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MIWW Chapter 185 Part 1

“What you said makes sense. That woman, Qian Wanyu, is selfish and indifferent. Anyone can fall out of favor faster than one can turn the pages of a book. I’ve had enough of her for a long time.” When Little Color vented its dissatisfaction with Qian Wanyu, slanderous words poured out of its mouth. It spared no effort in nagging and finally concluded, “I haven’t liked her for a long time.”

“Since you don’t like her, why do you still listen to her so much?”

“Fart,” Little Color retorted, showing its true colors. Using a vine branch, it kicked Wen Renliangzhi, who was sitting at the bottom of the stone steps, and declared proudly, “How could I listen to her? This is—”

Little Color thought angrily that if it weren’t for its naive friend who depended on that person for life, along with the existence of a blood contract, it wouldn’t be so restrained.

Wen Renliangzhi listened to its complaints and chuckled. “I think you’re still afraid of her. If you’re not, why are you guarding me like this? You’d even let a treasure pass by. Forget it; I must have misjudged you.”

All provocative tactics were deployed.

Bored, Little Color rested its head on one hand while the rest of its vines plunged into the deep pool, slightly clouding the water. They then wrapped each of the ring-shaped nine dragon heads, while the remaining vines floated in the air, making various movements. “Don’t try to provoke me with your tactics. You just want to leave Sleeping Dragon Valley. Unfortunately, Qian Wanyu just threatened me. Also she took away the cowardly Sleepy Dragon Seal so what are you even relying on? You’ve only told me half of your plan so I don’t think you’re sincere at all.”

“If I could enter from outside, I can also exit,” Wen Renliangzhi stated confidently. “What do you think of the proposal I just made?”

“Still considering.”

“Considering?” Wen Renliangzhi chuckled. “Actually, you want to know what else besides the holy medicine could be worth your attention?”

“Yes,” Little Color confirmed. “You refuse to give me the holy medicine, so why should I risk offending Qian Wanyu to help you? There must be something to make it worth my while.”

Wen Renliangzhi released a wisp of black mist, which hovered at the bottom of the stone steps, poised to act. Little Color noticed but wasn’t concerned; it believed Wen Renliangzhi was just trying to waste its time.

“In addition to the holy medicine, there are also three spiritual plants of a slightly lower grade than the holy medicine. You should know that the Sleeping Dragon Valley is actually the hiding place of the Dragon Clan. Those members buried here are members of the Dragon Clan who unfortunately died young or made mistakes and were imprisoned in this place. That’s why the Dragon Clan here is called the Sleeping Dragon Valley. The Dragon Clan has always liked luxurious things, and holy medicines can be used as burial objects. Do you think there can be less treasure?”

Little Color sneered in its heart. Wen Renliangzhi has entered and exited the Dragon Nest three times in the past hundred years with no results. If the holy medicine was so easy to get, why wait to get it?

However, Little Color still had to pretend to be tempted and embarrassed. It smacked its lips twice. A spiritual plant that is slightly inferior to the holy medicine… This was a lie. There was no grass growing in the Sleeping Dragon Valley, not even a trace of green plants, where could a high-grade spiritual plant come from?

“As long as you let go of me, I will only take the holy medicine and I won’t need any other spiritual plants. How about that?”

Seeing the surrounding black fog grow denser, Little Color set its condition. “It’s not impossible, but on one condition: I must follow you.”

Once Little Color agreed, Wen Renliangzhi quickly withdrew the black mist and everything returned to normal.

Little Color cautiously retracted the immortal rope, avoiding close contact with Wen Renliangzhi, knowing that if it hadn’t agreed, it might have been harmed by the black mist.

For its own sake, it was just a fragile magic plant and couldn’t withstand the torment of Wen Renliangzhi’s black mist.

Wen Renliangzhi looked at Little Color’s vines all over the deep pool. After looking around, he finally focused on the stone door. Without the sleepy dragon seal there, the mark of the stone door became very obvious, a ring shape with a paper clip shape slot in the center and complex lines in the middle that kept changing back and forth.

This is the first time Little Color actually noticed that this textured door almost seemed alive.

“I can’t even understand it. How will you unlock this lock?”

“Get out of the way,” he ordered, summoning more black mist to form a key in the shape of the Sleepy Dragon Seal with the difference being the real Sleepy Dragon Seal was a fiery red but this was a complete black key with even a faint black mist flowing out of the “key”.

