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MIWW Chapter 186 Part 1

The ground beneath their feet shook violently, and the entire surface tilted to the side.

Qian Wanyu threw her whip hard at the dead tree trunk. The tip of the whip tightly tied itself to the big tree. No matter how much the ground tilted, she remained hanging on the tree. “Little Colour, get Ninth Sister up quickly.”

Wen Renliangzhi was nearly thrown off by this force. Below lay an unfathomable abyss. He clung to a stone that was flush with the ground. As for the curved sword, he had already forgotten about it.

The surface shook again, this time suddenly moving from left to right.

Qian Wanyu gripped her whip tightly and occasionally swayed it. She listened to the rattling sound of the dead tree and constantly felt it might fall at any moment.

“Wanyu, be careful. This big tree has been withered for a long time; it can’t withstand such torment. Think of another way,” Qing Mo said, frightened in the sea of souls. He constantly felt the possibility of falling and being shattered to pieces.

“Don’t make any noise,” Qian Wanyu directed, aiming at the hole where Little Color was, as she tried to estimate whether she could jump over it.

“Come up here; this place looks like it’s about to collapse,” Little Color’s vines descended vertically from the hollow. The goal was simple: after locating Dongfang Minghui, the vines automatically wrapped around her waist and began pulling her up.

How could Dongfang Minghui give up at such a critical moment? Qian Mama and Qian Ziyan, those people who have been tortured trying to find the holy medicine in the past and now, now, the holy medicine was right in front of her, “Wait a minute, Little Color, I want to bring this holy medicine up.”

“Don’t touch it!” Little Color yelled angrily.

Dongfang Minghui’s hand trembled but stopped just as she was about to touch the beautiful, shimmering plant. Her mind turned around, and she didn’t know why Little Color told her not to move, “Little Color, did you just lie before?”

“Yes.” It did lie. The holy medicine was within reach of it before but it didn’t dare to take a step forward, as if it could feel its end was approaching, it knew that it was in danger of thunder and tried its best to avoid it, but it couldn’t avoid it no matter what. When it saw the white holy spiritual plant, its greedy thoughts flashed past, but what followed was suppressed. Its greed was actually suppressed by a medicinal plant, “We don’t need this sacred medicine plant anymore, let’s go quickly.”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t have the same feeling as Little Color. Nothing was suppressed. She looked at the spiritual plant with pure appreciation. She slowly stretched out her hand and gently touched the holy petals. The petals looked like handicrafts. It was like a shard of glass that would fall down at the slightest touch.


Qian Wanyu had just jumped to the cave entrance and was pondering how to help Dongfang Minghui when she heard Wen Renliangzhi, who was beside her, break into hysterics. “It’s over; we’re trapped in Dragon Valley’s reorganization! All my years of hard work are ruined!!!”

A hundred years of hard work were completely destroyed at this moment. No one could bear it, let alone Wen Renliangzhi, who had been struggling to pursue the holy medicine.

“Trapped?” Qian Wanyu glanced at him before leaping from the tree hole. She followed the vine branches and landed smoothly. Dongfang Minghui was supporting herself with one hand and holding white petals with the other, kneeling motionless.

“Ninth Sister,” Qian Wanyu called out, noticing the intermingling of white and green light in the narrow hole.

“Something doesn’t look right.” Qing Mo looked at the white plants emitting light spots, as if there was a ball of fluorescence covering them. From his angle, he felt that the white plants could not be blasphemed only from a distance, “These green spots are your Ninth Sister’s spiritual power but… it doesn’t seem right, how can a person’s spiritual power be radiated in this form?”

“Quickly separate them!” Little Color urged. “This evil plant is trying to absorb Minghui’s life force!”

In the plant world, only demon plants can devour other members of the same species to advance. Unfortunately, Little Color is such a plant. Medical plants on the other hand have always been formed by condensing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. What does this mean? It feels so wrong that this holy medicinal plant actually had the same intention as it, a demon plant!

Just now Dongfang Minghui touched it lightly and already she was attracted at the first contact.

