreated to one side, shrinking and nodding like a quail. It also wanted to know what they wanted to do. Besides, it had a memory ball in its hand, waiting to be thrown into the deep pool. When would the people come to an agreement?

“Seventh sister, stop arguing with me. The dragon seal is imprinted on me. Only I can swiftly lead you into the nine dragons cave. Trust me, I will find you sooner. There will be no more danger this time.”

A hint of struggle flashed in Qian Wanyu’s eyes, but she asked instead, “Qing Mo, is performing the soul-inducing technique dangerous?”

“Soul-inducing is not the same as soul searching, but it is also a forbidden technique. It depends on the attitude of the one using it. Good people use it well, and evil ones use it badly. If it was the one trapped in the Dragon Valley before, the soul-inducing technique used on his mind was used to control others, you are using it to save someone, so I think it’s acceptable.”

Relieved at seeing Seventh sister calm down, Dongfang Minghui reassured her, “Seventh sister, don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

“Have the two of you agreed?”

Dongfang Minghui nodded, while Qian Wanyu, although seeing this, said, “Qing Mo, I still have doubts. How can I get rid of it afterwards? It won’t have an ongoing impact, right?”

“It won’t, I will set a final password in the soul-induction. When she actively triggers the password, all the effects of it will disappear.”

“I understand.”

Dongfang Minghui also comprehended that this thing, like another brain in her soul sea, it would repeatedly remind her until she rescued Mo Ce. Only then would it be considered successful.

Qing Mo conveyed the soul-inducing technique to Qian Wanyu in a whisper.

When Dongfang Minghui had it used on her by Qian Wanyu, it felt like taking a short nap.

Only after they finished the soul-inducing technique did the Sleepy Dragon Seal open the memory level of the deep pool, throwing the extremely important memory ball with a mark into the deep pool…

“Seventh Sister, why are we here?” Dongfang Minghui woke up and found they had returned to that tiny piece of land again. Even though the withered tree had wilted, it still greeted her, attempting to shake its trunk.

After Dongfang Minghui woke up, she merely crawled around on the ground.

“Ninth Sister, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know, I always feel like I’ve forgotten something.” She was pulled up from the ground by Qian Wanyu and felt very strange, looking at the familiar dead tree and those stones, “Seventh Sister, where are we?”

“Not sure yet.”

Mo Ce stood up, wiped his sword, and looked at them with his pure eyes without saying a word.

“Then how do we get down?”

“Wait and see.”

After waiting until it was dark, Dongfang Minghui, again trapped by the Sleepy Dragon Seal, walked down the steps directly. Little Color in her soul sea kept shouting. On the way down, Dongfang Minghui briefly became sober and said, “Seventh Sister, Mo Ce, follow me closely, leave those monsters alone, remember, leave them alone.”

“Ninth Sister?”


After saying this, Dongfang Minghui was stunned for a moment, and when she woke up again, it was the same person who continued to walk forward without saying a word.

Qian Wanyu felt that it was a bit abnormal. After considering Ninth Sister’s words over and over again, she quickly understood what she meant. The monsters on the second floor had already started to attack them. Looking around, it seemed that the monsters who attacked them had no way to go down.

“Mo Ce, hurry up and follow.”


The trio went down the steps all the way and soon experienced the third floor. The ghost lights on the third floor danced in front of them, condensing into a huge undead. The two undead were even stronger than the previous monsters.

Qian Wanyu kept stroking the whip with her hand, suppressing it and then controlling the violence in her heart. She quickly pulled Mo Ce to follow Dongfang Minghui all the way, the distance between the three was less than half a meter.

They managed to travel safely all the way this time.

After the steps disappeared, the first ray of light shone from the original place, and Dongfang Minghui suddenly fell to the ground while walking. If Qian Wanyu hadn’t been behind her to catch her, she would have bumped her forehead hard when she fell like this.

“Ninth Sister, Ninth Sister?”

Mo Ce wandered around the entrance to Nine Dragon Cave, “Where are we now?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, but there was an answer in her heart that almost blurted out.

“Sleepy Dragon Valley.” Qing Mo sighed quietly in the sea of ​​souls, “Only the Sleepy Dragon Valley can be this grand, but what is your Ninth Sister’s intention of bringing us here?”

“It wasn’t Ninth Sister who brought us here; it was the sleepy dragon seal in her hand that brought us here. We’ll wait until Ninth Sister wakes up.”