Little Color’s vines covered 360 degrees of the area with no blind spots. It saw all the little moves made by Wen Renliangzhi. It sighed in admiration, especially when it saw a ‘fake key’ that was almost exactly the same as the sleepy dragon seal. It thought it was no wonder that the other party managed to enter the sleepy dragon valley without any hindrance. It turns out that he had such a technique to support him.

It seems that the sleepy dragon seal itself had no use at all for him.

“Are you trying to set me up?” Little Color impatiently asked. “If you fail, let me know so I can stop wasting my time.”

To make it do such a dangerous thing, it only managed to blackmail Qian Wanyu of a high-grade medicinal plant… Little Color felt bitter in its heart and regretted it very much. If it had known this, it should have taken a big bite.


Every time the huge stone door was activated, it would emit a warning sound similar to thunder. The stone door shook, dust flew up, and the stone door with the slot in the center was pulled open to both sides.

Wen Renliangzhi stepped out just in time but Little Color had a close shave. If Little Color hadn’t dodged in time, it would have been pinched into a potion by the stone door! Nevertheless, one vine was severed. Little Color glanced at Wen Renliang with a gloomy look. “Your key seems to be defective.”

“Compared with the real Sleepy Dragon Seal, it’s naturally incomparable,” said Wen Renliangzhi, deliberately. His replica key could only open the stone door for five breaths. After that, the door would automatically close.

This resulted in the thrilling scene just a moment ago.

Little Color noticed Nine Dragons seemed to be moving and leapt out of the way, distancing himself from the outer cave’s entrance. That was close. Meanwhile, Wen Renliangzhi left a decoy in the inner cave.

The iron chains quivered briefly and retracted back into the mural due to the closed stone door. Its eyes glared at Wen Renliangzhi, emitting a low, deafening roar.

“You’re quick on your feet,” Wen Renliangzhi said, sizing up Little Color.

“You’re not too shabby yourself.”

Unfamiliar with Sleeping Dragon Valley, Little Color discreetly marked the area before following Wen Renliangzhi closely. “Is the holy medicine at the bottom of this abyss?” it asked curiously.

“Um,” replied Wen Renliangzhi, whose face momentarily flashed with a murderous intent in the dark as they were descending down the steps.

Little Color paused, luckily evading Wen Renliangzhi’s sudden attack and quickly retreated. A black fog materialized and took a human form.

“Where is the agreed partnership?” Little Color glanced at Wen Renliangzhi dissatisfied, quickly retreated, and quickly retreated from the bottom layer of the abyss. Seeing that Wen Renliangzhi did not continue to chase, it couldn’t help but feel curious, it waited for a while and then cautiously moved to the last floor.

It jumped directly from mid-air, and saw that the bottom of the abyss was a garden, with a dark pool in the middle, and a lot of fine stones around it. As for the ladder that Wenren Liangzhi came down from above just now, it was an iron ladder with the chains making a very loud sound when they moved.

Little Color shouted, “Wen Renliangzhi, stop hiding. I know you’re here.”

Little Color walked around two or three times and found that there was nothing in this place, not a blade of grass growing, and it seemed that there had been a fire before, and the flames engulfed the place. A very large arc was burned out.

It whipped some stones with its vines, which easily crumbled. “Strange,” it mumbled, wondering how Wen Renliangzhi had vanished so mysteriously.

Looking at the pool of water as dark as ink, Little Color wanted to test it. The vine branches rolled up a stone and dipped it into the black pool for a moment. After it pulled out the other end from the black pool, it immediately took the stone. The stone was thrown into the black pool again.

“You got me, Wen Renliangzhi.”

Without the key, it couldn’t return to the stone door. It waited a full day but saw no one. Eventually, it returned to the abyss floor. “Something’s weird about this pool,” it muttered.

If only it weren’t a magic plant.

“Guess I’ll be unable to explain later,” it concluded.

Feeling that nothing had been accomplished despite receiving a high-grade spiritual plant from Qian Wanyu, Little Color paced aimlessly. After taking a few wrong turns, it found itself back at the starting point where they first fell.

“Hey, finally seeing the same kind.” Little Color tentatively pushed the dead tree with the vine. The trunk was so old that it might break at any time. Little Color only used a layer of force, and the tree burst. Alas, the dry leaves on the tree trunks fell to the ground. When the wind blew, it felt particularly depressed.