Qing Mo nodded repeatedly, “It turns out to be life force that it’s absorbing in order to grow.”

There was not much life force in this cave for the plant to absorb, let alone from Spiritual energy from a Spiritual Master.

At this time, the most dangerous thing was to sit down and practice.

However, Qian Wanyu took out the thunder whip and threw down the connecting part between Ninth Sister and the holy medicine. As a result, not only could the two connecting parts not be separated, Qian Wanyu was even knocked back by the force. In three steps, the whole person hit the tree wall hard.

“No way, not even you can stop it.” A trace of astonishment flashed in Little Color’s eyes, and then it stretched out the vine branches in an attempt to separate one person from the spiritual plant. As a result, the vine branches moved towards the spiritual plant uncontrollably. As it got closer and closer, Little Color seemed to see a bloody mouth, and flinched back, “This spirit plant is crazy.”

The entire vines of Little Color was pulled down and curled up into a ball. The last section was firmly grasped by Qian Wanyu in her hand. Qian Wanyu took advantage of the situation and wrapped the vine twice around her hand.

“Little Colour, hold on.”

“Help, this magical plant is even more rampant than me,” Little Color finally tried the feeling of being devoured by others. It saw that its little friend right next to it and shouted to Qian Wanyu who was grabbing another end of the vines, “You, please don’t let go!”

Then it shouted loudly at Dongfang Minghui, “Let me go into her soul sea quickly; otherwise, we will all die here today.”

A light flashed on Dongfang Minghui’s forehead, resembling a white light spot mixed with green light spots.

“Quick, stop making trouble; this is going to kill someone.” Little Color felt as though it was being sucked away by a force, and the feeling was getting closer and closer!

“Is this really a holy medicine?” Qian Wanyu was dragged forward by Little Color’s vines. She thought her strength was not inferior to that of ordinary people. She could lift something as heavy as the Samsara Bow, but now she was actually being dragged forward by a small vine by that holy medicine…

Qian Wanyu stamped her feet in disbelief and, with a little force, pulling Little Color’s vines back bit by bit.


There was a snapping sound.

Qian Wanyu looked at her empty palms. In the blink of an eye, the vine had suddenly disappeared. “Did Little Color just disappear?”

Qing Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said, “Yes, he should have returned to your Ninth Sister’s soul sea.” Instead of being swallowed alive by the spiritual plant, he thought Little Color was the most cunning magical plant he had ever seen.”

Qian Wanyu felt somewhat relieved, and a short blade quickly formed in her hand. With a fierce look on her face, she held the short blade and slashed hard at the green and white spot between Dongfang Minghui and the holy medicine. She tried three times; neither party had changed much, but the shaking had stopped at some point.

“This is a competition between your Ninth Sister and this holy medicine. You can’t penetrate it.”

Qian Wanyu didn’t accept this and constantly condensed other sharp blades in her palm. From sharp blades to sharp arrows, various weapons kept changing in her hands. She seemed to be unconsciously circling around her Ninth Sister and the holy medicine, cutting in a certain direction from time to time but in vain.

The spiritual power ran automatically. Qian Wanyu looked carefully and saw faint dots of white light on the tree wall’s surface. But compared to the white dots in the middle, their color seemed lighter, as if they had aged. “Qing Mo, Wen Renliangzhi just mentioned Dragon Valley reorganization.”

“Yeah, what does that have to do with the holy medicine?” Qing Mo was confused and had no idea what the other party meant at this juncture. “This shock is unusual. For everyone’s safety, you’d better hurry up and find a way to wake up your Ninth Sister.”

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun if they were suddenly crushed here.

“If my guess is correct, the ‘reorganization’ mentioned by Wen Renliangzhi is probably the answer we have been looking for—reincarnation.”

“Maybe he knows something.”

Qian Wanyu thought it over and climbed the tree wall with her hands. Before a stick of incense could burn out, she quickly returned to the cave entrance under the dead tree. The tree tilted, and the whole world seemed to tilt. The sky was still dark, but the person who had been hanging on the stone earlier was gone.