When Dongfang Minghui woke up tossing and turning, she found that she had changed places again. Recently, the place where she fell asleep and the place where she woke up were different. She had read about sleepwalking patients in related books, and she felt a little panicked. She looked around nervously and clutched Seventh Sister’s hand, “Seventh Sister, tell me honestly, am I getting sick again?”


Qian Wanyu could understand her panic, “Ninth Sister, don’t worry, Seventh Sister will always be with you, and besides, this situation won’t last.”

“It’s the trouble of the Sleepy Dragon Seal.” Little Color didn’t know how many times it had said this, “You were deceived by the scheming Sleepy Dragon Seal, we’d better get out of here.”

Dongfang Minghui ignored it directly and asked another question, “Seventh Sister, do you remember how when my spiritual rank got promoted last time?”

Qian Wanyu didn’t understand why she suddenly asked this question. After thinking about it carefully, she couldn’t help frowning, showing hesitation, and said uncertainly, “It seems that I don’t remember…”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes lit up suddenly, and her face was still full of joy, “Seventh Sister, it’s so strange, I don’t even remember when I was promoted either.”

Mo Ce was sitting on the side, leaning against the cliff of the abyss, and reminded, “After you woke up, your spiritual power was indeed more abundant than before, and it has also changed a lot.”

Dongfang Minghui got up quickly, as if she had found an ally, and said, “Mo Ce.”

Her sea of ​​souls suddenly experienced a great pain, and even Little Color in the sea of ​​souls was partially affected. She held Mo Ce’s hand so tightly, and murmured, “Mo Ce, Mo Ce, Mo Ce— ”

She was holding her head tightly with one hand, while the other hand was still holding on to Mo Ce’s hand, screaming, and suddenly two tear stains appeared on her cheeks.

Mo Ce was a little flustered. It was the first time he had faced a girl who was crying at him. He reached out to help her wipe away the tears, but Qian Wanyu interrupted him.

There was a snap as she slapped his hand away.

Qian Wanyu, with her calm and beautiful face, exuded a very unpleasant aura around her. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

Dongfang Minghui twisted her face; tears were still flowing. She looked at Qian Wanyu aggrievedly. She felt that Seventh Sister was angry, but her other hand was still holding onto Mo Ce. “Huh, Seventh Sister, I…I don’t know why I’m crying…” she stuttered. She hadn’t wanted to cry at all.

Qian Wanyu looked gloomy, seeing that Ninth Sister didn’t appear to be faking it, she asked in her sea of ​​souls, “Could this also be the fault of the Sleepy Dragon Seal?”

Qing Mo saw that Qian Wanyu had been pulling Mo Ce, crying and shouting at him, as if she was holding her lover. “Could it be that your Ninth Sister has moved on and fallen in love with this brat?” he conjectured.

If a stare could be turned into a sharp blade, Qing Mo would’ve been dead right now without a place to bury him!

“Impossible!” Qian Wanyu’s strong tone made Qing Mo a little terrified.

“Okay, okay, I’m joking,” Qing Mo placated. He watched them for a while and then suggested, “Why don’t you temporarily isolate Mo Ce and your Ninth Sister and see if the situation improves?”

Qian Wanyu forcibly broke away Ninth Sister’s hand that was tightly holding onto Mo Ce, and turned to Mo Ce with a cold face. “Can you please change places with me?” she asked.

Mo Ce hesitated for a while, his pitying eyes lingering on Dongfang Minghui’s face before he quickly retracted them. “Okay,” he agreed.

Qian Wanyu blocked her and Mo Ce’s gaze. As soon as the two separated, Dongfang Minghui felt that the tears she couldn’t stop just now had abruptly halted as if someone had pressed a switch. She sniffed her nose twice, bewildered, and explained, “Seventh Sister, it was really weird just now. I couldn’t control myself and I obviously wanted to confront Mo Ce but I—”

As soon as the name “Mo Ce” was mentioned, the tears that had just stopped began to flow again.

Dongfang Minghui felt like she had a lot of grievances from this random phenomenon…

She looked at Mo Ce with tears in her eyes, still holding onto Mo Ce’s hand. In front of Seventh Sister, this was clearly a suicide mission. This time she felt like she really wanted to cry…

“Your Ninth Sister seems to have been influenced by someone. When that name is mentioned, she can’t help herself and does some unexplainable things,” Qing Mo stated.

“What do you mean?” Qian Wanyu asked.