Little Color took a few steps away from the tree in disgust, but then thought something was wrong. The tree in the memory mirror was like a symbol of the Sleeping Dragon Valley. This tree could always be recorded in the memory mirror when anyone entered becoming a background image of that group of people, from small saplings to towering trees, and then just like the whole process of human life going through boyhood, youth, middle age and old age, this tree also experienced all the experiences that a tree should have.

“Memory can’t deceive us, only you can,” it said, staring at the tree. “Why are you the only thing alive in a valley where nothing grows?”

It is a complete tree, not a dead tree or a lifeless one.

Little Color squatted down and looked at the intricate roots of the tree for a long time. There were even vines of its own inserted into the soil. This patch of soil was almost covered with rocks; to find the root of the tree, the stones had to be moved away first.

When its vines had been inserted into the soil for almost one meter, a strong sense of vitality returned to Little Color. Its surprised expression was soon replaced by joy. “What the hell, it turns out there is something down here?!”


A sudden noise woke Little Color, who was squatting next to the big tree.

Wen Renliangzhi looked at Little Color with a sly smile, stretched out his bright red tongue, and clicked it twice. “I tried every possible means to get rid of you, but I didn’t expect to bump into you and have you discover it.”

Little Color stood up quickly and looked at the other person warily. After hearing his words, it quickly reacted and laughed loudly. “So that’s it. The holy medicine is actually hidden in such a place.”

No wonder that group of people who entered the Sleeping Dragon Valley despite turning the Valley upside down, they still couldn’t find what they wanted. It was because the thing was right under their noses, but no one noticed it. “So many people hadn’t found it. How did you discover it?”

Wen Renliangzhi looked at him with a half-smile. “Want to delay the time?”

Little Color was shuddering in its heart, but didn’t show it at all on its face. “Delay for time? Do I still need to delay for me to deal with you?”

Wen Renliangzhi mocked, but his hands moved quickly, and the black thread mist was heading toward Little Color. Little Color’s vines could not spread out at all. Once the nasty thing made contact with them, its spiritual power would dissipate quickly.

When that time comes, let alone delaying, survival itself will be a big question. So, Little Color became increasingly cautious.

In the deep pool, Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu were still guarding Toothless. Since the last time, she no longer dared to think about the dragon clan’s hiding place. After passing the ten shadows, they could see the handwriting clearly above the iron gate.

“Seventh sister,” Dongfang Minghui stroked his pounding heart. “I don’t feel well.”

“Huh?” Qian Wanyu looked at Toothless intently. She could learn a lot by watching the battle. Toothless was smarter than she had thought. After just a few uses of the whip before, Toothless had understood the essence of her technique and specialized in attacking the lower part of the phantom, which looked a bit worse. Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but sweat.

Whether they could leave the Sleeping Dragon Valley depends on Toothless’s progress. If it progresses slowly, they have to accompany it slowly. However, from what she has seen so far, Toothless is progressing rapidly and has very good talents.

“What’s uncomfortable?”

Qian Wanyu stood up, holding little bean sprouts in her hands, her eyes moving back and forth over her body. She walked around a bit upset, her heart pounding, and she felt very uneasy. Besides Toothless, the only person beside her was Little Color, who was staying with Wenren Liangzhi. “Seventh sister, I always feel uneasy. Could something have happened to Little Color?”

Little Color had signed a blood contract with her; one would prosper and the other would suffer.

The two went up to the deep pool and saw no trace of Little Color and Mo Ce. Qian Wanyu looked around and saw no signs of a fight. She guessed that Little Color had let them go on purpose. “Sleepy Dragon Seal, open up the door.”

The Sleepy Dragon Seal was pressed against Dongfang Minghui’s back, and he shook his head desperately. “Don’t open it; don’t go out.”

The Sleepy Dragon Seal still had some ability to predict the direction of the entire Trapped Dragon Valley. It felt that a significant change was about to happen in the valley. This change would occur either outside or under the deep pool.

“Sleepy Dragon Seal, Little Color was taken out. Without you, it can’t come back,” Dongfang Minghui tried to reason with it but found that the other party was unresponsive.

“Give it to me,” Qian Wanyu said without a word, pulling the Sleepy Dragon Seal from Ninth Sister’s back. The death energy that had already condensed in her hand suddenly enveloped the seal. “Now I give you two choices: open the stone door, or you will disappear completely. I feel like Wen Renliangzhi can easily open this door, so you seem to be of no use at all.”

After being glanced at by Qian Wanyu’s indifferent eyes, the Sleepy Dragon Seal immediately surrendered. “But there will be big changes outside soon.”