“If that person is not eliminated, he will be a problem.”

“Yeah.” In this matter, Qian Wanyu admitted to feeling some compassion. She felt something for Mo Ce—how to put it—she didn’t seem to have the heart to do it. She carefully checked half of the sloping land and concluded that the other party had probably left before returning to the cave.

As soon as Qian Wanyu entered, she felt that the cave was full of life, even more so than before. She saw that Dongfang Minghui remained motionless in the same posture as before, except that the petal she had just pinched in Ninth Sister’s hand seemed to have disappeared. “There’s another way.”

She and Ninth Sister shared a spiritual connection, and sometimes the dual cultivation method was very effective in sleep. Besides, Ninth Sister had resolved several crises for her through dual cultivation.

After Qian Wanyu sat down, she automatically released her five-color spiritual power. The five spiritual powers filled the entire cave entrance. Even the dead tree seemed to feel the strong vitality and destructive power below. For a moment, the balance teetered back and forth.

The Sleeping Dragon Valley felt like something placed on a scale, teetering at the moment. Huge stones rumbled from above. One after another, they blocked the black pool below the abyss. The abyss’s bottom was almost entirely blocked by falling stones. The monsters on each floor were startled by the sudden events in the Dragon Valley and ran out of their lairs one by one. Some were even accidentally pushed out because of crowded corridors and fell to the next floor.

The magical creatures land on a screen, and the extremely bright light of rules shone on them. The light became brighter and brighter. Finally, after a rumble, all the magical creatures disappeared in mid-air. Under the rules, they were all destroyed, turned into rubble, and nothing was left.

For a time, the entire Sleeping Dragon Valley buzzed with activity, and the monsters at the bottom of the abyss were forced to appear.

Outside the stone gate, the four- to five-meter-long mural also tilted down. The nine dragons’ eyes widened slightly, filled with a trace of fear. They swung their dragon tails and walked nervously through the mural, holding iron chains. It seemed as though they could also feel their tension; they made a swishing sound, quite appropriate for the occasion.

In the deep pool within the stone gate, the world had been turned upside down due to a sudden change. Toothless was fighting with Senior Phantom when the world shifted abruptly. Toothless plummeted headfirst to the ground with a loud snap. Meanwhile, Senior Phantom quickly changed direction, displaying a calm demeanor as if accustomed to such occurrences.

“Come again,” he said.

With a roar, Toothless lunged at Senior Phantom , using his large head to strike him like a wild bull. As he pushed back and forth, he spat a series of fireballs towards the feet of his opponent.

Caught off guard by the unexpected move, Senior Phantom paused. In that brief moment, a circle of golden-red flames surrounded his feet. He held down Toothless’s head with one hand and raised the other before slowly lowering it.

“Opportunistic,” he commented.

Despite his efforts, Toothless failed to keep the golden flame going, as it was extinguished by Senior Xu Ying’s palm. Undeterred, he continued lighting fires, forcing Senior Xu Ying to shift his footing.

Senior Xu Ying looked at his opponent’s large head with gentle eyes, his hand gently stroking the somewhat prickly hair. “Okay—” he said, resignedly moving back an inch to avoid the flames.

After struggling for so many years, he watched such a tiny little guy do nothing but spit fireballs and spit bubbles. Although he could do some tricks, his foundation was not stable. Even the most basic majesty of the dragon clan was gone, but it was changing little by little. To this day, although the changes are unsatisfactory, it was inevitable that Toothless would eventually truly grow up.


Hearing someone calling it, Toothless raised its big head in a daze. First, it took a look at the circle surrounded by golden flames, and then realized that there was nothing in the circle. Then, belatedly, it realized that it had caused the shadow to retreat. It was extremely happy. He moved his limbs somewhat uncomfortably, raised his head confidently, and roared towards the endless deep water, “Hohoho——”

Without hesitation, Senior Phantom’s palm landed a heavy blow on Toothless’s head, who whined and adopted an attack posture.