Qing Mo explained in her sea of ​​souls, allowing Qian Wanyu to quickly understand the hint and the possibility of the soul-inducing technique.

Qian Wanyu’s body was felt so cold that the whip fell from her hand.

“It shouldn’t be the brat in front of you. The soul-inducing technique is one of our Qing Lan sect secret techniques, and ordinary people can’t obtain it. Moreover, if he really wanted to influence your Ninth Sister, there would be no need to make her cry incessantly like this. Don’t you think so? He could be more covert, also the worry in his eyes is genuine. He still cares about your Ninth Sister.”

“Stop talking,” Qian Wanyu didn’t want to hear this. “Tell me, is there a solution to this?”

“Well——” Qing Mo was a little embarrassed but still told the truth. “In general, the soul-inducing technique must be revoked by the one who planted it. We haven’t found the person who performed the soul-inducing technique on your Ninth Sister so far. Solving it rashly may trigger a backlash, and it could be dangerous if we touch something we shouldn’t.”

Qian Wanyu felt slightly irritable after hearing his words, but fortunately, Ninth Sister finally stopped crying. Her two big black and white eyes were crying like walnuts. She leaned over helplessly and dried all her tears with her fingers.

“Ninth Sister, I’m going to separate from you,” Qian Wanyu told her with a slightly gloomy expression.

Dongfang Minghui shivered in fright and hurriedly grabbed the other party’s hand. “Seventh Sister, don’t get me wrong, I really, it’s not that I want to cry, but when I mention Mo—”

Qian Wanyu covered the other party’s mouth, “Stop talking.” She couldn’t help but think to herself, Ninth Sister is so timid. If she learns that someone has cast a spell on her, she will probably be terrified. Better to say nothing, “Don’t mention him or I will be jealous.”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes lit up, and the corners of her eyes curved slightly, like a kitten up to mischief, jumping for joy. This was the first time Seventh Sister admitted that she was jealous.

Qian Wanyu was really at a loss with the other party, who was crying one moment and then laughing the next, like a child. She pinched the other party’s nose helplessly.

Dongfang Minghui took advantage of the opportunity and threw herself into her arms, hugged her tightly with both hands, and mischievously wiped away her tears with Qian Wanyu’s clothes, expressing her affection, “Seventh Sister, you are the best, I like you the most.”

Mo Ce saw everything from the side. When these two people were together, whether still or in motion, no one else could interfere. Moreover, he had known about their relationship for a long time but didn’t understand why she cried for him.

Qian Wanyu cast a dark gaze in his direction, with a hint of warning.

After comforting Dongfang Minghui, Qian Wanyu changed her approach, she walked over to Mo Ce, and said, “Let’s talk.”


Qian Wanyu took Mo Ce three meters away from Dongfang Minghui and stopped, conveniently setting up a barrier. The barrier was relatively weak, but it could prevent sound from escaping. The moment she saw Ninth Sister holding onto Mo Ce’s wrist, refusing to let go, she regretted that she had concealed Mo Ce’s life experience for the sake of long-term goals, which had led him to develop incorrect thoughts about her Ninth Sister. “The necklace I gave you before is a token of love from your parents. The pair of wings on the back and the wings on your collarbone represent the elves; you belong to the elves.”

Mo Ce didn’t expect that she would suddenly mention this to him. After all, based on what he knew about Qian Wanyu, she had only given him a necklace and wanted to wait for him to return to her when he couldn’t discover his background.

“Why are you telling me this all of a sudden?” Mo Ce was shocked. He was an elf?!

“Cheng Song is your biological father. He is a Dark Spiritual Master who fled from the human race and accidentally found refuge among the elf race. He met and fell in love with your mother, and they had you. But unfortunately, as you were born to a Dark Spiritual Master, your birth brought disaster to this otherwise happy family…” Qian Wanyu deliberately paused to observe the other party’s reaction.

Sure enough, a trace of pain flashed in the other party’s eyes when he heard this.

For some reason, Qian Wanyu had even harsher words waiting for him, but she couldn’t bear to say them. She snorted softly, feeling somewhat strange at her inexplicable kindness. “This notebook, left behind by your father Cheng Song, is for you. Your life experience is all in here.”

Mo Ce was still slightly dazed. After all, he had been prepared to follow them for a long time in exchange for the revelation of his life experience. However, he hadn’t expected the other party to casually reveal his past at this time. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

“Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I owe a debt to your father, and this is me paying it off. After we leave here, we will have nothing to do with each other.”

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