After the Sleepy Dragon Seal reluctantly aligned with the pattern of the stone door, the door slowly opened on both sides. Qian Wanyu pulled the shameless seal away from the stone gate mark and threatened, “Be calm, or I will turn you into a pile of dust that even this stone gate cannot recognize.”

Dongfang Minghui was thinking thoughtfully on the side. The Seventh Sister’s method was effective. She was so intimidating that the Sleepy Dragon Seal, which had been playing like a child with her, finally opened the door. After a little threat and stern speech from Seventh Sister, she got a direct result.

The conclusion drawn was that the Sleepy Dragon Seal was a creature that bullied the weak and feared the strong.

“Seventh Sister, let the Sleepy Dragon Seal lead the way. It must know where Little Color and Wen Renliangzhi are,” Dongfang Minghui said anxiously.

“Don’t worry, Little Color is very energetic and knows how to protect itself,” Qian Wanyu comforted him. Seeing that Ninth Sister’s face remained pale, she couldn’t help but wonder if her previous decision had been too hasty and arbitrary.

The situation for Little Color wasn’t great. It had suffered significant damage, causing more harm to itself than to its enemy. It did its best to evade Wen Renliangzhi, but he had seen through its strategies. After all, its weaknesses were obvious.

From the beginning, Little Color had been a bit constrained, putting it at a disadvantage in this battle. It wanted to counterattack, but each time its vines touched the cold, black mist, it had to retreat and change its approach.

It knew that Mo Ce and Wen Renliangzhi were still struggling for control of the same body, indicating that their fusion of soul and body had failed.

“Mo Ce, your mother is still in the Elf clan,” Little Color would reveal more about Mo Ce’s background each time it dodged an attack. He was the only one who could ignite Mo Ce’s will to live. “Don’t let Minghui’s intention of saving you be wasted like this!”

Had Little Color known this guy would turn out like this, Little Color wished it had killed him the first time they met. But even without him, Wen Renliangzhi would still seek another host.

Wen Renliangzhi’s eyes flashed menacingly for no apparent reason. Whenever Little Color mentioned Mo Ce’s mother or Dongfang Minghui, he would momentarily trance, freezing his movements. He knew that the original soul within his body was causing this disruption.

“I’ll kill you.”

“Come on.” Knowing that his words had touched Mo Ce’s heart, Little Color chose to flee, mumbling about Mo Ce’s mother or the time when Dongfang Minghui and Mo Ce first met.

Anyway, when Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui arrived, Little Color was half alive, with scars everywhere on its body, and the sap was everywhere, even on the dead trees, “Why are you here? ”

Qian Wanyu frowned and attacked Wen Renliangzhi without mercy but.

However, when Qian Wanyu’s whip was swung, Mo Ce had just took over the body and was whipped severely. He looked injured and quickly explained, “It’s me.”

Little Color was so angry that it wanted to kill someone. It was tortured badly by Wen Renliangzhi, but before it could take revenge, Mo Ce came online. It didn’t matter whether it was a fight or not. It said angrily to Qian Wanyu, “One high grade spiritual plant isn’t enough! You need to add two more!”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t laugh or cry, even now, it didn’t forget to blackmail Seventh sister.

Qian Wanyu saw that the energetic vines on Little Color’s head had wilted and were lying softly on its forehead. There were scars on its arms and legs, and green sap bleeding from all over its body which was different from the blood shed by humans. It looked so pitiful and seeing Ninth Sister’s distressed expression, Qian Wanyu nodded happily, “No problem. When we return to the Seven Colored Continent, I will ask the Rose House to offer spiritual plants.”

Little Color’s expression softened a little. It glanced at Mo Ce fiercely and thought to itself, Wen Renliangzhi wanted that holy medicine, but it refused to let him succeed. It pointed at the dead tree and shouted, “The Holy Medicine is just under this dead tree, I felt a strong vitality within one meter.”

That kind of vitality is similar to the vitality of its little friend. Little Color originally wanted to take it as its own. If Wen Renliangzhi hadn’t suddenly appeared and interrupted its next move, it might have swallowed up the holy medicine.

“It’s true after all.” Qian Wanyu had guessed that there was something wrong under the tree a long time ago, but she didn’t expect it to be as she expected.

“No way.” Dongfang Minghui scratched her head. She had talked to the big tree, but the other party ignored her. “Seventh sister, this big tree is about to die. Could it be that we made a mistake?”

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