“Don’t forget you’re a dragon. Roar properly if you want to,” he advised.

Toothless still had a shallow understanding of what being a dragon meant. He tilted his head at Senior Phantom, retracted the flames, and appeared ready to leave.

The shadowy senior figure swayed twice with the water, and teleported to Toothless’s side, “Watch me demonstrate to you.”

With a gentle smile on his lips, Senior Phantom instantly transformed into a huge black dragon under Toothless’s dumbfounded gaze. The black dragon’s body had majestic scales and floated in the air. With a swish, it flashed past Toothless and then quickly moved towards him. Go upstream, and when you reach the top of the deep pool, the dragon’s mouth opens.

A melodious and loud dragon roar came from its mouth.

It resounds in the ears, deafening and enlightening.

The entire Sleeping Dragon Valley trembled. Maybe it was Toothless’ illusion. After the dragon roar of Senior Xuying, it seemed to hear many dragon roars of different levels echoing back. A dragon gate opened at this moment.

Toothless wandered around and saw that it was the dragon clan’s hiding place. The iron gate opened slowly, as if waiting for its arrival.

It knows there are treasures inside, and it has had a special sensitivity to treasures since it was a dragon cub. Just like Little Color likes medicinal plants and Pig Fairy Grass likes magic stones, it liked treasures. It liked any shiny and valuable treasures. It was an instinct. Ever since it descended to the bottom of the deep pool three years ago or a few years ago, it has always wanted to open the iron gate, but it failed and even fell into the trap of Senior Phantom.

Below the deep pool, time seems to have stopped.

Toothless glanced around secretly. He didn’t know where the shadowy senior had gone just now. The entire deep pool was quiet. Seeing that no one came out to stop it this time, it moved its limbs and quickly dodged into the iron door.

The iron gate quickly closed automatically, and the words “Dragon Clan Hidden Land” disappeared little by little.

Senior Phantom sighed vaguely, “He finally knows how to go in.”

He was really afraid that what he had taught was a little fool who would not be able to deal with him by then it would be a headache for him. The phantom turned into a faint light and flashed onto a skeleton outside the iron door. The skeleton remained motionless and allowed the water to flow around it as if nothing happened.

No matter whether Trapped Dragon Valley lives or dies, it will remain here forever.

Toothless walked ten meters away and suddenly felt the iron door closed. He immediately rushed over, scratching at the iron door and attacking it with various fireballs. He was stunned but failed to open the iron door. This iron gate is stronger than the iron gate of the palace under the Shaman tribe last time. It was also compatible with water, and with the slight pressure exerted by Senior Phantom from the outside, it would be strange if Toothless could open it.


Toothless subconsciously made an extremely aggrieved sound. As soon as he made it, he immediately thought of what Senior Phantom taught him. Then he roared at the iron gate in anger. Although the dragon’s roar was small, it was extremely active. Trapped in the Dragon Valley Dragon chants were heard in every corner. At this moment, the entire trapped dragon valley seemed to be alive.

Toothless shook his head, walked around in a circle, and continued walking forward.

It was pitch black here, but Toothless had been under the deep pool for an unknown amount of time. It had become accustomed to such an environment. A pair of unique dragon eyes emitted pleated light here, like two moving night pearls.

It quickly saw clearly what things were parked on the roads on both sides. The skeletons were very large, about thirty to fifty meters long. The aura emanating from them made it feel very at ease. Toothless ran to the left to take a look. Look, and then move to the right to look. Every time it tilted its head to check each skeleton and the time it lingered on each got longer and longer.

As it went further, it found that the colors on the skeletons became more vivid, including green ones, light cyan ones, and earthy yellow ones. It picked and picked, but couldn’t find any that matched the color of its own body.

Toothless was a little unhappy. His limbs walked faster. The further back he went, the bright colors set off the surrounding environment. There was even one exuding dark spiritual power. Toothless stood in front of the big skeleton in confusion and stretched out his left forelimb to carefully fiddle with the skeleton with his claws.

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